The Quintessential List of Time Travel Cinematic Movies

Welcome to the most comprehensive web-site listing of Cinematic Movies that contain some form of time manipulation, but excludes alternate, parallel universes or dimensions and cryogenics (Rip Van Winkles). There are over 1740 full length and some 200 short (under :30) movies. Both original and alternate movie titles are mixed in the list. It is presented in a spreadsheet style that permits sorting by clicking on any column heading. NOTE: You must have Java Script enabled to use this feature. With no doubt there will be inaccuracies, that will require annual update. Nonetheless, you will find the information here exciting to explore and then challenging to find and watch. Enjoy, Tom Wollschlaeger....................REVISED 11/2020 added 179 movies

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Time Travel Movies
Release Title Time Time Travel method Alternate Title
2013"+1"96time loop, time overlap
2008"100 Million BC"85to prehistoric era
2017"100th Love with you, the"117ability to turn back timeaka Kimi to 100-kaime no koi
2007"11 minutes ago"88time loop
2013"11:00 AM"99build time machine to yesterdayaka Phim Hanh Dong; AM 11:00
2005"11:59"102time loop, second chance
2014"11:59"6time slip returns to 11:59 pm
2011"12 Dates of Christmas"90time loop
2004"12 Days of Christmas Eve, the"85time loop
1996"12 Monkeys"129time loop, Visitors from the FutureTwelve Monkeys
1990"12:01 PM"25time loop
1993"12:01"92time loop
2004"13 Going on 30"98personal Temporal Phenomenon
1999"13th Floor, the"100to 1930s, Alternate HistoryThirteenth Floor, the
2007"1408"104time loop
2010"15 to midnight"95time loop
2010"16 Wishes"90reverse time
2009"17 again"102second Chance
1990"1-800-Time"93visit historical couples to learn about sex
2017"2:22"98time loop
1966"2+5: Mission Hydra"89time Paradox Adam and Eve, futureStar Pilot
1969"2000 years later"80time warp, Visitor from the Past
1968"2001: A space odyssey"141temporal Phenomenon
2002"2009: Lost memories"136to 1910saka 2009 loseuteu maemorijeu
2005"2046"128to 1960s, Future
2020"2067"114to future to save the past
1969"2069: AD"75back in time to past lives
2014"2101"56data from the future
2016"24"164invents time machine, family feud
1967"25 hour Movie, the"110christmas carol
2012"25th Reich"85nazis, Spoof, 40's, 50's
2014"27, Memory Lane"98time portal to 25 years ago
2001"3 Days of Christmas"82relive the Past
2017"3 Feet Ball and Soul"93reoccuring suicide attemptsaka Sanshaku tamashii
1979"3 Supermen Against Godfather"87stolen time machineSupermenler
2011"3 Times a Charm"87time loop
1959"30 foot Bride of Candy Rock, the"75time Control Machine to various pastsLou Costello and His 30 Foot Bride
2008"30 Second Mobius Time Machine, the"3time device limited to 30 sec
1978"31st of June"142data from the pastaka 31 Iyunya
2011"33D Invader, the"82visitor from 2046 to 2011 get pregnantaka Mi Tao Cheng Shu Shi 33D
2012"41"80back 12 hours to change past
2004"5 Days to Midnight"210book from the Future
2015"5 Questions To Ask Before You Time Travel"20time portal
1963"50,000 B.C. (Before Clothing)"75to prehistoric age
1999"6:3 Play It Again Tutti"94dream travel to 1950s soccer gameaka 6:3, avagy jatszd ujra Tutti
2012"7 Below"90time warp across 100 years
2018"7 Splinters in Time"75multiple versions of self
2006"7 Zwerge 2 - Der Wald ist Nich Genug"95magic time travelaka 7 Dwarves: The Forest Is Not Enough
2013"95ers: Time Runners"92rewind time, police from futureaka 95ers Echo
1984"A Billion for Boris"93TV broadcasts 1 day into futureaka Billions for Boris
2003"A Carol Christmas"92scrooge Past,Present,Future
1994"A Chinese Odyssey Part One: Pandoras Box"87visitor to past, Philosophy
1994"A Chinese Odyssey Part Two: Cinderella"95visitor to past, Philosophy
1979"A Christmas Carol at Ford's Theatre"120scrooge Past,Present,Future
1908"A Christmas Carol"15scrooge Past,Present,Future
1910"A Christmas Carol"17scrooge Past,Present,Future
1914"A Christmas Carol"20scrooge Past,Present,Future
1916"A Christmas Carol"50visions of future, Scrooge styleScrooge the Skinflint
1938"A Christmas Carol"69scrooge Past,Present,FutureCharles Dickens A Christmas Carol
1943"A Christmas Carol"60scrooge Past,Present,Future
1947"A Christmas Carol"31scrooge Past,Present,Future
1950"A Christmas Carol"120scrooge Past,Present,Future
1951"A Christmas Carol"74scrooge Past,Present,FutureScrooge
1964"A Christmas Carol"46scrooge Past,Present,Futureaka Karacsonyi enek
1969"A Christmas Carol"45scrooge Past,Present,Future
1971"A Christmas Carol"28scrooge Past,Present,Future
1977"A Christmas Carol"58scrooge Past,Present,Future
1984"A Christmas Carol"100scrooge Past,Present,Future
1997"A Christmas Carol"69scrooge Past,Present,Future
1999"A Christmas Carol"95scrooge Past,Present,Future
2009"A Christmas Carol"96scrooge Past,Present,Future
2019"A Christmas Carol"173scrooge Past,Present,Future
2012"A Christmas Wedding Date"83time loop
2008"A Clear Sky on a Bad Day"18visitor from the future
1972"A Clock Work Blue"86magical watch visit historical people
1921"A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court"80to medieval times
1949"A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court"106to medieval times
1970"A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court"74to medieval times
1989"A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court"95to medieval times
1931"A Connecticut Yankee"95to medieval times
1955"A Connecticut Yankee"77to medieval times
2017"A Day"90time loop
2010"A Distant Neighborhood"98to past, 2nd chanceQuartier Lointain
1994"A Flintstones Christmas Carol"70scrooge Past,Present,Future
2003"A Ghost at the gateway to time"90to 1800sSpuk am Tor der Zeit
2005"A Heartful of love"13220 years into pastaka Kono mune ippai no ai wo
1978"A Hitch in Time"57time machineaka Professor Wagstaff's Time Machine
1997"A Kid in Aladdins Palace"89magic time travel
1995"A Kid in King Arthur's Court"89medieval era
1998"A Knight in Camelot"85time machine to medieval times
2011"A Little bit Behind"8time machine fails 3 seconds back
2012"A Man Called Nereus"98time machine for gambling
1946"A Matter of Life and Death"100freeze timeaka Stairway To Heaven
2016"A Matter of Time"85build time machine to save parents
1981"A Message from the Future"87from 3005 to 1985aka Sheder min-HaAtid
2014"A Million ways to die in the west"116deloreon Time Machine scene
2004"A Mohácsi vész"90time travel
2006"A Necklace for Julia"86to past to find mother
1944"A Night Of Magic"54mind time travel to ancient Eygpt
1988"A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Master"93time loopA Nightmare on Elm Street 4
2005"A Path in Time"60device time travel
2016"A Promise of Time Travel"98steal a time machine
2005"A Sound of Thunder"110to prehistoric age
1979"A Spaceman in King Arthur's Court"93to 1200 medieval eraUnidentified Flying Oddball
1996"A Spasso nel tempo"94time machine adventures
1997"A Spasso nel tempo: l'avventura continua"95time travel
1978"A Special Sesame Street Christmas"60scrooge Past,Present,Future
1995"A Stranger in Time"84time rift from 1800s to present
2014"A Superhero Comedy"55freeze time
1988"A Switch in Time"87ancient romansNorman's Awesome Experience
2011"A Thousand Kisses Deep"84return to her past, disjointed time
2009"A Time for the Heart"73visitor from 1887 via time portal
2007"A Time Machine Book Story: The Movie"10alter the past
2010"A Walk in My Shoes"95alternate timeline
2007"A Walk Through Time With Baxter Smalls"7device time travel
1967"A Witch Without a Broom"86witchcraft, Cavemen, Romans, Futureaka Una Bruja Sin Escoba
2003"A Wrinkle in Time"128space travel by folding space time
2018"A Wrinkle in Time"109space travel by folding space time
1995"A Young Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court"93medieval era
1999"A.LI.Ce"85vistors from past, animation
1994"A.P.E.X."98robot from 2073 to 1973, alter timeline
2013"A.R.K. Report, the"32to future and return
2008"A.R.O.G (see728 too)"127to stone age
2009"Aa Dekhen Zara"117camera predicts future
2005"Abbie Girl Spy: Timepiece"87time travel
2015"Abby Sen"128time travel to 1980
2013"About Time"123personal time displacement
2001"Abrafaxe: Under the Black Flag, the"81to 1700s pirate shipaka Die Abrafaxe - Unter schwarzer Flagge
2010"Action Replayy"129to 1970s to relive parents marriage
1992"Adam & Eve: Time Travelers from the Future"6time travel
2012"Adhisaya Ulagam"95time machine to prehistoric age
1991"Aditya 369"133time machineMission 369
2011"Adjustment Bureau"106time manipulation
2014"Adrifting"20change the past
1978"Adv of Stella Star"92vision of future eventsFemale Space Invaders
2007"Adv of Teddy P. Brains: Journey Into the Rain Forest"72time travel spaceship
1992"Adventures in Dinosaur City"88to prehistoric age, Kids
1997"Adventures in Odyssey: A Twist In Time"30time machine
1995"Adventures in Odyssey: Go West Young Man"30to Old West
1997"Adventures in Odyssey: In Harm's Way"30to colonial times
2015"Adventures of Louanna Lee: The Movie"110travel back in time to save Grandpa
1985"Adventures of Mark Twain, the"86magical airship time portal
2014"Adventures of Robo Rex"87visitor from future
2016"Adventures of Time Slot, the"50destroy history via slot time machine
1988"After School"89to pre-historic timesaka Quest for Eden
2019"Afuera del Tiempo"81repeated attempts to correct past
2001"Against Time"90meet future self, paradoxAll Over Again
2005"Ainoa"95data travelling to the past
2000"Aladdin and the Adventure of All Time"81adventure thru time
1986"Aladdin"91stopping time, reverse damagesaka SuperFantaGenio
1938"Alf's Button Afloat"89undo time, return to start
1937"Ali Baba goes to Town"80dream travel to ancient Egypt
2016"Alice Through the Looking Glass"113chronosphere time device to past
2020"Alice"70discover visiting time travellers
1996"Alien Agenda: Out of the Darkness"79time viewer to see the past
1997"Alien Visitor"92time dilationEpsilon
2010"Alien vs. Ninja"80time loop
2017"Alien vs. Zombies"70travel back to first day of attacks
1967"Aliens from Another Planet"96time tunnel episodes into movie
1999"Aliens in the Wild, Wild West"90time portal to old WestTimeslingers
2015"Alistair1918"86time rift from 1918 to LA present day
2012"All About Christmas Eve"71personal Alternate timeline
2001"All Over Again"90meet future self, paradoxAgainst Time
2019"All You Need Is Crime"102transported to 1982aka Non ci resta che il crimine
2005"Almost normal"90visitor from future, 1990s
2016"Altered Hours"101drug induced time travel sees next day
2010"Altitude"90travel in time ability, see younger self
2006"Always Will"90magic
2014"Amapola"85to 1982 from 1960s and back
1972"Amazing Mr. Blunden, the"99time travel
2013"Ambassada"105time travel
1992"Amityville 1992: It's About Time"91visitor from past
2010"Amongst Heroes"98portal to the pastParadox Soldiers
1979"An American Christmas Carol"98visions of future
2002"An Angel for May"95paradoxaka Jeder braucht einen Engel
1920"An Arabian Knight"50dream travel to ancient Egypt
1978"An Englishman's Castle"50alternate timeline
1991"An Eternal Combat"95to modern day Hong Kongaka Tian di xuan men
2013"Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues"119ray gun from the future
2002"Ancient Relic"182visitor from future, ChristianityDas Jesus Video
2009"And Then Came Lola"71personal Alternate History
1980"Anja und die vier Jahreszeiten"65monthly spirits open future monthsaka Sekai Meisaku Douwa-Mori wa ikiteiru
2007"Annas Alptraum kurz nach 6"89time loop
2017"Annual, the"33time travel to 2004 party
2001"Another Day"90time loop
1982"Another flip for Dominick"90time travel
2018"Another Time"89travel back in time to fix romance
2012"Another Woman's Life"97wake up 10 years into futureaka La Vie d'une Autre
2012"Arata-naru Sekai: World's/Start/Load/End"30stuck in time, travel to future
2011"Arena"94warriors from different eras battle
2002"Ariana's Quest"94change time itself to regain throne
2018"Arif v 216"125to 1969
2005"Armee der Welten"106modern army to dynasty of war lordsHeaven's Soldiers
1992"Army of Darkness"77medieval eraEvil Dead III
2013"Army of Frankensteins"108to Civil War
1987"Army of Monkeys"97to the future and backTime of the Apes
2016"ARQ"88time loop
2016"Arrival"116time Paradox, non-linear time
2013"Arroba"97time travel thieves
1985"Arthur the King"180magic time travelMerlin & the Sword
1999"Arthur's Quest"87visitor from past
2006"Arxada qalmysh gelecek"71to 1994 via forest
1988"As time goes by"96travel device back in time
2020"Assassin 33 AD"109terrorist time machine to alter history
2008"Assassin Rising"107time portal to past civil warSiyama Village of Warriors
2016"Assassin's Creed"115see ancester's past
2014"Assumption of Risk"97data from the future
1924"At 3:25"59ray gun freezes time in Paris
1955"Atomic Man, the"76man lives time ahead 4.7 secondsTimeslip
2012"Atsuhime Number 1"86from Tokugawa Edo era to present
1988"Attack From Mars"85cameo Back from the Future in cinemaMidnight Movie Massacre
2015"Auld Lang Syne"17time travel kidnapping
1995"Ausgestorben"15to prehistoric ageaka Extinct
2002"Austin Powers: Goldmember"95time travel
1997"Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery"94to 1960s
1999"Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me"95to 1970s
2019"Avengers: Endgame"182time travel to fix the past
2018"Avengers: Infinity War"160time reversal, see future timelines
2012"B4"50time portals to past and future, timeloops
2007"Babylon 5: The Lost Tales"75warning and threat from the future
2013"Back in Crime"102time rift prevent murder in the pastOther Life of Richard Kemp, the
2008"Back in Time"162nazis, Visitors from the futureWe are from the Future
2014"Back to Christmas"86back 1 year to correct pastCorrecting Christmas
2010"Back to Jurassic"88time machine to DinosaursDino Time
2013"Back to the 80s"19to the future
2015"Back to the 90s"111back to change parents
1993"Back to the Fuehrer"74nazis to 1990sMarching Out of Time
2015"Back to the Fuhrer"5alter past with consequences
1989"Back to the Future Part II"108to 1950s, 2010s
1990"Back to the Future Part III"118personal Alternate History
1985"Back to the Future"111personal Alternate History 1950s
1981"Back to the Planet of the Apes"92visitor from pastNew Planet of the Apes, the
2012"Back"20message from the future
1986"Backside to the Future"25deloreon Time Machine to future
1998"Backtime"103time loop, time terroristsaka Time Travellers
2006"Bah, Humduck"47scrooge Past,Present,Future
1982"Balamos"82greece, Historical Times
1987"Barbie and The Sensations: Rockin' Back to Earth"30to 1959
2008"Barbie in A Christmas Carol"76scrooge Past,Present,Future
1988"Barbosa"13to 1950s Brasil, Football,aka Curta os Gauchos - Barbosa
2009"Bathtub to Happiness"26time travel via bathtubaka Badewanne zum Glück
2018"Batman Ninja"85to feudal Japan
2016"Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice"151visitor from future
1980"Be Forever Yamato"145time travelaka Yamato yo towa ni
2004"Be with You"119to future 9 years, then backaka Ima, ai ni yukimasu
1991"Beasties"83back to the Future styleBionaut, the
1991"Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time"107portal to the past
2008"Bed Time Stories"99vision of future events
2002"Bedtime fairy tales for crocodiles"108contact over agesaka Cuentos de hadas para do
2017"Before I Fall"98time loop
2013"Before the Thunder"96time travel
2009"Before You Say I Do"87to past to change it
2007"Beginning of the Legend, the"110time travelling mirroraka Enteng Kabisote 4: Okay ka fairy ko…
2006"Behind the Clouds"85car time machine, back in time
2014"Bell, the"90time travelaka Qi Bao Zhuan Shen Zhi Tun Lai
2007"Ben 10: Race against Time"67temporal Phenomenon
2017"Ben Browns Flying Machine"120time travel
2007"Bender's big score"88time travel
1997"Beneath the Bermuda Triangle"92rift in timeTime Under Fire
1970"Beneath the Planet of the Apes"95visitors from past
1933"Berkeley Square"84to 1780, exchange bodies
1991"Bernard and the Genie"70genie returns to own time, undo past
2003"Bertud ng putik"105from 1953 to 2003 via amulet
1985"Besuch bei Van Gogh"101time machine to 1800s prevent death
1972"Between Time and Timbuktu: A Space Fantasy"90supposed time warp
2007"Bewitched Housewives"76witch from 1692 transported to present
2005"Bewitched"102rewind time
2005"Beyond and Back"18device time travel
2011"Beyond Redemption (The Visitor)"70visitor from future
1975"Beyond the Bermuda Triangle"74time rift
2003"Beyond The Lost World: Alien Conspiracy"82send New York back in time
1960"Beyond the Time Barrier"75visitor from past, futureWar of 1995, the
1995"Beyond Your Time"84from 1560 to present day samuraiaka Kimi wa Toki no Kanata e
2015"Big Everything, the"131black hole, light speed dilates time
1999"Big Story, the"60time travel
1986"Biggles: Adventures in Time"92from WWI
2014"Bijou, a one way crossing"24time travel to save victims
2002"Bikini Bandits Experience"60back in time to 1BC and 1776
2004"Bikini Cavegirl"80visitor from pastTeenage Cavegirl
2005"Bikini Girls On Dinosaur Planet"58to prehistoric age
2011"Bikini Time Machine"81device time travelRewind Time Machine
2020"Bill & Ted Face the Music"91time travel adventures continue
1991"Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey"94time travel
1988"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure"90time travel adventure thru ages
1991"Bionaut, the D962"83back to the Future styleBeasties
2015"Bis"98to 1986 to make better choicesaka Plötzlich wieder jung
1988"Black and Blue Lamp"60to 1990s and 1930s temporal rift
1979"Black Hole, the"92attempted time travel
2008"Black Hunters"162nazis, Visitors from the futureBack in Time
2001"Black Knight"95visitor from future
2013"Black Web"88data from the future
1999"Blackadder Back & Forth"33to 15th century England
1988"Blackadder's Christmas Carol"43scrooge Past,Present,Future
2016"Blair Witch"89time loop
1987"Blind Chance"123personal Alternate History
2005"Blockbusters"15time machine
1931"Blondes prefer Bonds"21visitors to past
1976"Blood Bath"86coin wish to another time and place
2014"Blood Punch"104time loop
1987"Bloody New Year"90time warps
1993"Blue Flame"88time dilation, change the past
2000"Blue Moon"89magical time travel, paradox to 1959
1985"Blue Yonder, the"92to 1920s, Aviation
2011"Blunderkind"20time travel
1998"Bobby Loves Mangos"19fake video from future adult student
2014"Bolt from the Blue"96back 40 years to learn magicaka Seiten no Hekireki
2003"Bombardier, the"144transported to past life in 1945
2010"Bonds that Transcended Time"60time travelKing of Games Movie: Super Fusion
2019"Boonie Bears: Blast into the Past"90to primitive timesaka Die Boonies Eine bärenstarke Zeitreise
1997"Bootleg Cap: The Movie"83to pirate days
1992"Boris and Natasha"88steal a time-reversal microchip
2020"Boss Level"100time loop
2003"Bottom Live 2003: Weapons Grade Y-fronts Tour"93time travel toilet
1998"Box, the"75device to control space time
1960"Boy and the Pirates, the"82magic, Pirates, Children
1964"Brass Bottle"87undo time, return to start
2018"Bridge Over Troubled Water"131to 1989 to prevent accidentaka Bridge to Tomorrow
1954"Brigadoon"108time dilation
1966"Brigadoon"90time dilation
1996"Brigands, Chapter VII"129time travelaka Brigands, Chapitre VII
2010"Brijes 3D"90time portalGuardians of the Lost Code 3D
1991"Brother Future"103to 1820s, Slavery
2004"Brother to Brother"90to 1930s
2007"Bubble Fiction: Boom or Bust"116time travelaka Baburu e go
2007"Buffalo Hearts"104vision quest into the 21st Century
1998"Buhawi Jack"120time travel
2007"Buhera mátrix"80time travel
2009"Built a Time Machine to Kill Hitler"4alter past with consequences
2017"Bullyparade: The Movie"100travel back in time
1981"Burned at the Stake"88rift in time
2006"Butterfly Effect 2, the"92personal Temporal Phenomenon
2009"Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations, the"90personal Temporal Phenomenon
2004"Butterfly Effect, the"114personal Temporal Phenomenon
1965"Byla jednou jedna budoucnost"72to the future
2012"C.O.O.L.I.O. Time Travel Gangster"120time traveller assassin
2018"Cafe Funiculi Funicula"117time travel via cafe seataka Kohi ga Samenai Uchi Ni
1929"Cagliostro - Liebe und Leben…"54ability to foretell the futureaka eines großen Abenteurers
1999"Calla"98elevator to past, save lover
2011"Caller, the"92caller from the past, change past
2006"Calling You"107phone calls 1 hour into past
2012"Camille Redouble"115to past, 2nd chanceaka Camille Rewind
2005"Camp Daze"94time loop to 1981Camp Slaughter
2005"Camp Slaughter"94time loop to 1981Camp Daze
1997"Campfire Tales"88killer in a time loop
2018"Campus, the"84repeated murder time loopDeathday
1974"Cancion de Navidad"47scrooge Past,Present,Future
2011"Capture Anthologies: The Dimensions of Self"66time travel
2017"Carmilla"97time travel to past
2000"Carnivale"74kids transported in time and place
1964"Carol for Another Christmas"84visions of future
1969"Carry on Christmas"50visions of future
1990"Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue"30time machine to discover past motive
2011"Case Depart"94back to time of Slavery 1700s
2006"Cashback"102stopping Time
2011"Casimir Effect"60future, Visitor to the past
2007"Cataclysmo and the Time Boys"118visitors from future to prevent war
1985"Cave Girl"85magic, time gateway, prehistoric age
2012"Ceiling Unlimited"7time loop
2014"Celluloid Dreams"11film projector accesses past
2011"Cerná díra"93time loop
1961"Cesta do veku, petrolejovych lamp"34time machine to 1900
2008"Chanbara Striptease"66time travel
1989"Chances are"108reincarnation, Data through ages
2009"Change of Life"93reliving the past
2019"Chao shi kong ai lian"82ancient souls possess modern day bodies
2013"Charades of Time, the"12time travel for true love
1938"Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol"69scrooge Past,Present,FutureA Christmas Carol
2005"Chasing Christmas"120scrooge Past,Present,Future
2008"Chemical Wedding"109to the futureaka Crowley - Back from Hell
2009"Chichi yo, anata wa erakatta"95time slip to 1969 meet parents
2008"Chilly Beach: The World Is Hot Enough"72fix past events
2010"Chonmage purin"108visitor from 1800saka A Boy and His Samurai
2005"Chousei Kantai Sazer-X the Movie"70to 2005 to save future
2016"Christmas All Over Again"78time loop
1978"Christmas Carol"55scrooge Past,Present,FutureRich Little's Christmas Carol
1949"Christmas Carol, the"25visions of future
2008"Christmas Clause, the"84personal Alternate History
2010"Christmas Cupid"85scrooge Past,Present,Future
2006"Christmas Do-Over"90time loop
1986"Christmas Every Day"22time loop
1996"Christmas Every Day"95time loop
1946"Christmas Night"80scrooge Past,Present,Future
2012"Christmas Wedding Date"85loops in Time
2016"Chronesthesia"93time travelaka Love and Time Travel
2009"Chronicles of the Beyond (ep Flashback)"110time travel
2010"Chronological Order"96time travel to past via door
2002"Chronology Protection Case, the"38data over ages
1999"Chrono-Perambulator"11time machine, Stone Age, Loop
1983"Chronopolis"52manipulate of time
2011"Chronoslexia"90visions of future and past
2007"Cinderella III: A Twist in time"70paradox
2006"Civil War Defense Forces (2 eps)"100back 400 years to fight key battleaka Sengoku Jieitai
2011"Claw Chronicles"60time travel
1970"Cleopatra: Queen of Sex"112sent spiritually to 1st Century BCKureopatora
2006"Click"107fast forward and rewind life events
2008"Cloak and shag her"74to 1969 to 2019
1974"Clock Master"105device time travel
2009"Clockblocker: A Time Travel Comedy"7time travel paradox
1998"Clockmaker"90control time, alter pastTimekeeper
2002"Clockstoppers"94watch to stop time
1977"Close Encounters of the Third Kind"132time dilation, non aging
2015"Cognition"89natural forces alter time
2013"Coherence"89paradox, Branching realities
1984"Cold room, the"95personal Temporal Phenomenon WWIIKalter Hauch der Vergangenheit
2016"Colkatay Columbus"126Columbus to modern day India
2018"Collider"84back in time to find parents
1987"Colonial Cavalry, the"85visitor from futureFuture Past
2000"Combat d'amour en songe"123mind travel to ages, predict 24hrsLove Torn in a Dream
2003"Comfort and Joy (Lifetime)"85alternate timeline
1997"Conceiving Ada"85to 1850s
1997"Contact"150time dilation
2014"Cook"9time traveller advices past self
2014"Correcting Christmas"120back 1 year to correct pastBack to Christmas
1997"Couloirs du temps: Les visiteurs 2"118time travelaka Les visiteurs 2
2016"Counter Clockwise"91time travel 6 months into future
2013"Counter"10from 2113 to 2013 kill traveller
2014"Counterclock"64back in time to prevent crimes
2010"Craigs Excellent Adventure"15magical journey through history
2002"Crayon Shin-chan: Arashi wo Yobu Appare"93mysteriously sent to 1574 to safe life
1942"Croisieres Siderales"95to 1966 into future and pastSideral Cruises
2014"Cruel and Unusual"95relive his wifes death for eternity
2006"Crusade: A March through Time"125time machine to medieval timesaka Crusade in Jeans
2009"Cryptic"83call younger self to change past
1941"Crystal Gazer"7ancient Egypt, mind travel
2013"Ctyrlistek ve Sluzbach Krale"90to/from medeval times
2002"Cube2 Hypercube"94overlapping time
2017"Curvature"90change the past
1966"Cyborg 2087"86visitors from futureMan From Tomorrow
2008"Cyborg Girl"115cyborg from futureaka Cyborg She
1966"Daleks': Invasion Earth 2150 A.D."81visitors from past
1928"Dancing Cavalier, the"51dream time travel to French Revolution
1998"Dandy Dust"97travel to past for human specimans
2000"Danger Models in the Space-Time Vortex"45space time vortex
1949"Dangerous Corner"80time loop
2013"Dark by Noon"82time traveller vision of the future
1998"Dark City"100freeze time
2009"Dark Country"88time loop via body possession
2004"Dark Diamond, the"85to 16th Century time machineaka Suske en Wiske: De duistere diamant
2002"Dark Side III, the: The New Dimension"107time warp to ancient Egyptaka Virtualia Ep 5: The Dark Side III
2016"Darkness into Light"90to ancient Roman Jesus era
1987"Das Ende der Ewigkeit"137time travel, from The End of Eternityaka Konets vechnosti
1980"Das Geheimnis der leeren Urne"78time car to 1946Neco je ve vzduchu
2000"Das Haus am Meer"105overlapping timeil Marie
2002"Das Jesus Video"182visitor from future, ChristianityHunt for the Hidden Relic
2012"Das Verlorene Labyrinth (TV mini)"180rift in timeLabyrinth
1985"Dave Thomas: The Incredible Time Travels of Henry Osgood"60back and forth in timeaka Showtime Comedy Spotlight special
1980"Day Time Ended, the"79future
2004"Day Watch"114day and night time forces do battleNight Watch 2
1999"Dead Aviators"96visitors from pastRestless Spirits
1945"Dead of Night"77never ending nightmare loop
1977"Dead of Night"76see future in mirror, ep Second Chance
2018"Deadpool 2"120visitor from the future
2016"Death and Life of Otto Bloom, the"85time in reverse
2018"Deathday"84repeated murder time loopCampus, the
2007"Deaths of Ian Stone"87time loop
2009"Deep in the Valley"96photo Booth time machine
2014"De-Feathered"67time travel
2006"Deja Vu"128time travel to past to fix
2001"Dejala Correr"86camera rewinds past to fix
1987"Denchu Kozo no Boken"47time machine to bleak futureaka Adventures of Electric Rod Boy
1961"Der Mann mit dem Objektiv"80visitor from 2222
1996"Der Trip"87to 1972Die Nackte Gitarre 0,5
1964"Der Zauber Mantel"76device time travelaka Sehrli xalat
2013"Destination: Planet Negro"98spaceship from 1939 to present day
2010"Destined"2time travel fate
1989"Destiny to Order"120temporal Phenomenon
1921"Destiny"105ancient Bagdad, Venice, Chinaaka Der mode Tot
2011"Detention"93time travelling bear
2000"Deuxieme Vie"10012 years into future, back to changeaka Zurück in die Vergangenheit
1999"Devil's Arithmetic, the"95to WWII
2007"Devil's Muse, the"105relive last moments of murder
2013"Devil's Pass"100wormhole to past, evidence of future selvesDyatlov Pass Incident, the
2015"Diabolical, the"86sent to the past
2009"Did you borrow my time machine"3time machine for personal gain
1996"Die Nackte Gitarre 0,5"87to 1972Der Trip
1983"Die Ruckkehr der ZeitMaschine"120time machine
2008"Die Tochter"100time warp
2009"Die Tur"103time travelaka Door, the
2006"Die Zeitreise geht weiter…"69time machine sexual adventures
1966"Dimension 5"91time travel beltDimension Four
1966"Dimension Four"91time travel beltDimension 5
1999"Dimension Travelers, the"95time travel fantasy
2007"Dimension"99God grants wishes, change past
2011"Dimensions"101time machine to past
2010"Dino Time"88time machine to DinosaursBack to Jurassic
2014"Dinosaur Island"82rift in time
1997"Dinosaur Valley Girls"94to prehistoric age
2010"Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, the"163altered timelineaka Suzumiya Haruhi no shôshitsu
2010"Disconnect"130phone mother in past
2012"Discovery at Dawn"95phone to past self to warnaka La scoperta dell'alba
2016"Displacement"112time slip quantum time anomaly
2004"District, the"87to stone age to change futureaka Nyocker
2000"Ditto"110contact over agesaka Remember Me
2015"Doc Brown Saves The World"31prevent 2045 holocaust
1967"Doctor Faustus"93Helen of Troy to present, medieval age
2016"Doctor Strange"115time infinity stone to reverse time
1996"Doctor Who (the Movie)"89time travel millennium adventure
2013"Doctor Who Adventures in Time and Space"90travel back in time to Dr. Who origin
1965"Doctor Who and the Daleks"82time travel
1993"Doctor Who: Dimensions In Time"1320 year time loop
2003"Doctor Who: Scream of the Shalka"90time travel
2007"Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest"45animated adv in time and space
2015"Doktor Proktors Tidsbadekar"95time travel bathtub to various erasaka Doktor Proktors Zeitbadewanne
1961"Donald and the Wheel"17spirits visit historical moments in time
2001"Donnie Darko"113personal Alternate History
2011"Donovans Echo"91vision of future events
2019"Don't let go"107contact from past via phone
2012"Donut time"12time travel vacuum cleaner
2015"Doomsday"95from 2410 to alter pastaka Death Machine: Fall of London
2006"Doraemon - Nobita's Dinosaur"108future hunters of dinosaurs
2012"Doraemon: Nobita and the Island of Miracles"100time travelaka Eiga Doraemon: Nobita to kiseki no shima
1993"Dorami-chan: Hello Kyouryuu Kids"40time machine to prehistoric age
2009"Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure"48alter past to get on Santa's good list
1979"Double Life of Jenny Logan, the"94time travelTwo Worlds of Jennie Logan, the
2014"Double Trouble"11magic watch to redo past
2010"Doubting Thomas"33visitor from future
2014"Down the Chain"50time machine to alter past
1992"Dr. Mordrid"74frozen in time
2007"Dr. Plonk"85time machine to future
1996"Dragon Fury II"80frozen in time
1995"Dragon Fury"79time travel to 1999 from 2099
2004"Drama City: What Should I Do"62back in time when parents met
2010"Dreadful Hallowgreen Special, the"30time traveller
2001"Dream of a Warrior"84temporal Phenomenon, Time Travelaka Cheonsamong
2007"Dreamland"77overlapping time
1987"Drifting Classroom"105time slip to the future, time dilationaka Hyoryu kyoshitsu
1995"Drifting School"84rip in time sent 200 years into future
1995"Drivetime, the"88time travel
2010"Duane discovered Time Travel"9time travel
2017"Duckweed"102back in time to change past
2000"Dude Wheres My Car"83reset time in past
1999"Dungeon of Desire"73to medieval times
1999"Durango kids"102to Old West
2007"Dustclouds"144years pass as seconds
2013"Dyatlov Pass Incident, the"100wormhole to past, evidence of future selvesDevil's Pass
1999"Earth Environment Underground"300time loop
1995"Ebbie"96scrooge Past,Present,FutureMiracle at Christmas
2010"Echo"8test time machine loops
2016"Echo/Back - The time travel virus"8time travel ability for crime
2011"Edge of the Garden (TV Hallmark)"89overlapping time
2014"Edge of Tomorrow"113time loopaka All You Need Is Kill
2019"Eggnoid: Love & Time Portal"102visitor from future
1960"Ein Weinachtslied in Prosa"110visions of futureEine Geistgeschichte zum Christfest
1960"Eine Geistgeschichte zum Christfest"110visions of futureEin Weinachtslied in Prosa
2009"Eine Zeitreise zum Grundgesetz"60from 1948 to 2009 to study cultureaka Wie es begann …eine zeitreise
1998"El Milagro de P. Tinto"106time travel
1995"El nino invisible"80magic stone to 12th Centuryaka The Invisible Boy
1969"El Santo en el Tesoro de Dracula"81time machine to the pastaka Santo in the Treasure of Dracula
1986"Electric Blue 37"60to 1959 fix time machine
2001"Electrical Girl"89see future lottery numbers when orgasmsaka Faat din chiu giu wa
2013"Elegant Clockwork of the Universe, the"105time travel will not be impossible
1986"Eliminators, the"95ancient roman Empire
1996"Elmo Saves Christmas"55christmas every day, travel to future
2006"Elobb-Utobb (sooner or Later)"11nazis time travel experiment
2017"Eloise"89time folds in on itself
2016"Emerald Green"113time travel abilityaka Smaragdgrün (Rudy Red III)
1995"Emma and Byeon Kang-soe"87wake up in the past from car accidentaka Aemawa Byeon Kang-soe
2012"Emmanuelle in Wonderland"84time travel
2011"Emmanuelle Through Time: Forbidden Pleasures"88time travel
2012"Emmanuelle Through Time: Naked Agent 0069"86time travel
2012"Emmanuelle Through Time: Sex, Chocolate"86time travel
2011"Emmanuelle Through Time: Sexy Bite"86time travel
2011"Emmanuelle Through Time: Skin City"87time travel
2011"Emmanuelle Through Time: Super Sex Tales"84time travel
2011"Emmanuelle Through Time: Supernatural Activities"84time travel
2004"Empire of Danger"91time travel via spaceship to Mars
2017"Endless, the"111timeloop
2013"Enoshima Prism"90to 2010 change past
2011"Enter Nowhere"90overlapping timelines 1962, 1985, 2011
2016"Enter the Warrior Gates"108magical travel to ancient China
1997"Epsilon"92time dilationAlien Visitor
2016"Erased"120ability to go back in time and correct
1983"Erotic and Wacky Tunnel of Time, the"79time travel thru ages for sexaka El erotico y loco tunel del tiempo
2002"Erotic Time Machine, the"80time machine from 31st century
1910"Erratic Power"5electronic wand makes time go back
1971"Escape from the Planet of the Apes"98to 20th Century via spaceship
1993"Escape through Time"94portal to the past
2004"Escape to Grizzly Mountain"95to 1800s
1975"Escape to Witch Mountain"94foreseee future
2006"Ethereal Plane, the"74time alter device from other dimension
2019"Eu Sou Mais Eu"98travel back to 2004 school days
2006"Event 16"72time machine to change past
1997"Event Horizon"96black hole
2018"Every Day is Christmas"85scrooge Past,Present,Future
2004"Eve's Christmas"96redo past events
2003"Evil Cult"90time portal
1978"Evil Dead II"84time-space portal
1992"Evil Dead III"77medieval eraArmy of Darkness
1999"Excalibur Kid, the"88visitor from future, Medieval times
2014"Exit Log"8message from past, reset time
2000"Exotic Time Machine II: Forbidden Encounters"78historic time travel adventures
1997"Exotic Time Machine, the"78time travel
2008"Extreme Movie"86build time machine, meet Lincoln
2002"Fairy Tales to Put Crocodiles to Sleep"100past and present collide magically
2008"Fallen Angels"95experience past lifeaka Varg veum - falne engler
2001"Falling for Toby"21stopping Time
2000"Family Man, the"125personal Alternate History
2004"Fantasia"103to 1960s from the pastaka Gwai ma kwong seung kuk
1975"Fantastic Adv of Mr Rossi"80magical time travel over erasMr. Rossi Looks for Happiness
2016"Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them"133time reversal
1976"Fantastic Journey"112temperal Bubble
2015"Fap to the Future"38time machine powered by orgasms
2018"Fare, the"82time loop
2011"Fat"68lost in time, back to future
2017"Fate"95time travel to fix the past
2002"Feedback"88time manipulation
2006"Felix 2 Hase und die Verflixte Zeitmachine"82time machine
1991"Female Neo-Ninjas"71visitor from past 400 years
1978"Female Space Invaders"92vision of future eventsStarCrash
2002"Femme Fatale"114second Chance, Mind Travel, Paris
2011"Fenster Zum Sommer"96leap back in time, make changesSummer Window
2005"Fetching Cody"87time machine chair to alter pastaka Back to Love
1944"Fiddled, While Nero"65to ancient romeFiddlers Three
1944"Fiddlers Three"65to ancient romeFiddled, While Nero
1989"Field of Dreams"107rift in time, visitors from past
2011"Fight for Your Right Revisited"30time machine , future selves
2014"Fighting"90back in time
1980"Final Countdown, the"92visitors from past
2004"Final Frontier Revisited, the"7to 1873 Star Trek
2015"Final Girls, the"91back in time and into a movie
2001"Final"111claims to be a time traveller
2017"Fireworks"90time travel, alternate timelineaka Yoko kara miru ka
2004"First Three Lives of Stuart Hornsley, the"28time machine to alter past
2009"Fish Story"112overlapping timeaka Fisshu sutori
2011"Flashback"100time machine for prop collectingaka Time Lord
1982"Flight of Dragons, the"96back in time to Dragons and Magic
1986"Flight of the Navigator"90time dilation, returns 12 years unaged
1961"Flight That Disappeared"71future visitors, time does not exist
2015"Flight World War II"85to 1940 WWII
2014"Flirting in the Air"94wormhole to Ming Dynasty
2013"Flying Man"10vigilante time traveller
1973"Flying Sorcerer, the"52time machine to medieval times
2016"Flykten till framtiden"139to 1973 and 2016
2000"For All Time"84visitor from future, 16th century
2013"Forbidden Dimensions, the"86ability to time travel, visit 2035aka 2035 Forbidden Dimensions
2008"Forbidden Kingdom, the"113to fuedal China via fall
2007"Forecast"15fix past events
1975"Foreplay"75back in time for sex
2012"Found in Time"91time travel ability
2012"Fourth Dimension, the"105view into past and futureaka Czwarty wymiar
2012"Foxfur"61time trip to 1982
2019"Fragtime"61ability to stop time for 3 minutes per day
1937"Francois 1er"90hypnosis, the Renaissance, France
1990"Frankenstein Unbound"86to 1810s, Frankenstein, time slideaka Roger Corman's …
2011"Frankie"22time travel watch
1967"Frau Venus und ihr Teufel"99to 13th century, Germany
2013"Free birds"91time machine to change past events
1992"Freejack"110to 2000s, future
1987"Frenchman's Farm"100to 1940s, 1980s
2000"Frequency"118contact over time, 1960s
2009"Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel"82visitors from future, paradox
1987"Friends of the Bermuda Triangle"101visitor from past on planeaka Pratele Bermudskeho trojuhelníku
1992"From time to time"18robot time travels thru time eras
2009"From time to time"95to 1940s to 1805 to visit ancestors
2014"Frozen in Time"46day repeats
1924"Fugitive Futurist, the"11camera photos of future
2011"Fugue State"90undo time, return to start, overlap
2003"Fun2shh…"157to 10th Century kingdomaka Dudes in the 10th Century
2011"Funky Koval"67time travel based on Comic book
2017"Future '38"75from 1938 to 2018
1991"Future Cop 2"85visitors from futureTrancers 2: The Return of Jack Deth
1992"Future Cop 3"75visitors from futureTrancers 3: Deth Lives
1994"Future Cop 4"83visitors from futureTrancers 4: Jack of Swords
1994"Future Cop 5"73visitors from futureTrancers 5: Sudden Deth
1985"Future Cop"76visitors from futureTrancers
1993"Future Cops"95time machine to 1993 from 2043
2014"Future Hero"7assassin from future
1986"Future Hunters"96visitor from future
2012"Future Inc"5visitor from the future
2018"Future Lies"118future couple find refuge in the past
2015"Future Loins"3visitor from future
1992"Future Memories: Last Christmas"118awakens in 1981 to be successful
1987"Future Past"85visitor from futureColonial Cavalry, the
1985"Future Voyeur"89visitor from future to study sex
1997"Future War"90visitor from future
2010"Future X-Cops"99visitor from futureaka Mei loi ging chaat
1990"Future Zone"88visitors from future
2011"Future, the"91stopping Time
1979"G.I. Samurai"85feudal Japan, SamuraisTime Slip
1995"Galaxis"91time travel battle for a CrystalTerminal Force
1999"Galaxy Quest"102reverse time
1980"Gallactica 1980"600spaceship Time Travel
2019"Gambler's Odyssey 2020"117from 1945 to 2020
1988"Gandahar"83warriors from 1000 years futureLight Years
2014"Genital Warriors, the"87to past to change itaka Geschlechtskriegerinnen
1975"Get Mean"70jumping in time
1918"Ghost at Slumber Mountain, the"16magic, prehistoric age
1986"Ghost Fever"86ghost turns clock back 20 minutes
2000"Ghost of Greville Lodge"88to 1939 Christmas
1974"Ghost Story"89vision of past, overlapping time era
2006"Ghostboat"180rift in time
2009"Ghosts of girlfriends past"100visions of future
2012"Ghosts with Shit Jobs"94projected Future rewind time
1983"Gift of Love: A Christmas Story, the"96dream time travel to visit deceased
2011"Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver"78to 1976
2013"Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter"110time machine to find source of virusaka Gekijoban Gintama Kanketsu-hen
2004"Girl from Tomorrow"104visitors from future to 1992
2014"Girl from Tomorrow, the"15visitor from future
1983"Girl who cut time, the"104time warpLittle girl who conquered time, the
2006"Girl who leapt through time, the"98leap back in time, make changes
2010"Girl who leapt through time, the"122visitors from futureTime Traveller
1997"Girl who runs Through Time, the"99leap back in time, make changesaka Toki o Kakeru Shojo
1981"Girl, the Gold Watch & Dynamite"93stopping Time
1980"Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything"100stopping Time
1989"Girlfriend from Hell"92device travel thru time and spaceaka Hollische Freundin
1967"Glorious Times in the Spessart Inn"105time travelHerrliche Zeiten im Spessart
2013"Glory of Gold"360to 17th century piratesaka Zoloto Glorii
1991"God of Gamblers III: Back to Shanghai"116to 1930s, Visitors from the Futureaka Du xia II: Shang Hai tan du Sheng
2008"God's Smile"85to 1954Odessa Story
1991"Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah"103visitor from future, Gozilla,Gojira vs. Kingu Gidora
1991"Gojira vs. Kingu Gidora"103visitor from future, Gozilla,Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah
2003"Golden Laws - Time Traveler from Future, the"109to historical events
2003"Golden Laws, the"110spaceship Time Travel to ancient timesaka Ogon no ho: Eru Kantare no rekishikan
2010"Gone"6circular time, New Zealand
2010"Good Parts, the"28time travellers romance
1951"Good Table Manners"10meet future self
1971"Goodbye Uncle Tom"123to pre-Civil War to documentaka Addio zio Tom
1996"Goosebumps - A Night in Terror Tower"88to medieval times
1992"Grand Tour: Disaster in Time"98visitors from futureTimescape
2004"Green Eyes for Anastice"93device to alter the past
1997"Grizzly Mountain"96to Old West
1993"Groundhog Day"103time loop
2001"G-Spots?"12medieval era
2010"Guardians of the Lost Code 3D"90time portal to AztecsBrijes 3D
1984"Guest from the Future"65find time machine, to 21st Century
2001"H.G. Wells - The Mystery of the Crystal Orb"88time travelleraka Infinite Worlds of HG Wells
2015"Half-Shell Heroes: Blast to the Past"60to prehistoric age
2001"Halloween Town II"80change past events
1993"Halloween Tree, the"69back 4000 years to Halloween origin
2008"Hamlet 2"92time machine stage prop
2014"Hamlet A.D.D"100time machine
2015"Hamlet's Ghost"82to Shakespearean era
2000"Happy Accidents"110visitor from future
2018"Happy as Lazzaro"125time travel to future
2019"Happy Death Day 2u"100altered time, time loop
2017"Happy Death Day"96time loop
1967"Happy End"69reverse Chronology, played backwards
2002"Happy Here and Now"89time travel, alternate timeline
2007"Harpies"85visitor to past 1000 years, magicStan Lee's Harpies
2004"Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"141magic, unravel Time
2011"Haunted 3D"143time travel
2013"Haunter"97time loop same day in 1985
2002"Have Time will Travel - McDonalds"40time machine lost in timeWacky Adv of Ronald McDonald: Have time, Will travel
1993"He Ain't Heavy... He's My Brother"97to 1950s to observe fatherHe Ain't Heavy… He's My Father
1993"He Ain't Heavy… He's My Father"97to 1950s to observe fatherHe Ain't Heavy… He's My Brother
1993"Heart and Souls"10430 years time relativity
1985"Heavenly Kid, the"90visitor from past
2005"Heaven's Soldiers"106modern army to dynasty of war lordsArmee der Welten
2006"Hell Hath No fury"113to past to warn, ep One Night Stand
2019"Hello World"97travel from 2027 to relive school days
2019"Hello, Are You There"70telephone calling from the past
1996"Hellraiser: Bloodline"85horror, Visitors from the future
2000"Hellraiser: Inferno"99time loop, Horror
1994"Hercules and the Amazon Women"91turn back time to save
1970"Hercules in New York"93visitor from Ancient Times
1961"Hercules in the Valley of Woe"90ancient Greece via time machineaka Maciste contro Ercole nella valle dei guai
1971"Here comes Peter Cottontail"60time travel
1993"Hero - Beyond the Boundary of Time"94to 17th century Chinaaka Wei Xiao Bao: Feng zhi gou nu
1967"Herrliche Zeiten im Spessart"105time travelGlorious Times in the Spessart Inn
2010"Het geheim van de Vughtse Heide"110visitors to past, Kids
2004"Hidden Heroes"115android from the futureaka Zhui ji 8 yue 15
1988"High Spirits"99time loop
2011"Hindsight"37ability to rewind time
2007"Hirsute"14sex with future self
1914"His Prehistoric Past"22dream time travel
2014"History of Time Travel, the"72fictional documentary of first time machine
1981"Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, the"198temperal Bubble to end of the Future
2007"Holiday Switch (Lifetime)"88alternate timeline
2008"HoloWorld"60travel thru time
2017"Honnoji Hotel"119meets historic Nobunaga Oda
2004"Honus and Me"120to pastWinning Season, the
2011"Hoops & YoYo Ruin Christmas"22wormhole time travel
2009"Hors du temps"90time riftaka Tod in der Zeitschleife
2014"Horse Money"103mind travel to mid 1970s
1997"Hosszu Alkony"68bus into pastLong Twilight
2015"Hot Tub Time Machine 2"93to the future
2010"Hot Tub Time Machine"101to 1970s
1973"Hour-Glass Sanatorium, the"124temporal Phenomenon, Philosophyaka Sanatorium Pod Klepsydra
2013"House at the End of Time, the"101time loop
1987"House II: The Second Story"88rift in time
1951"House in the Square"90visitors from future, past, 1700s LondonI'll never forget you
1989"House of Clocks, the"84stop and reverse timeaka La casa nel tempo
2015"House of Time"86to WWIIaka L'avenir Se Joue Ici
1972"How Far, How Near"95dream time travel to pastaka Jak daleko stad, jak blisko
2007"How I married my high school crush"9017 years into future magicallyaka Wedding Wish, the
2008"How Much does the Trojan Horse Weigh"117relive youthIle Wazy Kon Trojanski
2016"How to Build a Time Machine"82building a time machine
2016"How To Time Travel"91build time machine to fix lost love
1975"Hu-Man"105sent to past or future
2004"Hungarian Vagabond"108time travel to various eras
2002"Hunt for the Hidden Relic"182visitor from future, ChristianityAncient Relic
2014"Hyperfutura"61workers sent to past
2015"I Do, I Do, I Do"84relives wedding day over and over
1985"I Dream of Jeannie 15 years Later"120magic time travel
2004"I Inside, the"90leap between time 2000-2002
1970"I killed Einstein, Gentlemen"95time travelaka Zabil Jsem Einsteina, Panove
2013"I thought you would last forever"89back in time to save wife and secretsaka Ya dumal, ty budesh vsegda
2012"I Wake Up Yesterday"120time travellerWaking Up Yesterday
1984"Ice Pirates, the"91time warp
1973"Idaho Transfer"90to the future and beyondaka Deranged
2004"If Only"922nd Chance, Data from the Future
1999"If You Believe"91younger self advices future self
1999"Il cielo in una stanza"103to 1960s meet younger father
2000"il Mare"105overlapping timeDas Haus am Meer
1910"il Sogno dell'usuraio"11scrooge Past,Present,Future
2008"Ile Wazy Kon Trojanski"118back to relive youthHow Much does the Trojan Horse Weigh
2014"I'll follow you down"93wormhole, quantum timeaka Continuum
1951"I'll never forget you"90visitors from future, past, 1700s LondonMan of two worlds
2014"I'm You, Dickhead"12future self advices past self
2006"Importance of Being Russell"99phone to the future
1997"In His Fathers Shoes (Hallmark)"105visitor from future,
2009"In the Blink of an Eye"86time loop
2011"In the name of the King 2: Two Worlds"96to medieval times
2014"In the name of the King 3: The Last Job"86to middle ages
2019"In the Shadow of the Moon"115time traveller murders every 9 years
1997"Incredible Genie"88turn back clock, return to ancient times
2015"Indru Netru Naalai Tamil"146find time machineaka Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow
2015"Infini"110time dilation
2014"Infinite Man, the"85time loop, Paradoxes
2001"Infinite Worlds of HG Wells, the"265device time travel
1992"Infinity"206relive 20 years agoaka Beskonechnost
2013"Initium"5time loop
2009"Ink"107time dilation, alter
2008"Innocence Saga I: The Innocent Killers"123experiment to view past events
2017"Inoperable"85time loop
2008"Insane True Story Behind Birth of Internet"5paradox, changing the past
2003"Inspector Gadget 2"89plan to stop time
2009"Interceptor, the"93time shifting
2020"Intersect"119inventing time machine attracts intruders
2002"Interstate 60: Episodes of the road"116temporal Phenomenon
2014"Interstellar"169back in time, time dilation
2014"Interview with a Time Traveller"10visitor from future
2001"Inu Yasha: Affections touching across time"100contact over ages
2013"Investigation of a Time Traveler, the"60claims to build time machine
1957"Invisible Boy, the"90time machine, robot from 300 years
2012"Iron Sky"93nazis, Alternate History
1982"Irresistible"100time travel thru the ages for sex
2011"It Came from Yesterday"104multiple Realities
1977"It Happened One Christmas"109styled It’s a Wonderful Life
1944"It Happened Tomorrow"85data from the future
2002"It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie"100styled It’s a Wonderful Life
1947"It's a Wonderful Life"132personal Alternate History
1991"It's a Wonderful Sexlife"80styled It’s a Wonderful Life
2010"It's About Time"8lost in Time
1961"It's All Einstein's Fault"85to 2447 via spaceshipMan in Outer Space
2012"It's Christmas, Carol"86scrooge Past,Present,Future
1973"Ivan the Terrible: Back to the Future"93people swapped from 1973 - 1500s Russiaaka Ivan Vasilievich: Back to the Future
2004"Izo"128personal Temporal Phenomenonaka Izo: Kaosu mataha fujori no kijin
2001"Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story"180time dilation 1 day=1 year
2005"Jacket, the"106personal Temporal Phenomenon
2013"Jake Squared"100encounters various ages of self
2019"James vs. His Future Self"94future self to stop inventing time travel
1968"Je t'aime, je t'aime"91personal Temporal Phenomenon
2013"Jesus the Daughter of God"87mind travel to pastQuantum Leap of Faith
2011"Jesus the Total Douchebag"102time travel
2017"Jetsons & WWE: Robo-WrestleMania"81travel back in time to enlist fighters
1987"Jetsons Meet the Flintstones"100to prehistoric age, Future
2016"Jews, the"111backwards time travel
1966"Jimmy, the Boy Wonder"67stopping time
1996"Jim's Gift"96replay the past and preview the future
2014"JLA Adventures - Trapped in Time"52to the future, change past
2013"JLA Flashpoint Paradox"75restore timeline
2014"Joe Hanrahan 'Invents' Insane-O-Vision"100time traveller steals inventions
2012"Joey Dakota"130to 1990s to prevent death of music idol
1977"John Davidson Christmas Special, the"60time travel to early 1800s
2012"John Dies at the End"99drug induced time travel
1986"John Grin's Christmas"50scrooge Past,Present,Future
1997"Johnny Mysto: Boy Wizard"87magic, Arthurian Legend, Merlin
2016"Journey Back to Christmas"84from WWII to 2016
1968"Journey to Midnight"100frozen in Time
1955"Journey to the Beginning of Time"83visitors from future 2447aka Cesta do praveku
1967"Journey to the Center of Time"83to prehistoric age, Futureaka Time Warp
1978"Jubilee"100visitor from past
2011"Judas Kiss"94time travel
2011"Jukos Time Machine"77build time machine to redo past
1987"Julia and Julia"95sliding in Time, Italyaka Giulia e Giulia
1995"Jumanji"104undo time, return to game start time
2019"Jumanji: The Next Level"123time dilation
2017"Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle"119game returns all back to time game started
2015"Jump, the"4time travel briefcase tests
2008"Jumper"88teleportation, Instant transportation
2010"Junod"64to WWII
2010"Just Another Pandora's Box"92magical box to past erasaka Yuet gwong bo hup
1930"Just Imagine"113dream wakes up in the year 1980
2015"Just in time for Christmas"963 years into future
2014"Just in Time"14time travel for personal gain
2001"Just Visiting"88visitors from past, medieval era
2019"Justice League vs the Fatal Five"77visitors from the future
2013"Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox"75alternate timeline, make changes
2010"Justin Time"95visitor from past, Amulet Stops Time
1981"K-9 and Company: A Girl's Best Friend"50time lord assistant sent future robot dog
2015"Kaili Blues"113time flows forward and backwardsaka Lu bian ye can
1984"Kalter Hauch der Vergangenheit"95personal Temporal Phenomenon WWIIPrisoner, the
2008"Kamen Rider Den-O & Kiva: Climax Deka"70to 1986aka Masked Rider: Den-o & Kiva
2008"Kamen Rider Den-O: Final Countdown"83visitor from the futureaka Gekijoban Saraba Kamen Raida
1989"Kamen Rider: All Around the World"17time travelaka Kamen Raidaa: Sekai ni kakeru
2010"Kamisama Help"87to 1985 to prevent murders
2016"Kammler Code"44trapped in 1892
2006"Kao… Kao"118to 2006 from 1970, time travel micPossible, the
2004"Karroll's Christmas"87scrooge Past,Present,Future
2001"Kate and Leopold"123visitor from past
2007"Kayaks Adventures of Gabe and Allie"30travel in time to historical inventions
2010"Kein Geist fur alle falle"93dream time travel
2019"Kid who would be King"120time travel medieval - modern times
2001"Kid, the"104visit from future selfaka Disney's The Kid
1995"Kids of the Round Table"89magical time travel
2018"Kikoriki Deja Vu"85time travel adventures agency
2013"Kill Drozda"180to 1919 Russian civil waraka Ubit Drozda
2020"Killer Night Shift"81trapped in time loop of terrifying events
2018"Kin"102alien weapon that stops time
1986"Kin-Dza-Dza"135return to fix past
2010"King of Games Movie: Super Fusion"60time travelaka Fusion Ultra! Bond Over Time and Space
2020"Klatos Paradox, the"117visit alternate self to fix paradox
2019"Knight before Christmas, the"92magically transported to the present
2019"Koko-di Koko-da"89time loop of torture and murder
2011"Kristi and the Time Machine"106time machine
2013"Kristin's Christmas Past"86future self guardian
2006"Krrish"154data from the future
2008"Kung Fu Dunk"100freeze timeaka Gong fu guan lan
2017"Kung Fu Traveler 2"95back in time
2017"Kung Fu Traveler"98back in time
2015"Kung Fury"30to Nazi time, kill Hitler
1970"Kureopatora"112sent spiritually to 1st Century BCCleopatra, Queen of Sex
2007"Küss mich, Genosse"92mind travel to 1974 camp
2005"La clessidra del diavolo"86demon of time, visitor from 15th Centuryaka DeKronos - Il demone del tempo
2005"La Derniere Incarnation"92time travel
1964"La Edad de Piedra"84to stone age
1989"La ira"75to pre-stone age to assist evolution
1962"La Jetee"28sent back and forth in time to find solutionPier, the
2002"La Puppe"10time travel
1998"La Revanche De Lucy"87to 1500s
1988"La Septième dimension"90time travel over 6 eras
2012"Labyrinth"180rift in timeDas Verlorene Labyrinth (TV mini)
1998"Lady of the Lake"82travel back in time to fight a knight
2006"Lakehouse"98contact over ages
1997"Lancelot: Guardian of Time"90visitor from past
2009"Land of the Lost"101time warp, artifacts from across time
1974"Land That Time Forgot, the"90outside of time covering all Earth history
2009"Land That Time Forgot, the"88overlapping time
1995"Langoliers, the"60personal Alternate History
2002"L'Anno Mille"98warrior travels from 1000 to 2000One thousand years
2001"Lara Croft: Tomb Raider"100time Control, magic
2010"Last Breath"91visitor from alternate timeline
2007"Last Day of Summer, the"88time loop
1977"Last Dinosaur, the"106hunters trapped in prehistoric time
1996"Last Exit to Earth"86spaceship Time Travel
2009"Last Man, the"10time loop
2007"Last Mimzy, the"96time traveller from future
2018"Last Sharknado - It's about time, the"86back in time to change past
2013"L'autre vie de Richard Kemp"102time rift prevent murder in the pastBack in Crime
1986"Lazer Tag Academy"92travel thru the ages
1960"Le Testament d'Orphee, demandez pas pourquoi!"79quest thru timeaka Testament of Orpheus, the
1982"Le Voyager Imprudent"83pill goes back minutes, kill ancestoraka Future times Three
2011"Lee's Adventure"91personal Temporal Phenomenon
1974"Legend of Hillbilly John, the"89transported back in timeaka Who Fears the Devil
2011"Legend of the Millennium Dragon"100back 1200 yearsaka Onigamiden
2018"Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash"78time loop
2019"Lego Movie 2: The Second Part"107time machine
2009"Lemo"95time portal to 200 years agoaka Limo
2017"Leon muss sterben"73assassin from future
1990"Les 1001 Nuits"98magical time travel via genie
1982"Les arcanes du jeu"26back in time to save friend
2007"Les deux mondes"105freeze time, Other DimensionZwischen Den Welten
1982"Les Maitres du temps"78future self guardianTime Masters
2001"Les Rois Mages"102visitors from pastThree Kings, the
1947"Leyenda de Navidad"80visions of future
2006"Librarian II: Return to King Solomon's Mines"92time portal
2004"Liebe in der Warteschleife"92time loopUn petit air de deja vu
1999"Life Before This, the"92personal Alternate History
1988"Light Years"83warriors from 1000 years futureGandahar
1988"Lights and Shadows"105portal to middle agesaka Luces y sombras
2009"Lilly the Witch: Dragon & Magic Book"89magic book time travelaka Hexe Lilli Der Drache und das Buch
2017"Lillys Bewitched Christmas"100time travelaka Hexe Lillis eingesacktes Weihnachtsfest
2004"Limbo"93time loop trapped in repeating hour
1968"Limping Devil"82time travel backwardsaka Kulhavy dabel
2011"Link to the Future"6time machine
1983"Little girl who conquered time, the"104time warpGirl who cut Time, the
2011"Little Witches"82Cleopatra to present dayaka Sexual Witchcraft
2017"Logan"137freeze time
1997"Long Twilight"68supernatural journery to pastHosszu Alkony
2016"Loop"95time loopaka Hurok
2012"Looper"118visitors from future, meet self
2012"Lord Rudington - A Stitch in Time"23time traveller adventuresStitch in Time Travel
2011"Lord Rudington - No Time To Waste"13time traveller adventures
1988"Lords of Magick"98visitors from past
2016"Lost Digit, the"91skipping time effects
1997"Lost Highway"135relive past as another person
2008"Lost in Austen (TV Mini series)"180rift in time
1998"Lost in Space"130visit from future self
2003"Lost in Time"100communication over ages
2013"Lost Medallion, the"97device time travelaka Adv of Billy Stone:, the
1959"Lou Costello and His 30 Foot Bride"75time Control Machine to various pasts30 foot Bride of Candy Rock, the
2013"Love & Teleportation"92build time machine
2017"Love and Time Travel"92time travel
1995"Love in the Time of Twilight"105relive the Past, voice over agesaka Hua Yue Jia qi
1998"Love Letter, the (Lifetime)"99data over ages
2008"Love Story 2050"180time machine, Visitor to the future
2000"Love Torn in a Dream"123mind travel to ages, predict 24hrsCombat d'amour en songe
1990"Lovers Beyond Time"85time machineaka Erastes sti mihani tou hronou
2003"Low Budget Time Machine, the"48visitors to futureSpacebabes Meet the Monsters
2005"Lucky Bob's Time Machine"24build a time machine
2013"Lucky Four in the Service of the King"90to middle agesCtyrlístek ve sluzbach krale
1978"Lucky Kids - Reise in andere Zeit"92visiting Time Traveller
2014"Lucy"89control of time
2011"Lunopolis"98time traveller to past, try to kill self as baby
2007"Lupin III: Elusiveness of the Fog"90future visitor, then 500 years into pastaka Rupan sansei: Kiri no eryuushivu
1998"Lust in Space"55return to time origin via black hole
2005"Lust in Space: Erotic Witch Project IV"86travel back in time to cure eroticism
1974"Macabre Legends of the Colony"80to colonial times via painting
2012"Machine, the"1built time machine
1993"Magic Muller"75time machine to save time
2011"Magic Tree House"105magic book time travelaka Majikku tsuri hausu
2004"Magical Time Traveling Thugtastic Jug, the"17time machine
2015"Magnetic"80data from past/future, end of the world
1978"Magnificant Major, the"23time machine to future
2020"Making Time"107replicate events to invent time travel
2009"Malice in Wonderland"87undo past event
2012"Man Called Nereus"104data from the future
2017"Man Divided"87back to 2017 to save the world
1956"Man from 1997"49book from the Future
1922"Man from beyond"74future
2007"Man from Earth, the"87supposed time traveller
2011"Man from the Future, the"106time travel to fix personal pastaka O Homem do Futuro
1966"Man from Tomorrow"86visitors from futureCyborg 2087
1962"Man in Outer Space"85to 2447 via spaceshipaka Muz z prvniho stoleti
1999"Man of the century"80to 1920s
1951"Man of two worlds"90visitors from future, past, 1700s LondonHouse in the Square
1936"Man who could work miracles (HG Wells)"82undo time, return to start
2018"Man Who Killed Don Quixote, the"132time trip over ages
2000"Man who used to be me, the"88visitor to past to save fatherRace Through Time
2016"Man who was Thursday, the"95time travel
1999"Man with Rain in his Shoes, the"91personal Temporal PhenomenonTwice Upon a Yesterday
2017"Man with the Magic Box"103time travelaka Czlowiek z magicznym pudelkiem
1991"Mangetsu: Mr. Moonlight"109samurai time travel from 1670
1984"Manuel on the Island of Wonders"130fantasy time travel past and future
2015"Mara and the Firebringer"94ability to travel back in time
1993"Marching Out of Time"74nazis to 1990s and backBack to the Fuehrer
1990"Maroko"90visitor from the futureaka Gosenzo-sama Banbanzai
1987"Masters of the Universe"107visitor from future
1993"Mathusalem"105time rift to pirate era
1997"Matusalem II: le dernier des Beauchesne"98time rift to pirate era
1985"Maxie"98body possession to 1920's, silent era
1999"Maximillian Tarzan"10time travel
2013"Maximum Stache: Quantum Redeemer"13change to past
2009"Maxwell's Demon"17time traveller
1999"Maybe, Perhaps"109time portal to 21st CenturyPeut-être
1999"Me, Myself, and I"104personal Alternate History
1986"Meatballs III - Summer Job"86freeze time
1999"Medieval Park"90magic time travelTeen Knight
2001"Meeksville Ghost, the"95to 1878 old West
2007"Meet the Robinsons"95time machine to future and back
2011"Meeting Place"5to WWII
2018"Mega Time Squad"86chinese relic time travel consequences
2015"Meiji Tokyo Renka"85to Meiji era
2004"Melinda and Melinda"99personal Alternate History
1981"Memoirs of a Survivor"115rift in time to Victorian age
2012"Men in Black 3"103time travel
2012"Meridian"39time travel medalion
1985"Merlin and the Sword"180magic time travelArthur the King
2000"Merlin: The Return"90magic time travel
1955"Merry Christmas, the"45scrooge Past,Present,Future
2011"Midnight in Paris"100to 1920s Paris
1988"Midnight Movie Massacre"85cameo Back from the Future in cinemaAttack From Mars
1969"Milky Way, the"105visit to historical times, Philosophyaka La Via lattea
1989"Millennium"108visitors from future
2011"Milocrorze - A Love Story"90time travelling samurai
2004"Mind Game"10redo past events
2016"Mind Over Mindy"114visitor from past 1989
1979"Mind Over Murder"100vision of future events
2012"Mine Games"88causality Loop
2015"Minions"91time traveller paradox
2002"Minority Report"145foresee future
2008"Minutemen"98device to go back 10 minutes
1995"Miracle at Christmas"96scrooge Past,Present,FutureEbbie
1948"Miracle in Paradise Valley"38visit future agricultural times
1989"Miracle in Valby, the"85data over agesaka Miraklet i Valby
2017"Miracles of the Namiya General Store"129personalized time shifts
2018"Mirage"128contact over time, 1989aka Durante la tormenta
2001"Mirai sentai Timeranger vs. Go Go V"42wormhole to stone age, old East, old West
2018"Mirai"98garden to past eras
1988"Mirror for a Hero"139to 1949 time loopaka Zerkalo dlya geroya
2014"Misadventure in Time"1time travel paradox
2013"Misadventures of Dr. Wonderfoot"13time travel boots
2010"Miserables, the"20time machine
2009"MisInventions of Milo Weatherby"22device time travel
1981"Miss Morrison's Ghost"120to 19th centrury, England
2016"Miss Peregrines Peculiar Children"127loop back before event
2006"Missing Pages"24time machine
1991"Mission 369"133time machineAditya 369
1962"Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol"53scrooge Past,Present,Future
2013"Mister Scrooge to See You"117scrooge Past,Present,Future
2005"Mistress of Spices, the"92ability to foresee the future
2013"Modern Man"4time travelling cavewoman
2014"Moebius"7jump back in time to save life
1984"Molester Train: Ninja Time Slip"65to 1600s, 1900s, Visitor to the Futureaka Chikan densha: Gokuhi honban
1986"Momo"101time loop
1975"Mondo Candido"108travel thru eras, time overlapsaka Blutiges Marchen
2007"Monica's Gang in an Adventure in Time"90time machine to stone age to save EarthTurma da Mônica em Uma Aventura No Tempo
2014"Monster High: Freaky Fusion"73back to start of high school
2015"Montauk Chronicles"85attempted time travel
1988"Moonwalker"93to 1930's bar scene
2009"Mörder Kennen Keine Grenzen"95to 1984 DDR daysTime Warp
2011"Morgan & West World's Smallest Time Machine"2fake time machine
2008"Mortadelo and Filemon Mission: Save the Planet"94time machine to historical events
1998"Mothra 3: King Ghidora Attacks"98magic, prehistoric age, Japanaka Mosura 3: Kingu Gidora raishu
2015"Mourning, the"106returns 20years after unaged
2014"Movement and Location"96visitor from future 400 years
2008"Mr Bones 2: Back from the Past"101from 1879 to present
1990"Mr. Destiny"110alternate timeline if different event
2009"Mr. Nobody"156living alternate timelines
2014"Mr. Peabody and Sherman"92time rift
1975"Mr. Rossi Looks for Happiness"80magical time travel over erasFantastic Adv of Mr Rossi
1964"Mr. Scrooge"60scrooge Past,Present,Future
1997"Ms. Scrooge"87scrooge Past,Present,Future
2011"Mubles & Grumbles: Cowboy Hustle"25to Old West, Samurai
1992"Muppet Christmas Carol"85visions of future, Puppets
2016"My First Time"90visitor from future to invent time travel
2011"My Future Boyfriend"73visitor from future, Romance
2008"My Girlfriend Is a Cyborg"120visitor from future by self in 65 yearsCyborg Girl
2008"My iz budushchego"110nazis, Visitors from the futureBlack Hunters
2003"My Mother, the Mermaid"118meets a younger version of her motheraka Ineo gongju
1989"My Past Is My Own"60mysteriously awaken in 1960s, 1980s
1985"My Science Project"94to prehistoric age
2012"Mysterious Island"91time riftaka Jules Verne's...
1999"Mysterious Museum"90alternate reality, medieval eraNight at the Magic Museum
1982"Mysterious Stranger, the"90visitor from future, travel to past
2005"Myth, the"122dream time travelaka Shen Hua
2000"Naked"94time loopaka Naken
2017"Naked"96time loop
2017"Namiya Zakkaten no Kiseki"129mailbox time rift to 1980
2010"Nanase Futatabi"105meet time traveller
2004"Napoleon Dynamite"96fake time machine
2015"Narcopolis"96time travelling drug to 2024 from 2044
2010"Naruto Shippuden: The Lost Tower"85back 20 years to save future
2000"Nautilus"97visitors from future, past
1988"Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey, the"92medieval era, Future
1981"Neco je ve vzduchu"78time car to 1946Das Geheimnis der leeren Urne
2017"Neil Stryker and the Tyrant of Time"97villianous time traveller
1955"Nem Sansao Nem Dalila"90to 1153 BC time machine
1995"Nemesis 2: Nebula"83visiting Time Traveller baby, cyborg
1996"Nemesis 3: Time Lapse"85from 1998 to 2077
2008"Never Quite the Same"88paradox, visitor from the past
1988"New Adventures of a Yankee in King Arthur's Court"164to medieval timesaka Novye Priklyuchenia Yanki Pri Dvore Korolya Artura
1990"New Barbarians, the"79time travel crystal
1996"New Kimagure Orange Road: Summer's Beginning"1003 years into future, try to get back
1981"New Planet of the Apes, the"92visitor from pastBack to the Planet of the Apes
2008"New Type: Just For Your Love"90ability to go back in timeaka Tada ai no tame ni
1984"Next One, the"105visitor from futureTime Traveller, the
2007"Next"96foresee future
2001"Nicolas"90lover from past life in dreams
1999"Night at the Magic Museum"90alternate reality, medieval eraaka Search for the Jewel of Polaris
2006"Night at the Museum 1"108portal time travel 1945
1971"Night of Dark Shadows"95parallel Reality, Time Control
1985"Night on the Galactic Railroad"113journey thru space and time, visit Titanic
1991"Night Visions"82time traveller sex education
1988"Night Wars"88mind travel, alter past
2004"Night Watch 2"114day and night time forces do battleDay Watch
2012"Niji-iro Hotaru: Eien no Natsuyasumi"105magical return one month to save selfaka Rainbow-Colored Fireflies
2004"Nin x Nin: Ninja Hattori-kun"102from Edo era to present
1997"Nirvana"113time loop
1968"No more excuses"62time travelling civil war soldier
2006"No time for Nuts (in Ice Age)"7time machine
2019"Nobody is Crazy"104claim to be a time traveller
2016"Nobunaga Concerto: The Movie"126to 16th century meet historical people
1919"Noc na Karlstejna"51lovers share same adv to 14th Centuryaka Noc na Karlstejne
1988"Norman's Awesome Experience"87ancient romansA Switch in Time
2014"Nostradamus Experiment"68time travel
2000"Nostradamus"88assassin from 15th Century
2014"Not the End"29visitor from future to relive moments
1984"Nothing Left to Do but Cry"113to 15th Century, Da Vinciaka Non Ci Resta Che Piangere
1965"Nympho"63time travel
2008"Odessa Story"85to 1954aka Ulybka Boga, ili Chisto odesskaya
1991"Of Tomorrow's Unknown"45back in time to save Earth
2008"Off We Go Then"110from 1968 to 2009
2011"Ogden"11time travel
2002"Ogu and Mampato in Rapa Nui"80wormhole to Easter Island pastaka Ogu y Mampato en Rapa Nui
1924"Old Bill Through the Ages"73dream time travel to 1068 and 1773
1913"Old Scrooge"40scrooge Past,Present,FutureScrooge
1982"Olden Days Coat, the"30time travel
2011"Olha Para Mim…"21back in time to childhood
1985"Oliver Maas"45play magical violin to see future
2010"Ollie Klublershturf vs. the Nazis"11time device to change events
1986"On the air"90to 1960s, 1970saka En el Aire
1987"Once Upon a Time"130ancient times to/from present
2017"Once Upon a Winters Date"70Valentines day time loop
1985"One Magic Christmas"89back in time
2014"One Minute Time Machine"6back one minute with consequences
2002"One thousand years"98warrior travels from 1000 to 2000L'Anno Mille
1956"One Wish too Many"56freeze time to get to school
1912"Onesime the Clockmender"8advance timeaka Onesime horloger
2013"Open Grave"102time loop
2009"Open Graves"88time loop
2008"Operation: Zeitsturm"80time traveller
2007"Oppai Chanbara: Striptease Samurai Squad"66300 years into past, defend townaka Chanbara Striptease
2015"Orange"139letter from future self 10 years
1993"Original Wicked Woman, the"98time travel sexual adventures
2001"Os Xeretas"90time portal
2013"Other Life of Richard Kemp, the"102time rift prevent murder in the pastL'autre vie de Richard Kemp
2011"Ou Allons-Nous"110time travel Black Hole
1999"Our Friend, Martin"60to 1968 Luther King
2003"Our Town"120relive one day in her past
1964"Out Of This World"14vision of the future (in GM pavillion)
1988"Out of Time : NBC Special Treat"92to 1800s to solve crime
1986"Outlaws (TV)"60rift in time
2008"Outpost"90trapped in time, sent to WWII
2014"Own Worst Enemy"89time machine back 7 years to thwart rival
2004"Owner of the Story"84alternate timelines in mindaka A Dona da História
1998"P. Tinto's Miracle"106time travelling twin aliensEl Milagro De P. Tinto
2011"Painting in the Rain"92time loop
2014"Pakdam Pakdai Doggy Don vs Billiman"100visitor from the future
2020"Palm Springs"90stuck in time loop
2016"Pan Jinlian's Revenge"84to Song Dynasty
2007"Pandora's Booth"89phone call between lovers across timeaka Si gwong dou lau dik wa
2007"Panic Time"70back in time to kill husband
2006"Paprika"90girl leapts in timeaka Papurika
2010"Paradox Soldiers"98to WWIIWe Are from the Future 2
1995"Paradox"60time machine meet selves
2006"Paradox"19overlapping time periods in well
2014"Paradox"103time machine, parallel universes
2016"Paradox"90time machine sabatoge
2015"Parallels"91back in time to control own past
2015"Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension"88doorway to past, video tape witness
2014"Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones"84time portal via door
1969"Paris Does Not Exist"93temporal Phenomenonaka Paris N'Existe Pas
1924"Paris Qui Dort"35time lever freezes time in Parisaka At 3:25 Paris asleep
2016"Pass Thru"90visitor from future to change past
2007"Passage to Zarahemla"107time rift to ancient times
1975"Passions of Carol"76scrooge Past,Present,Future sex
1996"Past Perfect"92assassins from future advanced weapons
2014"Past Tense"114meet self from future
1984"Paul's Awakening"95historic athletes to futureaka Il Risveglio di Paul
2003"Paycheck"119data from future self
2017"Peaches"80time travel paradox meeting selfaka MelocotonesPeaches
2017"Peaches"80time travel paradox meeting selfaka Melocotones
1986"Peggy Sue Got Married"103to 1960s
2012"Pendulum"9time travel watch reverses time
1991"Penetrator, the"19time traveller interferes in the past
2010"Penitent Man, the"92data from the futureaka Black Balloon, the
1999"Peppermint Candy"129reverse Chronologyaka Bakha satang
2018"Perry Rhodan - Operation Tempus"60time machine 20 million years into past
1970"Peter and the Time Machine"4time machine
2013"Pete's Christmas"86time loopaka Again Again Christmas
1999"Peut-être"109time portal to 21st CenturyMaybe, Perhaps
1998"Phantasm IV"98time travel
1989"Phantom of the Opera, the"93mind time travel to 1800's
1970"Phantom Tollbooth"90compressed time, part animation
1993"Philadelphia Experiment II, the"97alternate timeline
1984"Philadelphia Experiment, the"97time travel 40 years to 1984
2012"Philadelphia Experiment, the"85ship returns from past
1962"Pier, the"28sent back and forth in timeLa Jetee
1971"Pierscien ksieznej Anny"83cave to medieval timesRing of Princess Ann, the
2005"Piratas en el Callao"78to 17th century, Pirates, Peru
1999"Pirates of the Plain"93visitors from past, Pirates
2001"Pirates of Tortuga under the Black Flag, the"81device time travelaka Die Abrafaxe - Unter schwarzer Flagge
2008"Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales …"85to 17th Century pirates
1986"Plan 15: The Terror of the Time Machine"50time machine to 1917 Russia to quash
1968"Planet of the Apes"115to the future
2001"Planet of the Apes"119to the future
2001"Planet of the Babes"29time dilation into future
1986"Playing Beatie Bow"91to 1870s Australia
2010"Playmate Hot Tub Time Machine"3to 1986 pool party
2014"PlayMobil - Eine Abenteurreise durch die Ziet"6time travel ability thru history
2009"Playmobil: The Secret of Pirate Island"134time portal to age of pirates
1998"Pleasantville"124to 1950s, locked in time
2001"Pokemon 4Ever"75future
2007"Pokemon: The Rise of Darkrai"90space time continuum battle
1989"Pokhishchenie Charodeya"105to 17th century
2001"Poof Point, the"90build time machine failure
1948"Portrait of Jennie"86time riftTidal Wave
2006"Possible, the"118to 2006 from 1970, time travel micKao… Kao
2010"Post: La Aventura Completa"86time travel
2009"Postman doesn't knock three times"110dream time jumpaka Postchi se bar da nemizanad
2011"Potpourri"90time travel
1995"Pour Tout Dire 3"19time travel
1995"Pour Tout Dire 4"24time travel
2014"Predestination"97temporal Agent
1905"Prehistoric Peeps"4dream travel meet prehistoric creatures
1967"Prehistoric Women"91sent to stone age and backSlave Girls
2014"Premature"93time loopaka Der Zufrohkommer
2004"Premonition"95see future, back in time to sacrificeaka Yogen
2007"Premonition"110personal Temporal Phenomenon
2005"Present, the"96change events, Visitor to the past
2007"Preverse Zeitreisen"60time travel sexual adventures
2004"Primer"77time travel, Attempts to Change Past
1987"Prince of Darkness"102data over ages, change the past
2010"Prince of Persia: The sands of Time"116reverse time via magic dagger
2011"Prince of Town"110stopping Time, Data from the Future
2020"Princess Lost in Time"115time loop
2016"Prisoner X"90time travelling terrorist
1984"Prisoner, the"95personal Temporal Phenomenon WWIICold room, the
1998"Prisoners of the Dark Zone"90control time, alter pastClockmaker
1983"Prisoners of the Lost Universe"94time machine
2011"Professor Madman and the Time Machine"25time machine to fix past school choices
2014"Project Almanac"106time machine to change past, paradoxWelcome to yesterday
2007"Project Makeover"112redo past eventsaka Eonniga ganda
2005"Promise, the"121time moves backwardsaka Wu ji
2007"Proxima"116photos from future
1973"Psyched By The 4D Witch (A Tale Of Demonology)"81to 1600s witch controls future decendant
2012"Psychic School Wars"110visitor from the future
1991"Psychic Wars"60travels through time to fulfill destiny
1988"Pulse Pounders"77assassin from future, Trancer sequel
2016"Punch the Clock"100time machine to enslave employeesaka A Reparticao do Tempo
2004"Punching Hitler"13time travel
2005"Puritan"94cyclical time
1987"Purple Ball, the"77magic, fix past events 26000 years agoaka Lilovyy shar (Lilac Ball)
2009"Push"111vision of future events
2016"Quantum Break"150manipulate time (game movie)
1993"Quantum Deep"75time travel sexual adventures
2013"Quantum Leap of Faith"87mind travel to pastJesus the Daughter of God
2009"Quantum Leap: A leap to Di for"43mind travel
2012"Quantum of Vengeance"26travel back in time for revenge
2011"Quantum Saviour"8time travel paradox
2010"Quartier Lointain"98to past, 2nd chanceaka Vertraute Fremde
2011"Querida voy a comprar cigarrillos y vuelvo"80back in time to correct life decisions
1992"Quest for Freedom, the"32to 1849
1971"Quest for Love"87alternate timelines
2013"R.I.P.D."96localized freeze time
2000"Race Through Time"88visitor to past to save fatherMan who used to be me, the
2018"Raduaa"130to 1955
2011"Rainbow Fireflies"104thunder storm sends back 30 yearsaka Nijiiro hotaru
2006"Raise the Castle"120to 16th century Visitors from the pastaka Chikujô seyo
2013"Ralphs World Time Machine Guitar"30historical time travel
1994"Rampo"100personal Temporal Phenomenon
2004"Raumschiff Surprise - Periode 1"87time travel
2018"Ready Player One"140reverse time 60 seconds
1998"Rebirth of Mothra III"98magic, prehistoric age, JapanMothra 3: King Ghidora Attacks
2003"Reconstruction"90alternate personal timelines convergeaka Reconstrucción
2014"Recursion"22time loop wedding
2015"Recursive"16pill time travel to fix events
2006"Red Kebaya"96time travel
2006"Red"50visitor from futureTraveller: Red
1997"Redux Riding Hood"15wolf has a time machine
2010"Reeds, the"86time loop of murderous day
2016"Reflex"85time loopTime Rush
2015"Regular Show: the Movie"69fix past events
2014"Reminiscence"100time warp
2010"Remote"20prevent murder 30 years ago
1947"Repeat Performance"91reliving the past
2010"Repeaters"89time loop
1998"Resala ela alwaly"116from 1807 to 1998
2017"Reset"105time travel paradox, multiple selves
1999"Restless Spirits"96visitors from pastDead Aviators
1997"Retroactive"87time loop
2004"Retrograde"93time travel
1964"Return of the Time Traveler"82futureTime Travelers, the
1994"Return of Tommy Tricker"97stamp Travelling, frozen in time
2006"Return to Halloweentown"88travel to the past
2002"Returner, the"116future traveller from 2084Ritana
1983"Returning, the"90time travel via magical stone
2013"Reverse"7reset button to reverse time
2017"Rewind - Die zweite Chance"106reincarnate deceased to past, changesaka From Time to Time
2011"Rewind Time Machine"81device time travelBikini Time Machine
2013"Rewind"76time machine to change past events
2010"Rewinders"6time travel
1978"Rich Little's Christmas Carol"55scrooge Past,Present,FutureChristmas Carol
1998"Richie Rich's Christmas Wish"84alternate timeline if not born
2003"Ride, the"90time slip to 1911 Hawaii
2006"Riding the Metro"121to 1964 via trainaka Metro ni notte
1916"Right to Be Happy, the"50visions of future, Scrooge styleA Christmas Carol
2013"Riley Rewind"70change the past, Paradox, Web series
1971"Ring of Princess Ann, the"99cave to medieval timesPierscien ksieznej Anny
2017"Ripped"971986 to 2016 via smoking weed
1968"Rise and Fall of the Great Lakes, the"17canoeist travels thru time
2002"Ritana"116future traveller from 2084Returner, the
1925"Road to Yesterday, the"105visitor from past
1997"Rocket Man"95spaceship Time Travel
1933"Roman Scandals"91ancient romans, VisItors to the past
2014"Rootz: The Breakthrough"76overlapping time
2016"Roshtalivik"72thrown 60 years into future
1996"Rossini's Ghost"52to 1862 to 1816 to observe composer
2004"Route V50, the"13time loop
2015"Rows"84slide thru time, change past
1930"Royal Four Flusher"16visitor to past
2013"Rubinrot"122time travel abilityRuby Red
2014"Ruby Red II"116time travel abilitySapphire Blue
2013"Ruby Red"122time travel abilityRubinrot
1997"Ruby Ring"90device time travel
1976"Rudolph's Shiny New Year"60travels thru time
1986"Rumik World: Fire Tripper"48travel between feudal and modern dayaka Firetripper
1998"Run Lola Run"8120 minute time loop
2015"Run Towards Tomorrow (2 eps)"100from 2005 to 2015 and back to changeaka Naeileul hyanghae dduieora
2019"Runaway Smartphone"90time portal to past and back
1990"Running Against Time"93to 1960s
2013"Russel Curtis"12time traveller meets self
2003"Russian Ark"99to 1800s, 1900s
2015"RWD"77meet past selves
2009"S. Darko"103time travel
2008"S.O.S. Galw Gari Tryfan"90time travel adventure, Dr Who
2013"Safare Zaman"95magic lamp wishes
2012"Safety not Guaranteed"86supposed time travel deviceaka Journey of Love
2002"Saint Sinner, Clive Barker presents"90visitors from past, 1700s
2017"Sakurada Reset"103reset time by 3 days
2006"Salvage"80horrible and sick time loop
1980"Samchongsa: Taimmeosin 001"71time machineaka Maquina del tiempo 001
2019"Same Boat"83time travelling assassin
2011"Samir wa Shahir wa Bahir"92to 1980's Kuwait time machine
2011"Samurai Angel Wars"110visitor to past, Japan, 1500saka Gyaru basara: Sengoku-jidai wa kengai desu
2005"Samurai Commando Mission 1549"119time rift, Japan, 16th centuryaka Sengoku Jieitai 1549
2001"Samurai Jack: The Premiere"90warrior sent thousands years into future
2017"Samurai Sensei"93travel 150 years to present dayaka The Master Samurai
1993"Sandlot"102dream Babe Ruth visited
2007"Sandlot: Heading Home, the"96to 1976 to relive youth
1993"Sandman"100time portal, American Indians, Spirits
1998"Sands of Time, the"180secret knowledge about space and timeaka I guardiani del cielo
1993"Sankofa"125spiritual time travel to slavery era
2009"Sans dessein"113future self advices past selfaka Lost Cause
2006"Santa Claus 3"97undo time, return to start
1969"Santo and Draculas Treasure"81time machine to the pastEl Santo en el Tesoro de Dracula
2014"Sapphire Blue"116time travel abilityRuby Red II
2009"Sarah's Choice"90visions of alternate futures
1970"Satiricosissimo"86to ancient Rome
1981"Saturday the 14th"75relive the Past
1972"Savages"106documentary chronology
2013"Saving Santa"83back in time with Time Globe
2012"Savior Traveling Through Time"93to dynasty eraaka Cuu binh vuot thoi gian
2019"Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark"108temporarily sent to past - 3rd story
2012"SciFi: L5 episode 1"28to the future 200 years
2001"Scooby-Doo and the Cyber Chase"89virtual reality time travel thru ages
2007"Scrambled Beer"88travel thru timeaka Malta con Huevo
1916"Scrooge the Skinflint"50visions of future, Scrooge styleRight to Be Happy, the
1901"Scrooge"11scrooge Past,Present,Futureaka Marley's Ghost
1913"Scrooge"40scrooge Past,Present,FutureOld Scrooge
1922"Scrooge"10scrooge Past,Present,Future
1923"Scrooge"25scrooge Past,Present,Future
1928"Scrooge"9scrooge Past,Present,Future
1935"Scrooge"63scrooge Past,Present,Future
1951"Scrooge"74scrooge Past,Present,FutureA Christmas Carol
1970"Scrooge"114scrooge Past,Present,Future
1978"Scrooge"70scrooge Past,Present,Future
1990"Scrooge: A Christmas Sarah"30scrooge Past,Present,Futureaka Gone Live Scrooge: The Panto
1988"Scrooged"100scrooge Past,Present,Future
1992"Second Glance"50what if, live alternate timeline
2017"Second Summer, Never See You Again"106back in time to make changes
2002"Second Time Around"99visit self 3 days agoaka Mou han fou wut
1984"Second Time Lucky"101relive the Past
2007"Secret"111time travel playing piano song 20 yearsaka Bu neng shuo de mi mi
2019"See You Yesterday"86build time machiine to save brother
2014"See Yourself"5time travel ability
2007"Seeker: The Dark Is Rising, the"99travel thru time quest
1979"Self Defense Forces in the Feudal Wars"85modern army to ancient Chinaaka Sengoku Jieitai
2016"Sensei Tumbleweed"64visitors from the future
2012"Serena and the Ratts"97prevent assassin in past
2004"Sesame Street “The Street We Live On”"60back in time before Elmo born
2017"Sesame Street presents: The Time Machine"60time travel in history
1994"Seven Mysteries of Life, the"88time machine to save Lincoln
2015"Sex, Lies and Terminators"14visitor from future intervenes
1984"Sexy TimeTrip Ninjas"65rift in time from 1615 to 1984
2012"Shadow Out of Time"15alien time travel over ages
2002"Shadow Realm"120time portal
2018"Shanda's River"90time loop
2020"Shifter"85time travel experiment goes wrong
2012"Shimiko Blackberry"80visitor from future looking for her gay father
1989"Shocking Dark"90assassins from future, time podTerminator II (Italian version)
2010"Showtime"96from 1936 to present
2013"Shree"110time travel double
2010"Shrek forever after"93alternate timeline
2011"Shuffle"82chronological time disorder
2004"Siam Renaissance, the"141time travel thru mirror to pastaka Tawipop
1942"Sideral Cruises"95to 1966 into future and pastCroisière sidérale
1965"Simon of the Desert"43to 1400s to 1960saka Simon del Desierto
2015"Sincerely, the Traveler"39time traveller biography
2009"Singularity Session"9data sent thru time
1994"Sins of the Sisters"90magic to past to saveaka Sei Micaela gakuen hyoryuki II
2003"Sixth Directive and Other Tales, the"75time travel
2008"Siyama Village of Warriors"107time portal to past civil warAssassin Rising
1979"Skinflint: A Country Christmas Carol"120scrooge Past,Present,Future
2003"Sky of Love"91communication over agesaka Oi duen liu sin
1986"Sky Pirates"88time warp
1972"Slaughterhouse Five"104personal Temporal Phenomenon
2014"Slave Girls on the Moon"73time portal to 8888
1967"Slave Girls"91sent to stone age and backPrehistoric Women
1995"Slayers The Motion Picture"62back in time to change history
1998"Sliding Doors"99personal Alternate History
2005"Slipstream"89time travel device back 10 minutes
2007"Slipstream"96mind travel (bad)
2011"Smurfs: A Christmas Carol, the"22scrooge Past,Present,Future
1991"Snatched To The Future"85to 1950s to 1990s
2013"Snow Queen, the"90separated in time, battle evil
1999"Sofies Verden"113travel thru ages, fictional peopleSophies World
2015"Sognando s'impara"90time rift
1910"Sogno dell'usuraio, Il"9scrooge Past,Present,Future
1991"Soju Senshi Psychic Wars"60travel thru time to fulfill destiny
2015"Soldiers of the Damned"99time slip via ancient relic
1980"Somewhere in Time"103to 1910s
2010"Sons of Steel - Director's Cut"104back in time
1988"Sons of Steel"104back in time to prevent disaster
1999"Sophies World"113travel thru ages, fictional peopleSofies Verden
2001"Sorcerer's Apprentice, the"86undo time
2012"Soulmates"45foretell future of alien invasion
2011"Sound of My Voice"85proposed visitor from future
2011"Source Code"93mind time travel to prevent disasters
2007"Southland Tales"145temporal Phenomenon
2003"Space Babes Meet the Monsters"48visitors to futureLow Budget Time Machine, the
2016"Space Cop"102past and future visitors to present
2013"Space Pirate Captain Harlock"115plan to open time nodes to alter history
2006"Special"81fake visitor from the future
2006"Spectropia"96to 1931 New York in another body
1976"Spermula"103visitors from future mission to neuter men
1998"Sphere"134spaceship time travel
2004"Spider Forest"112dream time loop, meet future self
2007"Spin"90back in time
1990"Spirit of '76, the"82to 1970s, Visitors from the Future
2015"Splash Splash Love"118to ancient dynasty and backaka Pongdang Pongdang Love
1992"Split Infinity"90stock Marked Crash, 1920s, 1990s
2015"SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water"92time machine to change past events
2003"Spuk am Tor der Zeit"90to 1800sA Ghost at the gateway to time
2011"Spy Kids All the time in World"89stopping Time
1979"Stalker"163temporal Phenomenon
2007"Stan Lee's Harpies"85visitor to past 1000 years, magicHarpies
2014"Stand by me Doraemon"95visitor from 22nd Century
1965"Star Pilot"89time Paradox Adam and Eve, future2+5: Mission Hydra
2016"Star Trek Enterprise II Der Anfang vom Ende"59alternate timeline, help from futureaka Star Trek: The Beginning of the End
1994"Star Trek Generations"118time travel Captain Kirk
1986"Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home"119to 1980s
2015"Star Trek Renegades: Of Gods and Men"88time portal to change history
1998"Star Trek the Experience: The Klingon Encounter"14theme park ride - time travel
1996"Star Trek VIII: First Contact"110to 2060s
2009"Star Trek XI"127time travelling RomulansStar Trek
2009"Star Trek"127time travelling RomulansStar Trek XI
1967"Star Wagon, the"148time machine to fix past
1997"Star Wreck - Lost Contact"43back 639 years to stop the Borg
2005"Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning"103visitor from future, Time Travel Ship
1978"StarCrash"92vision of future eventsAdv of Stella Star
2008"Stargate: Continuum"98alternate History
1973"Starlost: The Return"97time warp visitor 400 years in future
2007"Starship Farragut: For want of a nail"85time travel, Aliens
1996"Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohko"30visitor from 2999 to 1999aka Soreyuke Uchu senkan Yamamoto Yoko
2017"Stasis"84time travelling fugitive to 2017
2009"Stealing Time"45time travel scientist
2011"Stealing Time"18time machine mishandling
2013"Steins Gate the Movie: Loading Area of Deja vu"90search for lost time travelleraka Gekijouban Steins;Gate: Fuka ryouiki no dejavu
2008"Stella und der Stern des Orients"86visitors to past
1998"Stephen’s Test of Faith"27mind travel to past
2005"Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story"88story unwound, Future Self, Animationaka Family Guy Presents: Stewie Griffin
2001"Sticky Fingers of Time, the"82to 1950s, 1990s
1956"Stingiest man in Town, the"60scrooge Past,Present,Future
2012"Stitch in Time Travel"23device time travelLord Rudington - A Stitch in Time
2012"Stoners with a Time Machine"9time machine
2006"Stop"35time travel persuade JFK on Cuba crisis
2004"Stork Day"90time loop (Groundhog Day style)
1957"Story of Mankind, the"100view past historical moments
1955"Story of the Christmas Carol, the"29scrooge Past,Present,Future
2008"Stuck in the Past"79relive youth in 1958
1999"Stuck on Christmas - Donald Duck"28time loopaka Mickey's Once Upon Xmas episode
1982"Stuck on You"88back in time view lovers thru the ages
2015"Subconscious"122rift in time
2015"Sum of Histories, the"86send electrons back in time, emailsaka Terug Naar Morgen
2005"Summer time machine blues"107time machine appears, use for changeaka Sama taimu mashin burusu
2011"Summer Window"96leap back in time, make changesFenster zum Sommer
2003"Sun Is One Foot Wide, the"9time travel by looking into the sun
2008"Super Capers: The Origins of Ed"93back to change pastaka Origins of Ed and the Missing Bullion
2011"Super Eruption"89voice from future self
2010"Super Mecha Madness Show, the"36rewind time
2006"Super Noypi"112time machine 2075 to 2006 make changes
2013"Supercollider"90earth shifting in time, Black Hole
1998"Superheroine Double Feature"69time loop
1978"Superman II"127turn back time
1979"Supermenler"87stolen time machine3 Supermen Against Godfather
2008"Suspension"99magical camera to stop time
2016"Sutekina Sentaxi Special"120time travel taxi to help passengers
2015"Synchronicity"101invents time machine, to past
1942"Sziriusz"98visitor to past, 1800's Austria
1996"T2 3-D: Battle Across Time"27theme park ride - time travel
2002"Taken (TV mini series)"877manipulate time
1987"Takot ako eh"111time machine
2009"Tales of the Fourth Dimension"83time travel, time Master
2000"Tales of the Unusual"126data between times
1973"Tales That Witness Madness"90to past via Penny Farthing cycle
1994"Tangents"90time travel via airplaneTime Chasers
2009"Technotise: Edit and I"100machine to tell the future
2015"Teen Beach 2"104return to the present, changes past
2013"Teen Beach Movie"110to 1960's via surf time rift
1999"Teen Knight"90magic time travelMedieval Park
1999"Teen Sorcery"90time travel to avoid entrapment
2018"Teen Titans GO to the Movies"84change super hero origins
2004"Teenage Cavegirl"80visitor from pastBikini Cavegirl
1993"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III"96to ancient Japanaka Turtles in Time
2016"Tell me how I die"107vision of future events
1970"Temps de Mourir, le"88data from the future
2003"Tempus Fugit"87meet self from future, redo past
2013"Tempus"10time traveller assassin
2002"Ten Minutes Older The Cello"95time dilation into future
2011"Ten O'clock"14to future to unite family
2006"Tenacious D: Time Fixers"9time machine car to 1865
1996"Tenchi the Movie"95back in time when parents metaka Tenchi Muyo In Love
2020"Tenet"150time inversion
1995"Terminal Force"91time travel battle for a CrystalGalaxis
2007"Termination Point"89time travel device
1984"Terminator , the"107visitors from future
1991"Terminator 2: Judgment Day"152visitors from future
2003"Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines"119visitors from future
1989"Terminator II (Italian version)"90assassins from futureShocking Dark
2008"Terminator Zan Kill"74time travel
2019"Terminator: Dark Fate"128visitor from future
2015"Terminator: Genisys"119visitor from future
2009"Terminator: Salvation"130time travel
1995"Terminatrix"70assassin from future
1958"Terror from the year 5000"66objects through time
1994"Test Tube Teens from the Year 2000"74to 1980s, Visitors from the FutureVirgin Hunters
1948"That Lady in Ermine"89ancestors help in present
2015"Therefore I am"7visitor from future meets self
2014"Thermae Romae II"112time slip to present and backaka Terumae romae II
2012"Thermae Romae"108time tunnel to present and back
1992"Thief of Time, the"95back in time to filming studiosaka Jing jyu tai
2012"Thinking Speed"137mind time travel to change events
1999"Thirteenth Floor, the"100to 1930s, Alternate History13th Floor, the
1964"This Time Tomorrow"82futureTime Travelers, the
1997"Those were the days"103sent back to 1967 to make a movie
2013"Thou Gild'st the Even"107freeze time
1988"Three Crazy Jerks II"98time machine to change past eventsZartliche Chaoten II
2001"Three Days of Christmas (TV)"85relive last 3 days before Christmas
2001"Three Kings, the"102visitors from pastLes Rois Mages
1980"Three Musketeers: Time Machine 001"71time machineaka Samchongsa: Taimmeosin 001
1962"Three Stooges Meet Hercules, the"80ancient Greece
1984"Three Supermen at the Olympic Games"65to ancient Greeceaka Uc supermen olimpiyatlarda
1973"Three Supermen of the West"95to Old Westaka 3 supermen del West
2010"Three Wise Women"90past and future selves guide present
2012"Three's a Shroud"77magic watch back hours to relive pastaka Time Travellers Knife, the
1999"Thrill Seekers"88visitors from futureTime Shifters, the
2004"Throg"85magic time travel, return to own past
1981"Through the Magic Pyramid"97magic to ancient EgyptTut and Turtle
1991"Tian di xuan men"90from old China to modern China
2012"Ticked Off"6time travel inventor failures
2011"Ticking Clock"101visitor from future
1948"Tidal Wave"86time riftPortrait of Jennie
1996"Tiger Claws II"90time portal
1998"Tigerstripe Baby Is Waiting for Tarzan"118visitor from futureaka Tigerstreifenbaby wartet auf Tarzan
2017"Tim Cohen 2"68cardboard Box Time Travel
2015"Tim Cohen's Amazing Adventures"61cardboard Box Time Travel
1986"Time Adventure 5 seconds til climax"76to 1986 to 2001 Time travel Orgasmsaka Taimu abanchuru: Zeccho 5-byo mae
2011"Time After Time (Hallmark TV)"83visitor as future self
1979"Time After Time"112visitors from past
2007"Time After Time"88time machine to change wifes death
2014"Time After Time"16time travel paradox
2011"Time Again"82back in time to save sister, three times
2007"Time and Again (Lifetime TV)"90music box to change pastaka Cheating Fate
2002"Time and Again"22control time to cheat death
2003"Time and Tied and Other Tales"75time travel
1999"Time at the Top"96time machine, Visitor to the past
1981"Time Bandits"116time travelling thieves via map
1990"Time Barbarians"96visitors from past, Los Angeles
1975"Time Bokan"100spaceship Time TravelTime Fighters
2018"Time Breakers 2"90to middle ages
2016"Time Breakers"127look into past
2002"Time Changer"95to 1900s
1994"Time Chasers"90time travel via airplaneTangents
2006"Time Closet, the"6time machine closet mayhem
2013"Time Conditions"25wormhole time travel
1981"Time Crystal, the"97to ancient EgyptThrough the Magic Pyramid
2016"Time Device"66find time machine, make past changes
2013"Time Dwellers (By Gones)"93black hole to control time and events
2002"Time Enough: The Alien Conspiracy"96time loop
1976"Time Fighters in the Land of Fantasy"94spaceship Time Travel
1975"Time Fighters"100spaceship Time TravelTime Bokan
1984"Time Fighters: Incredible Journey"60time machine (Time Bokan)
1944"Time Flies"88visitors from future, 16th century
2011"Time Freak"10neurotic time traveller fixes past
2018"Time Freak"104time machine to fix past relationshipaka Time Lovers
1992"Time Game, the"94travel in time for Christmas
2013"Time Goes by Like a Roaring Lion"79slow down timeaka Die Zeit vergeht wie ein brüllender Löwe
1987"Time Guardian, the"89visitors from futureaka Wachter der Zukunft
2018"Time Jumpers"79various time travel shorts together
2003"Time Kid"73time machineaka Tom Spenders Reise durch die Zeit
2014"Time Lapse"104data from the future with camera
2020"Time Loop"83time machine experiment consequences
1986"Time Lord from U.N.C.L.E., the"32time machine and Dr Who (fan made)
2010"Time Machine"55built first time machine, paradox
2016"Time Machine"39build a time machine
2017"Time Machine"150time machine
1949"Time Machine, the"60time travel
1960"Time Machine, the"103time machine to future and back
1978"Time Machine, the"99time travel
2002"Time Machine, the"96time machine to past and future
2011"Time Machine: Rise of the Morlocks"69visitors from future
1995"Time Master"100visitors from future
1982"Time Masters"78future self guardianLes Maitres du temps
2005"Time of her Life"93bridging different time eras for ghosts
1987"Time of the Apes"97to the future and backArmy of Monkeys
2011"Time Outta Mind"8time travel
1994"Time Piece"79stop watch for sexual adventures
2016"Time Renegades"1071983 and 2015 contact via dreamsaka Siganitalja
1993"Time Runner"90wormhole from 2022 to 1992
2016"Time Rush"85time loopReflex
2013"Time Scoop Hunter"102to 16th century to observeaka Taimu Sukupu Hanta
2010"Time Served"15time loop
1999"Time Shifters, the"88visitors from futureThrill Seekers
2013"Time Slip Megane"100glasses transport 8 years backaka TimeSlip Glasses
1983"Time Slip of 10000 years"82cities sent into future for battleaka Prime Rose
1953"Time Slip"30back to life but lives ahead 4.7 seconds
1979"Time Slip"85feudal Japan, SamuraisG.I. Samurai
2001"Time Spy 2: Blonde vs. Blonde"60visitor from past, change the future
2000"Time Spy"60time Anomaly, visitor from the future
1986"Time Stranger"91visitor from futureaka Toki no tabibito
2016"Time Sweep"103after death short visit to pastaka Tiempo Muerto
2015"Time Teens: The Beginning"119from 2342 Time Enforcers
1970"Time to Die"80visions of futureaka Le temps de mourir
2015"Time to Love"80mind travel back to dynasty eraaka Xin bu bu jing xin
2016"Time Toys"87toybox from the future hi-tech gadgets
1997"Time Tracers"101find time machine, civil War, stone age
1989"Time Trackers"86medieval era
1964"Time Trap"82futureaka Time Travelers, the
2013"Time Trap"8time traveller needs spare parts
2017"Time Trap"87space time continuum passage
2012"Time Travel Academy"3back 3 billion years to terra form Mars
2012"Time Travel Boy"13time travel to past
2010"Time Travel is Lonely"10time travel
2014"Time Travel Lover"10future self advices past self
2012"Time Travel Mater (Cars3)"6device time travel
1995"Time Travel Through the Bible"107time traveller to biblical times
2009"Time Travel, an allegory"5time travel
2015"Time Travel: A Love Story"8earthquake time portal to 1975
2001"Time Traveler"92mind time travel sexual adventures
2009"Time Traveler"20time travel
2009"Time Traveler, the"60visitor from future to fix past
2012"Time Travelers - The Pattern"9philosophy, visitors to the future
2009"Time Traveler's Wife, the"107personal Temporal Phenomenon
2012"Time Travelers"30time travel to past events
2014"Time Travelers"19find time machine in garage
1964"Time Travelers, the"82futureaka Depths of the Unknown
2012"Time Travelers: The Darknes Within"78time crystals to change past
2012"Time Travelers: The Fight for Freedom"121change the past
1998"Time Traveling Coach"10time travel coach to Inca soccer game
2005"Time Traveling Misadv. of Barry and Hal"9time travel to change past
2010"Time Traveller"122visitors from futureGirl who lept through time, the
1984"Time Traveller, the"105visitor from futureNext One, the
2010"Time Traveller's Apprentice, the"30change the past
2005"Time Travellers of 1908"9visitors from past explore future,
1976"Time Travellers"78to 1870s
2011"Time Travellers"20paradox, Animation
2014"Time Trip App"108slip back into pastaka Bakumatsu Kokosei
2006"Time Tunnel"54to 1944 to stop altered history
1997"Time Under Fire"92rift in timeBeneath Bermuda Triangle
1982"Time Walker"83alien traveller
1981"Time Warp"88visitor to past
2009"Time Warp"95to 1984 DDR daysMörder Kennen Keine Grenzen
2002"Time Warp'd"60space time continuum battle
2012"Time Warrior"90to creation of Earth
2017"Time Will Tell"79fainting sends her back in time
2013"Time"7time travel existence pondered
2017"Time"60time machine attempts to change past
2008"Time/Out"10bizarre events related to time
2003"Timecop 2: The Berlin Decision"81temporal police to fix timelines
1994"Timecop"98temporal police to fix timelines
2007"Timecrimes"88future selfaka Los Cronocrimenes
1999"Timegate: Tales of the Saddle Tramps"95to Old West, soft porn
2013"Timeholes"2time travel gone viral
1998"Timekeeper"90control time, alter pastPrisoners of the Dark Zone
2011"Timeless Man"24visiting Time Traveller
1998"Timeless Romance"95rift in timeaka Chiu si hung yiu oi
2015"Timelike"9message from future
2003"Timeline"115medieval era, France
1995"Timemaster"100time travel suit
2009"Time-Men"86time machine to alter history
2002"Timequest"92visiting Time Traveller to save JFK
1982"Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann"94to 1880s Old West
1992"Timescape"98visitors from futureGrand Tour: Disaster in Time
2007"Timeserver"113time traveller falls in love
1999"Timeslingers"90time portal to old WestAliens in the Wild, Wild West
1955"Timeslip"76man lives time ahead 4.7 secondsAtomic Man, the
2014"Timespace"90return from back in time, warn
1987"Timestalkers"100visitors from future, Cowboys, 1880s
1987"Timesweep"85time travel
2009"Timetravel-0"72visitor from future investigation
2009"Timetrip: The Curse of the Viking Witch"93to viking timesaka Volvens forbandelse
2014"Timing"99see future 10 minutes, reset 10 seconds
2015"Timing"100find time machine for self gain
1994"Tits a Wonderful Life"86styled It’s a Wonderful Life
2000"To Die (Or Not)"89personal Alternate Historyaka Morir (o no)
1996"To the Ends of Time"88magic to control time to conqueraka Ritter der Zeit
2001"Toki no kaori - Remember Me"77contact over agesaka Ditto (remake)
2013"Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs Kaizoku"61back in time
2008"Tokyo Girl"98data between timesaka Tokyo Shojo
1941"Tomorrow Always Comes"30dream to 1941 from 1920 (advertising)
2016"Tomorrow Ever After"95from 2592 to 2015 to learn history
2016"Tomorrow I Will Date With Yesterday’s You"111time travel
1977"Tomorrow I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself"93time machine to WWII to help NazisZitra vstanu a oparim se cajem
1996"Tomorrow Man, the"120visitor from future, Change past
2002"Tomorrow Man, the"95visitor from future, correct past events
2005"Tomorrow Tree, the"30visions of future tomorrows
2015"Tomorrowland"130suspend time in bubble device
1999"Tom's Midnight Garden"92rift in time to 19th century
1997"Too Many Ways to Be No. 1"90alternate personal timeline choices
1987"Top Kids"116arcade game as time machine
2015"Torno indietro e cambio vita"90relive youth in 1990
1997"Total Reality"100visitor to past
2012"Touchback"120change past events
1997"Tower of Terror"89temperal Bubble to end of the Future
2016"Town Where Only I Am Missing"144ability to go back in time, make fixesaka Boku Dake ga Inai Machi
1991"Trancers 2: The Return of Jack Deth"85visitors from futureFuture Cop 2
1992"Trancers 3: Deth Lives"75visitors from futureFuture Cop 3
1994"Trancers 4: Jack of Swords"83visitors from futureFuture Cop 4
1994"Trancers 5: Sudden Deth"73visitors from futureFuture Cop 5
2002"Trancers 6: Life after Deth"85back in time into body of daughter
1985"Trancers"76visitors from futureFuture Cop
2013"Trapped in Time 3D"70travel journeys thru time
2012"Trapped in Time"29device time travel
2011"Traveler, the"19time machine use for money or love
2015"Traveler, the"10time travel ability find lost ones
2013"Travelers"83time travel policeaka Toraberazu: Jigen keisatsu
2011"Traveller Zero"4visitor to past,
2006"Traveller: Red"50visitor from futureRed
1998"TreeShade"58rift in time
1998"T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous"45time travel to prehistoric age
2009"Triangle"99time Paradox, overlapping timelines
2005"Triangle, the"240alternate timelines
2008"Tripping the Rift: The Movie"75assassin from the future
2006"Tripping"102back to feudal Taiwan
1990"Troll 2"95ability to stop time (dinner scene)aka Goblins
2009"Trouble with Time Travel, the"14time travel
2011"TSY: Time Slip Yankee"89weave thru time to change own futureaka TSY: Taimu surippu yanki
1990"Tuah"110correcting the past
1941"Tumbledown Ranch in Arizona"60dream time travel to Old West
1969"Tunnel Under the World"56visitor to future, time loopaka Il tunnel sotto il mondo
1973"Turkish Star Trek"72sent into futureaka Turist Omer Uzay Yolunda
2007"Turma da Monica em Uma Aventura No Tempo"80time machine to stone age to save EarthMonica's Gang in an Adventure in Time
1933"Turn back the clock"79dream travel relive past to change future
1989"Turn back the clock"91relive last year to change
2001"Turn"111time loopaka Taan
2013"Turtle and the Time Machine, the"61search for a time machine
2016"Turtles Take Time (and Space)"6magic sceptrer to different time eras
1981"Tut and Turtle"97magic to ancient EgyptTime Crystal, the
2014"Twa-Tiu-Tiann"135to 1920's via painting
1996"Twelve Monkeys"129time loop, Visitors from the Future12 Monkeys
1999"Twice Upon a Yesterday"91personal Temporal PhenomenonMan With Rain in His Shoes, the
1987"Twilight Q"60camera from the future
1983"Twilight Zone: The Movie"97various pasts, Historical
2007"Two Walnuts"45to 1945 via stormaka Futatsu no Kurumi
1990"Two Way Mirror, the"27mirror views into 1863 and back
1997"Two Wheeled Time Machine"22to the future via bicycle
1979"Two Worlds of Jennie Logan, the"94time travelDouble Life of Jenny Logan, the
1953"Twonky, the"84robot from the Future
2010"TymEx"8time travel agency hired to fix past wrongs
1977"Ugly Little Boy, the"26visitor from past, Isaac Asimov
2008"U'll die in 6 hours"118vision of future, prevent deathaka 6 Jikango ni kimi wa shinu
2012"Ultra Reinforcement"100travels back to Tang Dynasty
2004"Un petit air de deja vu"92time loopLiebe in der Warteschleife
1970"Uncle Sam McGoo"60dream time travel
1957"Undead, the"71to middle ages
2005"Under the Bed"93paradox, Visitor from the future
2007"Unholy"90past and present collide
1979"Unidentified Flying Oddball"93to 1200 medieval eraA Spaceman in King Arthur's Court
2006"Unna and Nuuk"83magical drum to stone age
2019"Until I Meet September's Love"106voice in wall from 1 year into the futureaka Kugatsu no Koi to Deau
1984"Urusei Yatsura Movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer"98time loopaka Urusei Yatsura 2: Byûtifuru dorîmâ
2017"Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets"137time travellng agent
1998"Vampire Time Travellers"80magical time travel
2010"Veggie Tales: It's a Meaningful Life"48second chance to win
2006"Vengeance"99time travel coinaka Phairii phinaat paa mawrana
1999"Veronica 2030"80visitor from future
2009"Very Little Time"80time travel
1990"Vincent and Me"100to 1800s meet Van Gogh
1994"Virgin Hunters"74to 1980s, Visitors from the FutureTest Tube Teens from the Year 2000
2000"Virgins of Sherwood Forest"80mind time travel to medieval times
2006"Virtual 3000"75time travel adventures in many eras
1993"Visiteurs, Les"107medieval era to presentVisitors, the
1991"Visitors - Eine heisse Zeitreise"71time travel sexual adventures
1998"Visitors II: The Corridors of Time"118medieval era to presentaka Les Visiteurs II : Les Couloirs du temps
1993"Visitors, the"107medieval era to presentVisiteurs, Les
2016"Visitors: Bastille Day"110to 1789aka Les Visiteurs: La Revolution
2003"Vlad"98to 1400s Romania
2019"Volition"91see future events
1998"Vortex"94time travel sexual adventures
2012"Vortex, the"80cave to future
1982"Voyager from the Unknown"91time travel historical adventures
1995"W.E.I.R.D. World"89time travel
2002"Wacky Adv of Ronald McDonald: Have Time, Will Travel"40time machine lost in timeHave Time will Travel - McDonalds
2008"Waiting for Dawn"90doorway to past
2011"Wake up and Die"88time loop
2012"Waking Up Yesterday"120time travellerI Wake Up Yesterday
2010"Waking Up"103dream travel back in time
1960"War of 1995, the"75visitor from past, futureBeyond the Time Barrier
1989"Warlock"103visitor from past
1981"Warp Speed"92mind travel to past
2011"Watch my Future Boyfriend"73visiting Time Traveller
2013"Waters Echo, the"14device to control time
1992"Waxwork 2: Lost in Time"104portal thru timeaka Spaceshift
1988"Waxwork"97time travel
2010"We are from the Future 2"98to WWIIAmongst Heroes
2008"We are from the Future"110nazis, Visitors from the futureMy iz budushchego
2007"Wedding Wish, the"9017 years into future magicallyHow I married my high school crush
2015"Welcome to Happiness"108doorway to past
2014"Welcome to yesterday"106time machine to change past, paradoxProject Almanac
2008"Welgünzêr"14build time machine, kill future self
1993"We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story"72spaceship Time Travel to present
1996"Werner: Das muss kesseln"85motorcycle trip to change past
1998"What dreams may come"113afterlife, frozen time
2010"What If"111alternate timeline
1936"When Knights Were Bold"73mind time travel to medieval times
1997"When Time Expires"93visitor from future to change past
2018"When we first met"97redo past events via photo booth
1945"Where do we go from here?"74time travel to 17702, 1492, 1600s
1977"Where Time Began"87time travelling scientistaka Viaje al centro de la Tierra
2016"White Coffin"75relive day to make changesaka Ataud Blanco: El Juego Diabolico
2006"Wil"81personal Temporal Phenomenon
2016"Will You Be There"111time travel pills to change past
2007"Willow's way"82time travel
1965"Willy McBean and his Magic Machine"94travel back in time to save history
2005"Winds of God, the"94to 1945 as kamikaze pilots
2004"Winning Season, the"120to pastHonus and Me
2014"Winter's Tale"118magical horse travels 100 years into future
2013"Wireless"7control person 20 years in past
1992"Wishman"90change past football game outcome
1997"Wishmaster"90past events undone
2001"Witchbabe Erotic Witch Project III"75to 1800s
1965"Wizard of Mars"78freeze time, Other Dimension
2020"Wizards - Tales of Arcadia"233rectify events in the past
2009"Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie"94magic changes history, fix it
1969"Women for All Reasons"69time travel to ancient Greek orgie
2009"Woochi the demon slayer"136to 21st century from 1509 wizardaka Jeon Woo Chi: Taoist Wizard
1956"World without end"80visitors to future, Monsters
2013"World, the"125seek time travelling chess piece
2013"Wormholes"30time travel to fix romance
2007"Wrong Time Travellers"134time travelaka Yanlis zaman yolculari
1997"Wyrd Sisters"140advance time 18 years
2014"X-Men: Days of Future Past"131alternate Future, changing the past
1995"XX Ray II"108time warp to the Malacca Sultanate era
2009"Yatterman II Live Action"119stop assassins from 2080
1968"Yellow Submarine"85years go backwards, meet selves
2017"Yesterday Last Year"76time machine love triangle
1963"Yesterday Machine, the"85visitor from future, WWII
1996"Yesterday's target"76time travellers to alter past
2008"Yesterdays"119back in time to find fathers lover
2014"Yokai Watch: It's the Secret of Birth, Meow"97time travel back 60 years
1983"Yor, the Hunter from the Future"88visitor from future, apocalypseaka Il mondo de Yor
2014"Youkai Watch: Tanjo no Himitsu"97time travel watch back 60 yearsaka Eiga Youkai Watch
1987"Young Dragons: Kung Fu Kids IV"97time machine to Qing dynastyaka Kua yue shi kong de xiao zi
2012"Young Gun in the Time"95steal time machineaka Yeong-geon tam-jeong-sa-mu-so
1960"Young Jacobites"138to medieval times
2016"Your Name"106link between time erasaka Kimi no na wa
2010"Yu-Gi-Oh: Bonds Beyond Time and Space"49time travelBonds that Transcended Time
2014"Zaman Makinesi 1973"109time machine car
1988"Zartliche Chaoten II"98time machine to change past eventsThree Crazy Jerks II
2005"Zathura"113personal Temporal Phenomenon
1977"Zitra vstanu a oparim se cajem"93nazis time travel try to change historyTomorrow I'll Wake Up and Scald Myself
2016"Zohar Street, the"124time travel over ages
2000"Zombie Bloodbath 3: Zombie Armageddon"90time warp via spaceship to present
1962"Zotz"86magic coin to slow down time
1983"Zu Time Warriors"95rift in time to 10th centuryaka Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain
2012"Zumthruel"105time travel
2010"Zurück zum Glück"90to 1986 via time tunnel as younger self
2007"Zwischen Den Welten"105freeze time, Other DimensionLes deux mondes

Listing Updated November 2020

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