The Quintessential List of Time Travel episodes in TV Series

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Welcome to the most comprehensive web-site listing of television shows that contain some form of time manipulation, but excludes alternate, parallel universes or dimensions and cryogenics (Rip Van Winkels). There are 271 exclusive Time Travel series identified and another 816 regular TV series that reference over 1800 episodes with time travel. The list is presented in a spreadsheet style that permits sorting by clicking on any column heading. NOTE: You must have Java Script enabled to use this feature. Season and Episode numbers are based on the production sequence rather than the broadcasted one. With no doubt there will be inaccuracies, that will require annual update. Nonetheless, you will find the information here exciting to explore and then challenging to find and watch. Enjoy, Tom Wollschlaeger

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Time Travel Shows
Seq # TV Series Name TV Series Episode Name Episode # Time Travel Description Media Years Time Travel Series Alias Name
21000 Years of Love"1000 Years of Love"tv2003
31000 Years of Love"Episode 1"s1e1time rift sends princess to present day
41001 Nights"1001 Nights"cartoon2010-
51001 Nights"The Man Who Went Back in Time"s2e10back in time to change past
611.22.63"11.22.63"TT- time travel to change pasttv2016TT-SERIES
711-11: En mi cuadra nada cuadra"11-11: En mi cuadra nada cuadra"TT- 6 yr older self visits presenttv2013-TT-SERIES
812 Monkeys"12 Monkeys"TT- travel to past prevent virus plaguetv2015TT-SERIES
931 minutos"31 minutos"cartoon2003-2014
1031 minutos"La mbquina del tiempo"s3e2time machine
114 Against Z"4 Against Z"tv2005-2007
124 Against Z"In der Zeitschleife"s2e6time loop
134 Against Z"Verschollen in der Zukunft"s2e10to future
144 Against Z"Stadt ohne Vergangenheit"s3e5to medieval ages
154400, the"4400, the"tv2004-2007
164400, the"Pilot"s1e1past abductions returned unaged
175 Days to Midnight"5 Days to Midnight"TT- future murder in 5 daysmini2004TT-SERIESaka 5ive Days
185th Quadrant, the"5th Quadrant, the"tv2002
195th Quadrant, the"Dream Soda/Time Traveller's Cheques"s1e8invaders from future
20666 Park Avenue"666 Park Avenue"tv2012
21666 Park Avenue"Hypnos"s1e9mind travel to 1927
229 Seconds - Eternal Time "9 Seconds - Eternal Time "TT- find camera that freezes timetv2015-TT-SERIES
23A Chef of Nobunaga"A Chef of Nobunaga"tv2013aka Nobunaga No Chef
24A Chef of Nobunaga"Episode 1"s1e1back to Sengoku era, modern chef
25A Chip Off the Old Block"A Chip Off the Old Block"tv2009
26A Chip Off the Old Block"Episode 1"s1e1time warp to 1960s met younger dad
27A Step into the Past"A Step into the Past"TT- to Qin Dynasty to observe pasttv2001-2005TT-SERIESaka Chum chun gei
28A Traveller In Time"A Traveller In Time"TT- live with ancestors in pasttv1978TT-SERIES
29A.J.'s Time Travelers"A.J.'s Time Travelers"TT- kids time experimentationtv1994TT-SERIES
30A.N.T. Farm"A.N.T. Farm"tv2012-2014
31A.N.T. Farm"Past presANT and Future"s3e5time machine from 1980s
32Aaron Stone"Aaron Stone"tv2009
33Aaron Stone"Time Out"s1e4freeze time
34Aaron Stone"My Two Stans"s1e10meet future self
35ABC Afterschool Special, the"ABC Afterschool Special, the"tv1972-1997
36ABC Afterschool Special, the"My Mother Was Never A Kid"s9e7to 1940s to meet mother
37ABC Weekend Specials, the"ABC Weekend Specials, the"tv1977-1995
38ABC Weekend Specials, the"Miss Switch to the Rescue"s5e5-6to 17th Century
39ABC Weekend Specials, the"The Bunjee Venture"s7e4time machine to stone age
40ABC Weekend Specials, the"The Return of the Bunjee"s8e4time machine to middle ages
41Abenteuer 1927 - Sommerfrische"Abenteuer 1927 - Sommerfrische"tv2005
42Abenteuer 1927 - Sommerfrische"Die Reise Beginnt"s1e1time travellers to 1927 Germany
43According to Jim"According to Jim"tv2001-2009
44According to Jim"The At-Bat"s6e13time machine mobile toilet
45Adam's Family Tree"Adam's Family Tree "TT- call ancestors in the pasttv1997-1999TT-SERIES
46Adolars phantastische Abenteuer"Adolars phantastische Abenteuer"cartoon1969-1974aka Mazga Aladar kulonos kalandjai
47Adolars phantastische Abenteuer"Verirrt in der Urzeit"s1e10spaceship to stone age
48Adventure Time"Adventure Time"cartoon2010-
49Adventure Time"The Lich"s4e26visit Time room, a temporal anchor
50Adventure Time"Time Sandwich"s5e33time bubble stops time
51Adventure Time"Bad Timing"s5e49outside of time
52Adventure Time"Is That You?"s6e9time loop, alternate timeline
53Adventure Time"Hall of Egress"s7e24time loop
54Adventurers: Masters of Time"Adventurers: Masters of Time"TT- time machine thru the agescartoon2005TT-SERIESaka Time Warp Trio
55Adventures from Book of Virtues"Adventures from Book of Virtues"cartoon1996
56Adventures from Book of Virtues"Self Discipline"s1e6device advances time
57Adventures in Time"Adventures in Time"TT- time travel adventurestv2001-TT-SERIESaka Aventuras en el tiempo
58Adventures in Wonderland"Adventures in Wonderland"tv1993-
59Adventures in Wonderland"Time Warped"s1e78kids time machine with consequences
60Adventures of Bellatrix and Ayah"Adventures of Bellatrix and Ayah"TT- time travel to solve mysteriesweb2016TT-SERIES
61Adventures of Brisco County Jr., the"Adventures of Brisco County Jr., the"tv1993-1994
62Adventures of Brisco County Jr., the"Bye Bly"s1e20time traveller from future
63Adventures of Jamel, the"Adventures of Jamel, the"TT- to historic eventsweb2015TT-SERIES
64Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, the"Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, the"cartoon2002-2006
65Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, the"The Big Pinch"s1e3Thomas Edison to present
66Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, the"Time Is Money"s1e5to past to advise dads investments
67Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, the"Party at Neutron's"s1e13time accelerator
68Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, the"Sorry Wrong Era"s2e2to 2 million years ago
69Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, the"The Tomorrow Boys"s3e4to future
70Adventures of Pete & Pete"Adventures of Pete & Pete"tv1993-1996
71Adventures of Pete & Pete"Time Tunnel"s2e5fake time travel, daylight saving time
72Adventures of Sam and Max"Adventures of Sam and Max"cartoon1997-1998
73Adventures of Sam and Max"Glitch in Time"s1e9time travel to the past
74Adventures of Sam and Max"Sam & Max vs. the Uglions"s1e23saucer time machine to fix past
75Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3"Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3"cartoon1990-1991
76Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3"Toddler Terrors of Time Travel"s1e8time travel device
77Adventures of Superboy"Adventures of Superboy"cartoon1966
78Adventures of Superboy"The Black Knight"s1e12to medieval times
79Adventures of Superboy, The"Adventures of Superboy, The"tv1988-1992
80Adventures of Superboy, The"Mutant"s1e21visitors from 24th century to steal
81Adventures of Superboy, The"Hollywood"s1e24time machine to 1930s
82Adventures of Superboy, The"Superboy … rest in peace"s2e12androids from the future
83Adventures of Superboy, The"Microboy"s2e15androids from the future
84Adventures of Superboy, The"Test of Time"s3e9accelerated time device
85Adventures of Superboy, The"Special Effects"s3e12rift in time releases creatures
86Adventures of Superboy, The"The Road to Hell: Part 2"s3e26Superman Superboy via time warp
87Adventures of Superman"Adventures of Superman"tv1952-1958
88Adventures of Superman"Through the Time Barrier"s3e1time machine to 50 000 BC
89Adventures of Timothy Pilgrim, the"Adventures of Timothy Pilgrim, the"TT- 1970 to 1870 exchangestv1974TT-SERIES
90Aeon Flux"Aeon Flux"cartoon1993-1995
91Aeon Flux"Chronophasia"s3e7time loop
92Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."tv2013-
93Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D."Past Life"s5e10return to their timeline
95Aladdin"Lost and Founded"s1e21time portal to change history
96Albert auf Entdeckungstour"Albert auf Entdeckungstour"TT- time travelling car to teach historycartoon2003TT-SERIES
98Alcatraz"Pilot"s1e1prisoners in 1960 sent to present
99Alfred Hitchcock Hour, the"Alfred Hitchcock Hour, the"tv1962-1965aka Hitchcock Presents
100Alfred Hitchcock Hour, the"Consider Her Ways"s3e11drug sends to alternate timeline
101Alfred Hitchcock Hour, the"The Doubtful Doctor"s6e22 yrs into the past
102Alias the Jester"Alias the Jester"TT- time traveler crashes in medevalcartoon1985TT-SERIES
103All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series"All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series"cartoon1996-1999
104All Dogs Go to Heaven: The Series"Whacked to the Future"s3e6dream travel to 23rd century
105All New Alexei Sayle Show, the"All New Alexei Sayle Show, the"tv1994-1995
106All New Alexei Sayle Show, the"Drunk In Time" 6 sketchess2e1-6time tunnel to historic moments
107All New Super Friends Hour, the"All New Super Friends Hour, the"cartoon1977-1978
108All New Super Friends Hour, the"Time Rescue"s1e3 to future
109All New Super Friends Hour, the"Planet of Neanderthals"s1e7portal change history primitives rule
110Alpha Alpha"Alpha Alpha"tv1972
111Alpha Alpha"Heute ist Damals"s1e11to old Kaiser times in Germany
112Alvin and the Chipmunks"Alvin and the Chipmunks"cartoon1983-1987
113Alvin and the Chipmunks"Back to Daves Future"s5e1 to 1962
114Alvin and the Chipmunks"Big Dreams"s5e7time machine see future timelines
115Alvin and the Chipmunks"Daves Wonderful Life"s6e24see alternate timeline
116Alvin and the Chipmunks"Bye George"s7e4to American revolution
117Alvin and the Chipmunks"Merry Christmas Mr Carroll"s7e13see past present future
118Alvin and the Chipmunks"Back to Our Future"s8e1meet selves from 1950s
119Alvin Show, the"Alvin Show, the"cartoon1961-1962
120Alvin Show, the"Crashcup Invents the Time Machine"s1e19reverse time machine
121Always and Forever"Always and Forever"TT- contact between time erastv2013TT-SERIESaka Qing Ni San Shi Yuan
122Amazing Extraordinary Friends"Amazing Extraordinary Friends"tv2006-2008
123Amazing Extraordinary Friends"The Ingenious Zeta Nitro"s2e5Captain X new time travel ability
124Amazing Stories"Amazing Stories"tv1985-1987aka Spielbergs …
125Amazing Stories"Alamo Jobe"s1e3to future to get saving drugs
126Amazing Stories"Lane Change"s2e13saves herself in the past
127Amazing Stories"Such Interesting Neighbors"s2e18neighbours from the future
128Amazing World of Gumball, the"Amazing World of Gumball, the"cartoon2011-
129Amazing World of Gumball, the"Countdown"s3e35alternate timelines via timer
130Amazing World of Gumball, the"Choices"s5e6alternate personal timeline choices
131Amazing World of Gumball, the"Alice Kills the Popples ...Gets Grounded"s6etime machine to 1986
132American Dad"American Dad "cartoon2006-2012
133American Dad"Best Christmas Story Never Told"s2e9alternate timeline
134American Dad"May the Best Stan Win"s5e12meet self from future
135American Dad"Fart-Break Hotel"s6e9to past
136American Dad"The Kidney Stays in the Picture"s8e16to 1990s
137American Dragon: Jake Long"American Dragon: Jake Long"cartoon2002-2006
138American Dragon: Jake Long"Hero of the Hourglass"s2e8time travelling amulet
139Amor mío"Amor mío"tv2006-2008
140Amor mío"La máquina del tiempo"s1e74time machine
141Ancient Aliens"Ancient Aliens"tv2009-
142Ancient Aliens"The Time Travellers"s4e9time travel evidence
143Ando Lloyd - A.I. Knows Love"Ando Lloyd - A.I. Knows Love"TT- future time traveller to protecttv2013TT-SERIES
144Andromeda"Andromeda"tv2001-2005aka Gene Roddenberrys …
145Andromeda"Under the Night"s1e1black hole slows time
146Andromeda"Double Helix" s1e5slipstream to past
147Andromeda"Angel Dark Demon Bright"s1e6slipstream to past
148Andromeda"The Banks of the Lethe"s1e8to past
149Andromeda"Ouroboros"s2e12overlapping time
150Andromeda"The Unconquerable Man"s3e10alternate timeline
151Andromeda"The Dark Backward"s3e12alternate timeline
152Andromeda"The Lone And Level Sands"s3e5light speed distorts time 1m=100yr
153Andromeda"Abridging The Devil's Divide"s4e17time bridge
154Andromeda"When Goes Around..."s5e6time loop
155Andromeda"The Heart of the Journey"s5e22 undo tragic timeline
157Angel"I Will Remember You"s1e8time dilation?
158Angel"Happy Anniversary"s2e13time bubble
159Angel"Birthday"s3e11time dilation?
160Angel"Time Bomb"s5e19leapfrogging through time
162Animalia"The Mist of Time"s1e3back in time to ancestors
163Animaru yokochô"Animaru yokochô"cartoon2005-2006aka Animal Yokocho
164Animaru yokochô"Doki-Doki Time Machine No Maki"s1e40atime machine
166Animorphs"The Stranger"s1e12sent to future alternate timeline
167Anne and Jake"Anne and Jake"TT- visitor from 1814 via time deviceweb2014TT-SERIES
168Ape Escape"Ape Escape"cartoon2006-2007aka Saru Getchu
169Ape Escape"Time Machine"s1e33time machine
170Apollo Theater Comedy"Apollo Theater Comedy"tv1992-1995
171Apollo Theater Comedy"Time Travel Bros" (Skit)s2e?time travel to Lincoln
172Aqua Teen Hunger Force"Aqua Teen Hunger Force"cartoon2000-
173Aqua Teen Hunger Force"Super Computer"s2e1computer to stone age changes history
174Aqua Teen Hunger Force"Time Machine"s6e6build a time machine
175Archie Weird Mysteries"Archie Weird Mysteries"cartoon2000aka Archies Weird Mysteries
176Archie Weird Mysteries"Archie’s Date with Fate"s1e34time loop time device stolen
177Archie Weird Mysteries"Alternate Riverdales"s1e35time traveller from future
178Archie Weird Mysteries"Teen Out of Time"s1e36to past
179Are You Afraid of the Dark"Are You Afraid of the Dark"tv2000
180Are You Afraid of the Dark"The Tale of Locker 22"s2e3back to 1968 to solve mystery
181Are You Afraid of the Dark"The Tale of the Carved Stone"s3e7to 1890
182Are You Afraid of the Dark"Long Ago Locket"s4e2to 1770s war
183Are You Afraid of the Dark"Tale of a Door Unlocked"s5e10vision of future
184Are You Afraid of the Dark"Tale of the Time Trap"s7e8genie magic back to past
185Are You Afraid of the Dark"The Tale of the Night Nurse"s7e13back to change event
186Argai: The Prophecy"Argai: The Prophecy"TT- 1250 to 2075 evil battlescartoon2000TT-SERIES
187Around the World in Eighty Dreams"Around the World in Eighty Dreams"TT- meet historical figures in timecartoon1992-1993TT-SERIESaka Les Aventures de Carlos
189Arrow"Legends of Yesterday"s4e8visitor from future, back in time
191Arthur"D.W.s Time Trouble"s7e8magical trip thru time, future self
192Ashes to Ashes"Ashes to Ashes"tv2008-2010
193Ashes to Ashes"Pilot"s1e1police woman lands in 1981
194Ashi Girl"Ashi Girl"TT- ability to time travel to pasttv2017TT-SERIESaka Ashi Gaaru
195Astro Boy"Astro Boy"cartoon1963-1967
196Astro Boy"Time Machine"ep18time machine from future
197Astro Boy"Memory Day"ep29time machine message
198Astro Boy"Westward, Ha"ep50to old west times
199Astro Boy"Funnel to the Future"ep69500,000 years into future
200Astro Boy"The Terrible Time Gun"ep77gun sends anything to the past
201Astro Boy"Time Hunters"ep120remake ep 18, time machine from future
202Astro Boy"Report from the Future"ep146time machine trip ahead one day
203Astro Boy"Gift from the Future"ep169visitors from future leave dinosaur
204Astro Boy"Time War"ep184visitor from future, travel to future
205Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show, the"Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show, the"cartoon1965-1968
206Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show, the"Knight Fright"s2e27to medieval times
207Austin and Ally"Austin and Ally"tv2011-
208Austin and Ally"Future Sounds & Festival Songs"s2e17to future to learn music
209Avenger Penguins"Avenger Penguins"cartoon1993-1994
210Avenger Penguins"The Wild, Wild, Wild, Wild West"s1e11fix time machine
211Avenger Penguins"The 23rd Century"s2e1sent to future to save planet
212Avengers Assemble"Avengers Assemble"cartoon2013-
213Avengers Assemble"Planet Doom"s1e15changed past to control future
214Avengers, the"Avengers, the"tv1961-1969
215Avengers, the"Escape in Time"s5e3fake Time Machine
216Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes"Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes"cartoon2010-2012
217Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes"The Man who Stole Tomorrow"s1e17time traveller from future
218Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes"New Avengers"s2e23time traveller change past
219Avengers: United They Stand"Avengers: United They Stand"cartoon1999-2000
220Avengers: United They Stand"Kang"s1e3time travel crystal obelisk
221Aventuras en el Tiempo"Aventuras en el Tiempo"TT- adventures in time traveltv2001TT-SERIES
222Babylon 5"Babylon 5"tv1993-1998
223Babylon 5"Babylon Squared"s1e20Babylon 4 appears from past
224Babylon 5"War Without End Part 1"s3e16return Babylon 4 to past
225Babylon 5"War Without End Part 2"s3e17return Babylon 4 to past
226Back to 1989"Back to 1989"TT- back to 1989, fear to alter pasttv2016TT-SERIES
227Back to Sherwood"Back to Sherwood"TT- travel to past to assisttv1999TT-SERIES
228Back to the Future: the Animated Series"Back to the Future: the Animated Series"TT- time machine adventurescartoon1991-1992TT-SERIES
229Badi Door Se Aaye Hain "Badi Door Se Aaye Hain "tv2013-
230Badi Door Se Aaye Hain "Time Machine"ep384to past for information
231Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge "Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge "cartoon2011-2012
232Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge "Blast from the Past"ep44back in time to warn
233Bakumatsu Kokosei"Bakumatsu Kokosei"tv1994
234Bakumatsu Kokosei"Episode 1"s1e1back in time to the late Edo period
236Balamory"Time Machine"s4e2time machine
237Barbie Life in Dreamhouse "Barbie Life in Dreamhouse "cartoon2012-
238Barbie Life in Dreamhouse "Bizzaro Barbie"s6e7alternate universe
239Bantul the Great"Bantul the Great"cartoon2012-
240Bantul the Great"Time Machine"ep161find a time machine
242Banzai"Backwards Chinese Detective"s1e5reverse time
243Barna Hedenhös uppfinner julen"Barna Hedenhös uppfinner julen"TT- middle ages family to 2013tv2013TT-SERIES
245Batman"The Joker's Provokers"s2e22manipulate time
246Batman: The Animated Series"Batman: The Animated Series"cartoon1992-1995
247Batman: The Animated Series"Time Out of Joint"s3e5accelerated time device
248Batman: The Brave and the Bold"Batman: The Brave and the Bold"cartoon2008-2011
249Batman: The Brave and the Bold"Day of the Dark Knight"s1e5to Camelot to change past
250Batman: The Brave and the Bold"Trials of the Demon"s1e15to 1800s Sherlock Holmes
251Batman: The Brave and the Bold"Duel of the Double Crossers"s1e21to Roman gladiator time
252Batman: The Brave and the Bold"Menace of the Madniks"s2e17time machine alters timeline
253Battle Girls - Time Paradox"Battle Girls - Time Paradox"TT- to 16th century to alter historytv2011TT-SERIES
254Baywatch Nights "Baywatch Nights "tv1995-1997
255Baywatch Nights "Frozen out of Time"s2e13cryogenics
257Beastmaster"Rites of Passage"s3e20vision of alternate future
258Beavis & Butt-Head"Beavis & Butt-Head"cartoon1993-2011
259Beavis & Butt-Head"Huh-Huh-Humbug"s6e7styled It’s a Wonderful Life
260Beavis & Butt-Head"Time Machine"s8e10fake time travel
261Beer and Board Games"Beer and Board Games"tv2010-
262Beer and Board Games"Drunk Doctor Who"s2e30review time travel games
263Beer and Board Games"Drunk Time Travel"s2e31review time travel games
264Being Erica"Being Erica"TT- relive personal momentstv2009-2011TT-SERIES
265Being Human"Being Human"tv2011-
266Being Human"Cheater of the Pack"s4e6travel back in time
267Being Human"Rewind Rewind"s4e8travel back in time
268Ben 10"Ben 10"cartoon2005-2008
269Ben 10"Gwen 10"s2e4returns to start of summer
270Ben 10"Ben 10 000"s3e1abducted to future see selves
271Ben 10: Alien Force"Ben 10: Alien Force"cartoon2008-
272Ben 10: Alien Force"Paradox"s1e10visitor from future to stop doom
273Ben 10: Alien Force"The Forge of Creation"s1e16meet younger self
274Ben 10: Alien Force"Time Heals"s3e15travel back in time to change
275Ben 10: Ultimate Alien"Ben 10: Ultimate Alien"cartoon2010
276Ben 10: Ultimate Alien"Ultimate Aggregor"s1e10fix old time machine
277Benjamin Blümchen"Benjamin Blümchen"cartoon1988-2003
278Benjamin Blümchen"Benjamin Blümchen in der Steinzeit" (1989)s1e7to stone age
279Benjamin Blümchen"Die Gespensterkinder" (2002)s1e10time machine to past
280Bernard's Watch"Bernard's Watch"TT- kid stop watch adventurestv1997-TT-SERIES
281Bernd das Brot "Bernd das Brot "cartoon2007-2008
282Bernd das Brot "Zeitmaschine"ep116time machine to stone age
283Best Friend Whenever"Best Friend Whenever"TT- time travel adventurestv2015-TT-SERIES
284Best Years, the"Best Years, the"tv2007-2009
285Best Years, the"Delirious"s2e8build time machine
287Bewitched"Witch or Wife"s1e8stop time
288Bewitched"A is for Aardvark"s1e17time travel
289Bewitched"What Every Young Man Should Know"s2e36courtship days
290Bewitched"A Most Unusual Wood Nymph"s3e5to 1300s
291Bewitched"I'd Rather Twitch Than Fight"s3e10Sigmund Freud
292Bewitched"My Friend Ben"s3e13Ben Franklin
293Bewitched"Samantha for the Defense"s3e14Ben Franklin
294Bewitched"Aunt Clara's Victoria Victory"s3e26Queen Victoria
295Bewitched"Bewitched Bothered and Infuriated"s3e31back a few minutes
296Bewitched"Samantha's Thanksgiving to Remember"s4e12to 1620
297Bewitched"Samantha's Da Vinci Dilemma"s4e17Da Vinci
298Bewitched"If They Never Met"s4e20alternate timeline
299Bewitched"Samantha Goes South for a Spell"s5e2to 1868
300Bewitched"Samantha’s French Pastry"s5e7Napoleon
301Bewitched"The Battle of Burning Oak"s5e24back a few minutes
302Bewitched"Samantha’s Caesar Salad"s6e3Julius Ceasar
303Bewitched"Salem Saga"s7e3to 1600 Salem
304Bewitched"Samantha’s Hot Bedwarmer"s7e4to 1600 Salem
305Bewitched"Paul Revere Rides Again"s7e6Paul Revere
306Bewitched"Samantha's Old Salem Trip"s7e8to 1600 Salem
307Bewitched"The Return of Darrin the Bold"s7e17to 1300s
308Bewitched"How Not to Lose Your Head to King Henry VIII"s8e1-2Henry VIII
309Bewitched"Samatha's not so Leaning Tower of Pisa"s8e4reverse time
310Bewitched"George Washington Zapped Here I/Il"    s8e21-2George Washington
311Bibi Blocksberg"Bibi Blocksberg"cartoon1994
312Bibi Blocksberg"Abenteuer bei den Dinos"s3e4to stone age
313Big Bang Theory"Big Bang Theory"tv2007-
314Big Bang Theory"The Nerdvana Annihilation"s1e14fake Time Machine
315Big Bang Theory"The Thespian Catalyst"s4e14Spock to take Sheldon to future
316Big Brother"Big Brother"tv2000-2011
317Big Brother"Episode 870"s8e70to 3049, 1847 via diary time machine
318Big Brother"Episode 871"s8e71travel back in time
319Bigfoot and Wildboy"Bigfoot and Wildboy"tv1977
320Bigfoot and Wildboy"Amazon Contest"s1e6visitors from future
321Big Wolf On Campus "Big Wolf On Campus "tv1999-2002
322Big Wolf On Campus "Time and Again"s1e16reverse time
323Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures"TT- historical time tripscartoon1990-1992TT-SERIES
324Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures"TT- historical time tripstv1992TT-SERIES
325Bionic Six"Bionic Six"cartoon1987-1988
326Bionic Six"Back to the Past"s1e11-1time machine to prehistoric age
327Black Scorpion"Black Scorpion"tv2001
328Black Scorpion"Crime Time"s1e8slow time locally for 3 seconds
329Blake and Mortimer "Blake and Mortimer "cartoon1997
330Blake and Mortimer "The Infernal Machine"s1e6time machine to ice, middle ages
331Blake Holsey High"Blake Holsey High"tv2002-2006
332Blake Holsey High"Wormhole"s1e1wormhole in time
333Blake Holsey High"Thursday"s1e4time loop
334Blake Holsey High"Radio"s1e8broadcasts from the future
335Blake Holsey High"Stopwatch"s2e13stop time
336Blake Holsey High"Past"s3e12to 1879
337Blake Holsey High"Inquiry"s3e13to 1977
338Blake Holsey High"Conclusions"s4e1-3to 1987
339Blast of Tempest: Civilization Blaster"Blast of Tempest: Civilization Blaster"cartoon2012aka Zetsuen no Tempest
340Blast of Tempest: Civilization Blaster"How to Make a Time Machine"s1e10time machine
341Blast of Tempest: Civilization Blaster"Girl of Time"s1e11time traveller
343Blessings"Episode 1"s1e1visitor from 1948 to 2014
344Blood Ties"Blood Ties"tv2006-
345Blood Ties"5:55"s2e3time loop
346Boku dake ga inai machi"Boku dake ga inai machi"TT- ability to change pasttv2017TT-SERIES
348Bones"The Fact in the Fiction"s8e17time travel a factor for murder
350Bordertown"Heart Attack"s1e9back 5 minutes with watch to save
351Boy, the"Boy, the"cartoon2004-2005
352Boy, the"Beam Me Up Bob"s1e10invent time technology to save world
353Boy Meets World"Boy Meets World "tv1997-2000
354Boy Meets World"I was a Teenage Spy"s3e19to 1957
355Boy Meets World"No Guts No Cory"s5e6to WWII
356Boy Meets World"Seven the Hard Way"s7e16glimpse into the future
357Boy Meets World"A Time Goes By"s7e20to 1940s
358Bradrene Dal og mysteriet med Karl XIIs gamasjer"Bradrene Dal og mysteriet med Karl XIIs gamasjer"TT- influence famous eventstv2005TT-SERIES
359Bradrene Dal og spektralsteinene"Bradrene Dal og spektralsteinene"TT- influence famous eventsmini1982TT-SERIES
360Brady Kids, the"Brady Kids, the"cartoon1972-1973
361Brady Kids, the"Its all Greek to Me"s1e13magic bird sends to ancient Greece
362Brady Kids, the"Marlon's Birthday Party"s1e15famous people to present
363Brak Show, the"Brak Show, the"cartoon2000-2004
364Brak Show, the"Time Machine"s1e3visit past self to do homeworkaka Diffrent Braks: Time Machine
365Braveness of the Ming"Braveness of the Ming"tv2016
366Braveness of the Ming"Episode 1"s1e1back to Ming Dynasty
367Bravest Warriors"Bravest Warriors"cartoon2012-
368Bravest Warriors"Time Slime"s1e1time loop
369Bravest Warriors"Dan Before Time"s1e8build time machine to get revenge
370Bravest Warriors"Ultra Wankershim"s1e10visitor from future
371Brick Bradford"Brick Bradford"TT- time sphere to past 200 yrstv1947TT-SERIES
372Brows Held High"Brows Held High"tv2011-
373Brows Held High"Primer"s2e7build time machine
374Buck Rogers in the 25th Century"Buck Rogers in the 25th Century"tv1979-1981
375Buck Rogers in the 25th Century"Awakening"s1e1cryogentics
376Bucky and Pepito"Bucky and Pepito"cartoon1959-1960
377Bucky and Pepito"Time Machine"s1e33time machine
378Buddy Complex"Buddy Complex"cartoon2014
379Buddy Complex"Encounter"s1e1sent 70 yrs into future
380Buddy Complex"Into the Skies of Tomorrow"s1e14-1time travels to change war outcome
381Buffy the Vampire Slayer"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"tv1997-2003
382Buffy the Vampire Slayer"Life Serial"s6e5time loop
383Buffy the Vampire Slayer"Get It Done"s7e15meet original slayers
384Buffy the Vampire Slayer"Time of your Life"s8e16-2into the future
385Bugs Bunny"Bugs Bunny"cartoon1941-
386Bugs Bunny"The Old Grey Hare"s4e6travel to future1944
387Bugs Bunny"Knight-mare Hare"s15e8dream time travel to Middle ages1955
388Bugs Bunny"A Connecticut Rabbit in King Arthur’s Court"s38e6travel to past1978
389Busy World of Richard Scarry, the"Busy World of Richard Scarry, the"cartoon1994-2000
390Busy World of Richard Scarry, the"Time Travel"s1e11build a time machine
391Busy World of Richard Scarry, the"A Trip back in Time"s2e28time travel
393Butterscotch"Butterscotch Over Berlin"s1e3back in time to Nazi Germany
394Buzz Lightyear of Star Command"Buzz Lightyear of Star Command "cartoon2000-2001
395Buzz Lightyear of Star Command"Lost in Time"s2e1fake time travel
396Buzz Lightyear of Star Command"Good Old Buzz"s2e7future self to change past
397Buzz Lightyear of Star Command"Holiday Time"s2e10stop time
398Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels"Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels"cartoon1977-1980
399Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels"Prehistoric Panic"s3e4time warp to prehistoric age
400Captain Future"Captain Future"cartoon1978-1979
401Captain Future"The Lost World of Time"s1e5-8time machine
402Captain Future"Time Machine: Five Billion Years Back"s1e13btime machine to past
403Captain of Destiny"Captain of Destiny"mini2015
404Captain of Destiny"Episode 1"ep1back 200yrs and back via time rift
405Captain N:The GameMaster"Captain N:The GameMaster"cartoon1989-1991
406Captain N:The GameMaster"Once Upon a Time Machine"s2e20time machine
407Captain Planet and the Planeteers"Captain Planet and the Planeteers"cartoon1990-1996
408Captain Planet and the Planeteers"Two Futures"s1e24-2to 1950s
409Captain Planet and the Planeteers"OK at the Gunfight Corral" s3e8to past
410Captain Planet and the Planeteers"Future Shock"s4e8future traveller to change past
411Captain Planet and the Planeteers"A Good Bomb is hard to Find"s6e5future self warns past self
412Captain Scarlet "Captain Scarlet "cartoon2004-2005
413Captain Scarlet "Enigma"s2e3back in time to divert war
414Captain Z-Ro"Captain Z-Ro"TT- historical time tripstv1951-1956TT-SERIES
416Cardcaptors"Time and Again"s1e12time loop
418Casper"Red White and Boo"1955time machine to iceage, 1775, 1807
419Casper New Adv of "Casper New Adv of "cartoon1996-1998
420Casper New Adv of "Boo to the Future"s2e7to future
421Casper New Adv of "A Christmas Peril"s2e13past present future
422Caspers Scare School"Caspers Scare School"cartoon2009-
423Caspers Scare School"Time Waits for No Ghost"s1e26stop time
425Castle"Punked"s3e4fake time travel
426Castle"Time Will Tell"s6e5future time traveller assasin
427Cataclysmo "Cataclysmo "TT- time travellers to avert disastertv2011TT-SERIES
428Catweazle"Catweazle"TT- magician finding way backtv1970-1971TT-SERIES
429CBS Radio Mystery Theater"CBS Radio Mystery Theater"radio1977-1982
430CBS Radio Mystery Theater"Time and Again"22gain 1 hour daily with blood clock
431CBS Radio Mystery Theater"Yesterdays Murder"111killer sent back to correct past
432CBS Radio Mystery Theater"The Fatal Connection"184into past ancestor lives via phone
433CBS Radio Mystery Theater"Come back with Me"301back to relive past
434CBS Radio Mystery Theater"Faithful Reunion"312computer predicts future events
435CBS Radio Mystery Theater"Assassination in Time"352save Abraham Lincoln
436CBS Radio Mystery Theater"Lap of the Gods"385spirit to the past
437CBS Radio Mystery Theater"Insight into Murder"407flashback to 16th century crime
438CBS Radio Mystery Theater"Connecticut Yankee in King Arthurs Court"41119th Century man to medieval time
439CBS Radio Mystery Theater"The Covered Bridge"453to 1770s
440CBS Radio Mystery Theater"Time Killer"463travel to past alters future
441CBS Radio Mystery Theater"Future Eye"499to future to get microchip
442CBS Radio Mystery Theater"Point in Time"5361920s town in time bubble
443CBS Radio Mystery Theater"Now You See Them Now You Don't"557time travellers in WW5
444CBS Radio Mystery Theater"Hope Springs Eternal"692same man returns 40 yrs later
445CBS Radio Mystery Theater"A Point in Time"7412057 travel back to change past
446CBS Radio Mystery Theater"The Time Fold"799trapping in time
447CBS Radio Mystery Theater"Time out of Mind"835to WWII to change past
448CBS Radio Mystery Theater"The Winds of Time"906change the past
449CBS Radio Mystery Theater"The Time Box"1060find time machine travel to past
450CBS Radio Mystery Theater"The Silver Mirror"1271see into the past
451CBS Schoolbreak Special"CBS Schoolbreak Special"tv1984-1996
452CBS Schoolbreak Special"My Past Is My Own"s6e4back to civil rights movement
453CBS Storybreak"CBS Storybreak"tv1985-1987
454CBS Storybreak"Max and Me and the Time Machine"1987buy a time machine history trips
455Celebrity Deathmatch "Celebrity Deathmatch "cartoon1998-2007
456Celebrity Deathmatch "Time Machine"s2e4historic people to present
458Centurions"Counterclock Crisis"s1e27vision of next day
459Challenge Of The Gobots"Challenge Of The Gobots"cartoon1984-1985
460Challenge Of The Gobots"Time Wars"s1e8travel back in time to overtake world
461Challenge Of The Gobots"The GoBots That Time Forgot"s1e62time travel to prehistoric earth
462Challenge of the Superfriends"Challenge of the Superfriends"cartoon1978-
463Challenge of the Superfriends"The Time Trap"s1e4time conveyer to steal artifacts
464Challenge of the Superfriends"Secret Origins of the Superfriends"s1e8try to change the past
465Challenge of the Superfriends"Conquerors of the Future"s1e11to 3984
466Challenge of the Superfriends"The History of Doom"s1e16undo past to fix present
467Channel X News Team:Battle for the Future"Channel X News Team:Battle for the Future"TT- messages from future, then fixweb2009TT-SERIES
469Chaotic"Times up"s2e9time portals to past, other futures
470Chaotic"Yesterday's Heroes"s3e5back in time to ancestors
471Chaotic"Threshold of Destruction"s3e8back in time to conquer
472Charlotte"Charlotte"cartoon2015-aka Sh?rotto
473Charlotte"The World is Not in Here"s1e9ability to time travel
474Charlotte"Looting"s1e103 years into the past, loses ability
476Charmed"The Truth is out there and it hurts"s1e8demon from future
477Charmed"The Witch is back"s1e9resurrect Grandma from past
478Charmed"That '70s Episode"s1e17to mid 1970s
479Charmed"Déjà vu All Over Again"s1e22time sorcerer
480Charmed"Morality Bites"s2e2to future
481Charmed"Pardon my Past"s2e14to past and change it
482Charmed"All Halliwell's Eve"s3e4to 1600s
483Charmed"The Good, The Bad and the Cursed"s3e14back to the old west
484Charmed"All Hell Breaks Loose"s3e22Tempus turns back time
485Charmed"A Knight to Remember"s4e5to dark ages
486Charmed"A Paige From the Past"s4e9save parents in past
487Charmed"The Three Faces of Phoebe"s4e13past and future
488Charmed"A Witch in Time"s5e7time tunnel from the future
489Charmed"Centennial Charmed"s5e12alternate timeline/reality married
490Charmed"Cat House"s5e17to past
491Charmed"Oh My Goddess"s5e22visitor from future
492Charmed"Chris Crossed"s6e9take Chris back to the future
493Charmed"Witchstock"s6e10to 1960s
494Charmed"The Legend of Sleepy Hallwell"s6e14travel to future via future vision
495Charmed"Bare Witch Project"s7e2visitor from past
496Charmed"Cheaper by the Coven"s7e3back to teenage years
497Charmed"Charrrmed"s7e418th century pirate
498Charmed"Charmed Noir"s7e8to 1930s novel story
499Charmed"Ordinary Witches"s7e11travel back to eyewitness
500Charmed"Charmageddon"s7e13undo past events
501Charmed"Show Ghouls"s7e15to 1899 hotel fire
502Charmed"Imagery Fiends"s7e20Wyatt back from the future
503Charmed"Generation Hex"s8e17go to the past
504Charmed"Forever Charmed"s8e22travel back and change it
505Charmings, the"Charmings, the"tv1987-1988
506Charmings, the"The Charmings-The Pilot"s1e1visitors from past
507Cherished Moments"Cherished Moments"tv2007
508Cherished Moments"Episode 1"s1e1travel back 4 years to fix marriage
509Childrens Hospital"Childrens Hospital"tv2008-2016
510Childrens Hospital"I am not afraid of any Ghost"s2e3to 1950s while dead
511Children of the Stones"Children of the Stones"TT- same set of events in time looptv1976TT-SERIES
512Chinese Paladin 3"Chinese Paladin 3"tv2010-
513Chinese Paladin 3"Episode 1"s1e1time travel decades before event
514Chloes Closet"Chloes Closet"cartoon2012-
515Chloes Closet"Stone Age Story"s4e4magical time travel to stone age
516Christopher Crocodile"Christopher Crocodile"cartoon1993-1994
517Christopher Crocodile"Time Machine"s1e4back in time to save cat
518Chronos"Chronos"TT- time travel adventuresweb2015-TT-SERIES
519Chuckle Vision"Chuckle Vision"tv1987-2009
520Chuckle Vision"Time Travellers"s6e10clocks travel to civil war England
521Chuckle Vision"Tomorrow's News"s19e10see future with tomorrows newspaper
522Cipher Effect, the"Cipher Effect, the"TT- time travel via wormholeweb2013TT-SERIES
523Class"Class"TT- time rift in schooltv2016TT-SERIES
524Class of Titans"Class of Titans"cartoon2006-
525Class of Titans"Time after Time"s1e28back in time
526Class of Titans"Time Enough for Everything"s2e5to past, battle Chronos
527Close to Home"Close to Home"tv2005-2007
528Close to Home"Under Threat"s1e8evidence is amateur time travel video
530Cocomoog"Trouble in Fresh World"s3e25-2time machine to fix past
531Code Lyoko"Code Lyoko"cartoon2003-
532Code Lyoko"A Great Day"s2e30time loop
533Code Lyoko"Daja Vu"s2e46visions of near future
534Code Lyoko"The Pretender"s3e58back in time to change past
535Code Lyoko"Cousins Once Removed"s4e88back in time to change past
536Code Lyoko Evolution "Code Lyoko Evolution"cartoon2013-
537Code Lyoko Evolution"Temporal Paradox"s1e24time paradox
538Codename: Kids Next Door"Codename: Kids Next Door"cartoon2002-2008
539Codename: Kids Next Door"Operation: F.U.T.U.R.E."s3e1time machine force better future
540Collector, the"Collector, the"tv2004-2006
541Collector, the"1348AD"s1e14dream travel to origin
542Collector, the"The Cowboy"s2e1time travel illusion to the Old West
543Collector, the"The Historian"s2e12to 1945
544Collector, the"The Watchmaker"s3e8time traveller
545College Humor Originals"College Humor Originals"web2006-
546College Humor Originals"Why Terminators Transport Naked"ep138time machine inventor
547College Humor Originals"Five Minutes Back"ep160time paradox
548College Humor Originals"Ice Age in 4D"ep161discuss dimensions
549College Humor Originals"Back to the Future Sex Scenes"ep210visitor from future
550College Humor Originals"Back to the Future Alternate Ending"ep347time machine, altered future
551College Humor Originals"Time Traveling Bong"ep416to Colonial days
552College Humor Originals"Back to the Future With Skrillex"ep463visitor from future
553College Humor Originals"The Real Reason You're Circumcised"ep941visit various time periods
554College Humor Originals"Looper Has Sex with Himself"ep789visitor from future
555College Humor Originals"What Going Back to the 90s"ep1009to 1980s
556Come Back Lucy"Come Back Lucy"tv1978
557Come Back Lucy"Episode 1"s1e1visitors to past and present
558Comedy Playhouse"Comedy Playhouse"tv1961-2017
559Comedy Playhouse"Elementary, My Dear Watson"s13e3to 1973
561Community"Remedial Chaos Theory"s3e4alternate timelines experienced
562Constitutionens Voktere"Constitutionens Voktere"tv2010-
563Constitutionens Voktere"Where Things Get Complicated"s1e4time machine back and forth
564Constitutionens Voktere"1943 (A Time Travelling Werewolf in WWII)"s1e5time traveller
565Continuum"Continuum"TT- future cop fighting terroriststv2012-TT-SERIES
566Count Duckula"Count Duckula"cartoon1989-1993
567Count Duckula"Transylvanian Homesick Blues"s1e4time travel trips to past and future
568Count Duckula"The Rest is History"s3e11back in time to change ancestory
569Courage the Cowardly Dog"Courage the Cowardly Dog"cartoon1999-2002
570Courage the Cowardly Dog"1000 Years in the Future"s2e31000 yrs into future
571Cow and Chicken"Cow and Chicken "cartoon1995-2004
572Cow and Chicken"Time Machine"s1e7time travel to past
573Crazy for Palace"Crazy for Palace"tv2013aka Wo Wei Gong Kuang
574Crazy for Palace"Episode 1"s1e1from Qing Dynasty to present
575Crime Traveller"Crime Traveller"TT- time travel to solve crimestv1997TT-SERIES
576Crossing Hero, the"Crossing Hero, the"TT- romance across time erastv2015TT-SERIESaka Chao Ji Da Ying Xiong
577Crossing the Rubicon"Crossing the Rubicon"TT- time travel adventure in 275 yrstv2016-TT-SERIES
579CSI-NY"Time's Up"s4e4builds a time machine and dies
581Ctrl"Ctrl Zzzzzzzzzz"s1e8return to first day on the job
582Ctrl"Ctrl Y"s1e9returns to present again
584Cyberchase"Hugs and Witches"s2e1time machine
585Cyborg 009"Cyborg 009"cartoon2001-2002
586Cyborg 009"Frozen Time"s2e7time manipulation
587Cyborg 009"Gamos Revenge"s2e14to future battle
588Cyborg 009"Future Fury"s2e15to future
589Cyborg 009"To Tomorrow"s2e16to past
591Dallas"Conundram"s14e22styled It’s a Wonderful Life
592Danger 5"Danger 5"web2015
593Danger 5"Back to the Fürhrer"s1e6to WWII to change past
594Danger Mouse"Danger Mouse"tv1981-1992
595Danger Mouse"Demons Arent Dull"s4e3 demon from 4th Dimension
596Danger Mouse"150 Million Years Lost"s4e4to prehistoric age
597Danger Mouse"The Planet of the Cats"s4e5to future ruled by cats
598Danger Mouse"Once Upon a Time Slip"s6e1to 1215 Robin Hood
599Danger Mouse"The Hickory Dickory Dock Dilemma"s6e8time travelling clock
600Danny Hollywood"Danny Hollywood"TT- to 1960s to change past eventstv1999-2008TT-SERIES
601Danny Phantom"Danny Phantom"cartoon2004-2007
602Danny Phantom"The Ultimate Enemy"s2e6glimpse of future self
603Danny Phantom"Masters of All Time"s2e15use ghost of time to travel back
604Danny Phantom"Infinite Realms"s3e2Infi-Map to travel thru time
606Dark"Past and Present"s1e3past and present intertwine
607Dark Matter"Dark Matter"tv2015-2017
608Dark Matter"All the Time in the World"s3e4time loop
609Dark Matter"Isnt that a Paradox"s3e9sent 600 years back to 21st century
610Dark Shadows"Dark Shadows"tv1991-aka Dark Shadows:Revival
611Dark Shadows"DS-170,171"1967to 1795 séance swaps person from 1967
612Dark Shadows"DS-366"1967in 1967 sent to 1795 via séance
613Dark Shadows"DS-700"1969to 1897 magic wands astral body travel
614Dark Shadows"DS-938"1970to 1797 thru painting
615Dark Shadows"DS-1070, 1110,1177, 1198" 1970/1stairway to 1840, 1970 and return 1995
616Dark Side of the Moon, the"Dark Side of the Moon, the"tv2012-2013aka Obratnaya storona Luny
617Dark Side of the Moon, the"Episode 1"s1e1sent to 1979 from 2011 as father cop
619Darkroom"Stay Tuned, We'll Be Right Back"s1e2radio contact with U-Boot 30yrs past
620Darkwing Duck"Darkwing Duck"cartoon1991-1992
621Darkwing Duck"Paraducks"s1e11to prehistoric and 1950s
622Darkwing Duck"The Secret Origins of Darkwing Duck"s1e33200 years into future history
623Darkwing Duck"Quack of Ages"s1e51to medieval times
624Darkwing Duck"Time and Punishment"s1e52time travel to future
625Darkwing Duck"Inherit the Wimp"s3e2past relatives to present time
626Darkwing Duck"Extinct Possibility"s3e13time machine to future
627Das verbotene Spiel"Das verbotene Spiel"TT- future students learn history first htv1979TT-SERIES
628Dating Guy, the"Dating Guy, the"cartoon2009
629Dating Guy, the"Really Bad Lieutenant"s1e7false time travel to old west
630Dating Rules from my Future Self"Dating Rules from my Future Self"TT- messages from future selftv2012-TT-SERIES
631Daughter of Time"Daughter of Time"TT- time travellers harmonize historytv2016TT-SERIES
632Dave the Barbarian"Dave the Barbarian"cartoon2004-2005
633Dave the Barbarian"Ned Frischman: Man of Tomorrow"s1e3time traveller from future
634Davey and Goliath"Davey and Goliath"cartoon1960-2004
635Davey and Goliath"The Time Machine"s1e9imaginary time machine travels
636Day Break"Day Break"TT- day repeats try to solve casetv2006-TT-SERIES
637De tijdscapsule"De tijdscapsule"TT- time machine in 2500 adventurestv1963TT-SERIESaka The Time Capsule
638Dead Zone, The"Dead Zone, The"tv2002-2007
639Dead Zone, The"The Siege"s1e9change past to save selfs
640Dead Zone, The"Shaman"s1e12Shaman from past sees into future
641Dead Zone, The"Deja Voodoo"s2e15 time loop
642Deadtime Stories"Deadtime Stories"tv2013-
643Deadtime Stories"Revenge of the Goblins"s1e10freeze time
644Déjà Vu"Déjà Vu"TT- foresees trouble try to preventtv2013-2014TT-SERIES
645Deja Vu Darling"Deja Vu Darling"TT- secretive time travellerstv2013TT-SERIES
646Deja Vu Serie Web"Deja Vu Serie Web"TT- secretive time travellerstv2013TT-SERIES
647Delta State"Delta State"tv2004-2005
648Delta State"Final Battle"s1e26mind time travel to past
649Delta Wave"Delta Wave"tv1996
650Delta Wave"Glitch in Time"s1e1-4fake time travel
651Denver The Last Dinosaur"Denver The Last Dinosaur"cartoon1988-1990
652Denver The Last Dinosaur"Missing Links"s2e46time machine to past
653Dexter's Laboratory"Dexter's Laboratory"cartoon1996-2003aka Dexters Lab
654Dexter's Laboratory"Ego Trip" moviefuture self
655Dexter's Laboratory"Dee Deemensional"s1e1time travels to change past
656Dexter's Laboratory"Morning Stretch"s2e4speed up time
657Dexter's Laboratory"Old Flame"s2e28to stone age to invent fire
658Dexter's Laboratory"sdrawckaB"s2e33reverse timeaka Backwards
659Die Heisse Spur-Tom Turbo"Die Heisse Spur-Tom Turbo"tv1993-
660Die Heisse Spur-Tom Turbo"Der Lift in die Ritterzeit"s3e10to medieval times via time travel elevatoaka Tom Turbo
661Die Heisse Spur-Tom Turbo"Das Drachenschwert"s3e24to middle ages magical dragon swordaka Tom Turbo
662Die kleinen Dinos"Die kleinen Dinos"cartoon2006aka The Little Dinos
663Die kleinen Dinos"Die abenteuerliche Zeitreise"s1e1visitors from future to prehistoric age
664Die 25 Stunde"Die 25 Stunde"tv2008-2009
665Die 25 Stunde"Die Zeitreise"s1e5time travel
666Die 25 Stunde"Zurück in der Zeit"s1e8back in time
667Dimension 404"Dimension 404"tv2017-
668Dimension 404"Chronos"s1e3time traveller
669Dino Dan"Dino Dan"tv2011-
670Dino Dan"Time Traveler's Dino"s1e25build a frigerator time machine
671Dino-Riders "Dino-Riders "cartoon1988
672Dino-Riders "The Adventure Begins"s1e1to prehistoric age
673Dinosaur King"Dinosaur King"TT- use Time Machine get dinosaurscartoon2007TT-SERIES
674Dinosaur Train"Dinosaur Train"TT- prehistoric time tripscartoon2009-TT-SERIES
676Diplodo"La Machine À Arrêter Le Temps"s1e13stop time
677Dirk Gently"Dirk Gently"cartoon2010
678Dirk Gently"Pilot"s1e0solve puzzle involving time travel
680Dirtygirlworld"Time Machine"s1e30time machine
681Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan, the"Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan, the"TT- meet time travellerscartoon2015-TT-SERIES
682Displaced, the"Displaced, the"TT- time travellers prevent disastertv2012-TT-SERIES
683Divergence Eve: Misaki Chronicles"Divergence Eve: Misaki Chronicles"TT- fighting across time periodscartoon2004TT-SERIES
684DNA2 OVA"DNA2 OVA"cartoon1994-2009
685DNA2 OVA"Episode 1"s1e1to past to solve overpopulation
686DNA2 OVA"Another Time Machine"s1e13time machine
687Do Over"Do Over"tv2002-
688Do Over"Pilot"s1e1to 1981 relive 9th Grade
689Doc McStuffins"Doc McStuffins"cartoon2012-
690Doc McStuffins"Let the Nightingale Sing"s2e27to 1800s
691Doctor Puppet"Doctor Puppet"TT- time travelling Doctor Whocartoon2013TT-SERIES
692Doctor Stew"Doctor Stew"TT- time lord parodycartoon2013TT-SERIES
693Doctor Who"Doctor Who"TT- time lord adventurestv2005-TT-SERIES
694Doctor Who"Doctor Who"TT- time lord adventurestv1963-1989TT-SERIES
695Doctor Who: Dreamland"Doctor Who: Dreamland"TT- time lord adventurescartoon2009-TT-SERIES
696Dog City"Dog City"cartoon1992-
697Dog City"Future Schlock"s3e6doggie time portal door
698Donald Duck"Donald Duck"cartoon1961
699Donald Duck"Donald and the Wheel"1961visit cave man inventing wheel
700Dora the Explorer "Dora the Explorer "cartoon2004-2009
701Dora the Explorer "Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure"s5e28travel into past and future searching
702Doraemon"Doraemon"TT- future cat future gadgets cartoon1979-1980TT-SERIES
703Double the Fist"Double the Fist"tv2004-
704Double the Fist"Timesaw"s2e7time travelling chainsaw
705Double the Fist"Great Battle"s2e8return from past, destroy timesaw
706Dr. Jin"Dr. Jin"TT- time traveller to 1861tv2012-TT-SERIESaka Time Slip Dr Jin
707Dr Snuggles"Dr Snuggles"cartoon1981
708Dr Snuggles"The Amazing Reflective Myth"s1e13time machine to past
709Dragon Ball"Dragon Ball"cartoon1995-2003
710Dragon Ball"The Time Room"s5e7travel back in time
711Dragon Ball Z"Dragon Ball Z"cartoon1989-1996
712Dragon Ball Z"Time Chamber"s5e132time dilation
713Dragon Ball Z Kai"Dragon Ball Z Kai"cartoon2009-2015
714Dragon Ball Z Kai"Welcome Back Son Goku"s3e57visitor from future
715Dragon Ball Z Kai"One More Time Machine"s3e67abandoned time machine
716Drama City"Drama City"tv1999-2004
717Drama City"What Can I Do?"ep234travel back to love mother as teenager
718Drawn Together"Drawn Together"tv2004-2008
719Drawn Together"Nipple Ring-Ring Goes to Foster Care"s3e12talks to future self to change past
720Duckman: Private Dick"Duckman: Private Dick"cartoon1994-1997
721Duckman: Private Dick"The Once and Future Duck"s3e12future self
723DuckTales"Home Sweet Homer"s1e22witch sent to ancient times
724DuckTales"Duck to the Future"s1e2340 yrs into future
725DuckTales"Time Teasers"s1e26stop time device time machine
726DuckTales"Sir Gyro de Gearloose"s1e48to medieval times
727DuckTales"Master of the Djinni"s1e58genie magic back to past
728DuckTales"Time Is Money:"s2e1-2to prehistoric time and back
729Dungeons & Dragons"Dungeons & Dragons"cartoon1983-1985
730Dungeons & Dragons"The Time Lost"s3e2time portal to change history
731Early Edition"Early Edition"TT- foresees trouble try to preventtv1996-2000TT-SERIES
732Early Edition"Hot Time in the Old Time"s2e21Chicago Fire
733Early Edition"Everybody Goes to Rick’s"s4e21St Valentines Day Massacre
734Earth Final Conflict"Earth Final Conflict "tv1997-2002
735Earth Final Conflict"A Stitch in Time"s2e3travel to alternate timeline
736Earth Final Conflict"Time Bomb"s3e17cryogenics
737Earth Final Conflict"Trapped in Time"s4e16future astronauts in stasis
738Earth Final Conflict"Legacy"s5e10time portal to past
739Earthfasts"Earthfasts"TT- time rift to 18th centurytv1994TT-SERIES
740Eerie Indiana"Eerie Indiana"tv1991-1992
741Eerie Indiana"Time Flies"s1e4time thieves accelerate aging
742Eerie Indiana"The Lost Hour"s1e10time bubble
743El Chavo"El Chavo"cartoon2006-2013
744El Chavo"La Máquina Del Tiempo"s3e25-2time machine
745El Chavo"Una historia en la prehistoria"s4e13time travel to prehistoric age
746El ministerio del tiempo"El ministerio del tiempo"TT- Ministry of Time agentstv2015-2017TT-SERIESaka The Department of Time
747Elephant Princess, the"Elephant Princess, the"tv2008-
748Elephant Princess, the"Rabitt Season"s1e3time slip magic to reverse time
749Elephant Princess, the"Time After Time"s1e14shift time back
750Ellipses"Ellipses"TT- time travel for personal gaintv2017-TT-SERIES
751Emily of New Moon"Emily of New Moon"tv1998-2000
752Emily of New Moon"A Seller of Dreams"s4e7meet future self
753Emperor's New School"Emperor's New School"cartoon2007-2008
754Emperor's New School"Come Fly With Me"s2e15time travel watch to fix past
755Enchanted Bed, the"Enchanted Bed, the"tv2002aka Buang Banjathorn
756Enchanted Bed, the"Episode 1"s1e1back in time via magical bed
757Epilogue"Epilogue"TT- to 14th century for curemini2012TT-SERIES
758Erased"Erased"TT- ability to go back in time to fix cartoon2016-TT-SERIESaka Boku dake ga inai machi
759Erasmus Microman"Erasmus Microman"TT- kids meet historic peopletv1988-1989TT-SERIES
760Etheria: Ang ikalimang kaharian ng Encantadia"Etheria: Ang ikalimang kaharian ng Encantadia"tv2005-
761Etheria: Ang ikalimang kaharian ng Encantadia"Episode 1"s1e1back in time to Etheria
762Eureka"Eureka"tv2006-2012aka A Town Called Eureka
763Eureka"Once in a Lifetime"s1e12change the past affects present
764Eureka"I Do Over"s3e4time loop wedding
765Eureka"Founder's Day"s4e1to 1947
766Eureka"The Ex-Files"s4e8 overlapping time past people
767Eureka"I'll be seeing you"s4e9to 1947
768Eureka"Just Another Day"s5e13wormholes go back 5 years
769Every Witch Way"Every Witch Way"tv2014-2015
770Every Witch Way"Beachside 7"s3e1freeze time
771Every Witch Way"Back to Square One"s4e12-1time manipulation, back in time
772Evil Con Carne"Evil Con Carne"cartoon2003-2007
773Evil Con Carne"Son of Evil"s1e2visitor from future
774Evil Con Carne"The Time Hole Incident"s1e8time machine to meet future selves
775Evil Touch, the"Evil Touch, the"tv1973-1974
776Evil Touch, the"Campaign 20"s1e15time machine to change past
777Extra Dark"Extra Dark"TT- chocolate powers time spaceweb2014TT-SERIES
778Extreme Dinosaurs"Extreme Dinosaurs"cartoon1997
779Extreme Dinosaurs"Out of Time"s1e1time travellers to prehistoric age
780Eye on New York"Eye on New York"tv1955-1956
781Eye on New York"A Christmas Carol"s1e4scrooge past present future
782Eyes of a Cowboy"Eyes of a Cowboy"TT- flips between present & 1870tv1988-1989TT-SERIES
783Fairly Odd Parents"Fairly Odd Parents"cartoon2001-
784Fairly Odd Parents"Father Time" - episode 4as1e16change the past
785Fairly Odd Parents"Christmas Everyday" - episode 7s1e19time bubble
786Fairly Odd Parents"Twistory" - episode 17bs2e10historicals to present, alter timeline
787Fairly Odd Parents"Deja vu"s2e22device to redo events
788Fairly Odd Parents"Odd Odd West" - episode 22bs3e2to old west
789Fairly Odd Parents"The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker" - ep 34s3e10change the past
790Fairly Odd Parents"Which Witch is Which" episode 35bs3e19to Colonial days
791Fairly Odd Parents"Channel Chasers" episode 93s4e13time belt back 20yrs change
792Fairly Odd Parents"It’s a Wishful Life" episode 63bs5e6wish Timmy never born future
793Fairly Odd Parents"The Big Bash" - episode 68bs5e9time scooter scavender hunt in time
794Fairly Odd Parents"Odd Pirates" - episode 135s6e4to pirate ages
795Fairly Odd Parents"The Fairly Oddlympics" - episode 136s6e8race thru 1 million years history
796Fairly Odd Parents"The Land Before Timmy" - episode 140s6e10to prehistoric time
797Fairly Odd Parents "Timmy Turnip" episode 107bs7e7time machine turnip
798Fairly Odd Parents"Turner back Time" - episode 218s9e10change the past
799Fairly Odd Parents"The Past and Furious" - episode 240s9e23visit in past
800Fairy Tail"Fairy Tail"cartoon2009-
801Fairy Tail"The Spiral of Time"s3e50infinity clock alters timeline
802Fairy Tail"Get the Infinity Clock"s5e16infinity clock alters timeline
803Fairy Tail"Time Spiral"s5e21infinity clock alters timeline
804Faith"Faith"TT- time portal to/from dynastytv2012-TT-SERIESaka The Great Doctor
805Fallen Angel"Fallen Angel"TT- back in time to solve past lifemini2007TT-SERIES
807Fame"Ebenezer Morloch"s5e9scrooge past present future
808Family Guy"Family Guy"cartoon1999-2005
809Family Guy"Mind Over Murder" =(Vol.1)s1e4time machine to fix past
810Family Guy"The Thin White Line" (Vol.2)s3e1time machine to ancient Rome
811Family Guy"Death Lives" (Vol.2)s3e6back in time to see his wife love
812Family Guy"Stewie B. Goode" (Stewie Untold Story)s4e28sees future self
813Family Guy"Bango Was His Name Oh!" (Stewie Untold)s4e29sees future self
814Family Guy"Stu & Stewie's Excellent Adv" (Stewie Untold)s4e30sees future self
815Family Guy"Meet the Quagmires" (Vol.6)s5e18to 1984 changes past
816Family Guy"Road to Germany" (Vol.7)s7e3to 1939 Nazis
817Family Guy"The Big Bang Theory" (Vol.10)s9e16save DaVinci from assasin
818Family Guy"Back to the Pilot" (Vol.11)s10e5to 1999 to change past
819Family Guy"Internal Affairs" (Vol.11)s10e23chicken fight to old west, back to future
820Family Guy"Yug Ylimaf" (Vol.12)s11e4time machine to impress girls
821Family Guy"Life of Brian" (Season 12)s12e6time machine sell guns to Indians
822Family Guy"Christmas Guy" (Season 12)s12e8prevent Brians death
823Family Guy"Chap Stewie" (Season 12)s12e21prevent parents from meeting
824Family Guy"Stewie Chris & Brian's Excellent Adventure"s13e7time machine for history lessons
825Family Hour Special"Family Hour Special"tv1985
826Family Hour Special"Out of Time"s9e3back to family ancestors to change past
827Family Matters"Family Matters"tv1989-1998
828Family Matters"Father Time"s8e16build time machine
829Family Matters"A Pirate's Life for Me"s8e24time travels to pirate ship
830Family Ties"Family Ties"tv1982-1989
831Family Ties"A Keaton Christmas Carol"s2e9see future by Xmas Future
832Fangface and Fangpuss"Fangface and Fangpuss"cartoon1979-
833Fangface and Fangpuss"A Time-Machine Trip to the Pirates Ship"s2e7travel to past
834Fantastic Four (1978)"Fantastic Four (1978)"cartoon1978-
835Fantastic Four (1978)"The FF Meet Dr. Doom"s1e8back to priate days
836Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes"Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes"cartoon2006-
837Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes"Out of Time"s1e20return from past affected present
838Fantastic Journey, the"Fantastic Journey, the"TT- meet travellers from other timestv1977TT-SERIESaka Lost in Time
839Fantasy Island"Fantasy Island"tv1977-1984
840Fantasy Island"Torch Singer"s1e16back to 1920s Vaudville
841Fantasy Island"With Affection, Jack the Ripper"s4e6back to 1888 London
842Fantasy Island"Cyrano"s5e3back in time to the days of Cyrano
843Fantasy Island"Lillian Russell"s5e8time traveller writer from future
845Fantomcat"Once Upon A Time Machine"s2e1time machine to the past
846Farscape"Farscape"tv1999-2003aka Far Horizon, Space Chase
847Farscape"Back and Back and Back to the Future"s1e3sees the future
848Farscape"The Locket"s2e16time bubble, time dilation
849Farscape"Different Destinations"s3e5set to past repercussions
850Farscape"Unrealized Reality"s4e11time keeper, relive various pasts
851Farscape"Kansas"s4e12-1to 1980s Earth
852Father Brown"Father Brown"tv2013-
853Father Brown"The Time Machine"s3e11find time machine use it
855Felicity"Time Will Tell" finale 5 eps s4e18-2travel back to love old boyfriend
856Felix the Cat"Felix the Cat"cartoon1959-
857Felix the Cat"Felix Trifles with Time"1925to prehistoric age
858Felix the Cat"Stone Age Felix"ep43reverse time up to stone ageaka Sent Back in Time
859Felix the Cat"Felix and the Mid-Evil Ages"ep62time machine to middle ages
860Felix the Cat"Picnic to the Past" (1953)s1e1to medieval times
861Felix the Cat"Sent back in Time" (1953)s1e3tampers with Father Time clock
862Felix the Cat"The Professor's Ancestor - The Wizard"ep96?
863Felix the Cat"Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets"ep116?
864Felix the Cat"Felix in the Bone Age"1922dreams of being in stone age
865Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman"Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman"cartoon2006-
866Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman"Ye Olde Colonial Episiode"s1e5to 1627 to learn about past
867Finders Keepers"Finders Keepers"TT- time travel treasure hunttv1991TT-SERIES
868Fireball XL5 "Fireball XL5 "cartoon1962-1963
869Fireball XL5 "1875"s1e25to 1875
870First Night"First Night"tv1963-1964
871First Night"The Road"s1e2to 1700s Britain
872First Wave"First Wave"tv1998-2001
873First Wave"The Aftertime"s1e21visitor from future
874First Wave"Gulag"s3e4time loop
875First Wave"Terminal City"s3e21vortex to move in time and space
876Flash, the"Flash, the"tv1990-1991
877Flash, the"Fast Forward"s1e15sent 10 yrs into future
878Flash, the"Flash, the"tv2015-
879Flash, the"Fallout"s1e14evidence of past time travel
880Flash, the"Out of Time"s1e15future self
881Flash, the"Rogue Time"s1e16travel 24hrs into future
882Flash, the"Fast Enough"s1e23back in time
883Flash, the"The Reverse-Flash Returns"s2e11visitor from future
884Flash, the"The Race of His Life"s2e23time portal to save mother in past
885FlashForward"FlashForward"TT- everyone sees 6 months futuretv2009-2010TT-SERIES
886Flash Gordon"Flash Gordon"tv1954-1955
887Flash Gordon"Lure of Light"e17speed of light spaceship back hours
888Flint the Time Detective"Flint the Time Detective"TT- solves crimes across timecartoon1998-1999TT-SERIES
889Flintstones, the"Flintstones, the"cartoon1960-1966
890Flintstones, the"Time Machine"s5e18time trip through history
891Flintstones, the"The Long, Long, Long Weekend"s6e17Gazoo time machine to 25th Century
892Fluch des Falken"Fluch des Falken"tv2011-
893Fluch des Falken"Liegen geblieben"s1e1time rift
894Fluch des Falken"Verwunschene Zeit"s1e8time loop
895Flying House, the"Flying House, the"TT- biblical time travelcartoon1982-1983TT-SERIESspin-off Superbook
896Flying Rhino Junior High"Flying Rhino Junior High"cartoon1998-2000
897Flying Rhino Junior High"Out of Time"s2e6time travel to fix problems
898Fonz and Happy Days Gang, the"Fonz and Happy Days Gang, the"TT- time travel adventurescartoon1980-1981TT-SERIES
899For the future when I was with you "For the future when I was with you "tv1999aka Kimi to Ita Mirai no Tame ni
900For the future when I was with you "Episode 1"s1e1in 1999 dies, awakes in 1995 to fix
901Four Star Playhouse "Four Star Playhouse"tv1952-1956
902Four Star Playhouse "The Frightened Woman"s3e37to 1930 via bookstore
903Fox Mystery Theater"Fox Mystery Theater"tv1984
904Fox Mystery Theater"A Distant Scream"s1e4return to past to investigate truth
905Fox Mystery Theater"In Possession"s1e6time rift overlaps timeline
906Fraggle Rock"Fraggle Rock"cartoon1987
907Fraggle Rock"Mokey Then and Now"s5e8back to when Fraggles not laughed
909Freakazoid"Freakazoid is History"s1e7vortex sucks him into past
910Fred the Caveman"Fred the Caveman"cartoon2002
911Fred the Caveman"Time Traveller"ep11time traveller
912Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"tv1990-1996
913Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"The Alma Matter"s3e18styled It’s a Wonderful Life
914Friday the 13th: The Series"Friday the 13th: The Series"tv1987-1990aka Erben des Fluchs
915Friday the 13th: The Series"The Baron's Bride"s1e13time travel cloak
916Friday the 13th: The Series"13 O'Clock"s2e9stopwatch for 1 hour
917Friday the 13th: The Series"Eye of Death"s2e13to Civil War
918Friday the 13th: The Series"Hate On Your Dial"s3e7to 1954 via blooded radio
919Friday the 13th: The Series"The Charnel Pit"s3e20mirror portal to Marquis de Sade
921Fringe"Safe"s1e10Walter tells of time machine
922Fringe"Ability"s1e14Jones machine to escape jail
923Fringe"August"s2e8find out Observers time travel
924Fringe"The Bishop Revival"s2e14possible Nazi time traveler
925Fringe"Peter"s2e16alternate timeline observers
926Fringe"White Tulip"s2e18Dr. Alistair Peck loops thru time
927Fringe"The Firefly"s3e10Doc Brown’ son thru time
928Fringe"The Day We Died"s3e22Peter to future / machine to past
929Fringe"Subject 9"s4e4short jumps back for Olivia
930Fringe"Novation"s4e5another short Olivia time loop
931Fringe"And Those We Left Behind"s4e6time loop from 4 years in past
932Fringe"The End of All Things"s4e14time machine to alter timeline
933Fringe"An Origin Story"s5e5shipping corridor through time
934Fringe"The Boy Must Live"s5e11Windmark visits 2609
935Fringe"Liberty"s5e12Windmark visits 2609
936Fushigina Koala Blinky "Fushigina Koala Blinky "cartoon1984
937Fushigina Koala Blinky "Puropouzu (Travelling Back In Time)"s1e22time travel
939Futurama"Space Pilot 3000"s1e1cryogenics
940Futurama"Anthology of Interest I"s2e16see future in 500 years
941Futurama"Time Keeps On Slippin"s3e14time skips ahead
942Futurama"Roswell that Ends Well"s3e19to 1947
943Futurama"The Why of Fry"s4e10return to first day
944Futurama"Benders Big Score"s5e1-4time paradox
945Futurama"The Late Philip J Fry"s6e7wayback machine to 10,000AD
946Futurama"All the President's Heads"s6e23to Civil War
947Futurama"Overclockwise"s6e25ability to anticipate future events
948Futurama"Decision 3012"s7e3time traveller from future
949Futurama"Game of Tones"s7e23back into Frys past
950Futurama"Meanwhile"s7e26back in time 10 seconds device
951Future Diary"Future Diary"TT- diary foresees next 90 dayscartoon2006-2010TT-SERIESaka Mirai nikki
952Future Girl"Future Girl"TT- time travel roommatestv2016TT-SERIES
953Future Machine"Future Machine"tv2010-
954Future Machine"Rules of Time Travel"s1e2 time machine
955Future Machine"Building a Time Machine"s1e5build a time machine
956Future Man"Future Man"TT- visitor from futureweb2017TT-SERIES
957Future-Worm"Future-Worm"TT- Time travelling lunch boxcartoon2016TT-SERIES
958Gadget Boy's Adventures in History"Gadget Boy's Adventures in History"TT- Time Travel to historic timescartoon1997-1998TT-SERIESaka Gadget Boy & Heather
959Galactica 1980"Galactica 1980"tv1980-
960Galactica 1980"Galactica Discovers Earth"s1e1-3to 1980s Earth
961Galaxy High School"Galaxy High School"cartoon1986
962Galaxy High School"Founder's Day"s1e11time machine to school origin
963Game of Thrones"Game of Thrones"tv2011-
964Game of Thrones"The Door"s6e5mind time travel to change past
965Garfield and Friends"Garfield and Friends"cartoon1988-1995
966Garfield and Friends"Once Upon a Time Warp"s5e9to 1492, 1903 and future
967Garfield Show, the"Garfield Show, the"cartoon1988-2012
968Garfield Show, the"Time Master" 2008s1e16stopwatch to stop time
969Garfield Show, the"Quack to the Future" 1990s3e10dream of a time machine
970Garfield Show, the"It's About Time/Online Arbuckle"s3e25back in time
971Garfield Show, the"The Legend of Cactus Jupiter"s4e1see into the future via camp fire
973Gargoyles"Vows"s2e8to past to change it
974Gargoyles"Future Tense"s2e4340 years into future
975Garth and Bev"Garth and Bev"TT- kids magical time travel to learncartoon2009TT-SERIES
976Generator Gawl"Generator Gawl"cartoon1998
977Generator Gawl"Raihosha"s1e1visitors from future
978Generator Gawl"Out of Time"s1e12time line interference
979Genie in the House"Genie in the House"tv2006-2009
980Genie in the House"No time like the Future"s1e21to future
981Genie in the House"Back to the 80's"s2e16to 1980s
982Genie in the House"Look to the Future"s3e6magical magnifying glass sees future
983Georgian House, the"Georgian House, the"TT- kid helps slaves in 18th centurytv1976TT-SERIES
984Get a Life"Get a Life"tv1990-1992
985Get a Life"1977 2000"s2e12change past for personal gain
986Ghost & Mrs Muir, the"Ghost & Mrs Muir, the"tv1968-1970
987Ghost & Mrs Muir, the"The Ghost of Christmas Past"s2e14dream time travel to 18th century
988Ghost Hunter, the"Ghost Hunter, the"tv2000-2002
989Ghost Hunter, the"The Time Travellers"s3e2time portal to 1870 from 2027
990Ghost Stories"Ghost Stories"tv1997
991Ghost Stories"Back Ward"s1e1visions of past
992Ghost Stories"Denial"s1e42visions of past
994Ghostbusters"Frights of the Round Table"s1e1-2to future
995Ghostbusters"Witches Stew"s1e6to Salem
996Ghostbusters"Cyman's Revenge"s1e16to future to save spaceship
997Ghostbusters"Ghost Bunglers"s1e25to Rome
998Ghostbusters"The Girl who cried Vampire"s1e50visit future
999Ghostbusters"The Bad Old Days"s1e53days of Babylon
1000Ghostbusters (Extreme)"Ghostbusters (Extreme)"cartoon1997
1001Ghostbusters (Extreme)"Ghost Apocalyptic Future"s1e1space-time distorted switches
1002Ghost Busters, the"Ghost Busters, the"tv1975
1003Ghost Busters, the"Merlin the Magican"s1e14persuit from beyond to this era
1005Ghostwriter"Just in Time"s2e9-12to 1928
1006G.I. Joe"G.I. Joe"cartoon1985-1986
1007G.I. Joe"G.I.Joe and the Golden Fleece"s2e22 sent back in time
1008Girl From Tomorrow, the"Girl From Tomorrow, the"TT- future visitor and her anticsmini1991TT-SERIES
1009Girl from Yesterday, the"Girl from Yesterday, the"tv2009aka La Chica de Ayer
1010Girl from Yesterday, the"Back to the past"s1e1to 1977
1011Girl Who Leapt thru Time, the"Girl Who Leapt thru Time, the"TT- accidental time leaps cartoon2006-TT-SERIES
1012Go Princess Go"Go Princess Go"web2015-2016
1013Go Princess Go"Episode 1"s1e11000 yrs back in princess body
1014God's Gift: 14 Days"God's Gift: 14 Days"TT- back 14 days to fix pasttv2014TT-SERIES
1015Godzilla Power Hour"Godzilla Power Hour"cartoon1978-1979
1016Godzilla Power Hour"The Time Dragons"s1e13time warp 1 million yrs into past
1017Golden Darling"Golden Darling"TT- future daughter in time machinetv2016TT-SERIES
1018Good Luck Charlie"Good Luck Charlie"tv2010-2014
1019Good Luck Charlie"Futuredrama"s4e9meet future self
1020Goodnight Sweetheart"Goodnight Sweetheart"TT- time rift to 1940s Britiantv1993-1999TT-SERIES
1021Goosebumps"Goosebumps "tv1995-1998
1022Goosebumps"The Cuckoo Clock of Doom"s1e3back in time
1023Goosebumps"Say Cheese and Die"s1e15camera predicts future disaster
1024Goosebumps"A Night in Terror Tower"s1e16to medieval times
1025Goosebumps"Vampire Breath"s2e17to 1800s
1026Goosebumps"Click"s3e5manipulate time
1027Goosebumps"Say Cheese and Die... Again"s3e18camera predicts future disaster
1028Gotham Girls"Gotham Girls"tv2000-
1029Gotham Girls"Cat -n- Mouse -n- Cat -n- Mouse -n-"s2e5time travel
1030Gravity Falls"Gravity Falls"cartoon2012-
1031Gravity Falls"Time Traveler's Pig"s1e9find time machine change past
1032Gravity Falls"Land before Swine"s1e18land trapped in time
1033Gravity Falls"Bendin's Game"s2e8time travel for revenge
1034Greatest Adv Stories from the Bible"Greatest Adv Stories from the Bible"TT- biblical time travelcartoon1986-1992TT-SERIES
1035Greatest American Hero"Greatest American Hero"tv1981-1983
1036Greatest American Hero"Now You See It"s2e10ability to see the future
1037Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, the"Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, the"cartoon2001-2007
1038Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, the"Timehole Incident"s1e11time paradox
1039Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, the"Mandy the Merciless"s1e16cystal ball view future
1040Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, the"Halls of Time"s2e8meet Father Time
1041Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, the"Test of Time/A Kick in the Asgard"s3e11time control remote, to Viking era
1042Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, the"Wishbones"s3e13skull grants 9 wishes, origin reset
1044Grojband"Ahead of Our Tone"s1e12travel 1 year for future music
1045Guest from the Future"Guest from the Future"TT- kid time travels to 21 Centurymini1985TT-SERIESaka Gostya iz budushchego
1046Guinevere Jones"Guinevere Jones"tv2002-2003
1047Guinevere Jones"Time Cuts"s2e2back in time to change past
1048Gumby Show, the"Gumby Show, the"cartoon1956-1968
1049Gumby Show, the"Lion Drive / The Eggs and Trixie / Egg Trouble"s1e7mind time travel to past
1050Gumby Show, the"Time Kapp-Sule"ep43time machine thru time
1051Gumby Show, the"Rip Van Prickle"ep53dream of future
1052Gumby Show, the"Time Out"ep98Father Time
1053Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation"Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation"cartoon2015
1054Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation"Resolution, An Ending World"s1e2time travel
1055Gunslinger Stratos: The Animation"Showdown, at the end of time"s1e11time keepers
1056Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense "Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense "tv1986
1057Hammer House of Mystery & Suspense "Witching Time"s1e1witch from 17th century to present
1058Hamster in a Nightshirt"Hamster in a Nightshirt"tv1987aka Krecek v nocni kosili
1059Hamster in a Nightshirt"The stolen invention"s1e1time machine to futureaka Ein Hamster im Nachthemd
1060Hannah Montana"Hannah Montana"tv2006-2011
1061Hannah Montana"The Way We Almost Weren't"s2e22 dream get parents to marry in past
1062Happy Tree Friends"Happy Tree Friends"cartoon2006-
1063Happy Tree Friends"Blast from the Past"s1e8time machine to change past
1064Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law"Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law"cartoon2000-2007
1065Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law"Back to the Present"s2e6,14defends Jetsons from future
1066Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law"Beyond the Valley of the Dinosaurs"s3e6to prehistoric age
1068Haven"Audrey Parkers Day Off"s2e6time loop
1069Haven"Sarah"s3e9to 1955 Haven
1070Haven"Thanks For The Memories"s3e13transported back to 1955
1071Haven"Just Passing Through"s5e20back to 1983 to solve murder
1072Heathcliff & the Catillac Cats"Heathcliff & the Catillac Cats"cartoon1984-1987
1073Heathcliff & the Catillac Cats"Time Warped"s2e4time machine engine to old west
1074Hector Heathcote Show, the"Hector Heathcote Show, the"TT- historical time tripscartoon1959-1965TT-SERIES
1075He-Man and the Masters of the Universe"He-Man and the Masters of the Universe"cartoon1983-1985
1076He-Man and the Masters of the Universe"Diamond Ray of Disappearance"s1e4to timeless dimension
1077He-Man and the Masters of the Universe"The Time Corridor"s1e8back in time
1078He-Man and the Masters of the Universe"The Time Wheel"s2e32from past to present
1079He-Man and the Masters of the Universe"Time Doesn't Fly"s2e50stop time
1080Heirs From Another Star"Heirs From Another Star"tv2014
1081Heirs From Another Star"Episode 1"s1e1from Qing Dynasty to present
1082Hercules: The Legendary Journeys"Hercules: The Legendary Journeys"tv1994-1999
1083Hercules: The Legendary Journeys"The End of the Beginning"s3e19time warp with Chronos crystal
1084Hercules: The Legendary Journeys"Armageddon Now Part 1"s4e13back in time
1085Hercules: The Legendary Journeys"Armageddon Now Part 2"s4e14back in time
1086Hercules: The Legendary Journeys"Norse by Norsevest"s5e6vision of future
1087Hercules: The Legendary Journeys"Once Upon a Future King"s5e19Merlin from future
1089Herculoids"The Time Creatures"s1e26destroyers from the future
1090Here Comes the Grump"Here Comes the Grump"cartoon1969-1970
1091Here Comes the Grump"A Hitch in Time"s1e25stop and reverse time
1092Hero Corp: les survivants"Hero Corp: les survivants"tv2013
1093Hero Corp: les survivants"Le Visiteur du Futur"s1e7time traveller from future
1094Heroes"Heroes"TT- try to fix forthcoming doomtv2006-2010TT-SERIES
1095Heroes Reborn"Heroes Reborn"TT- ability to time travel, fix futuretv2015-TT-SERIES
1097Hex"Where the Heart Is"s2e8to 1928 Berlin
1098Hex"Showdown"s2e13change past
1099Hexe Lilli"Hexe Lilli"TT- historical time tripscartoon2004-2008TT-SERIESaka Lilly the Witch
1100Highway to Heaven"Highway to Heaven"tv1984-1989
1101Highway to Heaven"Another Song for Christmas"s1e13past present future
1102Highway to Heaven"Going Home Going Home"s1e16to 1940s
1103Highway to Heaven"Heaven on Earth"s2e19undo past
1104Highway to Heaven"Love and Marriage"s3e7back in time to see alternate timeline
1105Highwayman, the"Highwayman, the"tv1987-1988
1106Highwayman, the"Summer of '45"s1e4to WWII
1107Higurashi no naku koro ni: Kai"Higurashi no naku koro ni: Kai"TT- time loop try to avoid disastercartoon2007TT-SERIESaka When They Cry: Kai
1109Hindsight"Pilot"s1e1do-over to 1995
1110Hindsight"Square One"s1e2back in time 20 yrs
1111Histeria"Histeria"TT- Father Time to historical eventscartoon1998-2000TT-SERIES
1112Holy Pearl, the"Holy Pearl, the"tv2011
1113Holy Pearl, the"Episode 1"s1e1time rift to ancient dynasty
1114Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show"Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show"tv1997-2000
1115Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show"Honey We're Stuck in the 70's"s1e4to 1970s
1116Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show"Honey. They call me the Space Cowboy"s1e9to 1867
1117Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show"Honey You're Living in the Past"s1e11see yourself in the past
1118Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show"Honey Meet the Barbarians"s1e13travel to past
1119Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show"Honey We're Past Tense"s2e7prehistoric age
1120Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show"Honey the Future's Coming Back to Me"s2e13visitor from future
1121Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show"Honey Name That Tune"s3e1try to change the past
1122Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show"Honey You Won't Believe What Happens Next"s3e12see future with glasses
1123Honey I Shrunk the Kids: The TV Show"Honey It's An Interplanetary Extraordinary Life"s3e17broken time machine
1125Horizon"The Time Lords"s33e6documentary possibility of time travel
1126Horrid Henry"Horrid Henry"cartoon2006-
1127Horrid Henry"Time Machine"s1e12fake Time Machine
1128Hot Wheels Battle Force 5"Hot Wheels Battle Force 5"cartoon2009-2012
1129Hot Wheels Battle Force 5"Time Out"s1e19build a time stopping device
1130Hot Wheels Battle Force 5"Blast from the Past"s2e21transported back 1 million years
1131Hotel 13 "Hotel 13 "tv2012-2014
1132Hotel 13 "ZeitMaschine"s2e56 historical people time travel
1133How I Met Your Mother"How I Met Your Mother"tv2005-2014
1134How I Met Your Mother"The Window"s5e10write to future self appears
1135How I Met Your Mother"The Time Travelers"s8e20meet future self
1136Human Giant"Human Giant"tv2007-2008
1137Human Giant"Mosh Pit"s1e4back in time calamity
1138I Am Weasel"I Am Weasel"cartoon1997-1999
1139I Am Weasel"Time Weasel"s3e1travel in time and alter past
1140I Dream of Jeannie"I Dream of Jeannie"tv1997-2000
1141I Dream of Jeannie"My Hero?" s1e2to ancient Babylon
1142I Dream of Jeannie"Richest Astronaut in the World"s1e17undo time and events
1143I Dream of Jeannie"Always on Sunday"s2e2time loop
1144I Dream of Jeannie"Fastest Gun in the East"s2e7to old west
1145I Dream of Jeannie"My Poor Master the Civilian"s2e21look into the future
1146I Dream of Jeannie"My Master the Pirate"s2e25to Captain Kidd’s time
1147I Dream of Jeannie"My Master Napoleon’s Buddy"s2e28to Napoleaons time
1148I Dream of Jeannie"The Battle of Waikiki"s3e15king to present
1149I Dream of Jeannie"Tomorrow is Not Another Day"s4e3 tomorrows newspaper
1150I.N.K."I.N.K."cartoon2010aka Invisible Network of Kids
1151I.N.K."Back to the Past"ep23borrow time machine mishaps
1152Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot"Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot"tv2007-
1153Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot"Relativistische Effekte"s1e3overlapping timelines, paradox
1154Ijon Tichy: Raumpilot"Biste-Fix Zeitblasen"s2e4time bubble
1155I'll Still Love You Ten Years from Now"I'll Still Love You Ten Years from Now"tv2010
1156I'll Still Love You Ten Years from Now"Episode 1"s1e1time slip 10 yrs back to self
1157Incredible Hulk, the"Incredible Hulk, the"cartoon1982-1983
1158Incredible Hulk, the"The Creature and the Cavegirl"s1e7travel back to prevent accident
1159Incredible Hulk, the"The Boy Who Saw Tomorrow"s1e12foresee the future
1160Indradhanush"Indradhanush"TT- time machine to make changestv1989TT-SERIES
1161Inside Amy Schumer"Inside Amy Schumer"tv2013-
1162Inside Amy Schumer"Wingwoman"s3e9future selves warn of future
1163Inspector Gadget "Inspector Gadget "cartoon1984-1986
1164Inspector Gadget "Ticked Off"s1e8freeze time
1165Inspector Gadget "Tryannosaurus Gadget"s2e16back in time to prevent destruction
1166Inspector Gadget "Gadget's Roma"s2e17to ancient Rome
1167Inspector Gadget "Gadget's Clean Sweep"s2e18to 19th century England
1168Into the Labyrinth"Into the Labyrinth"TT- kids search thru timetv1981-1982TT-SERIES
1170InuYasha"Toki o koeta shoujo..."s1e1transported to feudal era
1171Invader ZIM"Invader ZIM"cartoon2001-2003
1172Invader ZIM"Bad Bad Rubber Piggy"s1e8time machine to fight in past
1173Invader ZIM"Mysterious Mysteries/Future Dib"s2e1visitor from future
1174Iron Man"Iron Man"cartoon1994-1996
1175Iron Man"The Grim Reaper Wears a Teflon Coat"s1e5time machine to steel invention
1176Iron Man"Hulk Buster"s2e11ring to undo past event
1177Iron Man: Armored Adventures"Iron Man: Armored Adventures"cartoon2008-
1178Iron Man: Armored Adventures"Iron Man 2099"s2e18time travelling super armour
1179It’s a Living"It’s a Living"tv1982-1989
1180It's a Living"Her Back to the Future"s5e2dream of future
1181It's About Time"It's About Time"tv1966-1967
1182It's About Time"And then I wrote Happy Birthday to You"s1e1find time portal, visit prehistoric age
1183It's About Time"20th Century Here We Come"s1e19return to present day
1184Its always sunny in Philadelphia"Its always sunny in Philadelphia"tv2005-
1185Its always sunny in Philadelphia"Frank Falls Out the Window"s11e2fake time portal to 2006
1186It's Garry Shandling's Show"It's Garry Shandling's Show"tv1986-1990
1187It's Garry Shandling's Show"Family Man"s4e15time travels 18 years into future
1189Iznogoud"Time Machine"s1e8meet H.G. with time machine
1190Jacob Two-Two"Jacob Two-Two"cartoon2003-2006
1191Jacob Two-Two"Jacob Two-Two's Time Trials"s2e15time machine to undo past
1192Jamie"Jamie"TT- magic carpet can travel in timecartoon1971TT-SERIES
1193Jason of Star Command"Jason of Star Command"tv1978-1981
1194Jason of Star Command"Marooned in Time"s1e7trapped in time
1195Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors"Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors"cartoon1985
1196Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors"Time and Time Again"s1e61back in time 25 yrs
1197Jean-Claude Van Johnson"Jean-Claude Van Johnson"tv2016-2017
1198Jean-Claude Van Johnson"If Youre Lucky"s1e4future self visits present self
1199Jeff & Ravi Fail History"Jeff & Ravi Fail History"TT- time travel Subway ad adv.web2011TT-SERIES
1200Jem and the Holograms"Jem and the Holograms"cartoon1985-1988
1201Jem and the Holograms"Journey through Time"s2e23music history time travels
1202Jersey, the"Jersey, the"tv1999-2004
1203Jersey, the"Tomorrowland"s3e12travel one day into the future
1204Jersey, the"Origins"s3e17-1travel to medieval times and Merlin
1206Jessie"The Jessie-nator: Grudgement Day"s2e23visitor from future
1207Jesus und Josefine"Jesus und Josefine"TT- biblical time traveltv2003-2004TT-SERIES
1208Jimmy Green and his Time Machine"Jimmy Green and his Time Machine"TT- kids time travel adventurestv1968TT-SERIES
1209Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Shorts"Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Shorts"cartoon2000-2001
1210Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius Shorts"Cookie Time"s1e2time travel remote to redo
1212Jin"Dai ichi wa"s1e1physician to 1862
1214Jingliks"The Time Machine"s1e12time machine
1215Johnny and the Bomb"Johnny and the Bomb"TT- try to change historymini2006TT-SERIES
1216Johnny Bravo"Johnny Bravo"cartoon1997-2004
1217Johnny Bravo"Brave New Johnny"s2e12frozen in time, time machine return
1218Johnny Bravo"Quo Doofus"s2e21time portal to ancient Rome
1219Johnny Cypher In Dimension Zero "Johnny Cypher In Dimension Zero "cartoon1967-1968
1220Johnny Cypher In Dimension Zero "The Time Warp"ep100time warp
1221Johnny Test"Johnny Test"cartoon2005-
1222Johnny Test"Johnny and the Ice Pigs"s1e5to Thomas Edison
1223Johnny Test"Johnny's Time Rewinder"s1e8time rewinder
1224Johnny Test"Sonic Johnny"s1e9wanted in the future
1225Johnny Test"Hoist the Johnny Roger"s2e1back to pirate days
1226Johnny Test"Johnny B.C."s4e2to prehistoric age
1227Johnny Test"Old School Johnny"s4e10to 1800s
1228Johnny Test"Johnny Swellville"s5e5to 1950s
1229Johnny Test"It's All Relative Johnny"s5e25time travel
1230Johnny Test"Johnny on the Clock"s6e1 stop time
1231Johnny Test"Past and Present Johnny"s6e10to 1980s
1232Johnny Test"Dial J for Johnny"s6e17prank calls to historical figures
1233Johnny Test"Future Johnny"s6e23meet future self
1234Josh Kirby... Time Warrior"Josh Kirby... Time Warrior"TT- kid find artifacts in time to fixtv1995-1996TT-SERIES
1235Journey of Allen Strange, the"Journey of Allen Strange, the "tv1997-2000
1236Journey of Allen Strange, the"A Burp in Time"s3e11hiccups cause time travel
1237Journey to the Unknown"Journey to the Unknown"tv1968
1238Journey to the Unknown"Matakitas is Coming"s1e8to 1927 as murder victim
1239Journeyman"Journeyman"TT- foresees trouble try to preventtv2007-TT-SERIES
1240Just for Laughs Gags"Just for Laughs Gags"tv2001-
1241Just for Laughs Gags"Time Travel Prank"2010elevator to 1850 Indians
1242Just for Laughs Gags"Time Freeze Prank"2011time stops except one being fooled
1243Justice League Unlimited"Justice League Unlimited"cartoon2001-2006
1244Justice League Unlimited"The Savage Time"s1e24-2to WWII altered timeline
1245Justice League Unlimited"Hereafter: Part II"s2e20finish building time machine
1246Justice League Unlimited"The Once and Future Thing"s3e12-1time travelling thief
1247Justice League Unlimited"Far from Home"s5e10to 31st century
1248Justin Time"Justin Time"TT- Time Travel for pre-schoolerscartoon2011-TT-SERIES
1249K9"K9"TT- robot dog time travel adventurescartoon2009TT-SERIES
1250Kaasan - Mom's Life "Kaasan - Mom's Life "cartoon2009-2012
1251Kaasan - Mom's Life "Time Travel"s2e113time travel Mom
1252Kabukimonogatari"Kabukimonogatari"TT- time travel ability to fix pastcartoon2013TT-SERIESaka Monogatari Series: Season 2
1254Kaeloo"Let's Play Time Travel"s1e29build time machine to 1800s London
1255Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger"Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger"cartoon2011-2012
1256Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger"The Future Is In the Past"ep40future events revealed
1257Kamen Rider Den-O/Kiva"Kamen Rider Den-O/Kiva"TT- fights monsters thru timetv2007-2008TT-SERIESaka Masked Rider: Den-0 & Kiva
1258Kami wa Saikoro wo Furanai"Kami wa Saikoro wo Furanai"tv2006
1259Kami wa Saikoro wo Furanai"Episode 1"s1e1plane time slips 10 yrs into future
1260Kappatoo"Kappatoo"TT- kid swaps with 2290 kidtv1990-1992TT-SERIES
1261Kara Morgan Show, the"Kara Morgan Show, the"tv2010-2017
1262Kara Morgan Show, the "Time Machine"s1e22visit 10 yr old self
1263Key West"Key West"tv1993
1264Key West"Crossroads"s1e9rift in time in Bermuda Triangle
1265Kid vs Kat"Kid vs Kat"cartoon2008-2011
1266Kid vs Kat"Kat to the Future: Parts 1""s2e8change the past
1267Kid vs Kat"Kat to the Future: Parts 2""s2e9change the past
1268Kids Incorporated"Kids Incorporated"tv2007-2008
1269Kids Incorporated"Rock of Ages" s2e18to 1965, 1955 and far future
1270Kim Possible"Kim Possible"cartoon2002-2007
1271Kim Possible"A Sitch in Time"s2e12-1messenger from future with warning
1272Kimi wa Toki no Kanata e"Kimi wa Toki no Kanata e"tv1995aka Beyond Your Time
1273Kimi wa Toki no Kanata e"Episode 1"s1e1time slip from 1560 to present
1274King Arthur and the Knights of Justice"King Arthur and the Knights of Justice"cartoon1992-
1275King Arthur and the Knights of Justice"Opening Kick-Off"s1e1Merlin brings future football players
1276King of Yesterday and Tomorrow, the"King of Yesterday and Tomorrow, the"TT- ancient adjusts to future timetv2003TT-SERIESaka Jiu Wu Zhi Zhun
1277Kingdom Hospital"Kingdom Hospital"tv2004
1278Kingdom Hospital"Finale"s1e13drug takes her back in time
1280Kisna"Kisna Aur Time Machine"s2e1find time machine, to dinosaur era
1281Kisna"Happy New Year"s2e2invent time machine to 21st century
1282Kiteretsu Encyclopedia"Kiteretsu Encyclopedia"TT- time machine adventurescartoon1974-1977TT-SERIESaka Kiteretsu Daihyakka
1283Knife and the Sword"Knife and the Sword"tv2013
1284Knife and the Sword"Episode 1"s1e1time slip to Sengoku timeperiod
1286Kokubetsu"Episode 1"s1e1phone booth to past
1287Kraft Television Theater"Kraft Television Theater"tv1947-1958
1288Kraft Television Theater"A Christmas Carol"s4e13scrooge past present future
1289Kuitan 2"Kuitan 2"tv2007
1290Kuitan 2"Episode 9"s1e9to past
1291Kung Fu: The Legend Continues"Kung Fu: The Legend Continues"tv1993-1997
1292Kung Fu: The Legend Continues"Gunfighters"s3e6mind travel, from old west to present
1294Kupetzky"Zeitreise"s1e10time travel to fix problems
1295La Gira"La Gira"tv2011-2013
1296La Gira"La máquina del tiempo"s2e16time machine
1297La Supercafetera"La Supercafetera"TT- super powers include time traveltv2010-2014TT-SERIES
1298Lab Rats"Lab Rats"tv2012-
1299Lab Rats"Back from the Future"s1e11visitor from future
1300Land of the Giants"Land of the Giants"tv1968-1970
1301Land of the Giants"A Place Called Earth"s2e12time travellers to the past
1302Land of the Giants"Home Sweet Home"s2e14to 1900 Earth
1303Land of the Giants"Wild Journey"s2e24steal time machine to change past
1304Land of the Lost"Land of the Lost"tv1974-1977aka Im Land der Saurier
1305Land of the Lost"Cha-Ka"s1e1time rift to dinosaur age
1306Land of the Lost"Timestop"s3e10key controls flow of time
1307Las aventuras del hada Rebeca"Las aventuras del hada Rebeca"tv1976
1308Las aventuras del hada Rebeca"Rebeca y la máquina del tiempo"s1e3time machine
1309Last Cop: Another Story"Last Cop: Another Story"TT- go to pasttv2016-2017TT-SERIES
1310Last Reservation, the"Last Reservation, the"cartoon1998aka La última reserva
1311Last Reservation, the"Episode 1"s1e1magic wand time travels to future
1312Last Train, the"Last Train, the"tv1999
1313Last Train, the"Episode 1"s1e1Cryogenics for 10 yrs
1314Lazer Tag Academy"Lazer Tag Academy"TT- future visitor time travel fightstv1986-TT-SERIES
1315Least Favorite Love Songs"Least Favorite Love Songs"tv2012
1316Least Favorite Love Songs"Molly's First High"s1e1meet future self
1317Legend of the Seeker"Legend of the Seeker"tv2008-2010
1318Legend of the Seeker"Reckoning"s1e22sent 60 years into future
1319Legends of Tomorrow"Legends of Tomorrow"TT- time travel with Rip Huntertv2016-TT-SERIES
1320Legion of Super Heroes"Legion of Super Heroes"TT- travel to 41st century to helpcartoon2006-2008TT-SERIES
1321Lego Ninjago"Lego Ninjago"cartoon2011-
1322Lego Ninjago"Wrong Place, Wrong Time"s3e6time portal to stop Ninja origin
1323Les Mastres du temps"Les Mastres du temps"TT- future self mentors past selfcartoon1982TT-SERIESaka Time Masters
1324Les Rescapés"Les Rescapés"tv2010-
1325Les Rescapés"Episode 1"ep1visitors from past 1960s to 2010
1326Letters from Felix"Letters from Felix"cartoon2002
1327Letters from Felix"To the Ice Age"s1e7to prehistoric age
1328Letters from Felix"Felix in the Middle Ages"s1e10to middle ages
1329Letters from Felix"Felix meets Nefretti"s1e14to old Egypt
1331Lexx"Brigadoom"s2e18live outside of time - time prophet
1332Lexx"The Final Prophecy"s5e1time portal to destroy asteroid
1333Librarians, the"Librarians, the"tv2014-
1334Librarians, the"And the Loom of Fate"s1e10prevent history rewrite at Camelot
1335Librarians, the"And the Point of Salvation"s2e8time loop
1336Librarians, the"And the Final Curtain"s2e10to 1611
1337Life On Mars - uk"Life On Mars - uk"tv2006-2007
1338Life On Mars - uk"Pilot"s1e1to 1973
1339Life On Mars - usa"Life On Mars - usa"tv2008-2009
1340Life On Mars - usa"Out Here in the Fields"s1e1to 1973
1341Life On Mars - russia"Life On Mars - russia"tv2012-aka Obratnaya storona Luny
1342Life On Mars - russia"Out Here in the Fields"s1e1to 1979
1343Lights Out"Lights Out"tv1946-1952
1344Lights Out"The Passage Beyond"s3e44overlapping time eras
1345Lights Out"And Adam Begot"s3e45time rift to prehistoric age
1346L'ile aux enfants"L'ile aux enfants"tv1974-1976
1347L'ile aux enfants"Casimir remonte le temps"1975/11time travel
1348L'ile aux enfants"Le manant snob"1975/12to medieval times
1349Lilo & Stitch"Lilo & Stitch"cartoon2003-2006
1350Lilo & Stitch"Skip - Experiment 089"s2e6experiment skips 10yrs to future
1351Little Prince, the"Little Prince, the"cartoon2010-2017
1352Little Prince, the"La planète du temps"s1e2turn back time via clock
1353Little Princess, the"Little Princess, the"cartoon2010-2013
1354Little Princess, the"The Planet of Time"s1e2turn back time via clock
1355Little Thinker's Story, the"Little Thinker's Story, the"cartoon2008
1356Little Thinker's Story, the"Fossils, the Magic Time Machine"s1e8time machine
1357Little Witches, the"Little Witches, the"cartoon1994
1358Little Witches, the"The Time Trap"s1e24?
1359Lloyd in Space"Lloyd in Space"cartoon2001-2004
1360Lloyd in Space"Hallowean"s4e3sent into future
1361Lloyd in Space"Day One"s4e7time travel watch
1362Logan's Run"Logan's Run"tv1977-1978
1363Logan's Run"Man Out of Time"s1e5200 years into future
1364Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Superman"Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Superman"tv1993-1997
1365Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Superman"Tempus Fugitive"s2e18to 1966 (H.G. Wells Tempus)
1366Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Superman"And the Answer Is…"s2e22time traveller’s diary (Tempus)
1367Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Superman"Tempus Anyone?"s3e14time machine to parallel universe
1368Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Superman"Soul Mates"s4e4back to prevent a curse
1369Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Superman"Twas the Night Before Mxymas"s4e11Christmas Eve time loop
1370Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Superman"Meet John Doe"s4e14future Tempus runs for president
1371Lois and Clark: New Adventures of Superman"Lois and Clarks"s4e15future Tempus traps Clark
1372Long Love Letter"Long Love Letter"tv2002
1373Long Love Letter"Episode 1"s1e1time rift earthquake to the future
1374Look and Read-Shadow Play"Look and Read-Shadow Play "TT- view into the Victorian pasttv1967-2004TT-SERIES
1375Loonatics Unleached"Loonatics Unleached"cartoon2006-2007
1376Loonatics Unleached"Time After Time"s1e10control time
1377Looney Tunes Comedy Hour"Looney Tunes Comedy Hour"cartoon1985-
1378Looney Tunes Comedy HourDaffy Duck "See ya later Gladiator"ep131sent to roman age
1379Looney Tunes Show"Looney Tunes Show"cartoon2011-
1380Looney Tunes Show"TV of Time Travelling"1999Coyote time machine to prehistoric age
1381Looney Tunes Show"Unsafe at any Speed"s1e5Coyote light speed to prehistoric age
1382Looney Tunes Show"Peel of Fortune"s1e11time machine to change past
1383Looney Tunes Show"Best Friends Redux"s2e25time vortex to change past
1384Looped"Looped"TT- repeating Mondaycartoon2016TT-SERIES
1385Los Fruittis"Los Fruittis"cartoon1989-1993
1386Los Fruittis"La maquina del tiempo"s1e77time machine to great grandparents
1387Lost"Lost"TT- castaways in temporal rifttv2004-2010TT-SERIES
1388Lost Girl"Lost Girl"tv2010-
1389Lost Girl"Groundhog Fae"s4e8time loop
1390Lost in Space"Lost in Space"tv1965-1968
1391Lost In Space"The Astral Traveler"s2e29 cave to Earth 1800s Scotland
1392Lost in Space"Visit to a Hostile Planet"s3e2to 1947
1393Lost In Space"Kidnapped in Space"s3e3 time bending device
1394Lost In Space"Flight Into the Future"s3e8 space trip into the future
1395Lost in Space"Time Merchant"s3e18back to the launch
1396Lost Saucer, the"Lost Saucer, the"TT- kids visited by time travellerstv1975-1976TT-SERIES
1397Lost World, The"Lost World, The"tv1999-2002
1398Lost World, The"Time After Time"s1e16 visitor from future to stop plague
1399Lost World, The"Tourist Season"s2e3time rift helicopter from year 2000
1400Lost World, The"Into The Fire"s2e22time loop
1401Lost World, The"Out of the Blue"s3e1time reset
1402Lost World, The"Finn"s3e15to 2033 from 1922
1403Love @ Seventeen"Love @ Seventeen"tv2016
1404Love @ Seventeen"Episode 1"s1e1relive life as 17 year old, fix past
1405Love American Style"Love American Style"tv1969-1974
1406Love American Style"Love and the Time Machine"s5e10,3time machine to love girl
1407Love Street"Love Street"tv1994-1996
1408Love Street"Hope's Creek"s1e14couple travel back in time
1409Love Through a Millennium"Love Through a Millennium"tv2015
1410Love Through a Millennium"Episode 1"s1e1to present day from 2000 yrs ago
1411Love Through Different Times"Love Through Different Times"TT- to Ming Dynasty and backtv2002TT-SERIES
1412Lucky Days"Lucky Days"TT- computer Ctrl Z to change pasttv2010TT-SERIESaka Ti Erh Hui Ho Wo Ai Ni
1413Lupin the 3rd"Lupin the 3rd"cartoon1977-1980aka Lupin Sansei
1414Lupin the 3rd"Time Machine Ni Ki O Tsukero"s1e13time machine
1416M.A.N.T.I.S."The Eyes Beyond"s1e13to future
1417M.A.N.T.I.S."Fast Forward"s1e19stop time
1418M.K. 22"M.K. 22"cartoon2004-
1419M.K. 22"Time Travel"s1e4time machine to change past
1421MacGyver"Good Knight MacGyver"s7e7dream time travel to Middle ages
1423Mad"Force Code"s1e26mind time travel to make change
1424Mad"Men in Black to the Future"s3e10find time machine, find lost partner
1425Mad (2003)"Mad (2003)"tv1992-2003
1426Mad (2003)"Time Warriors"s9e1130 yrs into future
1427Maddigan's Quest"Maddigan's Quest"tv2005
1428Maddigan's Quest"Pilgram Vantage"s1e11time slider device to change past
1430MadTV"Terminator 3: Rise of Jesus"s6e26Jesus and the Terminator
1431MadTV"Prehistoric Glamazon Huntress AD"s8e3time travel to prehistoric age
1432Magna Aura"Magna Aura"TT- 1000 years back via towertv2009TT-SERIESaka Die versunkene Stadt Magna Aura
1433Magic Cell Phone"Magic Cell Phone"TT- overlapping time eras via phonetv2013TT-SERIESaka Mo Huan Shou Ji
1434Magic School Bus, the"Magic School Bus, the"cartoon1994-1997
1435Magic School Bus, the"Busasaurus"s2e3travels 67 million years back in time
1436Magical Space-Time"Magical Space-Time"TT- camera time travel 10yrs backtv2016TT-SERIES
1437Magical Teacher Negima"Magical Teacher Negima"cartoon2007-2008
1438Magical Teacher Negima"Death is Certain, the Time is Uncertain"s1e25time machine to 1993
1439Magicians, the"Magicians, the"tv2015-
1440Magicians, the"Thirty-Nine Graves"s1e12time loop
1441Magicians, the"Have You Brought Me Little Cakes"s1e13time magic ahead 70 years
1442Magicians House, the"Magicians House, the"TT- magical travel between past and presetv1999-2000TT-SERIES
1443Magnum, p.i."Magnum, p.i."tv1980-1988
1444Magnum, p.i."Flashback"s3e7dream time travel to 1936
1445Malcolm & Eddie"Malcolm & Eddie"tv1996-2000
1446Malcolm & Eddie"Bullets Over Kansas City"s4e14to 1920s nightclub
1447Malo Korrigan and the Space Tracers"Malo Korrigan and the Space Tracers"cartoon1999-2000
1448Malo Korrigan and the Space Tracers"Time Trap"s1e14machine to alter course of time
1449Mama Wa Shôgaku Yonensei"Mama Wa Shôgaku Yonensei"cartoon1992
1450Mama Wa Shôgaku Yonensei"Time Machine Engage"s1e12time machine
1451Mama Wa Shôgaku Yonensei"The morning of time-slip"s1e50time slip
1452Man Comes to Tang Dynasty"Man Comes to Tang Dynasty"TT- back to past, modern inventionstv2012TT-SERIES
1453Man from Atlantis"Man from Atlantis"tv1977-1978
1454Man from Atlantis"Shoot-Out at Land's End"s1e10time rift to old west
1455Man from Atlantis"The Naked Montague"s1e12to 14th Century via time rift
1456Man in the High Castle"Man in the High Castle"TT- alternate timelinetv2015-TT-SERIES
1457Man Seeking Woman"Man Seeking Woman"tv2015-
1458Man Seeking Woman"Scepter"s1e10time travel pills
1459Mandog"Mandog"TT- kids conflict with 26th Century polictv1972TT-SERIES
1460Manhunt of Mystery Island"Manhunt of Mystery Island"tv1945-aka Captn Mephisto
1461Manuel on the Island of Wonders"Manuel on the Island of Wonders"TT- travel in timemini1984TT-SERIES
1462Mariko Naka"Mariko Naka"cartoon2006-2015
1463Mariko Naka"La Máquina del Tiempo para viajar"s2e8time machine
1464Married with Children"Married with Children"tv1987-1997
1465Married with Children"It's a Bundyful life"s4e11-1styled It’s a Wonderful Life
1466Marry Him If You Dare"Marry Him If You Dare"TT- advise younger self on choicestv2013TT-SERIES
1467Martin Mystery"Martin Mystery"cartoon2003-2006
1468Martin Mystery"Tale of the Enchanted Keys"s3e17send monsters to another time place
1469Marvel Action Hour, the"Marvel Action Hour, the"cartoon1994-1996
1470Marvel Action Hour, the"The Mask of Doom"s1e10Fantastic Four travel thru time
1471Marvel's Avengers Assemble"Marvel's Avengers Assemble"cartoon2013-
1472Marvel's Avengers Assemble"Planet Doom"s1e15stop manipulation of timeline
1473Marvel's Avengers Assemble"The Age of Tony Stark"s2e7time stone opens time rift
1474Marvel's Hulk Agents of S.M.A.S.H. "Marvel's Hulk Agents of S.M.A.S.H. "cartoon2013-2015
1475Marvel's Hulk Agents of S.M.A.S.H. "Days of Future Smash, Part 3"s1e21to 19th century England
1476Marvel's Hulk Agents of S.M.A.S.H. "Days of Future Smash, Pt 2 Smashgard"s2e21to medieval times
1477Marvel Super Heroes, the"Marvel Super Heroes, the"cartoon1966aka Marvel Super Heroes
1478Marvel Super Heroes, the"The Tomorrow Man"s1e49visitor from 30th century
1480Matrix"Shadows from the Past"s1e11to past to judge client case
1481Maya & Miguel"Maya & Miguel"cartoon2004
1482Maya & Miguel"Miguel's Wonderful Life" s1e42alternate timeline sister never born
1484Medium"Time Out of Mind"s2e3overlapping time eras
1485Medium"Be Kind, Rewind"s3e3time loop
1486Medium"The Boy Next Door"s3e15 dream time travel as younger and older se
1487Medium"Then... and Again"s5e10time paradox, to 2004, alter timeline
1488Mega Man"Mega Man"tv1993-1994
1489Mega Man"Future Shock"s1e12to future find way back
1490Megas XLR"Megas XLR"cartoon2004-2005aka LowBrow
1491Megas XLR"Rearview Mirror Mirror"s2e12-1alternate dimension timeline
1492Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiy, the"Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiy, the"TT- meet time travellerscartoon2006TT-SERIESaka Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
1493Men in Black: The Series"Men in Black: The Series"cartoon1997-2001
1494Men in Black: The Series"The Head Trip Syndrome"s1e10time travel to erase existence
1495Men in Black: The Series"The Way Out West Syndrome" s3e5to old west
1496Men in Black: The Series"The Future's So Bright Syndrome"s4e5follow time traveller
1497Mentors"Mentors"TT- kids meet historic peopletv1999-2004TT-SERIES
1498Meteor Wagon"Meteor Wagon"TT- view life events via train2015TT-SERIESaka Ryuusei Wagon
1499Message across time"Message across time"tv2004aka Tokio
1500Message across time"Episode 1"s1e1visitor from future
1501Metal Mickey"Metal Mickey"tv1980-1983
1502Metal Mickey"Caveman Mickey"s2e1visit 1800s and stone age
1503Metal Mickey"Mickey and the Future"s3e4to future alternate timeline if alone
1504Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Disney's"Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Disney's"cartoon2006-
1505Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Disney's"Goofy's Baby"s2e4time machine makes Goofy youngeraka Time Machine
1506Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Disney's"Plutos Dinosaur Romp"s3e7dinosaur to present
1507Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Disney's"Goofy BabySitter"s3e25time machine everyone younger
1508Mighty Jungle, the"Mighty Jungle, the"cartoon2008-
1509Mighty Jungle, the"Mighty Jungle Time Machine"s3e10to prehistoric age
1510Mighty Max"Mighty Max"TT- magical hat time travel adventurecartoon1993-1995TT-SERIES
1511Mighty Mouse"Mighty Mouse"cartoon1942-1961
1512Mighty Mouse"The Johnston Flood"ep30turn back time
1513Mighty Mouse"Prehistoric Perils"ep68to prehistoric age
1514Mighty Raju"Mighty Raju"cartoon2010-2015
1515Mighty Raju"Time Travel"ep19time travel
1516MI High"MI High"tv2007-2014
1517MI High"The Beginning"s7e6to 1940s
1518Mike & Angelo "Mike & Angelo "TT- summon historics from pasttv1989-2000TT-SERIES
1520Millennium"Saturn Dreaming of Mercury"s3e16 see into the future
1521Milo Murphys Law"Milo Murphys Law"cartoon2016-
1522Milo Murphys Law"World without Milo/The Race"s1e16time travel to old west, paradox
1523Milo Murphys Law"Love Togboggan/The Island Dakotas"s1e17back in time to change past
1524Milo Murphys Law"Fungus Among Us"s1e18to 1965
1525Mind of Mencia"Mind of Mencia"tv2005-2010
1526Mind of Mencia"Episode 8"s4e8time machine to past to help family
1527Mindy Project, the"Mindy Project, the"tv2012-2017
1528Mindy Project, the"Time Machine"s5e8time loop, fix relationship
1529Minority Report"Minority Report"TT- visions of future eventsmini2015TT-SERIES
1531Miracles"Battle of Shadow Ridge"s1e8rift in time to civil war
1532Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir"Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir"cartoon2015-
1533Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir"Timebreaker"s1e4time travel device
1534Mirai Sentai Timeranger"Mirai Sentai Timeranger"TT- future cop fighting time crime tv2000-2001TT-SERIES
1535Mirror Mirror"Mirror Mirror"TT- 1990 to 1919 exchangesmini1995-1998TT-SERIES
1536Mirror Mirror II"Mirror Mirror II"TT- mirror portal to 130 yrs into pasttv1997-1998TT-SERIES
1537Misaki Chronicles"Misaki Chronicles"TT- fights in various time eras, linescartoon2004TT-SERIES
1539Misfits"Episode 4"s1e4kill Hitler
1540Misfits"Time Machine"s5e8sex with time traveller to future
1541Mission Impossible"Mission Impossible"tv1966-1973
1542Mission Impossible"Encore"s6e2false time travel ruse to 1940s
1543Mister Jaw"Mister Jaw"cartoon1976
1544Mister Jaw"The Fishy Time Machine"s1e19time travelling
1545Monica's Gang"Monica's Gang"cartoon1986-2010
1546Monica's Gang"Adventure in Time Part II"s12e9broken time machine
1547Monster by Mistake"Monster by Mistake"tv1999-2000
1548Monster by Mistake"Back in Time"s1e13trapped in 1960's, return to present
1549Monty Python's Flying Circus"Monty Python's Flying Circus"tv1969-1974
1550Monty Python's Flying Circus"It's in the Mind"ep16deja vu
1551Monty Python's Flying Circus"E Henry Thripshaws Disease" ep36time rift to 1585
1552Moomin"Moomin"tv1991-1992aka Tanoshii Moomin Ikka Boken Nikki
1553Moomin"The Time Machine"s1e9time machine
1554Moondial"Moondial"TT- kids help children in pastmini1988TT-SERIES
1556Moonlighting"It’s a Wonderful Job"s3e8styled It’s a Wonderful Life
1557Mop Girl"Mop Girl"tv2007
1558Mop Girl"Episode 1"s1e1time travel ability to change past
1559Mork and Mindy"Mork and Mindy"tv1978-1982
1560Mork and Mindy"It's a Wonderful Mork"s1e23alternate timeline if never visited
1561Mork and Mindy"Long Before We Met"s4e7dream time travel to 1971
1562Mork and Mindy"Gotta Run"s4e19-2to past to escape alien
1563Motu Patlu"Motu Patlu"cartoon2012-
1564Motu Patlu"Time Machine"s1e8to future
1565Mr. Men Show"Mr. Men Show"cartoon2008-2009
1566Mr. MenShow"Mr Jelly goes time travelling"s2e20to prehistoric age
1567Mr. Men Show"Miss Daredevil's Time Machine"s3e3to dinosaur era
1568Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show"Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show"TT- time travel historic adventurescartoon2015-TT-SERIES
1569Mucha Lucha"Mucha Lucha"cartoon2002-
1570Mucha Lucha"Woulda Coulda Hasbeena"s1e3rift in time to 1970s
1571Mud"Mud"TT- kids alter past must fix nowtv1994-1995TT-SERIES
1572Mummy: The Animated Series"Mummy: The Animated Series"cartoon2001-2003
1573Mummy: The Animated Series"Time Before Time"s2e8time machine to change future
1574Munsters Today, the"Munsters Today, the"tv1987-1991
1575Munsters Today, the"It's My Party and I'll Die if I Want To"s3e5time machine to get past friends
1576Munsters Today, the"It's a Wonderful Afterlife"s2e6alternate timeline if never existed
1577Munsters Today, the"Misadventures in Time"s2e20time machine gets younger selves
1578Munsters Today, the"Beating of your Heart"s3e17time machine to see own future
1579Muppet Babies"Muppet Babies"cartoon1986-1990
1580Muppet Babies"Back to the Nursery"s3e16travel back in time
1581Muppet Babies"Six-to-Eight Weeks"s6e3blue hole into the future
1582Muppet Babies"Romancing the Weirdo"s6e9time machine to correct past
1583Muppet Babies"The Next Generation"s7e1time travel parody
1584Muppet Show, the"Muppet Show, the"cartoon1976-1981
1585Muppet Show, the"Episode 519"ep519device to move backwards in time
1586Muppets, the"Muppets, the"cartoon2015-
1587Muppets, the"Going, Going, Gonzo"s1e9borrow time machine mishaps
1588Murder Most Horrid"Murder Most Horrid"tv1991-1999
1589Murder Most Horrid"A Determined Woman"s1e4build a time machine
1590Murdoch Mysteries"Murdoch Mysteries"tv2008-
1591Murdoch Mysteries"Twentieth Centurey Murdoch"s5e13fake Time Machine
1592Mushishi: Zoku-Sho"Mushishi: Zoku-Sho"cartoon2014-
1593Mushishi: Zoku-Sho"Fragrant Darkness"s2e2time loop
1594Musical Time Machine, the"Musical Time Machine, the"TT- time machine visit musical erastv1975-1977TT-SERIES
1595Mutant X"Mutant X"tv2001-2004
1596Mutant X"Time Squared"s2e3to past younger self
1597Mutant X"Possibilities"s3e11time travelling mutant
1598My Favorite Martian"My Favorite Martian"tv1963-1966
1599My Favorite Martian"Time Out for Martin"s2e37to 1215 England
1600My Favorite Martian"Go West Young Martian"s3e1-2to 1849 St. Louis
1601My Favorite Martian"Martin Movies"s3e3to early Hollywood
1602My Favorite Martian"Keep Me from the Church on Time"s3e4future telling camera
1603My Favorite Martian"The Time Machine Is Waking Up.."s3e11Jesse James from 1870
1604My Favorite Martian"The O’Hara Caper"s3e15back to lunchtime
1605My Favorite Martian"Heir Today Gone Tomorrow"s3e17to 1920/45 Cleveland
1606My Favorite Martian"When You Get Back Home…"s3e24back to the morning
1607My Favorite Martian"Martin Meets His Match"s3e28Da Vinci from 1400s
1608My Favorite Martian"Pay the Man the $24"s3e32to 1626 Manhattan
1609My Gym Partner's a Monkey"My Gym Partner's a Monkey"cartoon2005-2008
1610My Gym Partner's a Monkey"The Citronella Solution"s3e8bsee into the future
1611My Hero"My Hero"tv2000-2007
1612My Hero"Time and Time Again"s4e10 space time continuum tampered
1613My Little Pony:Friendship"My Little Pony:Friendship"cartoon2010-
1614My Little Pony:Friendship"It’s about Time"s2e20future self
1615My Little Pony:Friendship"The Cutie Re-Mark"s5e25-2time travel spell to past
1616Mysterious Ways "Mysterious Ways "tv2001-2002
1617Mysterious Ways "Logan Miller"s2e17from 1934 and back
1618Mystery Science Theater 3000"Mystery Science Theater 3000"tv1988-1999aka MST3K
1619Mystery Science Theater 3000"The Undead"s8e162relive life in 15th century
1620Mystery Science Theater 3000"Terror From the Year 5000!"s8e163time traveller from future
1621Mystery Science Theater 3000"Time Chasers"s8e177airplane time machine
1622Mystery Science Theater 3000"Future War"s10e199future slave escapes to present LA
1623Myth, the"Myth, the"tv2010
1624Myth, the"Episode 1"s1e1to Qin Dynasty
1626MythQuest"Sir Caradoc at the Round Table"s1e6to medieval times change past
1627Name of the Game, The"Name of the Game, The"tv1968-1971
1628Name of the Game, The"L.A. 2017"s3e16dream time travel to 2017 from 1971
1629Nanase Futatabi"Nanase Futatabi"tv2008
1630Nanase Futatabi"Time Travel"s1e5time travel
1631Naruto Shippuden "Naruto Shippuden "cartoon2010
1632Naruto Shippuden "The Lost Tower"ep4to past to kill queen
1633Natsu No Arashi"Natsu No Arashi"cartoon2009-2010
1634Natsu No Arashi"The Time Travelling Girl"s2e16time traveller
1635Naughty Princess"Naughty Princess"tv2015
1636Naughty Princess"Episode 1"s1e1back to ancient times
1637Neds Newt"Neds Newt"cartoon1997-1998
1638Neds Newt"Jurassic Joyride"s1e6time machine to prehistoric age
1639Neds Newt"Et Tu Newte"s3e8visitors from past
1640Neds Newt"Remote Possibility"s3e12time manipulation,return to start
1642Negima"Death is Certain, the Time is Uncertain"s1e25to past 9 years
1643Nellie the Elephant"Nellie the Elephant"cartoon1989-1991
1644Nellie the Elephant"Nellie goes Time Travelling"s1e30time machine to prehistoric age
1645New Adventures of He-Man, the"New Adventures of He-Man, the"cartoon1990-1991
1646New Adventures of He-Man, the"A New Beginning"s1e1visitor to future
1647New Adv of Mighty Mouse & Heckle & Jeckle"New Adv of Mighty Mouse & Heckle & Jeckle"cartoon1979-1982
1648New Adv of Mighty Mouse & Heckle & Jeckle"Cavebirds"s1e4to prehistoric age
1649New Adv of Mighty Mouse & Heckle & Jeckle"Time Warped"s1e22time warp
1650New Adv of Mighty Mouse & Heckle & Jeckle"In the 25th Century"s1e29to future
1651New Adventures of Robin Hood, the"New Adventures of Robin Hood, the"tv1994-1998
1652New Adventures of Robin Hood, the"The Time Machine"s4e11future time travelers gets stolen
1653New Adventures of Robin Hood, the"Day After Day"s4e12time loop
1654New Scooby-Doo Movies, the"New Scooby-Doo Movies, the"cartoon1972-1973
1655New Scooby-Doo Movies, the"Mystery in Persia" s2e2time travel trip to save prince
1656New Show, the"New Show, the"tv1984
1657New Show, the"Time Truck" (Skit)s1e2time machine truck
1658New Worst Witch, the"New Worst Witch, the"tv2005-2007
1659New Worst Witch, the"Time After Time"s1e12time manipulation, redo past
1660Nichtlustig die Serie"Nichtlustig die Serie"cartoon2015
1661Nichtlustig die Serie"Zeitreisende Enten"s1e1time machine
1662Night Court"Night Court"tv1984-1992
1663Night Court"Futureman"s7e14 fake time traveller from the future
1664Night Court"Hey Harry, F'Crying Out …"s8e18styled It’s a Wonderful Life
1665Night Gallery"Night Gallery"tv1970-1973
1666Night Gallery"The Little Black Bag"s1e2medical bag from future
1667Night Gallery"Lone Survivor"s1e5time hopping
1668Night Gallery"The Diary"s2e15book predicts future events
1669Night Gallery"Tell David..."s2e21meet future son
1670Night Man"Night Man"tv1997-1999
1671Night Man"Sixty Minute Man"s2e10stop time
1672Night Visions"Night Visions"tv2001-2002
1673Night Visions"The Maze"s1e11time rift to future
1674Nightmare Room, the"Nightmare Room, the"tv2001
1675Nightmare Room, the"Dear Diary, I'm Dead"s1e10time loop
1676Nine: Nine Time Travels "Nine: Nine Time Travels "TT- travel back 20 yrs, changes past eventv2013TT-SERIES
1677No Ordinary Family"No Ordinary Family"tv2010-
1678No Ordinary Family"No Ordinary Animal"ep18futuristic animal
1679No Ordinary Family"No Ordinary Future"ep19time travel abilities
1680Nobunaga Concerto"Nobunaga Concerto"tv2014
1681Nobunaga Concerto"Saburou Nobunaga"ep1to 1549 look-a-like lord
1682Noein: To Your Other Self"Noein: To Your Other Self"TT- future self save future togethercartoon2005-2006TT-SERIESaka Noein: Mô hitori no kimi he
1684Noozles"Journey to the Past"s1e12to past
1685Occult Academy"Occult Academy"cartoon2010aka Seikimatsu okaruto gakuin
1686Occult Academy"Maya no yogen"s1e1time traveller from 2012 to 1999
1687Odd Squad"Odd Squad"tv2014-aka Seikimatsu okaruto gakuin
1688Odd Squad"Ms. O Uh-Oh"s1e8visitor from past
1689Odd Squad"6:00 to 6:05"s1e21dinosaur to present, return to past
1690Odd Squad"Back to the Past"s2e2to future
1691Odd Squad"Drop Gadget Repeat"s2e13time loop
1692Odyssey 5"Odyssey 5"tv2002-2004
1693Odyssey 5"Pilot"s1e1sent back 5 yrs to save Earth
1694Odyssey 5"The Choices We Make"s1e7visitor not bound by time
1695Oggy & Cockroaches"Oggy & Cockroaches"cartoon1998-2002
1696Oggy & Cockroaches"Time Machine"s1e31change past events
1697Oggy & Cockroaches"Perpetual Motion"s2e13control time
1698Oggy & Cockroaches"The Wonder Whistle"s2e22freeze time
1699Oggy & Cockroaches"Pharonuf"s2e52to ancient Egypt
1700Once Upon a Time"Once Upon a Time"tv2011-
1701Once Upon a Time"Snow Drifts"s3e21time portal to past changes
1702Once Upon a Time"Theres No Place Like Home"s3e22fix changes in past for future
1703One Life to Live"One Life to Live"tv-soa1968-
1704One Life to LiveClint loves wife's great grandma so never born1988to 1888 old west
1705One Life to Live"Bo and Rex"2008to 1968
1706One Step Beyond"One Step Beyond"tv1959-1964aka Alcoa Presents:
1707One Step Beyond"Father Image"s2e13relive past via fathers memory gene
1708One Step Beyond"Earthquake"s2e17foresee earthquake
1709One Step Beyond"The Room Upstairs"s3e25overlapping time
1710One Step Beyond"Eyewitness"s3e36knows next day volcano, assassin
1711Operation Phoenix"Operation Phoenix"tv1997aka Jager zwischen den Welten
1712Operation Phoenix"Wettlauf mit der Zeit"s1e4U-Boot from WWII surfaces in 1998
1713Operation Proposal"Operation Proposal"tv2007aka Proposal Daisakusen
1714Operation Proposal"We can get married if I make it to Koshien"s1e1relive teenage days, make changesaka Operation Love
1715Operation Proposal"Operation Proposal"tv2012
1716Operation Proposal"Episode 1"s1e1relive teenage days (remake)
1717Oskar und Josefine"Oskar und Josefine"TT- kids help children in pasttv2005TT-SERIES
1718Osomatsu Kun "Osomatsu Kun "cartoon1966-1967
1719Osomatsu Kun "In A Time Machine To The Stone Age"s1e52time machine
1720Ostrov pogibshikh korabley"Ostrov pogibshikh korabley"TT- time rift island of shipwrecksmini1987TT-SERIESaka Insel der verschollenen Schiffe
1721Others, The"Others, The"tv2000
1722Others, The"Don't Dream It's Over"s1e8dream time travel to 1800s to save woman
1723Our War"Our War"tv2006
1724Our War"Episode 1"s1e1from 2006 to 1944 into another body
1725Out of Place"Out of Place"TT- 1950s detective in present dayweb2013-2014TT-SERIES
1726Out of the Unknown"Out of the Unknown"tv1965-1971aka Journey to the Unknown
1727Out of the Unknown"The Dead Past"s1e4Chronoscope to see into the past
1728Out of the Unknown"The Fox and the Forest"s1e8time travel vacationers to 1930s
1729Out of the Unknown"The Eye"s2e7see crimes up to 50 yrs in the past
1730Out of the Unknown"The Little Black Bag"s3e8medical bag from future
1731Out of This World"Out of This World"TT- magical abilities to freeze timetv1987-1991TT-SERIES
1732Out of Time"Out of Time"web2012-
1733Out of Time"The Accidental Time Traveller"s1e1 sent back to prevent death
1734Outer Limits, the"Outer Limits, the"tv1963-1965
1735Outer Limits, the"The Man Who Was Never Born"s1e6astronaut to the future
1736Outer Limits, the"Controlled Experiment"s1e16control time
1737Outer Limits, the"The Forms of Things Unknown"s1e32invents time machine
1738Outer Limits, the"Soldier"s2e1future soldiers fight in present
1739Outer Limits, the"Demon With a Glass Hand"s2e5time travellers from future
1740Outer Limits, the"The Premonition"s2e17astronaut in time warp
1741Outer Limits 2, the"Outer Limits 2, the"tv1995-2002
1742Outer Limits 2, the"Virtual Future"s1e8sees futures tries to change it
1743Outer Limits 2, the"A Stitch In Time"s2e1time traveller prevents murders
1744Outer Limits 2, the"Falling Star"s2e19time traveller meets singer idol
1745Outer Limits 2, the"Vanishing Act"s2e21time bubble returns every 10yrs
1746Outer Limits 2, the"Joyride"s5e6return to relive past 35 years
1747Outer Limits 2, the"Tribunal"s5e12time traveller in WWII
1748Outer Limits 2, the"Deja Vu"s5e16invents time machine
1749Outer Limits 2, the"Breaking Point"s6e5time traveller paradox
1750Outer Limits 2, the"Decompression"s6e13time traveller changes future
1751Outer Limits 2, the"Gettysburg"s6e17to 1863
1752Outer Limits 2, the"Final Appeal" (conclusion of A Stich in Time)s6e21-2time traveller court trial
1753Outer Limits 2, the"Patient Zero"s7e2time traveller change past
1754Outer Limits 2, the"Alien Shop"s7e9what-if alternate timeline
1755Outer Limits 2, the"Time to Time"s7e15change fathers past
1757Outlander"Sassenach"s1e1sent from 1945 to 1743
1759Outlaws"Outlaws"s1e1sent from 1886 to 1986
1760Out of Control"Out of Control"tv1984-1985
1761Out of Control"The Hurry Up Time Machine"s1e20back in time to pirates
1762Over Run Over"Over Run Over"TT- time travel ability to fix pasttv2016-TT-SERIES
1763Oyayubi Tom"Oyayubi Tom"cartoon1967
1764Oyayubi Tom"Time Machine De Tsuiseki"s1e13btime machine
1765Painkiller Jane"Painkiller Jane"tv2007-
1766Painkiller Jane"Catch Me if You Can"s1e4visions of future
1767Painkiller Jane"Playback"s1e17time looping ability
1768Palace: The Locked Heart Jade"Palace: The Locked Heart Jade"tv2011aka Gong, Gong Suo Xin Yu
1769Palace: The Locked Heart Jade"Episode 1"ep1to 1700s Qing Dynasty
1770Palace: The Locked Heart Jade"Episode 39"ep39return to present day
1771Palace II: The Locked Beaded Curtain"Palace II: The Locked Beaded Curtain"tv2012aka Gong II, Gong Suo Zhu Lian
1772Palace II: The Locked Beaded Curtain"Episode 1"s1e1from Qing Dynasty to present
1774Pandamonium"Once Upon a Time Machine"s1e10time machine
1775Paradox"Paradox"TT- foresee doom try to altermini2009TT-SERIES
1777Passions"Ep 2086"s9e55reverse time using magic
1778Paws Paws"Paws Paws"cartoon1985
1779Paws Paws"Totem Time Trap"s1e19to prehistoric age
1780Penguins of Madagascar, the"Penguins of Madagascar, the"cartoon2008-
1781Penguins of Madagascar, the"It’s about Time"s2e1prevent building time machine
1782Percy's Tiger Tales"Percy's Tiger Tales"cartoon2012-
1783Percy's Tiger Tales"Flap-Flap and the Time Machine"s1e23time machine to catch thief
1784Person of Interest"Person of Interest"tv2011-
1785Person of Interest“If, Then, Else”s4e11time loop
1786Perversions of Science"Perversions of Science"tv1997
1787Perversions of Science"Given the heir"s1e5back 10 years
1788Peter Potamus and his Magic Flying Balloon"Peter Potamus and his Magic Flying Balloon"TT- historical time tripscartoon1964-1966TT-SERIES
1789Petlya vremeni"Petlya vremeni"TT- emerge in 1879 from sewermini2013TT-SERIES
1790Phantom 2040"Phantom 2040"tv1994-1997
1791Phantom 2040"Second Time Around"s2e14virtual Time Machine to 1933
1792Phil of the Future"Phil of the Future"TT- future visitor and his anticstv2004-2006TT-SERIESaka Out of Timers
1793Phineas and Ferb"Phineas and Ferb"cartoon2007-
1794Phineas and Ferb"It’s about Time"s1e13find time machine
1795Phineas and Ferb"Quantum Boogaloo"s2e25to future collect tools
1796Phineas and Ferb"Across 2nd Dimension"s3e18alternate timeline
1797Phineas and Ferb"Steampunx"s4e28to 1902 via magic coin
1798Pink Panther Show, the"Pink Panther Show, the"cartoon1969
1799Pink Panther Show, the"Prehistoric Pink"s1e6to dinosaur era
1800Pink Panther and Pals"Pink Panther and Pals"cartoon2010
1801Pink Panther and Pals"Pinkozoic era"s1e8to dinosaur era
1802Pink Panther and Pals"Knights in Pink Armor"s1e11to medievel times
1803Pink Panther and Pals"A Pink in Time" & "Reel Pink"s1e26to prehistoric age, to silent movie
1804Pink Panther and Pals"And not a Drop to Pink"s1e39to old Egypt
1805Pink Panther Laugh and a Half Hour"Pink Panther Laugh and a Half Hour"cartoon1976
1806Pink Panther Laugh and a Half Hour"The Fishy Time Machine"s1e7btime machine
1807Pinky and the Brain"Pinky and the Brain"cartoon1995-1998
1808Pinky and the Brain"When Mice Ruled The Earth" (from Animaniacs)s1e47use Wells time machine
1809Pinky and the Brain"Brain of the Future"s2e10future self visits
1810Plan B"Plan B"TT- second chances back in timetv2017-TT-SERIES
1811Planet of the Apes (TV Series)"Planet of the Apes (TV Series)"tv1974
1812Planet of the Apes (TV Series)"Escape from Tomorrow"s1e1travel to far future of apes
1813Planet Patrol"Planet Patrol aka Space Patrol"tv1963-1968
1814Planet Patrol"Time Stands Still"s1e10accelerated time device
1815Plucky Duck Show, the"Plucky Duck Show, the"cartoon1992
1816Plucky Duck Show, the"A Ditch in Time"s1e7future self, time travel adv
1818Pokemon"Me Myself and Time"s7e36time travel meet self
1819Pokemon"Time Warp Heals All Wounds"s9e12traval back via locket
1820Pokemon"A Restoration Confrontation"s15e27time portal to past
1821Pokemon Chronicles"Pokemon Chronicles"cartoon2006-
1822Pokemon Chronicles"Celebi and Joy"s1e12back in time
1823Popeye the Sailor"Popeye the Sailor"cartoon1960-
1824Popeye the Sailor"Popeye meets Hercules"ep155time matches back to show history (1948)
1825Popeye the Sailor"Crystal Ball Brawl"ep227device to foresee future (1957)
1826Popeye the Sailor"Astro-Nut"ep10time dilation (1955)
1827Popeye the Sailor"Have Time Will Travel"s2e45to prehistoric age
1828Popeye the Sailor"Time Marches Backwards"s1e54to ice age (Jack Kinney Productions)
1829Popeye the Sailor"Out of This World"s1e66to future
1830Popeye the Sailor"Popeye's Tea Party" s1e106to 1773
1831Popeye the Sailor"Invisible Popeye"s1e116future Martians
1832Popeye the Sailor"The Black Knight"s1e124to King Arthur times
1833Popeye the Sailor"Popeyed Columbus" s1e134to 1492
1834Popeye the Sailor"Quick Change Ollie"s1e155magic hen to middle ages (Paramount)
1835Popotan"Popotan"TT- time travel adventurescartoon2003-TT-SERIES
1836Port Charles"Port Charles"tv-soa1997-2003
1837Port CharlesScanlon to 1973 to prevent talking across time2001from 2001 to 1973 change past
1838Port Charles"Premiere of Time in a Bottle"s4e195back in time via morca root
1839Power Rangers Lost Galaxy"Power Rangers Lost Galaxy"tv1999-2000
1840Power Rangers Lost Galaxy"Beware the Mutiny"s1e36time goes backwards
1841Power Rangers: Mighty Morphen"Power Rangers: Mighty Morphen"cartoon1993-1999
1842Power Rangers: Mighty Morphen"Hight Five"s1e2trapped in a time warp
1843Power Rangers: Mighty Morphen"Return of the Green Ranger"s2e44to 18th Century
1844Power Rangers: Mighty Morphen"Wild West Rangers"s2e50time hole to old west
1845Power Rangers: Mighty Morphen"Rangers in Reverse"s3e33reverse time
1846Power Rangers: Mighty Morphen"Water You Thinking"s3e39time portal
1847Power Rangers: Mighty Morphen"Along came a Spider"s3e40distant past to find gem
1848Power Rangers: Mighty Morphen"The Samurai's Journey"s11e16back 20 yrs when parents met
1849Power Rangers: SPD"Power Rangers: SPD"tv2005
1850Power Rangers: SPD"Samurai"s1e18time portal visitor from past
1851Power Rangers: SPD"Messenger"s1e21message from 2040
1852Power Rangers: SPD"History"s1e32old and new rangers meet
1853Power Rangers: SPD"Wormhole"s1e38to old rangers past
1854Power Rangers: Time Force"Power Rangers: Time Force"TT- future cops fighting crimetv2001-TT-SERIES
1855Power Rangers: V.R. Troopers"Power Rangers: V.R. Troopers"tv1994-1996
1856Power Rangers: V.R. Troopers"Forward into the Past"s2e25time bracelet to prehistoric earth
1857Power Rangers Zeo"Power Rangers Zeo"tv1996-1997
1858Power Rangers Zeo"A Brief Mystery of Time"s1e43time loop
1859Powerpuff Girls, the"Powerpuff Girls, the"cartoon1998-2012aka PPG
1860Powerpuff Girls, the"Only a Matter of Time"ep51time machine
1861Powerpuff Girls, the"Speed Demon"s2e12alternate timeline
1862Powerpuff Girls, the"Get Back Jojo"s4e3time machine to change past
1863Powerpuff Girls, the"Mizzen in Action"s6e7forward in time
1864Prehistoric Park"Prehistoric Park"TT- save extinct animals in timemini2006TT-SERIES
1865Present Time"Present Time"TT- biblical characters to the present1997TT-SERIES
1866Pretty Piggies"Pretty Piggies"TT - magic gloves to travel in timecartoon1990TT-SERIES
1867Primitives, the"Primitives, the"cartoon2007
1868Primitives, the"Time Machine"s1e48time machine
1869Primeval"Primeval"TT- time rift releases past beaststv2007-2011TT-SERIESaka Primaeval
1870Prisoners of Gravity"Prisoners of Gravity"doc1989-1994
1871Prisoners of Gravity"Time Travel"s1e14discuss time travel
1872Prisoners of Gravity"Alternate Histories"s3e2discuss changed history
1873Producing Parker"Producing Parker"cartoon2009
1874Producing Parker"The Parker Prophecies"s2e13time machine to future
1875Proposal Daisakusen"Proposal Daisakusen"TT- second chances back in timetv2007TT-SERIESaka Operation Love
1876PSI Factor"PSI Factor"tv1996
1877PSI Factor"Dream House"s1e1visions of future
1878PSI Factor"Man out of Time"s1e2time rift sends man from past
1879PSI Factor"Devil's Triangle"s1e12frozen in time
1880PSI Factor"Palimpsest"s3e4time rift across past present future
1881PSI Factor"Soul Survivor"s4e4missing in 1989, reappears in 1999
1882PSI Factor"Once Upon a Time in the West"s4e6visitor from future warns self
1883PSI Factor"Elevator"s4e20time pocket of different timelines
1884Puella Magi Madoka Magica"Puella Magi Madoka Magica"TT- alternate timelines, manipulatecartoon2011TT-SERIESaka Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
1886Pucca"Ninjasaurus"s1e14to prehistoric age
1887Pucca"Tame That Toon"s2e13back in time to erase ancestor
1888Quantum Leap"Quantum Leap"TT- time and body leapingtv1989-1993TT-SERIES
1889Queen in Hyun's Man"Queen in Hyun's Man"tv2012
1890Queen in Hyun's Man"Pilot"s1e1300 yrs into future
1891R.L. Stines The Haunting Hour"R.L. Stines The Haunting Hour"tv2010-2014
1892R.L. Stines The Haunting Hour"The Black Mask"s1e13see into the future
1893R.L. Stines The Haunting Hour"Lovecrafts Woods"s3e19time loop
1894R.L. Stines The Haunting Hour"I'm Not Martin"s4e1to 1950s
1895Rabbids Invasion"Rabbids Invasion"cartoon2013-2014
1896Rabbids Invasion"Rabbid 2.0"s1e25visitor from future
1897Rabbids Invasion"Incredible Rabbid Space Time Machine"s2e17time travel washing machine
1898Rabbids Invasion"Rabbid Remote"s2e20device to alter real time
1899Rabbids Invasion"Season 3 - various"s3e1-6time machine adventures
1900Raccoons, the"Raccoons, the"cartoon1985-1992
1901Raccoons, the"TimeTrap"s1e19time machine to change past
1902Ramsey has a Time Machine"Ramsey has a Time Machine"TT- time travel phone apptv2014-2015TT-SERIES
1903Ray Bradbury Theater, the"Ray Bradbury Theater, the"tv1985-1992
1904Ray Bradbury Theater, the"A Sound of Thunder"s4e6dinosauer hunt
1905Ray Bradbury Theater, the"Touch of Petulance"s5e6newspaper from the future
1906Ray Bradbury Theater, the"The Toynbee Convector"s5e8100 years into the future
1907Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World"Re:Zero -Starting Life in Another World"TT- ability go back in time when deadcartoon2014-TT-SERIESaka Ri:Zero kara Hajimeru
1908Read All About It!"Read All About It!"tv1983
1909Read All About It!"Back in Time"s2e1-6visit historical figures from 1812
1910Reading Rainbow"Reading Rainbow"tv1983-2006
1911Reading Rainbow"Alistair's Time Machine"s9e1interview historical figures
1912Real Adventures of Jonny Quest"Real Adventures of Jonny Quest"cartoon1996-1997
1913Real Adventures of Jonny Quest"Edge of Tomorrow"s2e22to prehistoric time
1914Real Ghostbusters, the "Real Ghostbusters, the "cartoon1986-1991
1915Real Ghostbusters, the "Xmas Marks the Spot"s1e13Xmas past future, time portal
1916Real Ghostbusters, the "Play those Ragtime Boos"s2e54travel thru the ages
1917Real Ghostbusters, the "Future Tense"s5e6to future
1918Real Ghostbusters, the "From Al Copone's Tomb"s5e8to another realm
1919Real Ghostbusters, the "The Halloween Door"s5e9sent back before event
1920Real Ghostbusters, the "I'ts About Time"s5e17to 1959
1921Real Ghostbusters, the "Deja Boo"s6e10observe past events
1922Red Dwarf"Red Dwarf"tv1988-1999
1923Red Dwarf"Future Echoes"s1e2encounter future selves
1924Red Dwarf"Stasis Leak"s2e10back 3 million years
1925Red Dwarf"Backwards"s3e13time hole to 1993 Earth
1926Red Dwarf"Timeslides"s3e17back in time via photographs
1927Red Dwarf"White Hole"s4e4white hole ceases time linearly
1928Red Dwarf"The Inquisitor"s5e26time travelling android/judge
1929Red Dwarf"Rimmerworld"s6e35time hole 600 yrs after Rimmer
1930Red Dwarf"Out of Time"s6e36future selves via time machine
1931Red Dwarf"Tikka to Ride"s7e37time paradox with themselves
1932Red Dwarf"Ouroboros"s7e39alternate timeline
1933Red Dwarf"Cassandra"s8e48computer predicts future events
1934Red Dwarf"Pete"s8e50-5time wand to deevolve freeze time
1935Red Dwarf"Lemons"s10e58stuck in 23 AD Britain
1936Red Green Show"Red Green Show"tv2003
1937Red Green Show"Ranger Gord: Before the Fire" - skits10e18time machine to undo past
1938Red Skelton Hour, the"Red Skelton Hour, the"tv1953-1971
1939Red Skelton Hour, the"George Appleby's Time Machine"s10e7time machine
1940Red vs Blue"Red vs Blue"cartoon2003-
1941Red vs Blue"Same Old Same Old"s5e21time looping ability
1942Red vs Blue"Introductions"s9e10time loop
1943Refugees, the"Refugees, the"tv2015
1944Refugees, the"The Exodus"ep1visitors from future
1945Regular Show"Regular Show"cartoon2010-2013
1946Regular Show"Prank Callers"s1e9to 1980s
1947Regular Show "Appreciation Day"s2e2reset time to earlier
1948Regular Show"Night Owl"s2e21time bubble
1949Regular Show"Bad Kiss"s3e39time machine to fix past
1950Ren and Stimpy Show, the"Ren and Stimpy Show, the"cartoon1991-1996
1951Ren and Stimpy Show, the"Space Madness"s1e3time travel pants
1953Renegade"Rio Reno"s4e16dream time travel to old west
1954RePlay"RePlay"TT- time loop birthdaytv2016TT-SERIES
1955Return of Psammead (Sand Fairy), the"Return of Psammead (Sand Fairy), the"tv1993aka Five Children and It
1956Return of Psammead (Sand Fairy), the"Episodes 1-6"s1e1-6time travel amulet across agesaka Five Children and It
1957Return to the Planet of the Apes"Return to the Planet of the Apes"cartoon1975-1976
1958Return to the Planet of the Apes"River of Flames"s1e1spaceship into the future
1959Rewind"Rewind"TT- rewind time ability to make fixestv2015TT-SERIES
1960Richie Rich"Richie Rich"cartoon1980-1984
1961Richie Rich"Caveboy Richie"s1e13time machine to prehistoric age
1962Richie Rich"I Want my Mummy"s5e1to ancient Egypt
1963Richie Rich"Richie of the Round Table"s5e3to medievel times
1964Richie Rich Collection"Richie Rich Collection"cartoon1996
1965Richie Rich Collection"Back in the Saddle"s1e3to old west
1966Rick and Morty"Rick and Morty"TT- time manipulationcartoon2013-TT-SERIES
1967Riftworld Chronicles, the"Riftworld Chronicles, the"TT- time portal from medievel timeweb2015TT-SERIES
1968Ring Raiders"Ring Raiders"TT- time travelling planescartoon1989TT-SERIES
1969Ripping Friends, the"Ripping Friends, the"cartoon2001-2002
1970Ripping Friends, the"The Man From Next Thursday"s1e11-1time traveller from Thursday
1971Road Rovers"Road Rovers"cartoon1996-1998
1972Road Rovers"Reigning Cats and Dogs"s2e1back in time as transformed cat
1973Rob & Big"Rob & Big"tv2006-2008
1974Rob & Big"Time Travel"s2e02mail order time travel device
1975Robot Chicken"Robot Chicken"cartoon2005-
1976Robot Chicken"Vegetable Fun Fest"s1e6travel back to Benny Hill funeral
1977Robot Chicken"Federated Resources"s2e2time travelling jerk causes havoc
1978Robot Chicken"Eaten by Cats"s6e16fix time machine
1979Robot Chicken"Snarfer Image"s7e7travel back in time
1980Robot Chicken"Western Hay Batch"s8e12terminator stops Eve eating apple
1981Rock'n Roll Cop"Rock'n Roll Cop"cartoon1980s
1982Rock'n Roll Cop"Into the Future"s1e1time rift into the future
1983Rocket Robin Hood "Rocket Robin Hood "cartoon1966-1969
1984Rocket Robin Hood "Time Machine"s2e2,3time machine
1985Rocko's Modern Life"Rocko's Modern Life"cartoon1993-1996
1986Rocko's Modern Life"Cuisin"s2e8speed up and reverse timeline
1987Rocky and Bullwinkle Show"Rocky and Bullwinkle Show"cartoon1959-1964
1988Rocky and Bullwinkle Show"Mr. Peabody and Sherman" s1-5time machine historic travels
1989Roger Ramjet "Roger Ramjet "cartoon1965-
1990Roger Ramjet "Time Machine"s3e4time machine
1991Rooftop Prince"Rooftop Prince"tv2012
1992Rooftop Prince"Episode 1"s1e1visitors from 300yrs ago
1993Rooster Teeth Shorts"Rooster Teeth Shorts"tv2009-
1994Rooster Teeth Shorts"Macrowave Time Machine"s5e11attempt to kill Hitler
1996Roswell"The End of the World"s2e5future self visits to alter event
1997Rubik, the Amazing Cube"Rubik, the Amazing Cube"cartoon1983-1984
1998Rubik, the Amazing Cube"Time Travelin' Rubik"s1e13time machine
1999Ruby Gloom"Ruby Gloom"cartoon2006
2000Ruby Gloom"Time Flies"s1e16build a time machine
2001Ruby Gloom"Déjà vu Again"s1e28time loop
2003Rugrats"Chuckie's Wonderful Life"s3e17styled It’s a Wonderful Life
2004Rugrats"Toy Palace"s2e1 Wee Willie Warp Time Traveler toy
2005Rugrats"All Growed Up"s7e14tv reference time machine
2006Run Toward Tomorrow"Run Toward Tomorrow"tv2015
2007Run Toward Tomorrow"Episode 1"s1e1time slip between 2015 and 2005
2008Rupan sansei"Rupan sansei"cartoon1971-1972
2009Rupan sansei"Beware the Time Machine"s1e13time traveller revenge
2011Rupert"Rupert and Algy's Misadventure"s1e3back in time, misidentify
2012Rupert"Rupert in Timeland"s2e4frozen in time, Father Time
2013Rupert"Rupert and Ginger"s3e1time portal to jurassic era
2014Rupert"Rupert's Roman Adventure"s4e46magic tiles to roman era
2015Rupert"Rupert and the Crystal Ball"s5e5see into the future via magic crystal
2016Rupert"Rupert and Queen Bess"s5e8meet Shakespeare
2017Rusty Bucket Kids, the"Rusty Bucket Kids, the"TT- travel in history via steam trainweb2010TT-SERIES
2018Sabrina Secrets of a Teenage Witch"Sabrina Secrets of a Teenage Witch"cartoon2013-
2019Sabrina Secrets of a Teenage Witch"No Time"s1e5find Earths hourglass before runs out
2020Sabrina the Animated Series"Sabrina the Animated Series"cartoon2009-2001
2021Sabrina the Animated Series"Ug the Caveman"s1e6visitor from ice age
2022Sabrina the Animated Series"No Time to be a Hero"s1e9to Salem
2023Sabrina the Animated Series"A Witch in Time"s1e18alternate universe
2024Sabrina the Animated Series"This is your Nine Lives"s1e29time travel for gifts
2025Sabrina the Animated Series"When in Rome"s1e39to ancient Rome
2026Sabrina the Animated Series"Strange New World"s1e51young Tom Edison
2027Sabrina the Animated Series"Hexcalibur"s1e54to Merlin
2028Sabrina the Teenage Witch"Sabrina the Teenage Witch"tv1996-2003
2029Sabrina the Teenage Witch"Inna Gadda Sabrina"s2e8to 1960s
2030Sabrina the Teenage Witch"Double Time"s4e2 speed time at cost of others time
2031Sabrina the Teenage Witch"Love in Bloom”"s4e15Daniel Boone to the present
2032Sabrina the Teenage Witch"Time after Time”"s6e15return to younger self erase self
2033Sabrina the Teenage Witch"Bada-Ping"s7e8travel to future
2034Saigo no Restaurant"Saigo no Restaurant"TT- historical figures visittv2016TT-SERIESaka The Last Restaurant
2035Sailer Moon"Sailor Moon"cartoon1997-2000
2036Sailor Moon"Future Shocked"s2e35gate of time, time warp, to future
2037Sailor Moon Crystal"Sailor Moon Crystal"cartoon2014-
2038Sailor Moon Crystal"Time Warp, Sailor Pluto"s2e6first time travel to 30th Century
2039Samurai Jack"Samurai Jack"cartoon2001-2004
2040Samurai Jack"The Samurai Called Jack"s1e2sends Prince into future
2041Samurai Sensei"Samurai Sensei"tv2015
2042Samurai Sensei"Episode 1"s1e1travel 150 yrs to present, adjustment
2043Sana Maulit Muli"Sana Maulit Muli"tv2007
2044Sana Maulit Muli"Week 3"ep11-15back in time for better choice
2046Sanctuary"Pavor Nocturnus"s2e5awakens in the future
2047Sanctuary"Into the Black"s3e20rewrite history
2048Sanctuary"Tempus"s4e1to 1890s
2049Sanford and Son"Sanford and Son"tv1972-1977
2050Sanford and Son"Ebenezer Sanford"s5e12scrooge past present future
2051Santa Barbara"Santa Barbara "tv-soa1984-1993aka California Clan
2052Santa BarbaraEden in coma guardian angel grants to undo past1990change the past murder blackmail
2053Santa BarbaraEden Cruz honeymoon 1988 in Pebble Creekep928mirror to 1962 when parents met
2054Sapphire and Steel"Sapphire and Steel"TT- paranormal time investigatorstv1979-1982TT-SERIES
2055Sarabhai vs Sarabhai"Sarabhai vs Sarabhai"tv2004-2017
2056Sarabhai vs Sarabhai"Find a Bride in 30 Days: Part 2"s1e69see future events for next 7 years
2057Sarah Connor Chronicles, the"Sarah Connor Chronicles, the"tv2008-2009
2058Sarah Connor Chronicles, the"Pilot"s1e1robot from future protects family
2059Sarah Connor Chronicles, the"Self Made Man"s2e11terminator sent to 1920s mystery
2060Sarah Jane Adventures, the"Sarah Jane Adventures, the"TT- battle aliens time traveltv2007-2011TT-SERIES
2061Scarlet Heart"Scarlet Heart"tv2011aka Bu Bu Jing Xin
2062Scarlet Heart"Episode 1"s1e1mind travel back to Qing dynasty
2063Scarlet Heart Ryeo"Scarlet Heart Ryeo"tv2016aka Bobogyeongsim ryeo
2064Scarlet Heart Ryeo"Moonlovers"s1e1travel back to Goryeo Dynasty
2065School House Rock!"School House Rock!"cartoon1973-2009
2066School House Rock!"Money Rock. This for That"s6e8back in time via video to learn history
2067Schloss Einstein"Schloss Einstein"tv1998-aka Castle Einstein
2068Schloss Einstein"Folge 688" s14e688Albert Einstein and time travel
2069Schlumpfe auf Zeitreise"Schlumpfe auf Zeitreise"TT- smurf time travel adventurescartoon1981-1990TT-SERIESaka Smurfs
2070Science Fiction Threater"Science Fiction Threater"tv1955-1957
2071Science Fiction Threater"Time is just a Place"s1e2time travellers from future
2072Science Fiction Threater"Operation Flypaper"s1e38time shift used by thieves
2073Science Fiction Threater"When a Camera Fails"s2e5rocks recorded prehistoric events
2074Scooby and Scrappy-Doo"Scooby and Scrappy-Doo"cartoon1978-1985
2075Scooby and Scrappy-Doo"One Million Years Before Lunch"s4e34time warp to stone age
2077Screenplay"Dread Poets' Society"s7e10visitors from past via storm
2079SCTV"Christmas - It's a Wonderful Life"s4e6see past present future
2080Sealab 2021"Sealab 2021"cartoon2000-2005
2081Sealab 2021"Lost in Time"s1e6time rift
2082SeaQuest DSV"SeaQuest DSV"tv1993-1996aka SeaQuest 2032
2083SeaQuest DSV"Playtime"s2e5black hole to 200 yrs into future
2084SeaQuest DSV"Second Chance"s3e55to 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
2085Seasame Street"Seasame Street"cartoon1969-
2086Seasame Street"Kemit - Moments in History"ep700Christopher Columbus
2087Seasame Street"Kemit - Moments in History"ep1060George Washington Cherry Tree
2088Seasame Street"Kemit - Moments in History"ep2574Boston Tea Party
2089Seasame Street"Kemit - Moments in History"ep2996first day of School in History
2090Second Chance"Second Chance"TT- to 1987 to change old selftv1987-1988TT-SERIES
2091Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, the"Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, the"tv2000
2092Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, the"The Cardinal's Design"s1e4time machine back 200 yrs
2093Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, the"The Cardinal's Revenge"s1e5back to present
2094Secret Life of Suckers, the"Secret Life of Suckers, the"mini2009
2095Secret Life of Suckers, the"Time Travel"s1e12to ice age, future, meet many selves
2096Secret Show, the"Secret Show, the"cartoon2006-2008
2097Secret Show, the"Victor of the Future"s2e6visitor from future to warn
2098Secret World of Polly Flint, the"Secret World of Polly Flint, the"TT- visits village lost in timetv1987TT-SERIES
2099Self Centered"Self Centered"TT- mind time travel to future, changetv2011TT-SERIES
2100Serial Zavod"Serial Zavod"tv2013-2015
2101Serial Zavod"Terminator"s2e2visitor from future
2102Seven Days"Seven Days"TT- foresees trouble try to preventtv1998-2001TT-SERIESaka 7 Days
2103Six Million Dollar Man"Six Million Dollar Man"tv1974-1978
2104Six Million Dollar Man"Just a Matter of Time"s5e13spaceship 6 years into future
2105Shadow Chasers"Shadow Chasers"tv1985-1986
2106Shadow Chasers"Ahead of Time"s1e14time traveller from future
2108Shadows"The Future Ghost"s1e1from 1875 visit 1970s room
2109Shadows"The Other Window"s1e7optic device to see past
2110Shadows"Time Out of Mind"s2e2magically to victorian times as doll
2111Shaka Laka"Shaka Laka"tv2000-2004
2112Shaka Laka"Episode 485"ep485time machine
2114Shaktimaan"Episode 358"ep358time machine travels
2115She-Ra: Princess of Power"She-Ra: Princess of Power"cartoon1985-1987
2116She-Ra: Princess of Power"The Time Transformer"s3e2change history
2117She-Ra: Princess of Power"Brigis"s3e3magic box appears every 500 yrs
2119Sherlock"The Abominable Bride"s4e0drug induced time travel to 1890s
2121Siebenstein"Der Zeitreisende"s1e101time manipulation with clock
2122Signal"Signal"TT- police communications to 1989tv2016-TT-SERIES
2123Significant Mother"Significant Mother"tv2015-
2124Significant Mother"Not about Bob"s1e9fake time travel to see own future
2125Silent Möbius"Silent Möbius"cartoon1998
2126Silent Möbius"Labyrinth"ep1630 yrs into past
2128SilverHawks"Stop Timestopper"s1e5ability to stop time in vicinity
2129SilverHawks"Race Against Time"s1e16back in time to save Earth
2130SilverHawks"Window in Time"s1e49back in time to save selves
2132Silversun"Can Opener"s1e11lost in time and space via wormhole
2133Silver Surfer"Silver Surfer"cartoon1998
2134Silver Surfer"The End of Eternity"s1e13eternity and Infinity crisis
2135Simpsons, the"Simpsons, the"cartoon1989-
2136Simpsons, the"The Last Temptation of Homer"s5e9styled It’s a Wonderful Life
2137Simpsons, the"Treehouse of Horror V: Time and Punishment"s6e5time travel toaster
2138Simpsons, the"Lisa's Wedding"s6e19NTT fortune teller sees future
2139Simpsons, the"Bart to the Future"s11e17NTT Sharma shows future 30 yrs
2140Simpsons, the"Treehouse XIII - Fright to Creep..."s14e1future selves to warn present
2141Simpsons, the"Helter Shelter"s14e5mention time travel to save Lincoln
2142Simpsons, the"Treehouse XIV - Stop the World…"s15e1stop watch stops time
2143Simpsons, the"Margical History Tour"s15e11NTT historical stories
2144Simpsons, the"Future-Drama"s16e15Prof Frink future viewer
2145Simpsons, the"Springfield Up"s18e13Prof Frink time machine
2146Simpsons, the"Holidays of Future Passed"s23e9NTT set 30 yrs into future
2147Simpsons, the"Treehouse XXIII - Bart and Homers Excellent Adv."s24e2Prof Frink time machine buy comic
2148Simpsons, the"Days of Future Future"s25e18NTT set 30 yrs into future
2149Simpsons, the"Simpsorama"s26e6time travellers from Futurama
2150Siubhlachan "Siubhlachan "TT- time travel adventures thru timetv2009TT-SERIESaka Time Traveler, the
2152Skatoony"Quiz To The Future"s3e6to 26th Century
2153SketchWork TV"SketchWork TV"tv2011-
2154SketchWork TV"The Trouble with Time Travel"s1e4 time travel telephone booth
2156Sky"Burning Light"s1e1time traveller from future
2157Sky Dancers"Sky Dancers"cartoon1996
2158Sky Dancers"Time And Again" s1e12to past
2159Sleepy Hollow"Sleepy Hollow"tv2013-2015
2160Sleepy Hollow"John Doe"s1e5man resurrected 300yrs in present
2161Sleepy Hollow"Awakening"s2e17transported back in time
2162Sleepy Hollow"Tempus Fugit"s2e18spell sends back 300yrs
2164Sliders"As Time Goes By"s2e13time moves backwards
2165Sliders"The Guardian"s3e5 meet past younger self
2167Smallville"Crisis"s3e16phone call from the next day
2168Smallville"Spell"s4e8witches resurrected from 1604
2169Smallville"Lexmas"s5e9styled It’s a Wonderful Life
2170Smallville"Reckoning"s5e12back in time to save Lana
2171Smallville"Veritas"s7e15back in time to Krypton
2172Smallville"Sleeper"s7e17time portal to Krypton
2173Smallville"Apocalypse"s7e18time portal alternate timeline
2174Smallville"Legion"s8e11visitors from 31st century
2175Smallville"Infamous"s8e15back 2 days to undo the past
2176Smallville"Doomsday"s8e22to/from the future
2177Smallville"Savior"s9e1Lois and Alia return from future
2178Smallville"Homecoming"s10e4Clark to past and future
2179Smallville"Booster"s10e18travel from 31st Century
2180SMBC Theater"SMBC Theater"tv2009-
2181SMBC Theater"Time Travelling Geek"s1e42to 1984 to change past
2182Smeshariki: Novye priklyucheniya"Smeshariki: Novye priklyucheniya"cartoon2012-
2183Smeshariki: Novye priklyucheniya"Mashina vremeni"s1e20time machine
2185Smurfs"Clumsy Smurfs the future"s2e20rock shows the future
2186Smurfs"The Smurfings"s5e2 time machine
2187Smurfs"Queen Smurfette"s5e12Father Time sleeps
2188Smurfs"Gargamel's Time Trip"s5e22steal time machine to change past
2189Smurfs"A Myna Problem"s6e24rift in time brings dinosaur
2190Smurfs"Smurfing Out of Time"s7e30stop time from running out
2191Smurfs"Smurfs that Time Forgot"s9e1-2dinosaur to the present
2192So Weird"So Weird"tv1998-2001
2193So Weird"Fountain"s2e13back in time via magic soda fountain
2194So Weird"Detention"s3e3trapped in a time warp via watch
2195So Weird"Exit 13"s3e8time loop
2196Somehow 18"Somehow 18"tv2017-
2197Somehow 18"Episode 1"s1e1back in time to save loved one
2198Somewhen"Somewhen"TT- find Time Machine, make changestv2015TT-SERIES
2199Sonic the Hedghog"Sonic the Hedghog Adv of "cartoon1993-1996aka Adv of …
2200Sonic the Hedghog"Blast to the Past"s2e4travel to past to change future
2201Sonic the Hedghog"Back Bot the Pirate"s2e18time machine to change past
2202Sonic the Hedghog"Prehistoric Sonic"s3e1to prehistoric time
2203Sonic the Hedghog"Hedgehog of the Hound Table"s3e2to King Arthur
2204Sonic the Hedghog"Robotnik’s Pyramid Scheme"s3e4to ancient Egypt
2205South Park"South Park"cartoon1997-
2206South Park"4th Grade"s4e11experiment with time travel
2207South Park"Trapper Keeper"s4e12robot from future
2208South Park"My Future Self N' Me"s6e16self from future
2209South Park"Cancelled"s7e1time loop rerun
2210South Park"Goobacks"s8e7 future workers look for work in pastaka Goobacks From the Future
2211South Park"Go God Go"s10e12cryogenics to future
2212South Park"Go God Go XII"s10e13stuck in future
2213Space Ace"Space Ace"cartoon1964-1966aka Uchû Êsu
2214Space Ace"Time Machine"s1e41time machine
2215Space Ghost"Space Ghost"cartoon1966-1968
2216Space Ghost"The Time Machine"s1e10time machine
2217Space Ghost"The Meeting"s1e19back in time accidently
2218Space Patrol"Space Patrol aka Planet Patrol"tv1950-1955aka Satellite Police
2219Space Patrol"Time Stands Still"s1e17invent time machine
2220Space Patrol"Lunatics from the Future"s1e42spaceship backwards in time to 1950s
2221Space Patrol"The Mystery of Ancient Egypt"s2e31to 2700 BC Egypt to solve mystery
2222Space Patrol"Errand of Mercy"s2e41to 1952 Earth
2223Space Patrol"Baccarratti's Z Ray"s4e15thieves use time travelling spaceship
2224Space Patrol"Marooned in the Past"s4e16follow time travel criminals to 20th Cent
2225Space Patrol"Evil Spirits of the Great Thunderbird"s4e17 thieves use time travelling spaceship
2226Space Patrol"Fall of the Kingdom of Zarra"s4e18thieves use time travelling spaceship
2227Space Precinct"Space Precinct"tv1994-1995aka Space Police
2228Space Precinct"Time to Kill"s1e6future self saves self
2229Space Sentinels"Space Sentinels"cartoon1978aka Young Sentinels, the
2230Space Sentinels"The Time Traveller"s1e2time traveller
2231Space: 1999"Space: 1999"tv1975-1977
2232Space: 1999"The Full Circle"s1e15time warp to stone age
2233Space: 1999"Another Time Another Place"s1e16time distortion, overlapping timelines
2234Space: 1999"Journey to Where"s2e3to 14th Century Earth
2235Spackovi v síti casu"Spackovi v síti casu"TT- time portal zipper adv in timetv2013TT-SERIES
2236Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea"Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea"cartoon1985-1987
2237Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea"The Prisoners of Lost Time"s1e20time travel spaceship Tehrig
2238Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea"Return of the Prisoners of the Lost Time"s2e26time travel spaceship Tehrig
2239Spider Man"Spider Man"cartoon1967
2240Spider Man"Vine"s1e10time portal to ice age
2241Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends"Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends"cartoon1981-1986
2242Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends"Spidey Meets the Girl from Tomorrow" s3e6alien from future
2243Spider-Man: The Animated Series"Spider-Man: The Animated Series"cartoon1994-1998
2244Spider-Man: The Animated Series"Spidey Meets the Girl from Tomorrow"s3e6visitor from the future (see 729)
2245Spider-Man: The Animated Series"Sins of the Father-Goblin Wars"s3e13time dilation accelerator
2246Spider-Man: The Animated Series"Spider Wars(2): Farewells5e13time dilation accelerator time portal
2248Spider-Woman"The Ghost Vikings"s1e4to/from 952 AD Norway
2250Spirou"Die Ruck Zuck Zeitmaschine" s1e19to future
2251Spirou"Die Zeitmaschine"s2e2to prehistoric and medievel times
2253Spliced"Mr. Wrinkles in Time"s1e25time travel to past to solve mystery
2254Sponge Bob Square Pants"Sponge Bob Square Pants"cartoon1999-
2255Sponge Bob Square Pants"SB-129"s1e14time frozen return in time machine
2256Sponge Bob Square Pants"Dunces and Dragons"s4e6to medieval times
2257Sponge Bob Square Pants"Back to the Past"s7e20back in time
2258Sport Billy"Sport Billy"cartoon1979
2259Sport Billy"Joust in Time"s1e1travel in a time ship
2260Sport Billy"Return to Olympus"s1e4to ancient Rome
2261Sport Billy"Viking for a Day"s2e1to Viking era
2262Stan Against Evil"Stan Against Evil"tv2016-
2263Stan Against Evil"Level Boss"s1e8time loop
2264Star Blazers"Star Blazers"cartoon1979-1982
2265Star Blazers"Time Trap"s2e8accelerated time
2266Star Trek"Star Trek"tv1966-1969aka ST Original
2267Star Trek"The Naked Time"s1e4back 71 hours
2268Star Trek"Tomorrow Is Yesterday"s1e19to 1969
2269Star Trek"The City on the Edge of Forever"s1e28to 1930s
2270Star Trek"Assignment: Earth"s2e26to 1968
2271Star Trek"All Our Yesterdays"s3e235000 years ago
2272Star Trek: Animated"Star Trek: Animated"cartoon1973-1974
2273Star Trek: Animated"Yesteryear"s1e2to past
2274Star Trek: Animated"The Time Trap"s1e12timeless dimension
2275Star Trek: Animated"The Jihad"s1e16time dilation, relativity
2276Star Trek: Animated"The Counter-Clock Incident"s2e22time flows backwards
2277Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"tv1993-1999aka DS9
2278Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"Past Tense Pt. I"s3e11back 300 years
2279Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"Past Tense Pt. II" s3e12back 300 years
2280Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"Visionary"s3e17jump forward several hours
2281Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"The Visitor"s4e2Sisko skips through timelines
2282Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"Little Green Men"s4e8to 1947 Roswell
2283Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"Accension"s4e17Akorem poet from 200 years ago
2284Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"Trials and Tribble-ations"s5e6Star Trek cross overs
2285Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"Things Past"s5e8awaken in the past
2286Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"Children of Time" s5e22Defiant crew visit descendants
2287Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"Far Beyond the Stars"s6e13visions of 1950s
2288Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"Wrongs Darker than Death or Night"s6e17Kira back to mother’s time
2289Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"Time's Orphan"s6e24time vortex ages youth
2290Star Trek: Discovery"Star Trek: Discovery"tv2017-
2291Star Trek: Discovery"Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad"s1e7time loop
2292Star Trek: Enterprise"Star Trek: Enterprise"tv2001-2005aka Enterprise
2293Star Trek: Enterprise"Broken Bow"s1e1-2temporal cold war
2294Star Trek: Enterprise"Cold Front" s1e11visitor from 31st century
2295Star Trek: Enterprise"Shockwave Part I" s1e26to 31st century
2296Star Trek: Enterprise"Shockwave Part II"s2e1to 31st century
2297Star Trek: Enterprise"Future Tense"s2e16time loops and temporal cold war
2298Star Trek: Enterprise"The Expanse" s2e26temporal cold war
2299Star Trek: Enterprise"Twilight"s3e8future TPol tries to correct past
2300Star Trek: Enterprise"Twilight" Part2s3e9future TPol tries to correct past
2301Star Trek: Enterprise"Carpenter Street" s3e11Detroit in 2004
2302Star Trek: Enterprise"Azati Prime"s3e18visitor from future temporal War
2303Star Trek: Enterprise"E2"s3e21meet own descendants
2304Star Trek: Enterprise"Zero Hour" s3e24to WWII
2305Star Trek: Enterprise"Storm Front Part I" s4e1to WWII
2306Star Trek: Enterprise"Storm Front Part II" s4e2to WWII
2307Star Trek: Enterprise"In A Mirror Darkly Part I"s4e1823rd Century Defiant
2308Star Trek: Enterprise"In A Mirror Darkly Part II"s4e1923rd Century Defiant
2309Star Trek: Hidden Frontier"Star Trek Hidden Frontier"tv2000
2310Star Trek: Hidden Frontier"Two Hours"s1e4tampered timeline
2311Star Trek: Hidden Frontier"Yesterday's Excelsior"s2e2alternate timeline and temporal anomaly
2312Star Trek: New Voyages"Star Trek New Voyages"tv2005
2313Star Trek: New Voyages"In Harm's Way"s1e1undo past changes to timeline
2314Star Trek: New Voyages"World Enough and Time"s1e3future self and daughter visit
2315Star Trek: The Next Generation"Star Trek: The Next Generation"tv1987-1994 aka TNG
2316Star Trek: The Next Generation"We'll Always Have Paris"s1e23 time distorting ripples
2317Star Trek: The Next Generation"Time Squared"s2e13back 6 hours
2318Star Trek: The Next Generation"Yesterday's Enterprise" s3e15Enterprise C from 2344 to 2366
2319Star Trek: The Next Generation"Captain's Holiday"s3e19Vorgans from 27th century
2320Star Trek: The Next Generation"A Matter of Time" s5e9historian from 26th century
2321Star Trek: The Next Generation"Cause and Effect" s5e18time loop
2322Star Trek: The Next Generation"The Inner Light" s5e25time dilation decades in 25 min.
2323Star Trek: The Next Generation"Time's Arrow Part I" s5e26to 1890s San Francisco
2324Star Trek: The Next Generation"Time's Arrow Part II" s6e1to 1890s San Francisco
2325Star Trek: The Next Generation"Relics" s6e4cryogentics
2326Star Trek: The Next Generation"Tapestry" s6e15Picard’s earlier life
2327Star Trek: The Next Generation"Timescape"s6e25temporal distortions time loops
2328Star Trek: The Next Generation"Parallels"s7e11shifting timelines
2329Star Trek: The Next Generation"Firstborn"s7e21Worfs son from 40 years ahead
2330Star Trek: The Next Generation"All Good Things... Part I" s7e25jump between three times
2331Star Trek: The Next Generation"All Good Things... Part II" s7e26jump between three times
2332Star Trek: Orville"Star Trek: Orville"tv2017-
2333Star Trek: Orville"Pria"s1e5time travelling collector from future
2334Star Trek: Voyager"Star Trek: Voyager"tv1995-2001
2335Star Trek: Voyager"Parallax"s1e2 quantum singularity encounter future selv
2336Star Trek: Voyager"Time And Again" s1e4back 1 day to save a planet
2337Star Trek: Voyager"Eye of the Needle"s1e7contact an old Romulan ship
2338Star Trek: Voyager"Non Sequitur"s2e5 wake up in 24th Century Earth
2339Star Trek: Voyager"Future's End Pt. I" s3e8to 1900s via 2900 AD technology
2340Star Trek: Voyager"Future's End Pt. II"s3e9to 1900s via 2900 AD technology
2341Star Trek: Voyager"Coda"s3e15time loop
2342Star Trek: Voyager"Before And After"s3e21Kes skips through her life
2343Star Trek: Voyager"Year of Hell Pt. I"s4e8Krenim temporal ship
2344Star Trek: Voyager"Year of Hell Pt. II"s4e9Krenim temporal ship
2345Star Trek: Voyager"Timeless"s5e615 years in the future
2346Star Trek: Voyager"Gravity"s5e13time dilation 47 sec = 1 minute
2347Star Trek: Voyager"Relativity"s5e24Seven becomes a time cop
2348Star Trek: Voyager"Blink of an Eye"s6e12time dilation
2349Star Trek: Voyager"Fury"s6e23Kes wants to change her past
2350Star Trek: Voyager"Shattered"s7e11Chakotay steps between times
2351Star Trek: Voyager"Endgame Pt. I"s7e25future Voyager hatches a plan
2352Star Trek: Voyager"Endgame Pt. II" s7e26future Voyager hatches a plan
2353Star vs the Forces of Evil"Star vs the Forces of Evil"cartoon2015-
2354Star vs the Forces of Evil"Freeze Day"s1e9freezes time throughout universe
2355Stargate Atlantis"Stargate Atlantis"tv2004-2009
2356Stargate Atlantis"Before I Sleep"s1e1410,000 yr stasis woman is self
2357Stargate Atlantis"The Last Man"s4e20sent 48 000 yrs into future
2358Stargate SG-1"Stargate SG-1"tv1997-2007
2359Stargate SG-1"A Matter of Time"s2e16black hole
2360Stargate SG-1"1969"s2e21to 1969
2361Stargate SG-1"Window of Opportunity"s4e6time loop
2362Stargate SG-1"2010"s4e16from alternate 2010 to 2001
2363Stargate SG-1"2001"s5e10reverse of 2010 plot
2364Stargate SG-1"It's Good to be King"s8e13discover a time machine
2365Stargate SG-1"Moebius Part 1"s8e19back to origin of the gate
2366Stargate SG-1"Moebius Part 2"s8e20back to origin of the gate
2367Stargate SG-1"Unnatural Selection"s6e12time dilation device speed up x10
2368Stargate SG-1"Unending" (2007)s10e20stuck in time dilation fileld
2369Stargate Universe"Stargate Universe"tv2009-2011
2370Stargate Universe"Time"s1e8message from future selves
2371Stargate Universe"Twin Destinies"s2e12message from future warns
2373Starhunter"A Twist in Time"s1e17time loop
2374Starhunter"Rebirth"s2e1from hyperspace 15 yrs into future
2375Starhunter"Hyperspace"s2e22back in time to save Callie
2377Starhyke"Reboot"s1e4visitors from 31st Century
2379Starlost"Pisces"s1e4 10yr space trip returns 409yrs in future
2380Static Shock"Static Shock"cartoon2003-2004
2381Static Shock"Flashback"s3e14ability to time travel
2382Static Shock"Blast from the Past"s3e15visitor from 1960s
2383Static Shock"Future Shock"s4e140 yrs into future time travel device
2384Static Shock"Now you see Him"s4e8manipulate flow of time
2385Steins;Gate"Steins;Gate"TT- messages to past to help, experimentscartoon2011-TT-SERIES
2386Steven Universe"Steven Universe"cartoon2013-
2387Steven Universe"Comebacks"s1e0time travel hourglass, fragment time
2388Steven Universe"Winter Forecast"s1e42jumps thru time
2389Strange Frequency"Strange Frequency"tv2001
2390Strange Frequency"Don't Stop Believin'"s1e3music sends to past to correct mistakes
2391Strange Frequency"Disco Inferno"s1e7to 1970s hell
2392Strange Frequency"Time is on my side"s1e8travel to past to prevent murder
2393Strange World of Planet X, the"Strange World of Planet X, the"TT- time travel experiment mishapstv1956TT-SERIES
2394Street Sharks"Street Sharks"cartoon1994-1995
2395Street Sharks"Jurassic Shark"s3e1time machine to past
2396Street Sharks"Sir Sharkalot"s3e2to medieval times
2397Street Sharks"Shark to the Future"s3e3time machine
2398Stroker and Hoop"Stroker and Hoop"cartoon2004-2005
2399Stroker and Hoop"I Saw Stroker Killing Santa"s1e10scrooge past present future
2400Studio 57"Studio 57"tv1954-1958
2401Studio 57"Christmas Every Day"s1e14time loop
2402Studio One"Studio One"tv1948-1958
2403Studio One"Berkeley Square"s1e9to 19th century ancestors
2404Studio One"The Little Black Bag"s4e2medical bag from future
2405Studio One"The Devil in Velvet"s4e17prof to 17th century to save girl
2406Studio One"A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court"s4e36to medieval times
2407Studio One"An Almanac of Liberty"s7e8time goes backwards with injustices
2409Sugarboy"Bike to the Future"s1e5time travel bicycle
2410Suite Life on Deck, the"Suite Life on Deck, the"tv2008-2011
2411Suite Life on Deck, the"International Dateline"s1e6time loop
2412Summer Storm"Summer Storm"TT- time travel ability girlcartoon2009TT-SERIESaka Natsu no Arashi
2413Super Bwong"Super Bwong"cartoon1966-1967
2414Super Bwong"Topsy-Turvey Time Traveler"s1e119atime traveller
2415Super Dimension Century Orguss"Super Dimension Century Orguss"cartoon1983-1984
2416Super Dimension Century Orguss"Space-Time Destruction"s1e1alternate timeline
2417Super Dimension Century Orguss"Timeslip"s1e19to WWII
2418Super Dimension Century Orguss"Space-Time Creation"s1e35restore timeline
2419Super Friends"Super Friends"cartoon1965-1973
2420Super Friends"Warpland"s6e5trapped in a time warp
2421Super Hero Squad, the"Super Hero Squad, the"cartoon2009-
2422Super Hero Squad, the"World War Witch"s2e3back 1 billion to past
2423Super Science Friends"Super Science Friends"TT- time travellers to fight Naziscartoon2015TT-SERIES
2424Superbook"Superbook"TT- biblical time travelcartoon1981-1982TT-SERIESspin-off Flying House
2425SuperFriends (1980) "SuperFriends (1980) "cartoon1980-1983
2426SuperFriends (1980) "The Krypton Syndrome"s3e4time warp black hole to old Krypton
2427SuperFriends (1980) "Return of the Phantoms"s3e18back in time to stop Superboy
2429Supergirl"Worlds Finest"s1e18time portal
2431Superjail"Time Police"s1e9-10arrested for future crimes
2432Superman: The Animated Series"Superman: The Animated Series"cartoon1996-2000
2433Superman: The Animated Series"New Kids in Town"s3e3super-Heroes from 30th Century
2435Supernatural"Hunted"s2e10visions of future
2436Supernatural"Mystery Spot"s3e11time loop
2437Supernatural"In the Beginning"s4e3to 1973 meet parents
2438Supernatural"The End"s5e4travel to future
2439Supernatural"The Song Remains the Same"s5e13to 1978
2440Supernatural"My Heart will go on"s6e17save Titanic altered timeline
2441Supernatural"Frontierland"s6e18to 1800s
2442Supernatural"Time after Time"s7e12to 1944
2443Supernatural"As Time Goes By"s8e12travel to past
2444Supernatural"King of the Damned"s9e21to 1723
2445Supernatural"The Vessel"s11e14sent back in time
2446Supernatural: The Animation "Supernatural: The Animation "cartoon2011
2447Supernatural: The Animation "Till Death Do Us Part" s1e6back in time to solve mystery
2448Svet pod Hlavou"Svet pod Hlavou"tv2017-
2449Svet pod Hlavou"Stin kapradiny"s1e1wake up 30 years in past 1980s
2450Swamp Thing"Swamp Thing"tv1990-1993
2451Swamp Thing"Destiny"s3e7rift im time from civil war
2452Swamp Thing"The Hurting"s3e25visions of past
2453Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron"Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron"cartoon1993-1995
2454Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron"The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice"s1e1time portal
2455Switch: Reloaded"Switch: Reloaded"tv2007-2013
2456Switch: Reloaded"Time Travel" (Skits)s1-6time rift, time traveller, time loop
2457Sword and the Fairy, the"Sword and the Fairy, the"tv2005
2458Sword and the Fairy, the"Episode 1"s1e1to dynasty era
2459T-Bag"T-Bag"TT- some time travel adventurescartoon1985-1992TT-SERIES
2460T.U.F.F. Puppy"T.U.F.F. Puppy"cartoon2010-
2461T.U.F.F. Puppy"Watch Dog" s1e10time watch back 1 minute
2462Retake - Toki o Kakeru"Retake - Toki o Kakeru"TT- time travelers under probationtv2017TT-SERIES
2463Tales from the Crypt"Tales from the Crypt"tv1989-1996
2464Tales from the Crypt"Whirlpool"s6e3time loop
2465Tales from the Darkside"Tales from the Darkside"tv1983-1988
2466Tales from the Darkside"The Devils Advocate"s2e7radio timebubble
2467Tales from the Darkside"Effect and Cause"s2e11reverse time
2468Tales from the Darkside"Comet Watch"s2e13comet time traveller
2469Tales from the Darkside"Heretic"s3e7visitor from past
2470Tales from the Darkside"Sorry Right Number"s4e9phone call from future self
2471Tales from the Darkside"The Apprentice"s4e13Salem
2472Tales of the Unexpected"Tales of the Unexpected"tv1979-1988
2473Tales of the Unexpected"No Way Out"s1e8time warp 25 yrs into future
2474Tales of Tomorrow"Tales of Tomorrow"tv1951-1953
2475Tales of Tomorrow"Time to Go"s1e29time deposits into bank
2476Tales of Tomorrow"The Little Black Bag"s1e35medical bag from future
2477Tales of Tomorrow"All the Time in the World"s1e37accelerated time
2478Tales of Tomorrow"Ahead of His Time"s1e41time traveller
2479Tales of Tomorrow"The Bitter Storm"s2e19device hears voices from the past
2480Tales of Tomorrow"Another Chance"s2e26relive last 7 years
2481Tales of Tomorrow"Past Tense"s2e33time traveller sells future drug
2482Talking Friends"Talking Friends"cartoon2012-2013
2483Talking Friends"Tom After Tom"s1e10time travel to different music eras
2484Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends"Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends"cartoon2013-2014
2485Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends"Episode 1"s1e1visitors from future
2486Tang Dynasty Good Man "Tang Dynasty Good Man "tv2013
2487Tang Dynasty Good Man "Episode 1"s1e1to Tang Dynasty 1200 yrs ago
2488Tatami Galaxy"Tatami Galaxy"TT- relive past 2 years over and overcartoon2010TT-SERIESaka Yojôhan shinwa taikei
2489Tawipob"Tawipob"TT- mirror to 100 yrs ago, alter pasttv1994TT-SERIES
2490Teamo Supremo"Teamo Supremo"cartoon2002-2004
2491Teamo Supremo"Enter Lord Druid"ep22time portal déjà vu
2492Teej and the Explorers"Teej and the Explorers"TT-past time travelers to present daytv2017-TT-SERIES
2493Teen Angel"Teen Angel"tv1997-1998
2494Teen Angel"One Dog Night"s1e7to 1970s
2495Teen Angel"Back to DePolo"s1e15back 6 months
2496Teen Titans"Teen Titans"cartoon2003-2006
2497Teen Titans"How Long is Forever"s2e1time travel thief
2498Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"cartoon1987-1996
2499Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"Attack of Big MACC"s3e12robot from 400yrs in future
2500Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"Blast from the Past"s3e29ressurected
2501Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"Once Upon a Time Machine"s4e28time train to future
2502Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"Donatello Makes Time"s4e38freeze time
2503Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"Future Shellshock"s6e1to 2105
2504Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"Elementary My Dear Turtle"s7e13to 1800s
2505Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"Tempus Fugit"s7e1time window
2506Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"The Legend of Koji"s7e16to 1583 Japan
2507Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"Enter: Krakus"s8e6time gate, visitors from future, to past
2508Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"A Turtle in Time"s10e4future time travellers help
2509Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fast Forward"Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fast Forward"cartoon2006-2007
2510Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fast Forward"Future Shellshock"s1e1sent to the future
2511Teleporting Fat Guy"Teleporting Fat Guy"TT-time traveller restores orderweb2012-2015TT-SERIES
2512Teppei 1990"Teppei 1990"tv2012aka 13-sai no Hello Work
2513Teppei 1990"Episode 1"s1e1protect younger self in 1990
2514Terra Max"Terra Max"TT- kids meet historic peopletv2012-TT-SERIES
2515Terra Nova"Terra Nova"TT- time rift to the pasttv2011-TT-SERIES
2517Terrahawks"Time Warp"s3e10future vision time delay to save
2518That Was Then"That Was Then"TT- relive as 16 year old changetv2002-TT-SERIES
2519Thats 70s Show"Thats 70s Show"tv1998-2006
2520Thats 70s Show"It’s a Wonderful Life"s4e1angel shows future if never met
2521Thermae Romae"Thermae Romae"TT- time portal between 50BC - 2012tv2012TT-SERIES
2522This is America Charlie Brown"This is America Charlie Brown"TT- historical time tripscartoon1988-1989TT-SERIES
2523Thousands Years of Love"Thousands Years of Love"tv2003
2524Thousands Years of Love"Episode 1"s1e11400 yr princess to present day
2525Three Delivery"Three Delivery"cartoon2009
2526Three Delivery"Time Travel"s1e25recipe for travelling thru time
2527Three Kingdoms RPG "Three Kingdoms RPG "tv2012
2528Three Kingdoms RPG "Episode 1"s1e1back in time to 3 Kingdoms era
2529Thriller"Thriller Boris Karloffs"tv1960-1962aka Boris Karloffs Thriller
2530Thriller"Cousin Tundifer"s2e21time portal to previous century
2531Thundarr the Barbarian"Thundarr the Barbarian"cartoon1980-1984
2532Thundarr the Barbarian"Portal into Time"s1e11time rift
2534Thundercats"Return to Thundera"s1e20back to historical event
2535Thunderstone"Thunderstone"TT- kid stuck 65 yrs in the futuretv1999-2000TT-SERIES
2536Tick, the"Tick, the"cartoon1994-1996
2537Tick, the"Leonardo Da Vinci & His Fightin' Time Commandoes!s2e17historical inventors help in battle
2538Tick, the"The Tick vs. Prehistory"s3e35back 3 million years
2539Tidsrejsen "Tidsrejsen "TT- future time traveller helps fix pasttv2014TT-SERIESaka The Time Journey
2540Time After Time"Time After Time"TT- HG Wells Time Machine travelstv2017TT-SERIES
2541Time Belt"Time Belt"TT- Travel thru time adventurestv2003-2004TT-SERIES
2542Time Bokan Series"Time Bokan Series"TT- various series with time travelseries1975-TT-SERIESaka Yattodetaman,Gyakuten,Itadakiman
2543Time Dwellers"Time Dwellers"TT- temporal agents fixing timeline anomaweb2011TT-SERIES
2544Time Express"Time Express"TT- influence past selves to changetv1979-TT-SERIES
2545Time Is the Enemy"Time Is the Enemy"TT- sent 150 yrs in past accusedtv1958TT-SERIES
2546Time Jumper"Time Jumper"TT- time traveller agent, solve crimescartoon2010TT-SERIES
2547Time Keeper"Time Keeper"TT- bouncing in time small changesweb2010-TT-SERIES
2548Time Keepers"Time Keepers"TT- time cops track down murderertv1997TT-SERIES
2549Time Machine "Time Machine"TT- time travelling thieves (India)tv2015TT-SERIES
2550Time Patrol Team Otasukeman"Time Patrol Team Otasukeman"TT- protecting historycartoon1980-1981TT-SERIESaka Rescueman
2551Time Riders"Time Riders"TT- time travelling motercyle tv1991TT-SERIES
2552Time Spiral"Time Spiral"TT- future time traveller mysteriestv2014TT-SERIESaka Taimu Supairaru
2553Time Squad"Time Squad"TT- dysfunctionals protect historycartoon2001-2003TT-SERIES
2554Time Taxi "Time Taxi "TT- taxi takes passengers to pasttv2014TT-SERIESaka Sutekina Sen Taxi
2555Time Trackers"Time Trackers"TT- kids protect past inventionstv2008TT-SERIES
2556Time Travel Gangster Chronicles"Time Travel Gangster Chronicles"TT- criminals with a time machinetv2013-TT-SERIES
2557Time Travel Girl"Time Travel Girl"TT- historical time tripscartoon2016TT-SERIESaka Time Travel Shoujo: Mari Waka
2558Time Travel Tondekeman"Time Travel Tondekeman"TT- historical time tripscartoon1989-1990TT-SERIESaka Viaggiando nel tempo
2559Time Travelers"Time Travelers"TT- educational jump thru timecartoon2011TT-SERIES
2560Time Traveling Bong"Time Traveling Bong"TT- teens find time travell bong, advmini2016-TT-SERIES
2561Time Traveling Finger"Time Traveling Finger"TT- historical time tripscartoon2010-TT-SERIES
2562Time Traveling Lesbian"Time Traveling Lesbian"TT- time agent to protect historytv2008TT-SERIES
2563Time Traveller"Time Traveller"TT- visitors from future via portaltv2010-2013TT-SERIES
2564Time TRAX"Time TRAX"TT- future cop fighting time crimetv1993-1994TT-SERIES
2565Time Tunnel, the"Time Tunnel, the"TT- historical time tripstv1966-1967TT-SERIES
2566Time Warp Trio"Time Warp Trio"TT- historical time tripscartoon2005-2006TT-SERIESaka Adventurers: Masters of Time
2567Timeblazers"Timeblazers"TT- kids time travel to learntv2003-2005TT-SERIES
2568Timecop"Timecop"TT- future cop fighting time crimetv1997-1998TT-SERIES
2569Timeless"Timeless"TT- time agents battle criminalstv2016TT-SERIES
2570Timeline"Timeline"TT- historical events as newscaststv1989-TT-SERIES
2571Timeslip"Timeslip"TT- kids flip in/out of time periodstv1970-1971TT-SERIES
2572Tiny Toon Adventures"Tiny Toon Adventures"cartoon1990-1995
2573Tiny Toon Adventures"A Ditch in Time"s1e35build time machine for school
2574Tiny Toons Adventures"It's a Wonderful Tiny Toons Xmas"s3e20styled It’s a Wonderful Life
2576Titeuf"Ma future"s1e46build time machine
2577Titeuf"Tcho, voila deja mes 20 ans"s3e10
2578Titeuf"Les Maitres Du Temps Qui Fuite"s4e73
2579Titus, der Satansbraten"Titus, der Satansbraten"tv1997
2580Titus, der Satansbraten"Die Zeitreise"s1e3time travel
2581TMNT 2003"TMNT 2003"cartoon2003
2582TMNT 2003"Time Travails"s3e17time sceptrer stolen to future
2583TMNT 2003"Shredderville"s3e43styled It’s a Wonderful Life
2584TMNT 2003"Fast Forward" Season 6s6sent 100 yrs in future adventures
2585TMNT 2003"Tempus Fugit"s7e1time window to past
2586To Be Continued"To Be Continued"tv2015-
2587To Be Continued"Episode 1"s1e1back in time to audition
2588To Get Unstuck in Time"To Get Unstuck in Time"TT- Solve crimes in past 1980s to presenttv2004TT-SERIES
2589Todd and the Book of Pure Evil"Todd and the Book of Pure Evil"tv2010-2012
2590Todd and the Book of Pure Evil"The Toddyssey"s2e12to future
2591Toki o kakeru shôjo"Toki o kakeru shôjo"TT- time travel ability girltv1994TT-SERIESaka The Little Girl Who Conquered Tim
2592Tokusou Exceedraft"Tokusou Exceedraft"cartoon1992
2593Tokusou Exceedraft"Sprint to Tomorrow"s1e26time travel
2594Tokusou Exceedraft"Time Travel Rescue"s1e31time travel
2595Totally Doctor Who"Totally Doctor Who"TT- Doctor Who for kidsmini2006-2007TT-SERIES
2596Tom and Jerry"Tom and Jerry"cartoon1963-1980
2597Tom and Jerry"Guided Mouse-Ille"s3e40to stone age from 2565
2598Tom Terrific"Tom Terrific"cartoon1957-1961
2599Tom Terrific"Go West, Young Manfred"s2e5to old west
2600Tom Turbo"Tom Turbo"tv1993-
2601Tom Turbo"Lift ins die Ritterzeit"s3e10elevator to the pastaka Die Heisse Spur
2602Tom Turbo"DrachenSchwert"s3e24to medieval timesaka Die Heisse Spur
2603Tomorrow People, the"Tomorrow People, the"tv1973-1979
2604Tomorrow People, the"The Medusa Strain Part One"s1e6to 20th Century
2605Tomorrow People, the"The Medusa Strain Part Two"s1e7continued visit to 20th Century
2606Tomorrow People, the"The Medusa Strain Part Three"s1e8reopen passage to 20th Century
2607Tomorrow People, the"The Medusa Strain Part Four"s1e9to 20th Century
2608Tomorrow People, the"A Rift In Time Part 1: Vase of Mystery"s2e6back to Roman age
2609Tomorrow People, the"A Rift In Time Part 2: Turn of the Thumb"s2e7time guardians
2610Tomorrow People, the"A Rift In Time Part 3: From Little Acorns..."s2e8battle in the past
2611Tomorrow People, the"A Rift In Time Part 4: Rise of the Roman Empire"s2e9fix timeline
2612Tom's Midnight Garden"Tom's Midnight Garden"TT- kid visits grandparents timemini1974TT-SERIES UK
2613Tooter Turtle"Tooter Turtle"TT- magical time travel adventurescartoon1960TT-SERIES
2614Top Decking"Top Decking"web2012-
2615Top Decking"Stich in Time"s1e5time traveller suspected
2617Topper"Christmas Carol"s1e12scrooge past present future
2619Torchwood"Ghost Machine"s1e3to 1940s and 1960s murder case
2620Torchwood"Out of Time"s1e10from 1953 in plane
2621Torchwood"Captain Jack Harkness"s1e12to 1940s
2622Torchwood"End of Days"s1e13open time rift across all timelines
2623Torchwood"Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang"s2e1time rift
2624Torchwood"To the Last Man"s2e3time travellers
2625Torchwood"Exit Wounds"s2e13 time bracelet to 27 AD
2626Totally Spies"Totally Spies"cartoon2001-2014
2627Totally Spies"Stuck in the Middle Ages"s1e4to middle ages
2628Totally Spies"Alex Quits"s2e19time manipulation
2629Totally Spies"Forward to the Past"s3e6back in time
2630Totally Spies"Futureshock"s4e2to 2025
2631Totally Spies"Déjà Cruise"s4e12time loop
2632Trampolin"Trampolin"TT- time jump into future lifestylesmini1999TT-SERIES
2634Transformers"Dinobot Island"s2e3-4temporal displacements
2635Transformers"A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur’s Court"s2e22to medieval times
2636Transformers"War Dawn"s2e439 million yrs in past
2637Transformers"Forever Is a Long Time Coming"s3e11time portal creates disaster
2638Traveller in Time, a "Traveller in Time, a "TT- time rift to ancestorstv1978TT-SERIES
2639Travelers"Travelers"TT- teens find time machine, misusetv2014TT-SERIES
2640Travelers"Travelers"TT-time travellers to fix pasttv2016TT-SERIES
2641Tripping The Rift"Tripping The Rift"cartoon2004-2007
2642Tripping The Rift"God Is Our Pilot"s1e1 time trip to creationaka God Is My Pilot
2643Tripping The Rift"The Devil and a Guy Named Webster"s1e5black hole
2644Tripping The Rift"Roswell"s2e21time warp to Earth 1947
2645Tru Calling"Tru Calling"TT- foresee death try to preventtv2003-2005TT-SERIES
2646Tutenstein "Tutenstein "cartoon2003-2008
2647Tutenstein "Into the Past"s3e11time rift to past
2648Twice in a Lifetime"Twice in a Lifetime"TT- influence past self to change, redo ptv1999-2001TT-SERIES
2649Twilight Zone, the"Twilight Zone, the"tv1959-1964
2650Twilight Zone, the"Walking Distance"s1e5meet younger self
2651Twilight Zone, the"Judgment Night"s1e10time loop
2652Twilight Zone, the"The Last Flight"s1e18plane flies into future
2653Twilight Zone, the"Execution"s1e26from 1880 to 1960
2654Twilight Zone, the"A Stop at Willoughby"s1e30train to past
2655Twilight Zone, the"Shadow Play"s1e56time loop
2656Twilight Zone, the"King Nine will not return"s2e1dream of past was a reality
2657Twilight Zone, the"The Man in the Bottle"s2e2return to start
2658Twilight Zone, the"The Trouble with Templeton"s2e9to 1927
2659Twilight Zone, the"A Most Unusual Camera"s2e10camera shows future
2660Twilight Zone, the"Back There"s2e13Lincoln 1865
2661Twilight Zone, the"The Odyssey of Flight 33"s2e18time rift to dinosaurs
2662Twilight Zone, the"Static"s2e20radio plays from the past
2663Twilight Zone, the"A Hundred Yards Over the Rim"s2e23from 1847 to 1961
2664Twilight Zone, the"The Rip Van Winkle Caper"s2e24cryogentics
2665Twilight Zone, the"Shadow Play"s2e26time loop
2666Twilight Zone, the"Death Head Revisited"s3e9visions of past guilt
2667Twilight Zone, the"Once Upon a Time"s3e13from 1890 to present
2668Twilight Zone, the"A Quality of Mercy"s3e15time swap
2669Twilight Zone, the"Showdown with Rance McGrew"s3e20Jesse James
2670Twilight Zone, the"Young Man's Fancy"s3e34relive childhood
2671Twilight Zone, the"Valley of the Shadow"s4e3return to start
2672Twilight Zone, the"Death Ship"s4e6time loop
2673Twilight Zone, the"Printer's Devil"s4e9newpaper has future headlines
2674Twilight Zone, the"No Time Like the Past"s4e10to 1881 Indiana
2675Twilight Zone, the"Of Late I Think of Cliffordville"s4e14return to past
2676Twilight Zone, the"The Incredible World of Horace Ford"s4e15return to youth
2677Twilight Zone, the"The Bard"s4e18Shakespeare to present
2678Twilight Zone, the"A Kind of a Stopwatch"s5e4stop time
2679Twilight Zone, the"The 7th is Made Up of Phantoms"s5e10to 1861 Indians
2680Twilight Zone, the"Spur of the Moment"s5e21future self
2681Twilight Zone, the"What's in the Box"s5e24broadcasts future TV events
2682Twilight Zone 2, the"Twilight Zone 2, the"tv1985-1989aka The New TZ
2683Twilight Zone 2, the"Shatterday"s1e1alternate timeline
2684Twilight Zone 2, the"A Little Peace and Quiet"s1e1bstop time
2685Twilight Zone 2, the"Dreams for Sale"s1e2dream alternate timeline
2686Twilight Zone 2, the"Little Boy Lost"s1e4meets future son from alternate timeline
2687Twilight Zone 2, the"Act Break"s1e8wishes alternate (life) timeline
2688Twilight Zone 2, the"A Message From Charity"s1e15overlapping time eras
2689Twilight Zone 2, the"Paladin of the Lost Hour"s1e17time master
2690Twilight Zone 2, the"One Life Furnished in Early Poverty"s1e27return to youth
2691Twilight Zone 2, the"A Matter of Minutes"s1e38jump from 933a to 1137a
2692Twilight Zone 2, the"Quarantine"s1e43cryogentics
2693Twilight Zone 2, the"Profile in Silver"s1e49JFK 1963
2694Twilight Zone 2, the"Grace Note"s1e57future self
2695Twilight Zone 2, the"The Once and Future King"s2e1Elvis 1954
2696Twilight Zone 2, the"The World Next Door"s2e4alternate timeline
2697Twilight Zone 2, the"Lost and Found"s2e8time traveller from future
2698Twilight Zone 2, the"The Convict's Piano"s2e11travel to past
2699Twilight Zone 2, the"The Junction"s2e14to 1912
2700Twilight Zone 2, the"Joy Ride"s2e15travel to past
2701Twilight Zone 2, the"Time and Teresa Golowitz"s2e18meet younger self
2702Twilight Zone 2, the"The Girl I Married"s2e21overlapping selves across time
2703Twilight Zone 2, the"Extra Innings"s3e2to 1910 baseball
2704Twilight Zone 2, the"The Crossing"s3e3visions of past change fate
2705Twilight Zone 2, the"20/20 Vision"s3e12glasses see future
2706Twilight Zone 2, the"The Wall"s3e21alternate dimension
2707Twilight Zone 2, the Lost Episodes"The Theatre"ep1see future vision of death1994
2708Twilight Zone 3, the"Twilight Zone 3, the"tv2002-2003
2709Twilight Zone 3, the"Cradle of Darkness"s1e5to kill baby Hitler
2710Twilight Zone 3, the"Found and Lost"s1e22relive your past
2711Twilight Zone 3, the"Rewind"s1e28short time ago
2712Twilight Zone 3, the"Memphis"s1e33meet Elvis
2713Twist in the Tale, a"Twist in the Tale, a"tv1998
2714Twist in the Tale, a"A Crack in Time"s1e2visitor from 2090 via time rift
2715Twist in the Tale, a"A Matter of Time"s1e15build time machine
2716Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat"Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat"cartoon1995-1997
2717Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat"Space Time Twister"s1e1reverse evolution distorted time
2718Twisted Tales of Felix the Cat"Middle Aged Felix"s1e5Merlin spell to medieval times
2720UFO"Timelash"s1e18frozen in time
2721Ultimate Book of Spells"Ultimate Book of Spells"cartoon2001
2722Ultimate Book of Spells"Time & Again"s1e5crystal to go back in time
2723Ulysse 31"Ulysse 31"cartoon1981-1982
2724Ulysse 31"Chronos Father of Time"s1e9Chronos - lord of timeaka Chronos
2725Ulysse 31"Strange Meeting"s1e24back in timeaka Ulysses Meets Ulysses
2727Underdog"Simon Says.. No Thanksgiving"s2e37,3back to Pilgrims, alter history
2728Unterwegs nach Atlantis"Unterwegs nach Atlantis"TT- escape thru time from villianstv1982TT-SERIES
2729Upright Citizens Brigade"Upright Citizens Brigade"tv1998-2000
2730Upright Citizens Brigade"Time Machine" skitep108play cards with Jesus PresTruman
2731Vacant Lot"Vacant Lot"tv1994
2732Vacant Lot"The Time Helmet" s1e2time travel
2733Valerian & Laureline"Valerian & Laureline"TT- time travel enforcement agentscartoon2007TT-SERIESaka Time Jam: Valerian & Laureline
2734Vampire Diaries"Vampire Diaries"tv2009-
2735Vampire Diaries"Yellow Ledbetter"s6e2time loop
2736Vampire Diaries"Fade Into You"s6e8time trap in 1994
2737Vampire Diaries"I Alone"s6e9time trap in 1994
2738Vampire Diaries"The Day I Tried to Live"s6e13time trap in 1994
2739Vampire Diaries"Hell is Other People"s7e10time loop
2740Veil, Boris Karloffs, the"Veil, Boris Karloffs, the"tv1958
2741Veil, Boris Karloffs, the"Crystal Ball"s1e5visions of future
2742Veil, Boris Karloffs, the"Summer Heat"s1e8visions of future crime
2743Venture Bros., the"Venture Bros., the"cartoon2003-2004
2744Venture Bros., the"Escape to the House of Mummies Part II"s2e4 time travel adventure
2745Venture Bros., the"Twenty Years to Midnight"s2e5 time travel device
2746Visitor from the Future"Visitor from the Future"TT- time traveller fixes to save futuretv2009-2013TT-SERIES
2747Visitors, the"Visitors, the"TT- time traveller fixes to save futuretv1983TT-SERIESaka Navstevnici
2749Voltron"Across the Universe"s2e1time loop
2750Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"tv1965-1969
2751Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"Time Lock"s4e8future time traveller abducter
2752Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"A Time to Die"s4e11to 1 000 000 B.C.
2753Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"The Death Clock"s4e25time machine experiment
2754Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea"No Way Back"s4e26to 18th Century
2755Voyagers"Voyagers"TT- historical time tripstv1982-1983TT-SERIES
2756Voyageur des siècles, le"Voyageur des siècles, le"TT- time machine to change eventsmini1971TT-SERIES
2757Wacky and Packy"Wacky and Packy"cartoon1975
2758Wacky and Packy"The New York Sweats"s1e1caveman to future
2759Wacky World Of Tex Avery, the"Wacky World Of Tex Avery, the"cartoon1997-1998
2760Wacky World Of Tex Avery, the"Once Upon A Time Traveler"s1e128btime traveller
2761Walker, Texas Ranger"Walker, Texas Ranger"tv1993-2001
2762Walker, Texas Ranger"Way of the Warrior"s8e4 to 1800s to solve crime
2763Walter Melon"Walter Melon"TT- helps historic people (Season2) cartoon1989-1991TT-SERIES
2765Wansapanataym"Aurora's Oras"s2e38watch to stop time
2766War of the Worlds"War of the Worlds"tv1988-1990
2767War of the Worlds"Time To Reap"s2e11to 1953 to change event
2768Warehouse 13"Warehouse 13"tv2009
2769Warehouse 13"Time will Tell"s2e1time machine
2770Warehouse 13"Where and When"s2e10to 1961
2771Warehouse 13"Past Imperfect"s3e7time dilation
2772Warehouse 13"New Hope"s4e1device to turn back time
2773Warehouse 13"The Truth Hurts"s4e20travels back in time
2774Warehouse 13"Endless Terror"s5e1time machine to change past
2776Watchmen"Watchmaker"s1e4perceives all time periods at once
2777Weird Al Show"Weird Al Show"tv1997-1998
2778Weird Al Show"Time Machine"s1e5invents time travel clock
2779Weirdsister College"Weirdsister College"tv2002
2780Weirdsister College"Shaky Foundations"s1e11to 15th Century to change history
2781Weird Science"Weird Science"tv1994-1998
2782Weird Science"Universal Remote"s1e2time loop
2783Weird Science"Camp Wannabe"s2e10to 1986
2784Weird Science"Quantum Wyatt"s3e13leaps from career to career
2785Weird Science"Dead Can Dance"s3e16to medieval times
2786Weird Science"The Legend Red Brick Wallace"s3e17to old west
2787Weird Science"Searching for Boris Karloff"s4e1meet Dr Frankenstein
2788Weird Science"By the Time We Got to Woodstock"s4e11to 1969
2789Weird Science"It’s a Wonderful Life(Without You)"s4e15alternate timeline
2790Weird Science"I Chettus"s5e11to ancient Rome
2791Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse"Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse"tv1958-1960
2792Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse"The Time Element"s1e6lives thru historical event warns
2793Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse"Berkeley Square"s1e9back in time too revolution
2794Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse"The Devil in Velvet"s4e17to 17th Century to save woman
2795Whats Up Warthogs"Whats Up Warthogs"tv2010-
2796Whats Up Warthogs"Time Travelling with Flare"s2e10to 1930s with time capsule
2797Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego"Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego"cartoon1991-1995
2798Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego"The Labyrinth 2: When in Rome"s3e8to 2101
2799Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego"The Labyrinth 3: When in Rome"s3e9to ancient Rome
2800Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?"Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?"TT- historical time tripscartoon1996-1998TT-SERIES
2801Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?"Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?"cartoon1994-1999
2802Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?"A Date With Carmen"s2e1to 1775 to change history
2803Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?"Timing is Everything"s4e6misuse stolen time machine
2804Where's Wally"Where's Wally"cartoon1991
2805Where's Wally"A Stone Age Story"s1e8to stone age
2806Where's Wally"Viking Fling"s1e12to Viking era
2807Where's Wally"The Land of the lost Pyramid"s1e13to Aztecs era
2808While"While"TT- ability to time traveltv2015-TT-SERIES
2809Whitest Kids U'Know"Whitest Kids U'Know"tv2007-
2810Whitest Kids U'Know"Time Travel Farmer"s1e3time machine misuse
2811Wicked Science"Wicked Science"tv2004
2812Wicked Science"Nanna"s1e20try to go back in time
2813Wicked Science"The Great Dork"s2e6time portal to cave men
2814Wicked Science"Time Loop"s2e20time loop
2815Widget the World Watcher"Widget the World Watcher"cartoon1990-1991
2816Widget the World Watcher"Brain Who Would Be King"s2e45to prehistoric age
2817Widget the World Watcher"Time Trippers"s2e47to ancient Egypt
2818Wild Kratts"Wild Kratts"cartoon2011-
2819Wild Kratts"Back in Creature Time Part1: Day of the Dodo"s3e6time travel to prehistoric age
2820Wild Kratts"Back in Creature Time Part2: Tasmanian Tiger"s3e7back to early mankind
2821Wild Wild West, the"Wild Wild West, the"tv1965-1969
2822Wild Wild West, the"The Night of the Lord of Limbo"s2e15time travel to change civil war
2824Winners"Quest Beyond Time"s1e3rift in time to medieval times
2826Wishbone"Bark to the Future"s1e23HG Wells Time Machine trip
2828Witchblade"Transcendence"s1e11 change the past
2829Witches of East End "Witches of East End "tv2013-
2830Witches of East End "Poe Way Out"s2e11to past
2831Witches of East End "Box to the Future"s2e12stuck in past
2832Wizards of Waverly Place"Wizards of Waverly Place"tv2007-2012
2833Wizards of Waverly Place"First Kiss"s1e2reverse time
2834Wizards of Waverly Place"Future Harper"s2e16visitor from future
2835Wizards of Waverly Place"Rock around the Clock"s4e25back to the 50s to change past
2836Wolfpunch Comedy"Wolfpunch Comedy"tv2012-
2837Wolfpunch Comedy"Time Machine"s1e4travel back in time
2838Wolverine and the X-Men"Wolverine and the X-Men"cartoon2008-
2839Wolverine and the X-Men"Overflow"s1e4see future vision of destruction
2840Wolverine and the X-Men"Future X"s1e9see future vision of destruction
2841Wonder Pets"Wonder Pets"cartoon2006-
2842Wonder Pets"Save the Dinosaur"ep49travel to prehistoric time
2843Wonder Woman"Wonder Woman"tv1975-1979
2844Wonder Woman"Time Bomb"s3e7time travellers from future
2845Woody Woodpecker"Woody Woodpecker"cartoon1969
2846Woody Woodpecker"Prehistoric Super Salesman" 1969to stone age
2847Written by a Kid"Written by a Kid"tv2013
2848Written by a Kid"Valentimes Day... That I Don't Believe"s1e13time loop
2850X-Duckx"Zeitereise"s1e10time trip to futureaka Ducky Duckx
2851X-Files, the"X-Files, the"tv1993-2002
2852X-Files, the"Synchrony"s4e19future time traveller meets self
2853X-Files, the"Triangle"s6e3to 1939 time overlaps
2854X-Files, the"Dreamland II"s6e5time restored to origin
2855X-Files, the"Monday"s6e14time loop
2856X-Files, the"Redrum"s8e6time loop
2858X-Men"Days of Future Past"s1e11-1future traveller to change past
2859X-Men"Time Fugitives"s2e7future traveller to change past
2860X-Men"One Mans Worth"s4e1-2 time travel alternate timeline
2861X-Men"Beyond Good and Evil"s4e8travel to past from year 3999
2862X-Men: Evolution"X-Men: Evolution"cartoon2000-2003
2863X-Men: Evolution"Ascension Part 2"s4e9battle from the future
2864Xena: Warrior Princess"Xena: Warrior Princess"tv1995-2001
2865Xena: Warrior Princess"Remember Nothing"s2e2alternate timeline not a warrior
2866Xena: Warrior Princess"The Xena Scrolls"s2e10in 1940 encounter legendaries
2867Xena: Warrior Princess"Been There Done That"s3e2time loop
2868Xena: Warrior Princess"Forget Me Not"s3e17revisit her past
2869Xena: Warrior Princess"Between the Lines"s4e15to future
2870Xena: Warrior Princess"Deja vu all over again"s4e22experience past life
2871Xena: Warrior Princess"When Fates Collide"s6e18alternate timeline
2872Xiaolin Showdown"Xiaolin Showdown"cartoon2003-2007
2873Xiaolin Showdown"Time after Time"s3e12-1sands of time to change events
2874You Wish"You Wish"tv1997
2875You Wish"Genie without a Cause"s1e7to 1950s
2876You Wish"All in the Family Room"s1e9to pirate ship
2877Young and the Restless, The"Young and the Restless, The"tv1973-
2878Young and the Restless, The"Michael's Wonderful Life"ep189alternate timeline if not born
2879Young and the Restless, The"A Christmas Carol"ep979scrooge past present future
2880Young Ones, The"Young Ones, The"tv1982-1984
2881Young Ones, The"Time"s2e04time warp
2882Young Hercules"Young Hercules"tv1999
2883Young Hercules"Me, Myself and Eye"s1e39see into future via mystic eye
2885Yu-Gi-Oh"A Reversal of Fortune"s5e23reverse time via hourglass
2886Zack Files, The"Zack Files, The"tv2000-2003
2887Zack Files, The"It’s a Wonderful School"s1e3to future school for boys
2888Zack Files, The"Sockworld"s1e5into a vortex
2889Zack Files, The"Deja Vudoo"s1e11rewind one day back
2890Zack Files, The"But I'm Too Young to Be My Dad"s1e15future son visits
2891Zack Files, The"Blast from the Past"s2e1turn back the clock
2892Zack Files, The"Once and Future Zack"s2e15visitor from past
2893Zenderman"Zenderman"TT- time tunnel to find answerscartoon1979-1980TT-SERIES
2895Zentrix"Episode 1.1"s1e1travel back in time to change past
2896Zipang"Zipang"TT- to WWII to change past2004-2006TT-SERIES
2898Zoey"Blast from the Past"s4e13time travel back to prom

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