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Youth Activities

Jane Richardson
Jane Richardson

Public Speaking
Poster Contest


It has been a very successful year for Youth Education at Branch 60. In the Literary and Poster Competition held in November in conjunction with Remembrance Day Branch 60 had 4 out of 6 First Place Winners at the Zone competition who advanced to District where they received Honourary Mentions. The finalists go on to Provincial competition and ultimately to Dominion Command. The winning entries may be viewed on the Royal Canadian Legion website.

The Public Speaking contest was a most satisfying experience for the Branch. 120 students from grades 3 to 9 competed at St.John’s School, judged by 39 volunteers from Branch 60. The contestants all returned to the Legion for refreshments served by the L.A. and eagerly awaited the results. Fourteen chosen at St.John’s spoke again. Caroline Baumgartner, in the grade 3 to 6 area, and Jordana Baumgartner, in the grade 7 to 9 area, continued to the Zone finals, Caroline and Jordana then advanced to the District level. They both spoke very well and Caroline Baumgartner will advance to the area competition to be held in London. The successful competitor in each category will then advance to the Ontario finals.

Branch 60 can take great pride in giving these students the opportunity to gain poise and confidence. Over 70 Branch volunteers made it possible!
Thank you.

The Royal Canadian Legion also encourages our youth by providing bursaries which are available to members and their families. As post secondary education is becoming so expensive, please take advantage of this assistance.
For further information you may contact the office or any member of the Executive.


 Updated: December 5, 2013

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