Back Stabbers   O'Jays, The   144-1
Somebody's Hero   O'Neal, Jamie   132-7
There Is No Arizona   O'Neal, Jamie   082-9
Trying To Find Atlantis   O'Neal, Jamie   132-10
American Made   Oak Ridge Boys, The   096-12
Bobbie Sue   Oak Ridge Boys, The   057-1
Elvira   Oak Ridge Boys, The   096-3
I'll Be True To You   Oak Ridge Boys, The   126-1
Put Your Hand In The Hand   Ocean   143-9
Caribbean Queen (No More Love On The Run)   Ocean, Billy   073-14
Blue Angel   Orbison, Roy   G24-12
Candy Man   Orbison, Roy   G24-11
Crying   Orbison, Roy   108-1
Dream Baby   Orbison, Roy   066-13
In Dreams   Orbison, Roy   G24-13
It's Over   Orbison, Roy   G24-9
Oh, Pretty Woman   Orbison, Roy   105-1
Only The Lonely   Orbison, Roy   106-6
Running Scared   Orbison, Roy   G24-15
Knock Three Times   Orlando, Tony & Dawn   070-15
Tie A Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Old Oak Tree   Orlando, Tony & Dawn   112-15
More To Life (There's Gotta Be)   Orrico, Stacie   150-4
Rocky Top   Osborne Brothers, The   092-15
On The Wings Of Love   Osborne, Jeffrey   008-5
One Of Us   Osborne, Joan   119-14
Shot In The Dark   Osbourne, Ozzy   147-8
Come Next Monday   Oslin, K.T.   127-14
Do Ya   Oslin, K.T.   058-3
Hey Bobby   Oslin, K.T.   057-3
Paper Roses   Osmond, Marie   082-11
Act Naturally   Owens, Buck   092-6
Hello Trouble Come On In   Owens, Buck   123-3
I've Got A Tiger By The Tail   Owens, Buck   053-5
Together Again   Owens, Buck   054-15