Okie From Muskogee   Haggard, Merle   093-3
Silver Wings   Haggard, Merle   055-11
Working Man Blues   Haggard, Merle   124-9
Rock Around The Clock   Haley, Bill & His Comets   104-4
Kiss On My List   Hall & Oates   074-2
Maneater   Hall & Oates   120-11
She's Gone   Hall & Oates   145-7
Fox On The Run   Hall, Tom T.   094-9
I Like Beer   Hall, Tom T.   125-12
Fallin' In Love   Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds   147-11
U Can't Touch This   Hammer   029-17
MMMBop   Hanson   018-9
See You In September   Happenings, The   014-20
Blue Kentucky Girl   Harris, Emmylou   055-12
Mr. Sandman   Harris, Emmylou   016-15
Save The Last Dance For Me   Harris, Emmylou   126-4
Two More Bottles Of Wine   Harris, Emmylou   057-9
Kansas City   Harrison, Wilbert   035-7
Lonesome 7-7203   Hawkins, Hawkshaw   123-12
Alone   Heart   115-7
Magic Man   Heart   119-8
Never   Heart   146-6
What About Love   Heart   116-15
Flowers On The Wall   Heatherly, Eric   061-2
Always And Forever   Heatwave   072-3
Sunny   Hebb, Bobby   020-5
Angel   Hendrix, Jimi   036-14
Red House   Hendrix, Jimi   035-11
Herman's Hermits Medley 1   Herman's Hermits   G18-12
Herman's Hermits Medley 2   Herman's Hermits   G18-13
I'm Henry The VIII I Am   Herman's Hermits   068-5
I'm Into Something Good   Herman's Hermits   G18-2
Listen People   Herman's Hermits   G18-5
Must To Avoid, A   Herman's Hermits   G18-1
No Milk Today   Herman's Hermits   G18-10
Silhouettes   Herman's Hermits   G18-3
Sleepy Joe   Herman's Hermits   G18-8
Something's Happening   Herman's Hermits   G18-6
Sunshine Girl   Herman's Hermits   G18-7
There's A Kind Of Hush   Herman's Hermits   G18-11
Wonderful World   Herman's Hermits   G18-4
Years May Come, Years May Go   Herman's Hermits   G18-9
Key Largo   Higgins, Bertie   116-2
Whiskey, If You Were A Woman   Highway 101   127-9
Sometimes When We Touch   Hill, Dan   G19-15
Breathe   Hill, Faith   063-10
It Matters To Me   Hill, Faith   128-15
Love Ain't Like That   Hill, Faith   130-2
Mississippi Girl   Hill, Faith   131-10
Piece Of My Heart   Hill, Faith   036-12
This Kiss   Hill, Faith   103-4
Way You Love Me, The   Hill, Faith   061-3
Wild One   Hill, Faith   060-12
Just To Hear You Say That You Love Me   Hill, Faith & Tim McGraw   062-12
Like We Never Loved At All   Hill, Faith & Tim McGraw   G22-3
Nothing Even Matters   Hill, Lauryn   031-19
Hawaiian Wedding Song   Ho, Don   G29-9
God Bless The Child   Holiday, Billie   066-3
He's Funny That Way   Holiday, Billie   035-10
Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)   Hollies, The   114-10
Everyday   Holly, Buddy   027-2
It's So Easy   Holly, Buddy   140-5
Maybe Baby   Holly, Buddy   028-1
Not Fade Away   Holly, Buddy   034-1
Oh Boy   Holly, Buddy   033-1
Peggy Sue   Holly, Buddy   065-5
Rave On   Holly, Buddy   031-1
That'll Be The Day   Holly, Buddy   065-14
True Love Ways   Holly, Buddy   034-4
Well Alright   Holly, Buddy   030-2
Sea Of Love   Honeydrippers, The   015-8
Reason, The   Hoobastank   151-7
Tootie   Hootie & The Blowfish   026-9
Thanks For The Memory   Hope, Bob   018-2
Stormy Weather   Horne, Lena   021-9
All For The Love Of A Girl   Horton, Johnny   087-19
Battle Of New Orleans, The   Horton, Johnny   091-15
North To Alaska   Horton, Johnny   087-18
Sink The Bismarck   Horton, Johnny   087-17
Whispering Pines   Horton, Johnny   087-20
Hillbillies   Hot Apple Pie   132-15
Heartbreak Hotel   Houston Whitney, Faith Evans & Kelly Price   032-19
Almost Persuaded   Houston, David   124-4
Exhale (Shoop Shoop)   Houston, Whitney   119-4
Greatest Love Of All, The   Houston, Whitney   120-3
How Will I Know   Houston, Whitney   118-8
I Believe In You & Me   Houston, Whitney   019-20
I Wanna Dance With Somebody   Houston, Whitney   119-7
I Will Always Love You   Houston, Whitney   119-10
It's Not Right But It's Okay   Houston, Whitney   079-6
One Moment In Time   Houston, Whitney   010-12
Saving All My Love For You   Houston, Whitney   119-15
After The Lovin'   Humperdinck, Engelbert   007-3
Am I That Easy To Forget   Humperdinck, Engelbert   037-7
Angeles   Humperdinck, Engelbert   037-5
Another Place, Another Time   Humperdinck, Engelbert   037-15
El Mondo   Humperdinck, Engelbert   037-9
Everybody Knows We're Through   Humperdinck, Engelbert   037-16
Last Waltz, The   Humperdinck, Engelbert   037-11
Love Me With All Your Heart   Humperdinck, Engelbert   037-18
Man Without Love, A   Humperdinck, Engelbert   037-2
Mona Lisa   Humperdinck, Engelbert   037-13
Quando Quando Quando   Humperdinck, Engelbert   015-9
Release Me (And Let Me Love Again)   Humperdinck, Engelbert   105-12
Spanish Eyes   Humperdinck, Engelbert   037-8
Ten Guitars   Humperdinck, Engelbert   037-6
There Goes My Everything   Humperdinck, Engelbert   037-10
This Moment In Time   Humperdinck, Engelbert   037-3
Way It Used To Be, The   Humperdinck, Engelbert   037-17
Gone   Husky, Ferlin   123-5
Wings Of A Dove   Husky, Ferlin   058-13
Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini   Hyland, Brian   067-2
Sealed With A Kiss   Hyland, Brian   026-5