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~ Honours and Awards ~
~ 2010 ~

Please check this list for your name.
If you feel you are entitled to a pin and your name is not listed,
please contact Lillian at the Legion,
or leave a message at the bar, or with the Office

Ordinary Members

65 Years
Elmer Harper

60 Years
John Gray
William Palmer

55 Years
Paul Beaulieu

45 Years
James Brown
Lawrence Kelterborn
Garth Webb
Barrie Williams

40 Years
Harold Broadbent
Robert Grenier
Norman McCorkmack
Ronald Morrison
Alfred Smith

35 Years
Thomas Capes
Joseph Duffy
George Lacey
Harold Marsden
Norman Phibbs K Phillips

30 Years
Noel Bond
Ed Lauder
Ernie Umeers
Walter Weldwppd

25 Years
Matthew Armstrong
Henri Chenard
Kenneth Hoffner

20 Years
Earl Chandler
Edward Evans
James Ingles
Frank Lappin
Catherina Menet
Harold Penn
Stephen Phillips
Waren Sylvester

15 Years
Michael Brown
Willam Martin
Gwyn Maxwell
Garth Mitchell
Douglas Randall

10 Years
Ian Cairns
William Fraser
Frank George
Don Melnyk
William Roland

5 Years
Peter Danis
William Gallagher
Lionel MacDonald
Andrew McConachie
Ian McLean
John McMillan
Joyce Porter

blue line
Associate Members

35 Years
Scott Daniels
Ronald Harris
Ernst Irons
Tom Mulhern
Jackie Ralston
Kenneth Spence

30 Years
Marlene Andrew
William Childs
Douglas Ciceri
Darlene Compton
David Harper
Gail Jensen
Robert Lovell
George Rawbon
Robert Robinson
Ruth Rosewell
Patrick Serre
Marlene Templin
Sinclair Tyios

25 Years
Bryan Brown
Sandra Heatfield
Cam Jackson
Don Kay
John Mattocks
Lois Miller
Harry Mulhall
Margaret Tayloor

20 Years
Anna Semach
Michael Sharland
Margaret Spence
Gordon Wilson


15 Years
Margaret Campbell

Gladys Disley
Michael Dunphy
Donald Eisnor
Lynett Haxton
Joseph Kristoff
Larry Kruitz
Donald McDade
Gordoon Middleton
Jane Richardson
Leonard Sinnett

10 Years
David Allaster
Laurie Andrew
Joan Chiarelle
Donna Crisologo
Charles McDougall
Gordon Moffat
Leigh Morrison
Joseph Roy
Wendy Roy
Daniel Skelton
William Tait
Marjorie Viney
Maryjane White

5 Years
Susanne Brooks
William Brown
Marjorie Bryant
Shirley Heathfield
Brigid Jackson
Michael Lawson
Gordon Moffat
Laura Moffat
Steven Pepper
Roberta Said

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Affiliate Voting

10 Years
Stuart Brown
William Fraser
Tom Roach
Paul Sajatovich
Charles Springer

5 Years
Winnifred Beck
Guy Giroux
Bud Grainge
John McMillam
John Metzinger
Susan Metzinger
John Nixon
Ronald Suter
Joan Whittle

Updated: December 5, 2013

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