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Bulletin Board
Lounge Open Sundays
12:00 to 5:00pm
Saturday Afternoon
Burlington Comedy Night
At the Branch
January 30
7:00 pm - $15
Veterans Affairs Canada
Tuesday, March 1st, 2016
St Patrick's Day
Thursday, March 17
Dinner - Dance

The Branch relies heavily on the revenues from Friday Fish & Chips. It takes seventy (70) volunteers to make it happen. Additional persons ready, able and willing to volunteer ensures the continuing successes of our Fish & Chips evenings. Please consider putting your name forward to help out your Branch.

In particular, kitchen cooks are needed on a regular basis and also as 'reserves' in case cooks are unable to work their 'shift' on occasion. Would you be available to cook fries/chips one Friday a week? How about cooking fish? If you would like to help out your Branch in either of these 'opportunities' please reply to me or leave your name at the office or bar.

Did you know there are books available in the lounge for you to take home and enjoy? They are located just to the left as you enter the doors into the lounge (next to the coat rack).


The proceeds from Friday Fish & Chips are essential to the financial health of the Branch. As the executive will tell you, without Fish & Chips the Branch would have closed its doors long ago! It's that essential.

Fish and Chips are served at the Branch EVERY Friday from 5:00 to 7:00
There are four (4) Fish & Chips Teams
Each team volunteers ONCE a month
Each team includes table servers, plate preparators, chips cook, fish cook
The teams bond - there is great camaraderie - it's actually kind of fun
There are other volunteers serving the Branch during Friday Fish & Chips - they would appreciate 'a day off' once in a while
Due to various circumstances, VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED NOW

Please consider volunteering for your Branch for this important and rewarding cause. Bring a friend along as well - membership is not a requirement.
Respond by return email or contact the office/bar in person or call: 905-639-6400/905-639-6060.

Burlington's Partnership West Food Bank has placed a large blue box in the Branch lounge and has requested of Legion members and guests that they donate food for their current food drive into this box. Their mission (from web site http://partnershipwest.org/pwfb/) "...is to serve the needs of the community of Burlington by providing emergency food to residents in need in Burlington and to co-ordinate food and financial donations from local churches, organizations and individuals."

Spare Change to the Pennie Jar on the Bar

All funds go toward paying down our mortgage.

Thursday Evenings
at the Legion

The Colour Party for Branch 60 is very much in need of a few new members to bolster our numbers. We are a kilted Colour Party with 40 years continuous service to Branch 60. We attend the monthly branch meeting and participate in 3 regular parades a year, plus any to which we are invited.. (i.e. Simcoe, London). There is not a large requirement in time so we can fit into most schedules. If you are interested, please either call Murray Sutherland at (905) 639-2686 in Burlington, or leave your name and number at the Branch 60 bar and I will certainly call back.
Thank You,
Murray Sutherland
Colour Party, Recruiting
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 Updated: January 28, 2016  

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