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Bulletin Board

This coming Saturday, September 20th, there will be the traditional raising of the Legion banner at Civic Square (i.e., City Hall), preceded by the mayor's proclamation of Legion Week. The Branch colour guard will be there for the ceremony. Their presence and the raising of the flag are symbols of honour and pride for all Canadians and are a visual reminder of the mission of the Legion.

The public is invited to attend the ceremony. You should plan to attend: to witness the respectful ceremony and to show support to veterans, and honour the sacrifices of all Canadians who have served to liberate countries and preserve freedom.

Free Dental For Veterans

Is there an experienced spray painter in our midst who could paint the newly restored anti-tank gun monument?

Tony Stavjanik, a friend of Branch 60's Bob Ankrett has, over the past few months, volunteered his time, expertise, tools and equipment to restore the 17-pounder anti-tank gun monument at the front of the building to authentic original specifications. He has invested well over 100 hours to remove years of corrosion then apply primer and to carefully remove corrosion-damaged parts and make replacements exactly to specifications. He did this so that there would be a lasting, authentic monument at the Branch that respectfully honours the sacrifices of veterans and all Canadian military who have served in wars to liberate occupied countries and to preserve freedom.

The anti-tank gun will be a feature of Doors Open at the Branch on Saturday, September 27th. The City of Burlington's Doors Open ceremony at City Hall (Civic Square) and the displays at the Branch will incorporate the theme of honouring the sacrifices of those who served in WW1 (100th anniversary of the beginning of the 'war to end all wars'); (18% of Burlington's population at the time volunteered to serve in Canada's military during WW1) and in WW2 (70 year anniversary of allied offensives). The 17-pounder anti-tank gun was the most effective Allied anti-tank gun of WW2. It was capable of defeating all but the thickest armour on German tanks. The Branch gun will also be a feature of ceremonies related to the 70th anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE Day) in May of next year.

You may have seen the new directional signs on Brant street that the City erected for the Branch - they incorporate an icon of the anti-tank gun monument to assist first time visitors identify the building at a glance.

The gun is now ready to be painted with a 2-part highly durable product. There was a spray painter lined up to do the job but at the last minute wasn't able to follow through on the commitment. So now there is a need for a qualified spray painter. If you are out there or you know someone who would possibly volunteer to do the spray painting, please make contact with the office (905-639-6400) the bar (905-639-6060) or email me.

Tuesday, November 4th, 1:00 p.m.

A member of Veterans Affairs Canada will be visiting Branch 60. Register with the Service Officer so that you will be placed on the appointment register

Phone 905 639-6400

On Monday, Aug. 4, the City of Burlington received nearly 200 mm of rain over three to five hours. That is equal to the total rainfall usually received in the months of July and August. The severe storm caused flooding on streets, highways and in more than 2,000 homes throughout Burlington. Damage to public and private property was significant.

Burlington veterans who require financial assistance for flood damages should contact the Branch 60 office: 905-639-6400.

At Fish & Chips/Dance last Friday evening, March 28th, Burlington MP Mike Wallace presented the Branch with a $25,000 cheque, the result of an application to the New Horizons For Seniors Program by Joe Sebastiao, Branch Chairman for Property as well as T.O.D. (Training, Organization, Development). Mike announced to the audience that the funds were granted for renovations in the Branch building for barrier-free public access.


Anyone out there a bar tender? The Branch needs to hire at least 2, primarily for weekends. If you or someone you know could meet the qualifications in the job description below & attached and is available to work weekends, please contact the office: 905-639-6400 or bar 905-639-6060.
Ladies Auxilary
Valentine's Day Party Photos

Electrician Needed
Is there an electrician among our Branch 60 members available to do electrical repairs/modifications within the Legion building?
Norm Oliver has been volunteering his time to do this needed electrical work which has saved the Branch man
y thousands of dollars over the years.
Norm will be unavailable for a few months.
If so, please contact the office: 905-639-6400 or email me at branch60pro@gmail.com and I'll forward the contact information.

Burlington's Partnership West Food Bank has placed a large blue box in the Branch lounge and has requested of Legion members and guests that they donate food for their current food drive into this box. Their mission (from web site http://partnershipwest.org/pwfb/) "...is to serve the needs of the community of Burlington by providing emergency food to residents in need in Burlington and to co-ordinate food and financial donations from local churches, organizations and individuals."
on Sale at Branch 60 Bar
~ New ~
Lunches by "Six Owe Bistro"

Spare Change to the Pennie Jar on the Bar

All funds go toward paying down our mortgage.

Thursday Evenings
at the Legion

The Colour Party for Branch 60 is very much in need of a few new members to bolster our numbers. We are a kilted Colour Party with 40 years continuous service to Branch 60. We attend the monthly branch meeting and participate in 3 regular parades a year, plus any to which we are invited.. (i.e. Simcoe, London). There is not a large requirement in time so we can fit into most schedules. If you are interested, please either call Murray Sutherland at (905) 639-2686 in Burlington, or leave your name and number at the Branch 60 bar and I will certainly call back.
Thank You,
Murray Sutherland
Colour Party, Recruiting
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 Updated: September 19, 2014  

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