Stanley #45

Welcome to Ray's Old Tools Page

On this page I hope to have content related to old woodworking tools. I like to use hand tools in my woodworking whenever it is possible. I therefore have begun to aquire a "collection" of old tools. I use the quotes because I try to resist buying tools for their own sake, but rather stick to tools that I will actually use.

Eventually this page will have informations about tools I am using, looking for, and trying to get rid of. I may actually publish information that I have found in my quest for tools and references to other resources that I think will be useful to other people.

Update 15-Apr-2001

Well I got the time to put the pictures together. Please excuse my primitive artwork, I hope it will help identify what I am talking about.

First the 42X Saw Set. Stanley 42X As you can see it is in good shape with all the finsh intact. It may have been used, but not much. The identification "No 42X" is cast (faintly) in two places. It is most easily visible on the underside of the main body between the slot for the saw blade and the front handle. It is also cast into the back of the front handle.

This unit has an extra part not in the picture posted in December. Stanley 42X Close-up Here is a closeup of the area around the plunger. A strip of metal with a slot is clamped under the screw on the front of the set. It folds over the top and hangs down above the tooth being set. I am not sure if you are supposed to use it to control how far up the tooth the bend occurs or not. I will have to try it and see.

The set came with its box which is in poor condition. The label is actually in pretty good shape compared to the rest of the box. The label claims the tool was made in Roxton Pond (Que.) but the tool itself says "Made in USA" on the inside of the rear handle.

My second purchase at the Pickering sale was this two speed breast drill. Breast Drill It is also in good working order. There is a weld across the one side of the breast plate, but it is solid and not even very noticable. I am curious about the origin of this drill. The only marking I can find is on the inside of the gearwheel. It says "E 185-2". Any other marks that were cast into the tool should still be visible. All I can think is that there was a label or decal that has come off the tool.

In terms of a breast drill, it is pretty basic. To change speeds the gearwheel must be unscrewed and moved to a second position. There is no bubble level or shaft lock as on some of the fancier models. However it works well and is well worth the $20 I paid for it. I was looking for this kind of drill because the small eggbeater drill I have bogs down when I try to drill anything 3/16" or larger, particularly in hardwood. For dowels or other holes between there and 3/8" where my auger bits start I had nothing manual to use. So far I have used the new drill to make some 1/2" holes in a 2x4 to hold auger bits and I was able to stay in the high speed and make quick progress. I expect that in low speed I should be able to spin some larger forstner bits when I need a flat bottomed hole. Otherwise I think large holes would be easier with a brace.

Update 11-Apr-2001

Good news on the Old Tool front. On the weekend I attended the Tools of the Trade Sale at the Kahn Barn in Pickering. I aquired a Stanley 42X Saw Set in good condition for $25. It even came in the original box! I have cleaned it up and it is ready to go.

I also picked up a Breast Drill in good condition. It works great but has no makers marks that I can see. I will post pictures of the saw set and the drill soon.

Disston D-8 Ripsaw

Here is the next item on my aquisition list. The picture is of a Disston D-8 Ripsaw that I borrowed from Bob Brode's Page. I am not specifically looking for this make and model, but any big ripsaw with 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 tpi and a 26" or longer blade. As always I am looking for "good user" condition. I thought I would have been able to get one at the sale, but the only rip type saws were collector quality, putting them out of my price range. If anyone has a lead on a saw like this please let me know.

Stanley 42X

Right now (Dec, 2000) I am trying to find a Stanley 42X Saw Set. I have decided to start to try and sharpen my own hand saws. I have learned from the web, that this is "the ultimate" saw set. I have to admit that I currently don't know what is so special about this tool, but none the less I am looking for one in good user condition. If you know where I can get one cheap please email me.

This picture I borrowed from Vintage Saws web page shows what one looks like. I understand that the number 42X is cast into the inside of the top handle. That is the only way I know to tell it from the less desirable model 42.

Bow Drill

Here is another tool that I am interested in. It is a bowdrill that belonged to my Grandfather. He worked in a piano factory and I believe that is where he used the drill. Interestingly R. A. Salaman's Dictionary of Woodworking Tools mentions piano making as one place bow drills were used until recently. It has no identifing marks to help identify a manufacturer. The objects along the top of the picture are bits. They have a locking taper that fits in the chuck of the drill.

I am interested in hearing from anyone that can tell me more about this tool.