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Bible Prophecy and the Church

The Church (literally the called out (of the world) ones is the people from every nation and from the Jews that the LORD or God the Father is calling out to be a special eternal people for His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. All people in the true Church have personally trusted in Jesus Christ that He is God's only begotten Son and that He died for us and our sins and rose from the dead to give us new life. When we do this we enter a personal relationship with God Himself including Jesus and become indwelt, led and taught by His Holy Spirit.

The Church Age or Dispensation began at Pentecost in about 30 AD and is almost at its completion point when there will be members of the Church from all nations, languages and tribes. Then the Church will be raptured or caught up to Heaven with new spiritual or heavenly bodies for all its members to our homes in Heaven. The Church will also have a part in ruling Earth in the Millenial Kingdom of the Messiah - Jesus and a glorious eternal future. If you are not part of it already I hope you join us while they is still the little remaining time in this Age of Grace, the Church Age or the Age of the Holy Spirit. This can be done by praying to God in Jesus' name to personally receive Jesus as your Lord and Saviour from your sins.

Picture in Passover of the Sacrifice of Jesus Christ(Messiah)
Picture of Godly Fellowship in Feast of Unleavened Bread
Picture of the Lord Jesus Christ's Resurrection in the Feast of First Fruits
Picture of Holy Spirit, Law in Feast of Pentecost
Picture of the Rapture in the Feast of Trumpets
Rewards and Crowns for Faithful Christian Service
Removal of the Curse on Creation(Nature) and the Messianic Age
World Peace and the Messianic Age

For more information about the Christianity, Israel and God's program of salvation for all people willing to place their faith in Him according to His Word from Genesis to Revelation in many languages visit:

Thru the Bible Ministries

Bible Prophecy and the Nations

There is much the Bible says about the nations (meaning all nations but Israel) especially for the last days after the Church is caught up (raptured) to Heaven and God works among the Jews and the nations. Sometimes the Bible speaks of nations in general and somtimes of specific nations or group of nations. Often, especially in the Old Testament, prophecies for the nations use the old names of nations that can usually be related to present people groups, nations or regions with some study.

Ten Toes of Daniel
Multitude Saved in Tribulation by Witness of 144,000 Messianic Jewish Witnesses
The Looming Conflict Between Islam and the West
The AntiChrist or Beast out of the Sea
World Peace and the Messianic Age
Removal of the Curse on Creation(Nature) and the Messianic Age

An excellent source or very objective, worldwide, comprehensive although secular news is the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) website. Although it is secular there is much especially about Israel, the Middle East situation, the European Union, the United Nations and world government or globalization, the Vatican etc. that can help the reader with a basic knowledge of Bible prophecy see last days Bible prophecy being realized or prepared in current events before our eyes.

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) Website

A Basic framework with significant concessions on agricultural and other tarriffs was achieved at the recent World Trade Organization talks although details still have to be resolved. This could mean a one-world economy under the Anti-christ in the Great Tribulation and the rapture of the Church just before he is revealed is very close. August 8, 2004

World Trade Organization

Bible Prophecy and Israel

There is very much the Bible says about Israel especially its future in the last days of the world and God and Messiah's rule on Earth but I will just give you some background first. After the building of the Flood of Noah and the building of the Tower of Babel in Genesis 6 - 11 there was universal idolatry (and immorality) on Earth. The the LORD - the One True God's solution was to separate from the nations one man and his wife Abraham and Sarah. God used them to build a godly nation for Himself that would follow His laws and be a witness to the nations of the blessings of following God's ways and trusting in Him. This nation and people through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who was renamed by God Israel is the people of Israel or the Jews. God's ways to them was the law of Moses given in the first five books of the Bible.

About 2000 years ago through Jewish geneaology and into a Jewish culture was born, lived, died for our sins, rose from the dead, and ascended into Heaven the Jewish Messiah and Saviour of the world Jesus Christ or Jesus the Messiah. At Pentecost believing Jews in the Messiah have been part of the Church. After the rapture believing Jews (the remnant of Israel) will again be distinct from believing Gentiles.

In the Great Tribulaton or 70th week of Daniel God will arrange the building of a 3rd or Tribulation Temple of God for the Jews on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and will witness to Jews and Gentiles (people of the nations) through two special witnesses and 144,000 witnesses who will all be Jews that believe in Jesus that Jesus was the promised Messiah and He then will be coming soon to set up His and God's Kingdom over all the Earth ruling from Jerusalem with Israel of the Jews then the Head of the nations in fulfillment of many Bible prophecies. God will also bless Israel in eternity or that part that believes in His Messiah Jesus Christ.

Tribulation or Third Temple of God
The Day of Atonement as Picture of Second Coming in Glory of Jesus Christ
The Feast of Tabernacles as a Picture of Messianic Age
Prosperity and the Messianic Age
Multitude Saved in Tribulation by 144,000 Messianic Jewish Witnesses
The Feast of Trumpets as Picture of the Jews' Call Back to the Land of Israel
The 144,000 Messianic Jewish Witnesses of the Tribulation
The False Prophet or Beast Out of the Land
The Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ to Set up His Kingdom as Rising Sun
The Messianic Age and World Peace
God's Two Tribulation Witnesses
Removal of Sin's Curse on Creation (Nature) and the Messianic Kingdom
Writing to Pope John Paul II About Return of Temple Treasures

For more information from a literal Christian scriptural information about Israel especially the Last Days Jewish Temple worship in Jerusalem visit Randall Price's website at:

World of the Bible

For more information from a scriptural Jewish perspective, however one that I don't fully agree with as they don't believe in the New Testament of Jesus Christ as the Jewish Messiah but that has much excellent, hard to find and accurate as literal scriptural information about Israel and the Jews in the Last Days visit:


A similiarly minded and purposed organization to Temple Mount Faithful is The Temple Institute. The Temple Institute is involved primarily in research and making authentic productions of material needed for the Third Temple worship such as the furniture of the Temple such as the Menorah, Altar of Sacrifice, Table of Shewbread etc and priestly garments. These are all made as specified in the Law of Moses or other Jewish writings about the Tabernacle or earlier Jewish Temple worship. Their web site is www.temple.org.il.

Temple Institute

I just receive an e-mail Thursday, February 26, from Temple Mount Faithful that the earthquake in Israel near the Dead Sea on February 11 has also badly damaged the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount according to the Jerusalem Arabic newspaper El Quds on February 23. This is very significant in Bible prophecy as it is generally agreed by conservative Christian and Jewish Bible scholars that the Dome of the Rock is over the most likely location of the previous Herod's Temple and Solomon's Temple including the Holy of Holies. For this reason this is the location that the Temple Mount Faithful want to build the Third Jewish Temple but so far have been prevented by the existence of the Moslem Dome of the Rock on that location. If any further earthquake or other phenomena causes the now already damaged and weakened Dome of the Rock to collapse the Temple Mount Faithful will feel free to build their Jewish Temple there with God's authorization. There will be an article about this on Temple Mount Faithful's website shortly with pictures.

The main problem with their interpretion is that they believe they are preparing for the Messianic Thousand Year Kingdom but they are actually being unknowingly preparing for some of what God says in His Word about Israel in the 70th week of Daniel or the Great Tribulation.

General Bible Study

Early History of the Human Race

General Bible Prophecy

None or No More in Eternity

Bible Prophecy and Space Science (Astronomy)

There is much reference to outer space "the heavens" in the Bible, especially the Old Testament, but there is an important point that should be kept in mind when reading or studying these verses. God's Word - the Holy Bible sometimes refers to the physical or natural heavens, sometimes to the spiritual heavens or that which is in them such as angels, demons or God Himself or especially for the future believers. The scriptures sometimes use references to the heavens in an ambiguous way such as the term "heavenly host" that can taken very soundly as either a natural or spiritual sense. Human beings who have gone into the heavens in our present state, such as astronauts, seem to sense in a limited but real way the co-existing spiritual aspect in the heavens.

To Explore the Heavens

Bible Prophecy and Other Science

There are many topics in science or nature that are referred to in the Bible. Often they have primarily a literal or physical meaning but sometimes they have more of a spiritual meaning at other times there is both a natural and figurative or spiritual meaning. Some topics dealt with in the Bible from the natural realm include trees, water, the wilderness, spices, animals, rain, precious stones and metals, wind, fire, wood, mountains, seas and rivers.

Tree of Life and Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
Removal of Curse on Creation(Nature) and the Messianic Age
Waters Above the Heavens
Sign of Teleportation of Beryllium Atoms
Sign of Teleportaton of Calcium Atoms
For a Christian source with supporting science on the creation evolution debate visit: Answers In Genesis

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