The Tribulation or Third Temple

The Covenant Between Israel and the Anti-Christ of Daniel 9:27

Daniel 9:27 is one of the most critical verses referring to the covenant the Anti-Christ will make with the Jews to build a Jewish Temple in the Great Tribulation or the 70th week of Daniel. In this verse it first says he (the Anti-Christ or the Beast) probably with the help of the False Prophet or the Beast out of the Land will make a covenant with many meaning the Jewish people and nation of Israel for one week of 7 years. The verse then says that in the midst of the week the Anti-Christ will make the covenant and oblation to cease implying that they will be going for some time by then probably since the Anti-Christ made the covenant with the Jews three and a half years earlier at the beginning of the 7 year Tribulation or 70th week of Daniel.

The Anti-Christ will then cause an overspreading of abomination which in the New Testament is revealed to be the Anti-Christ ceasing the Jewish animal sacrifices and Temple worship and installing himself in the temple probably in the holy place and presenting himself as God and constraining all people Jews and people of the nations (Gentiles) to worship him. This scripture in Daniel 9 is a as follows:

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate. Daniel 9:27

July 2015 Blue Prints of Third Temple More Ready with Video by Temple Institute

In July 2015 on the Ninth of Av (Tisha B'Av) the Temple Institute made available a new video clip for the third temple to be built on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem which I and other Bible believing Christians think will be used by agreement with the Antichrist the Beast out of the Sea with the Jews to allow the restoration of their Levitical (Old Testament) worship in the 1st half of the tribulation and then taken over by the antichrist for worship of himself in the second half of the tribulation. The Lord Jesus Christ will either totally replace this temple or incorporate it in the true Millennial Temple with the Lord Jesus Christ to have his throne in the holy of holies in the true Millennial Temple as mentioned in Zechariah 6 and that God will prepare the Jews for in their worship of God in the 1st half of the tribulation. In this new video there is some progress in design of the sanctuary and some of the halls that would join to it perhaps based on the new blueprints and there is some clearer indication of the blueprints of the third temple in the hall ways of the temple and the stairways that have a more modern look with significant use of glass while the designs of the 2nd Herod's and the 1st Solomon's Temple were probably almost all made of stone. However in the sanctuary in the previous temples there was also wood covered with gold. I don't know yet if these will be used in the upcoming third temple. This progress in the design at least partly based on new blueprints for the third temple is further indication of the shortness of the time before the building of the third temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and the starting of the tribulation and 70th week of Daniel and the preceding rapture of the Church. Therefore I would urge the reader to as soon as possible if you haven't already to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and SAviour that Jesus died for our sins on the cross and rose from the dead to give us new life and so you can also be taken to heaven at the rapture of the Church and not left behind for God's judgment of the world in the tribulation and the world dictatorship of the Antichrist.

Hannukah (December) 2014 First Temple Ready Olive Oil Made in 2000 Years

In December 2014 around the time of Hannukah the Temple Institute announced that they had succeeded in harvesting and producing pure olive oil ready to use in the temple in 2000 years. This is since the time of the 2nd or Herod's temple that was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD. Also around Hannukah the Temple Institute instructed some of the priests dressed in the priestly garments of white linen to pour some of the pure olive oil into the Menorah or Lampstand or Candlestick they have made for the Third Temple in a ceremony just near the Temple Mount by the western wall. The menorah fit for the temple was then lit with suitable olive oil for the first time in 2000 years since the 2nd or Herod's temple. (The menorah is the main means of providing light in the temple sanctuary after sunset as there are some windows in the temple structure that can provide some light in the temple sanctuary in the day time. The scripture reference from Exodus 27 of lighting the menorah for the tabernacle or temple with pure olive oil is the following:

Scripture Reference from Exodus 27 of Lighting the Menorah or Lampstand of the Tabernacle or Temple with Pure Olive Oil

And thou shalt command the children of Israel, that they bring thee pure oil olive beaten for the light, to cause the lamp to burn always. In the tabernacle of the congregation without the vail, which is before the testimony (ark of the covenant), Aaron and his sons shall order it from evening to morning before the LORD: it shall be a statute for ever unto their generations on the behalf of the children of Israel. Exodus 27:20-21

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August 2013 Practice of First Temple Service by Qualified Jewish Priests for 2000 Years

This month there was an article and some pictures on, the web site of The Temple Institute in Jerusalem, that Jewish priests have started training for the temple service in the soon to be rebuilt third Jewish Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. These Jewish priests have, by DNA analysis, all been confirmed as being in the priestly line of the first Jewish high priest Aaron who was the brother of Moses living perhaps around 1450 BC. This ceremony was performed in the new and expanded visitor's centre of the Temple Institute in the Old City of Jerusalem near the western wall and Temple Mount. This exercise was led by Rabbi Yisrael Ariel the founder and still overall leader of the Temple Institute. A good portion of the priests were wearing the white linen garments specified for priests in Exodus 28 (and 39) that are continuing to be made by the Temple Institute. These priests can be seen doing priestly functions such as attending to the altar of incense, bringing some artificial coals with a shovel that was used in connection with the altar of sacrifice, going through the ritual of sacrifice with an artifical lamb and blowing silver trumpets ready for use in the third temple. A new institute has been set up by the Temple Institute to continue the training and outfitting of these priests for the day soon when they will be able to perform the temple servive in the soon to be rebuilt third temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. From a biblical Christian viewpoint this signifies that the covenant with the Antichrist to make a false peace deal in the Middle East with Israel and probably the ARabs and others that will involve allowing the Jews to rebuild their temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem is near. This will begin the seven year tribulation that will be ended by the second coming of the LOrd Jesus Christ who will defeat the antichrist and the world system and set up God's rule on earth. Before the covenant with the antichrist and Israel will be the rapture or catching up to heaven of all true Christians from all nations. I would therefore urge the reader if he or she hasn't done so already to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died for our sins on the cross and rose again from the dead to give us new life so you will not only have eternal life and a relationship with God but be taken at the rapture to heaven and be spared the tribulation.

July 2012 Work Inside the Temple Mount Muslim Dome of the Rock and Site of the Jewish Temples

There have been reports especially on and about a developing controversy on the Temple Mount. This could have bibical consequences. What was found was that Arab Muslims have set up scaffolding and work equipment on the rock inside the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount. The Orthodox Jews including several Temple groups like the Temple Institute and the Temple Mount Faithful consider this rock inside the Dome of the Rock the location of the First (Solomon's) and the Second (Herod's) Temple and also where the next third temple should be located. There biblical Jews consider part of that rock the Foundation Stone on which the Holy of Holies and Ark of the Covenant rested in bible times. Therefore they see it as the most holy location on earth and something not to be tampered with. There has already been alteration and elimation of Jewish artifacts and archaeology on the Temple Mount by Muslims through their agents the Waqf that oversees the Temple Mount for Muslims including the mosques there. In one of these articles the Israeli Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein said that Israeli law applies to all places on the Temple Mount including the Dome of the Rock but the Jews should be sensitive to the concerns of Muslims. One response about this has been from the Palestinian Authority that disputes that Israeli law applies there. In the terms of ending the Six Day War in 1967 the Jews gave back day to day operation of the Temple Mount to the Muslim Waqf with still some Jewish right of control on the condition that all holy sights and access by people of all faiths (Christians and Jews as well as Muslims) be respected. Jews desirous to build the temple insist that this work on the Dome of the Rock including the Foundation stone is disrespect for Jewish sites on the Temple Mount - the most holy site of all the location of the holy of holies of previous Jewish temples. (Although evangelical or other Christians have a variety of opinions where the Jewish temples were most say they were on the Temple Mount and if the temple is to be built again it should be on the temple mount although the Dome of the rock location is still a popular location of the Jewish Temples with evangelical Christians.) The Jewish Temple group the Temple MOUnt Faithful has appealed this work on the rock of the Dome of the Rock saying it interferes with and damages or defiles the Foundation Stone and other basis of location of the Jewish Temples. Most recent reports on the Jerusalem Post said this work was necessary to renovate and strengthen the roof of the Dome of the Rock and that the work should go ahead. This is unlikely to satisfy temple supporting Jewish groups although I haven't heard an official response from them yet. Especially if this controversy continues or escalates it could easily, from a biblical Christian perspective, lead to the false peace covenant of the antichrist with Israel to build their third temple on the temple mount in Jerusalem as mentioned in Daniel 9:27. This is because the backs of temple supporting or other Orthodox Jews will be more and more up against the wall as they will feel deeply abandoned by their own and other authorities and will be looking harder that ever of a political or religious ruler who will sympathize with them including their desire to build their third temple on the temple mount as soon as possible and bring it about where other Israeli or other leaders have failed for a long time with increasing Muslim encroachment and damage to Jewish heritage there. Seeing all these things are happening and lining up with the Bible from a literal perspective, I would urge the reader, if he or she hasn't already done so, to admit you are a sinner as I the writer of this article have already done, and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died on the cross for all our sins and rose from the dead to give us God's new life and relationship with Him and to do this as soon as possible as God's salvation through Jesus won't be as easy or available when the tribulation happens after the catching up to heaven of all the true Christians from this age that started almost two thousand years ago at Pentecost in Jerusalem as mentioned in Acts 2 in the New Testament. God assures us we the true Christians through Jesus will also come back with him at the end of the tribulation as mentioned in Revelation 19 and reign with Jesus for a thousand years when God through Jesus will visibly rule the nations through restored IsraEL AND Jewish people.

The Temple Institute Announces They Still Have a Qualified Red Heifer and Show Pictures of It March 2011

In March 2011 on the Temple Institute Events page the Temple Institute put up a short video about the Red Heifer. This video had some general comments about the Red Heifer but also included an affirmation by Temple Institute spokesman Rabbi Chaim Richman that the Red Heifer is not something they or other Jews have to wait for to build the Temple but they have at least one qualified one right now. In this video they also showed some pictures of it and it was very red but it is so far only a calf and is possibly not more than one year old and it might have been born just before their initial announcement of it in March last year. There was also in the pictures an adult cow or ox that was probably its mother or maybe its father. This adult cow was more yellow orange and not red. The problem now is that some of the other candidates for red heifer were initially all red but then sprouted some white hairs or were otherwise disqualified before they were three years old and could be sacrificed or breeded. This means that Jews and Christians who are awaiting the temple to be rebuilt will have to wait almost two years to be sure this red heifer continues to be a legitimate red heifer but it is a good sign that after a year it still seems qualified as affirmed by Rabbi Chaim Richman and seems quite apparent from the pictures in the video. As well as Numbers 19 there is probably a reference to the sacrifice of the Red Heifer with the combination of the water of purification or separation in the beginning of Numbers 8 as well as other places in the Bible especially the Old Testament or Hebrew scriptures. Since these things are developing at this time and could this time continue until completion and in view of other prophetic events in the world such as the trend to world government, I urge the reader to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died for our sins on the cross and rose again from the dead on the third day to give us new life if you haven't already so you will have eternal life and be ready for the Lord Jesus Christ when he comes to take his church to heaven and so you won't be left behind on earth for the judgment of God and the tyranny of the world dictator - the Antichrist or beast out of the sea or man of sin.

The Temple Institute Announces a So Far Qualified Red Heifer March 2, 2010

On Tuesday, March 2, 2010 the Temple Institute announced that as they put it there is now a red heifer alive and well in Israel. This announcement was made on Temple Talk which is their on-line radio program on The broadcast was titled: "Audio: A Red Heifer is Alive and Well in Israel". Rabbi Chaim Richman claims this quite clearly near the end of the second hour of the broadcast and calls it a bombshell announcement which it will be if this red heifer doesn't sprout any white hairs or otherwise become disqualified like some of the previous promising candidates. The Jews see the birth of a red heifer as a sign of the soon coming of the Messiah but myself and other bible believing Christians believe that instead this is a sign of the soon coming of the false messiah or antichrist the beast out of the sea who will immediately precede the coming of the true Messiah Jesus of Nazareth in his second coming in glory from heaven to judge the world and set up his kingdom on earth although the antichrist will be revealed immediately after the Lord Jesus Christ coming to the air or near outer space in what is called the rapture to catch up all true Christian to heaven before the tribulation. There are still some questions about this new red heifer such as when was it born, what does it look like, what is its name, where did it come from or what group has been responsible for its upbringing. I hope I can find out more of these details in the near future. But if this red heifer stays qualified (all red) this would definitely be a sign that this present church age is almost over and I would encourage everyone who hasn't done so already to trust with all your hearts in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died for your sins on the cross and rose from the dead to give you new life according to the scriptures and that you can't save yourself.

August 2011 The Temple Institute Announces more Freedom for Jewish Worshippers on the Temple Mount

On the Ninth of Av which commemorates the destruction of the 1st and 2nd temples among other things and looks forward to the building of the third temple this year, 2011, the temple institute Rabbi Chaim Richman and other Orthodox Jews were able to go up to the Temple Mount. Although this alone was prohibited for Jews after the visit on the Temple Mount by former Israeli leader Ariel Sharon, when visits of Jews to the Temple Mount were again restored there were still prohibitions against their being too outwardly "religious" on the grounds it might offend Muslims especially those on the Temple Mount at the same time. According to the Temple Institute a reason for this severity despite Israeli constitution allowances for religious freedom is that the temple police had an unwritten understanding that they would only allow more freedom of religious expression for the Jews if they went to the Temple Mount in larger numbers. Although there were only about 500 religious Jews that went to the Temple Mount in the Ninth of AV in 2011 apparently these are larger numbers than before. As a result the temple police allowed these Jews to not only go up to the Temple Mount and spend about three hours there and protect the Jews' right to be up there from some Muslims that were there at the same time and were upset with sharing the Temple Mount with religious Jews but the Temple police also allowed these Jews including Temple Institute rabbi Chaim Richman to openly pray there and speak openly probably including from the Bible including calling for the rebuilding of the Jewish temple on the Temple Mount and no doubt affirming that the former Jewish temples were previously on the Temple Mount which most Muslims also deny. There has been a trend in the last year or so in major Jewish festivals of the Temple police in allowing religious Jews to more openly demonstrate their faith such as praying on the Temple Mount. As a Biblical Christian I would say this is an indication that it is very soon in God's plan that he will allow the covenant between the Antichrist or beast out of the sea and the Jewish people to permit the rebuilding of their temple on the temple mount somehow with the acceptance of the Muslims. This will begin the 70th week of Daniel and the 7 year tribulation according to Daniel 9:27 right after the rapture or catching up to heaven of all true Christians who have from our hearts admitted to God we are sinners and prayed in Jesus' name to receive the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Saviour who died for our sins and rose again from the dead to give us new life. If you the reader haven't already done this I urge you to do this sincerely as soon as possible so you can also have an eternal relationship with the creator God and be spared the horror of going through the tribulation on earth or eternity in hell but look forward to the joys of heaven and the renewed then new earth instead.

July 29, 2009 The Temple Institute Starts Work on the Altar of Sacrifice

I heard on July 29, 2009 that on July 30 the Temple Institute which is the main Jewish group that is preparing articles or parts of the Third Temple to resume worship of the LORD according to the Hebrew scriptures or Law of Moses will start work on the Altar of Sacrifice. This altar of sacrifice was used first in the Tabernacle in Moses' time and then with Solomon's and Herod's temple to have a service to the LORD and God of Israel and the Creator God through offering the blood and fat of animal sacrifices and as a place of God's chosen earthly people Israel to gather and in the tabernacle and 1st temple for a place for the one true God to dwell among his people in the holy of holies. This altar of sacrifice is being made of stone without iron tools in faithfulness to the biblical instructions and it will first be constructed near Jerusalem and it will be moved to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem when permission to move it there and start building the temple there is achieved by what the Jews will think is the Messiah but will first be the false Messiah or Antichrist who will make a covenant with them to allow them to build their temple there according to Daniel 9:27. This temple is referred to also in the New Testament in Revelation 11:1-2 and is still called the temple of God as it will be used for worshipping the one true God in the first half of the tribulation and it will prepare the Jews and people of other nations for worship of God including a memorial of Jesus' death on the cross in the true Messianic Kingdom temple that will be built in Jerusalem after Jesus' second coming as the true Messiah and his coming to rule and receive worship of the world in the Messianic Kingdom Temple in Jerusalem. However in the second half of the tribulation the tribulation temple will be intruded into by the antichrist who will portray himself as a counterfeit of the Messianic Kingdom Messiah or Christ Jesus and the antichrist will also use the tribulation temple as a centre of his world rule and compelled worship of himself in the second half of the tribulation until Jesus takes him to the lake of fire at Jesus' second coming at the end of the tribulation.

September 13, 2009 Decision by the Israeli Supreme Court Against Alleged Descrimination Against Israeli Jews Who Attempt to Visit the Temple Mount

On Sunday, September 13, 2009 the Temple Institute announced that the Israeli supreme court decided that the Israeli temple police have indeed followed descriminatory practices against religious Jews who have attempted to visit the Temple Mount. These measures include requiring the religious Jews to complete much more paperwork and security clearance that Christians, secular people or non-religious Jews or of course Muslims to visit the Temple Mount. There have also been practices by the Temple police of insisting that any religious Jews who visit the Temple Mount have a Temple police escort to closely follow them that these Temple police don't insist on or practice for other people that visit the Temple Mount. Also the Temple police have made a practice of insisting only a limited number of religious Jews could visit the Temple Mount at once and that no more religious Jews could visit the Temple Mount until some other religious Jews already on the Temple Mount finish their visit. The Israeli supreme court said these and similiar descriminatory practices against religious Jews by the Temple police must stop immediately and if they don't and there are further complaints or descrimination by religious Jews more severe measures against the Temple police will be taken. This decision shows a number of things. Among them that Israel does indeed have at least some jurisdiction over the Temple Mount and not just the Western Wall although they haven't exercised this power much since 1967. This also shows the Jews have influenced centres of power in Israel to take notice more that people in Israel are waking up more to their heritage on the Temple Mount and their desire to build the Third Jewish Temple there as soon as possible. If this decision by the Israeli supreme court is honoured by the Temple police this will likely further revive the zeal of religious Jews to claim the Temple Mount and build the Third Temple there as soon as possible with their more frequent visits to the Temple Mount. There could be more Muslim opposition to this but that will probably also increase the feeling of the religious Jews that it is God's appointed time to build their Temple now. The Temple Institute said this was the most significant decision of the Israeli supreme court in favour of religious Jewish rights to the Temple Mount.

July 23, 2008 Reply from the Sanhedrin That Final Version of the Garments of the High Priest (and the Ordinary Priests) Won't Be Finished Until the Dedication of the Third Temple

One thing I have been much in thought about for some time has been whether God would enable the Temple Institute to finish the garments of the high priest before the Tribulation or 70th week of Daniel and in the dispensational(literal) view regarding Israel and the Church before the preceding rapture of the Church. This day I found the answer although it is not entirely to my liking there are some good aspects of it. The answer from the Sanhedrin as I have summarized on the home page of my web site is that they have apparently decided the current garments of the high priest are just a preliminary version of the garments of the high priest and the garments of the high priest that will be fit to be worn in the temple worship of the Third Temple will be made and fitted to the candidate selected as the next high priest after he is selected after the dedication of the third temple. I am not sure yet if this dedication of the Third Temple will be before the start of its construction or after it is finished. However it will be at least after the rapture and after the Antichrist makes the covenant with Israel to allow the Jews to build their third temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. In the reply that can be seen at and by choosing forums and then general discussion and doug for temple why aren't the garments of the high priest being completed you can see my question to the Sanhedrin and their reply including that the things mentioned above and the fact that the fitted garments of the ordinary priests that are now in the process of being made for qualified Jewish priests will also not be permissible to be worn in the temple service but will be the exact same dimensions and material as those that will as it is also thought the garments of the ordinary priests should just be made after the dedication of the third temple. From my view which is a dispensational Christian or pre-tribulation rapture and premillennial view of God's Kingdom on Earth in Jesus the Messiah this is very disappointing that all the work on the garments of the high priest and what is being done now on the garments of the high priest won't prepare the selected high priest and ordinary priest to function in the temple worship in the third temple on the Temple Mount and that it will take some time even after the rapture and the covenant of Israel with the Antichrist as in Daniel 9:27 to prepare these garments there is a further concern. From this perspective the duration of the Jewish Temple worship in their covenant with the Antichrist will only last for the first half of the tribulation of first half of the seven year seventieth week of Daniel or 3 1/2 years which will not give them much time I don't think to carry out the temple worship after the garments have been made but I guess God will work that out somehow as I think that will also be necessary to prepare the Jews for the Temple worship in the actual Messianic Kingdom Temple under the true Messiah Y'Shua or Jesus of Nazareth after his second coming after the end of the tribulation. The main good news of this revelation from the Sanhedrin in their reply to me is that I do not have to wait for the completion of the garments of the high priest or of progress in the garments of the ordinary priests before the rapture of the Church of all born again Christians including myself who have trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ that he died for our sins on the cross and rose again from the dead on the third day to give us new life when we acknowledge our sins to him in prayer and believe with all our hearts in his work for us. I urge the reader to trust in Jesus and become true Christians according to the scriptures in this way as well as this news about the garments of the high priest and ordinary priests means there are much less major developments that might have to happen before the rapture and that there could be all the more reason it could occur any time. I have now submitted a posting to the Sanhedrin about this as Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute who is also a member of the Sanhedrin said in a video put on the Temple Institute web site on the Events page about the Bezichin or new frankincense vessel that the garments of the high priest the Temple Institute has made is fit for use in the Third Temple and their seems to be a significant disagreement here.

Rabbi Chaim Richman Declares the Garments of the High Priest Completed

On the same video the Bezichin put on the Temple Institute on June 7, 2009, Rabbi Chaim Richman said at the beginning of it that the garments of the high priest have been completed. Although this is true according to the scripture in places like Exodus 28 and 39 where the garments of the high priest are described, most of the illustrations I have seen of the garments of the high priest include an additional rounded turban that is attached to the wound around mitre that is fitted on the head of the high priest. It is to this rounded turban that the illustrations show the golden crown of the high priest attached. However this rounded turban is not mentioned in the Bible as far I can find and it could have been added later such as in the Talmud but I am not sure where the idea of this rounded turban comes from or when it originated. However it would be consistant with the Bible for the Temple Institute to attach with a blue lace the golden crown to the wound around mitre that is also already completed and this wouldn't take much time, money or effort.

November 6, 2008 Confirmation by the Temple Institute That They Have Some Qualified Red Heifers

On the week of November 6, 2008 I heard the November 6, 2008 Light to the Nations broadcast "From the East Gate to the Mount of Olives" that focused on the red heifer. This broadcast can be accessed at then multimedia then Light to the Nations then look for the November 6, 2008 broadcast. On the broadcast Rabbi Chaim Richman confirmed that the temple institute has or knows of more than one qualified red heifers that could be offered to purify the temple and the Jewish priesthood to prepare for the resumption of the temple worship in the third Jewish temple. Unfortunately he did not give any details of their names or pictures or where they were born or where they were living or when they were born which I would like to know too. However some time ago I posted an article on the sanhedrin web site entitled "Where is the Red Heifer" under my username Dougfortemple. This can be accessed or printed by going in from to discussion forums then general discussion then my article "where is the red heifer". One of the main responses previously was by a man Benyomin who is the director of Friends of the Sanhedrin and he said that the proposed red heifers Molly around 1998 and Geula around 2003 were disqualified by sprouting some non red hairs which I agree with. However he said that there now no qualified red heifers which I went along with because I hadn't heard much publicity about them recently. However when I heard the above mentioned broadcast of Rabbi Chaim Richman (who is also a member of the Sanhedrin) I decided to add a further posting on my article on the red heifer. This man Benyomin has now replied again to this recent posting and said the Sanhedrin is primarily responsible for drafting Torah based law and that the Temple Institute would know better what is going on with respect to matters preparing for the third temple so I now definitely overall believe Rabbi Chaim Richman and the Temple Institute that they do have now some qualified red heifers. On the article about the red heifer on the temple institute web site under the section about the tenth red heifer the Temple INstitute have said for some time that they now have some qualified red heifers but because they didn't provide further details and that was some time ago I thought that might no longer be the case. However based on what Rabbi Chaim Richman recently said on the Light to the Nations program it seems that the Temple Institute still has access to some qualified red heifers as of November 2008 although I have not yet been successful in gettng further details about these red heifers from the temple institute. The ritual of the red heifer is primarily described in Numbers 19 in the Bible although it is referred to after that briefly in some other passages. There is also significant material about the Red Heifer in the Jewish writings of the Mishnah and probably the Talmud although I wouldn't say they are inspired of God on the same level as the Bible. What this all means if this is true is that this is one significant less thing to wait for before the tribulation and in a pre-trib view as I hold to to the rapture of the church. This is very important as the red heifer is something we have to trust in God for a miracle unlike the articles of the temple and garments of the priests or high priests that can be prepared by qualified Jewish craftspeople dedicated to preparing for the third temple so it probably won't be too long that we will have to wait for the end of this current age of grace and the rapture and following tribulation then Jesus the Messiah's second coming and the Messianic Kingdom or Millennial Kingdom and then eternity. I therefore urge the reader to trust in the Lord Jesus the Messiah (Christ) that he died for your sins and rose again from the dead to give you new life and receive him in prayer as your personal Lord and Saviour as soon as possible if you haven't done this already so you can be prepared for the rapture (catching up) of the Church to heaven to remove it from earth before the tribulation.

Further Muslim Destruction of the Temple Mount and Increased Jewish Support for Building the Third Temple from August 2007

From late August 2007 there has begun a concerted and in the view of some like the Temple Institute a terminal effort by the Muslims led by the Muslim religious organization the Waqf that is responsible for overseeing day to day operations on the Temple Mount to eradicate any traces of Jewish archaeology or heritage on the Temple Mount. This is intended to prove that the Temple Mount was never a Jewish sight and not the site of the former 1st Solomon's Temple or 2nd Zerubbabel's or Herod's Temple so it can be claimed as a Muslim site even though this is blatantly untrue historically. The Muslims are using a backhoe to dig a trench about 1.5 metres deep and so far about 400 metres long along the surface of the Temple Mount. This is supposedly to bury some electrical cables for the Dome of the Rock or some of the Muslim mosques on the Temple Mount but based on the history of the militant Muslims and their agents the Waqf this clearly has the more profound purpose of destroying some of the Jewish heritage on the Temple Mount to more readily claim all the Temple Mount for Islam and discredit Jewish claims or access to it or access of other non-Muslims such as Christians. The Israeli organization the Israel Antiquities Authority that is reponsible for protecting Jewish ancient artifacts or archaeological sites or great historical importance has turned a blind eye or even colluded with the Muslims and the Waqf in this destruction of the Temple Mount and some of the Jewish heritage there as have the Israeli Temple Police and the Israelie government for the most part. Further reports and pictures of these events are available at the Temple Institute's web site at:

The Temple Institute

Effect of Ongoing Muslim Destruction of the Temple Mount on Israeli Jewish Population from August 2007

Although I do not know of the effect on the Jewish population of Jewish people outside Israel, the effect of this Muslim destruction of the Jewish heritage of the Temple Mount from August 2007 has been quite clear. Namely, this has been to unite Israeli Jews in a way unprecedented since some of the major wars of Israel with the Arabs in 1948, 1967 and 1973 and for the first time in regard to the Temple Mount in opposition to this Muslim destruction of the Jewish heritage on the Temple Mount. This opposition is not only directed at the militant Muslims especially the Muslim Temple Mount Waqf but also the Israeli Antiquities Authority, Israeli Temple Police and Israeli government for doing nothing to stop this destruction and if anything giving their permission. Their has also been an effect by this Muslim destruction of the Jewish heritage on the Temple Mount this August and into September 2007 or causing a groundswell across the Israeli Jewish political spectrum from left to right to build the Third Temple that has been unprecedented in modern times. What this is clearly leading to no matter how you view it prophetically is the increasing receptivity and search of Israeli Jews and probably other Jews worldwide for a leader who would challenge the Muslims destroying the Jewish heritage on the Temple Mount and complicit Israeli authorities for a Jewish leader who will stand up to these people and put a halt to this Temple Mount destruction and made an agreement with Israel to allow the building of their next or third Temple. Although Orthodox Jews and then probably Ultra-orthodox Jews and maybe some other Jews will think this man will be the Messiah the son of David, myself and other Bible believing Christians who take the Bible literally are more wary and think he will probably be the Antichrist or the Beast out of the Sea also mentioned in Daniel 9:27 and probably referred to in Israel's covenant with death in Isaiah 28. That these events on the Temple Mount show such an increased readiness on the Israeli Jewish population for such a person shows that the time is probably very short until this Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea or Man of Sin is revealed although I and other literal or dispensationalist Christians believe this revelation of this Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea who will probably present himself as a false Messiah will be preceded by the rapture or catching up of the Church of all born again Christians from Pentecost almost 2000 years ago to the rapture with our changed bodies to go with Jesus to heaven to be kept there while the tribulation occurs on earth for 7 years until we come back with Jesus at the end of the tribulation to set up God's Kingdom through Jesus the Messiah. True born again Christians are born again of the Holy Spirit when we admit we are sinners and can't save ourselves and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour who died for our sins on the cross and rose again from the dead on the third day to give us eternal and God's life. This apparent nearness of the tribulation and preceding rapture should cause great joy to the true and committed Christian as it will mean we will soon be going to heaven which will be much better than earth and will be with God and Jesus and will see some major fulfillments of God's word and His justice on earth and His sooner coming to reign on earth in the Messianic Kingdom Temple and then in eternity during both latter times we will reign with him.

Key Decision of Decision of the Re-established Sanhedrin in May 2005 to Begin Building the Third Temple in Portions Off site from the Temple Mount

Due to continued frustration of lack of access to the Temple Mount to build the Jewish Third Temple due among other things to cowardly attitude of the government and many people of Israel and Muslim opposition including repeating the historically untrue story that Mohammed ascended from there at the end of his life the Orthodox Jewish Temple groups have decided to go ahead in producing the stones for the third temple at another location. These stones would then be assembled on the Temple Mount to make the Third Temple when access is granted for the Jews to build their Third Temple on the Temple Mount. This will be immediately after the rapture at the beginning of the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel according to especially Daniel 9:27 but also consistant with Revelation 11:1-2. To read about this declaration of the Sanhedrin go to their web site at The Sanhedrinand probably the Hebrew version will come up. Unless you know Hebrew click on the word English at the top left corner to get the English version of their web site. Then go to the search feature and type in "prefabricated" and click on search. Alternatively to see the same announcement you can go to the Temple Institute web site at The Temple Institute and go right to the bottom of any of their web pages where you will come to their search feature. Then as with the Sanhedrin web site enter "prefabricated" and click search. The announcement that was made on 28 Iyar 5765 or in May 2005 should then come up. Some further details are available on the recent Winter 5767 (2007) issue of the Newsletter of The Temple Mount Faithful at Temple Mount Faithful. When you get to the home page of Temple Mount Faithful go down to Winter 5767 (2007) Newsletter and click on that. Then go to the second page which is the table of contents. From that as stated in the Table of Contents go to page 18 Work of the Faithful Movement on Architectural Plans and Stones for the Third Temple Continues. Although it is obviously true that work is proceeding on the Third Temple, I personally believe and believe it is supported by a literal interpretation of God's Word - the Holy Bible that the actual building of the Temple on the Temple Mount won't begin until after the rapture or catching up to Heaven of the Church of born again believers in Jesus Christ and then when the Antichrist or Beast of the Sea makes a covenant with the Jewish people to allow them to build their Third Temple on the Temple Mount at the beginning of the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel.

Discovery That Second Recent Red Heifer (Cow) Was Disqualified and That There are Now No Suitable Red Heifers for Preparing the Jewish Priesthood

Recently in June 2008 I registered and became a member to take part on the forum of a group "Friends of the Sanhedrin" in Jerusalem that supports the reestablishment of the Sanhedrin as a Jewish or Torah based supreme court of Israel. This is in contrast to the current primary supreme court in Israel that is primarily secular. This group Friends of the Sanhedrin has a web site at and includes a members discussion forum where issues related to establishing a more Jewish or Torah based society in Israel can be discussed. My first question entitled "Where is the Red Heifer?" was about the fate of the second recent Red Heifer that was alive in the earlier part of this decade and seemed to be a qualified Red Heifer in that it was completely red. For a long time I haven't heard anything about it even from the Sanhedrin and the primary Temple groups. A spokesman for the group supporting the Sanhedrin answered my posting and sorted it out for me. Apparently that Red Heifer called Geula which is Hebrew for redemption sprouted some non red hairs like the previous one Molly did around 1998. Unfortunately the suitable red heifer has to be and remain completely red so this second one has been disqualified too. There are apparently presently no suitable Red Heifers. The Red Heifers were used to cleanse people including those in the Jewish priesthood from defilement with dead bodies or graves which religious Jewish people think could be anywhere in Israel since they weren't marked for almost two thousand years when the Jews did not have authority over the Holy Land. The main scripture passage about the ceremony of the Red Heifer is in Numbers 19 near the beginning of the Old Testament or Hebrew scriptures in the books of Moses or what the Jews call the Torah. The Red Heifer was to be killed when it was three years old and its ashes mixed with water that then became the sanctifying water of separation or water of purification. It was to be applied with a hyssop branch. This is probably referred to in some other places of the scriptures including Psalm 51. This representative of the Sanhedrin informed me that though there are now no suitable red heifers, the temple can still be built without them although I don't know if the priesthood can be considered holy and suitable for functioning in the temple without the water of separation including the ashes of the red heifer being applied to them. I hope, Lord willing, to find an answer to this point soon as well.

Ark of Hope and the Image of the Beast

Resemblance of the Ark of Hope to the Ark of the Covenant

The Ark of Hope is a pentagonal shaped box with scenes inscribed on it of aboriginal or first nations pagan art. It also has pagan symbols of different religions on its top. From Bible in the News November 2002 this Ark of Hope is the devil's and the Antichrist's counterfeit of God's Ark of the Covenant. Inside this Ark of Hope has been put the Earth Charter probably on clay or stone with a charter for earth with an environmental, pagan religion, humanistic justice new world order as opposed to the tables of the ten commandments in the Ark of the Covenant that summarized God's world order under the law that will yet be the case in the whole world in the Messianic Age and was God's constitution for Israel from Moses. This was especially until they lost their freedom when Nebuchadnezzar overthrew Judah, Jerusalem and the Temple. This Earth Charter has been developed by the new world order elite from all over the world including people like David Rockefeller and Mikhail Gorbachev. I had seen that much before but what was new was that I realized that this Ark of Hope will no doubt be placed in a prominent position of the Holy of holies in the Third or Tribulation Temple when the Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea takes it over half way through the tribulation. The Antichrist will probably then first take out and retrieve the Ark of the Covenant which the Jewish Temple group know the location of and want to bring out when they are able to build their temple. The Jewish temple groups will probably operate the Third Temple peacefully in the first half of the tribulation through a covenant with the Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea in Daniel 9:27 starting immediately after the rapture. I saw this article in the November 2002 issue of The Bible in the News from the ministry of South West Radio Church led by Noah Hutchings. It was on page 26 of that issue under World Rap. The article was earlier from Berit Kjos of Crossroads Communications in Toronto, Canada.

Possible Evil Nature of the Pentagon in Association with the Pentagram

A pentagram is a very evil and occult form of the five pointed star with lines proceeding from the star points to trace a pentagon in the heart of the star. This symbol, the pentagram, is very evil and is used very much in the activities and rituals of witches, warlocks and Satanists and perhaps some New Age people and is probably mentioned generously in the Harry Potter series. Anyway in their visualization these people, some at least which know the shape of this Ark of Hope, might be trying to build up more Satanic power into this Ark of Hope in preparation for the time when it will be used by the Antichrist in the Third Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. There could also be some connection with the unusual pentagon shape of the buildings of the United States defence and intelligence department although I haven't confirmed this last point but wouldn't be surprised if it is true or will be true in the tribulation.

Possible Relation of Image of the Beast to God's Presence Above the Ark of the Covenant

Finally by God's grace I think there is also a parallel of God the Father or the LORD or Jehovah and his glory above the Mercy Seat above the Ark of the Covenant and his speaking his instructions to Israel from their from the holy of holies in the tabernacle as in Leviticus 1:1 and Judges 20:18, 23, 26-28 to the Image of the Beast above the Ark of Hope. Satan, unfortunately, likes to counterfeit all the good things of God and I think this won't be an exception in the tribulation with the Image of the Beast. I used to think it would be a hologram or something like that but I just noticed in Revelation 13 that the people on earth in the tribulation or 70th week of Daniel will make this image at the false prophet's instruction so it will probably be a material image or idol and the false prophet and the devil will give life to it so it can speak and probably move although it might stay set on top of the Ark of Hope. This will be in the holy place of the tribulation or third temple in Jerusalem in the second half of the tribulation. This Image of the Beast will probably be mostly speaking from on top of the Ark of Hope in the holy place to people on earth in the second half of the tribulation that they should worship the beast and his image or risk death at the hands of the forces of the Antichrist's or Beast's world government. This Image of the Beast will probably also tell people on earth then that they shouldn't trust Jesus Christ (Messiah) alone for salvation or believe in God or be faithful to his word - the Holy Bible. This Image of the Beast could also say that people should strive to uphold the values of the Earth Charter as God would say in Old Testament times that Israel should uphold His values of the Ten Commandments. Finally it should be noted that God spoke mostly to the high priest and other priests or to Moses who would then convey God's instructions to the people of Israel. However there will probably be internet, satellite, cable and other news sources wired up in the Third Temple to better or more openly convey the Antichrist's instruction through the Image of the Beast to the people of the world in the second half of the tribulation. These instructions will focus in urging peope to worship the beast and his image or take his mark in their forehead or right hand and that they shouldn't trust in, follow or worship God or His Son Jesus Christ (Messiah) or read or follow His Word - the Holy Bible.

Personal Re-Interpretation of Timing of Sacrifice of the Red Heifer After Reading New Article on Temple Institute Web Site

After personally reading a new article on the Temple Institute web site on July 4, 2005, especially the last and current part about the 10th red heifer, I realized I was wrong in waiting with no sign of progress for the offering of the Red Heifer before the rapture. I was waiting for some clean children as in the requirements of Numbers 19 that they not have contact or be defiled by the dead including unknown graves would be old enough to offer the Red Heifer. Although there are still some qualified Red Heifers and some of these clean children I think it would still be a couple years before they would be old enough to perform this ceremony with I think a minimum age of 13 years. However on reading the new article by Temple Institute about the 10th Red Heifer especially the statement: "The Tenth Red Heifer Will by Prepared by the Messiah" after the statement by the great Jewish Rabbi Maimonides referring to the Mishnah " ... and the tenth red heifer will be accomplished by the king, the Messiah; may he be revealed speedily, Amen, May it be God's will." I realized that actually the Red Heifer will be prepared and offered by the person many Jews will think is their Messiah and who of course they will be considered a clean person and worthy of offering the Red Heifer. Unfortunately, especially for them and especially for those who don't come to realize it until it is too late, this "Messiah" will actually be the false Messiah or Antichrist. This false Messiah is also the one who the Bible also calls the Man of Sin and the Beast out of the Sea and the Abomination that causes desolation, although he will only show his true colours starting in the beginning of the second half of the tribulation as in Revelation 13. The Antichrist or false Messiah who will make a covenant with the Jews to start to build their Third Temple on the Temple Mount and resume their Temple worship I now believe will start this in his covenant he makes with the Jews for the week of 7 years or the period of the tribulation by personally offering the 10th Red Heifer and sanctifying the Temple Mount and the Jewish high priest and priesthood and others such as the Sanhedrin rabbis. Although the Jews led by the Orthodox Jews will think he is the true Messiah and quite clean or pure he will actually be the false Messiah and the Antichrist and be very unclean and even more so when he becomes totally possessed of the devil half way through the tribulation. The practical importance to this is that this is no longer something that I or any other believer needs to or should wait for in looking for signs before the rapture and tribulation. Also those who still haven't trusted in Jesus if that is still your case cannot count on waiting for a clean person to offer a red heifer to put off the day of the rapture and immediately following tribulation and which in either case means the rapture could happen any time. However I still can't say for sure but this before was one of the main reasons I wasn't too convinced the rapture would happen in 2005. Anyway the scripture reference of the covenant of the false Messiah or Antichrist or Beast out of the Sea with the people of Israel and probably the Palestinian and other Arab people and perhaps other groups like the Roman Catholic Church and professing Christian church as a whole, and perhaps also the UN, US, Russia, and EU in Daniel 9 in the 70th week of Daniel or the tribulation is as follows:

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